Friday, September 15, 2017

Nebraska gets win two tomorrow!

Nebraska plays Northern Illinois tomorrow in what should be a pretty tough games. Northern Illinois is known as the Big Ten Killer. In the past few years they have beaten Northwestern, Iowa, and Purdue. They also almost upset Ohio State in 2015,

NI is coached by Rod Carey who is in his fifth year. Their record is the same as Nebraska at 1-1 for 2017. Rod Carey is 3-1 in the Big 10.

They are scoring 29 points per game this year and have averaged five yards a carry in rushing. Total offense is 433 yards per game.

On the defensive side of the ball they are giving up 16.5 points per game and 263 total yards per game. They have only given up 104 rushing yards and 159 passing yards per game.

NI plays with tempo and will throw the bubble screens until we stop them. They use two quarterbacks, Ryan Graham and Daniel Santacaterina. Love that name.

If NI gets off to a hot start the crowd and coaches could get very tense. Lets hope that doesn't happen.

This will be NI's first road game.

NI lost their starting quarterback earlier in the season opener.

Nebraska has three key injuries for this game in Kalu, Bryant, and Knevel.

Hoping for a big improvement in game three with a prediction of

Nebraska 35 Northern Illinois 17

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sport Shorts!!

Questions so far for the Nebraska football team.

1, Where is the pressure to the quarterback on defense?
2. Where is Devine Ozigbo?
3. Was the real Nebraska defense in the first half or second half or was it not the real Oregon offense in the second half?
4, Where is Wyatt Mazour in our passing attack?
5. Why isn't DEP returning more punts? Could he have went for a touchdown on the last fair catch?
6. Will the team keep improving each week to where they can play with anybody by the last game?

I don't have the answers to these but I have thought a lot about them since the game Saturday night. We outscored Oregon 35-28 after about two and a half minutes into the first quarter.

Nebraska isn't a Top 25 team yet but I think they will be there by the end of the regular season.

Nebraska is not up to speed with Ohio State and Oklahoma.

Georgetown transfer Isaac Copeland will be eligible to play all season. Very exciting. He was rated five star out of high school.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

You won't believe this prediction!

Nebraska goes against Oregon today. Oregon should have won the game in Lincoln last year but messed up their time management thankfully! Now we go to Oregon to play and it should be a great game!!

Royce Freeman is the key. We have to keep him under a 110 yards and then hold their second and third team backs also, They are very fast.

On offense the quarterbacks are even. They may have an edge on running back but I think we have the edge at the receiver position. Tight ends and the offensive lines are a push. Look to Mikale Wilbon carrying the ball much more today.

On defense we are better in the line. The linebackers and cornerbacks are even. We should have the edge at safety with Kalu.

Nebraska has the special team advantage and Oregon has the home field.

Look to Eric Lee and Joshua Kalu to have interceptions today. Freedom and Luke Gifford will get sacks. Nebraska will throw an interception or two.

Most think Oregon will win today by a score of something like 48-35.

My prediction is Nebraska 28-27 in a win and a much lower score than most think.

UPSET PREDICTIONS other than Nebraska

TCU beats Arkansas
Central Michigan knocks off Kasnas
Georgia upsets Notre Dame
Western Michigan beats Michigan St
Stanford beats USC

If you ever get a chance to hear Darin Erstad speak, DO IT. Heard him yesterday and it was one of the best talks I have ever heard!!!! Humorous and informative!!

Monday, September 04, 2017

Nebraska 6-man player is the long snapper for Georgia Southern!

Ryan Langan was playing 6-man football a year ago for Riverside and now is the long snapper for Georgia Southern. Georgia Southern is a team that keeps on improving. Riverside won the 6-man title last year. Langdan is #82 and is from Cedar Rapids, Nebraska.  This past week Georgia Southern was beaten by Auburn 41-7.

Lee Barfknecht and Steve Sipple were critical of Bob Diaco not talking to the press after the game Saturday night. They said he owed it to the fans. I could care less about what he has to say, I think he is a great coach and I want us to win so coach them up. Do the talking later.

The offense gave up a safety and special teams gave up a punt return for a touchdown. The punt return was kind of freakish as it looked like we may get a turnover but ...........

The defense had trouble with the bubble screen and some running plays. It took them a long time to get it stopped but Arkansas St got way to many yards and did too much of what they wanted to do.

The offense looks like it can score about every time they get the ball. This week Oregon's defensive coach is Jim Levitt and he is really good. We will see how good we are.

Liberty College knocked off Baylor this last weekend. Liberty College is coached by Turner Gill. I think Ron Brown is still there. Their QB threw 60 times.

Tre Bryant was a big surprise to me. He looks like he is fast and tough!!

I like seeing Marcus Newby and Luke Gifford on the field at the same time. Makes sense!!

After this last week I am guessing Oregon will be favored next week by 8-10 points.

Friday, September 01, 2017

And the season begins,,,,,,,,

Nebraska plays Arkansas St. tomorrow. They are expected to win nine games this year and go to a bowl game. They will be a formidable opponent!  This will be like McGregor versus Mayweather. McGregor will start pretty fast and give us a pretty big scare early but NU will dominate and win the game.

Our defensive front will have a great game. Look at the defense to have four plus sacks and three turnovers or more.

Tanner Lee will hit 65% of his passes or more. There will be a lot of short passes and screens. The defensive secondary will get beat here and there but overall will have a pretty good game.

I like Lindsay and Spillman to have great games. Morgan and Pierson-El will do very well. Reimers will have an exceptional game. Ozigbo will lead us in rushing.

The hero tomorrow will be Tyler Hoppes! He will have five catches and a couple of touchdowns.

Nebraska wins 38-16!!!!!!

Upset specials

Florida State beats Alabama

Florida beats Michigan

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Crawford wins!!

Terance Crawford has all four belts of the welterweight division. What a performer and he is from Omaha Nebraska. I have been following Crawford since he became a pro and he is now in the top three as the best pound for pound fighter. What an electric crowd last night in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dillon Whyte, a heavyweight is one to watch. He had the hardest punches last night and he looks like he is headed to some great things.

Tom Brady hit Rex Burkhead for a touchdown last night. It was a 25 yard catch. Burkhead had three catches for 50 yards.

The fight in Lincoln last night drew the biggest crowd ever for a fight in Nebraska.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The latest in sports!

Nebraska is considering an eleven year deal with Adidas! (Nebraska has accepted!)

The Big 10's commish Jim Delany says Friday Night Football for the Big 10 is eroding after Nebraska requests not to hold a game.

Nebraska will open Memorial Stadium for high school games if needed.

Next Saturday Bud Crawford fights in Lincoln!!

Congrats to Justin Thomas for winning a major, the PGA.