Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sports Shorts! Rex Burkhead has a touchdown!

Rex Burkhead  had three carries for fourteen yards today. He also scored on a ten yard touchdown. YES!!!

Nebraska men's basketball pulled out a stressful, error filled game last night versus Cincinnati. It was so bad that I almost turned the channel. Nebraska is definitely not big and they don't have much for shooters after Petteway and Shields and sometimes Pitchford. But they do fight and claw and hustle. That's what won them the game last night in two overtimes.

Now the really sad projection. Pomeroy, which rates by computer the college football teams, has Nebraska at No. 84. They have dropped twenty places in the past week. Pomeroy projects Nebraska to have a record of 13-15 and going 7-11 in the Big 10.  Right now that seems believable but Coach Miles makes them better every year so let's see what happens this year.

NU's next game is December 23rd at Hawaii. Hawaii is 6-3. NU should win that game!

Kudos to the NU volleyball team.  They were great against Washington. They weren't too bad against BYU but BYU swept in three.  NU is very young. Next year they will start the season rated pretty high I would guess.

Calvin Strong leads the World-Herald's All Nebraska team. In fact this will be his third year in a row to win All Nebraska running back.Will Nebraska offer him a scholarship now? Talent wise he looks a lock-in so there must be some other problems he is having for us not to jump on him. Right now Strong is a South Dakota recruit.

CJ Johnson is a wide receiver at Bellevue West. He is a recruit at Wyoming. Nebraska may try to get him now also. We will see.

Johnny Manziel was bad today!!  Only looks to get better.

Four star rated offensive guard Jalin Barnett has Nebraska now his favorite school to attend. Oklahoma is also recruiting him. Jalin is rated 136th overall player in the country , seventh at his position and the 3rd best player in Oklahoma. Barnett is from Lawton, Oklahoma. He visited NU this weekend.

Tight end recruit Matt Snyder from San Ramon, California is committed to Oregon St. but visited NU this weekend. Snyder was blown away by the visit. Snyder has a three star rating and has other offers from California, Colorado St., Fresno St., and Utah St.

Adrienne Talan visited NU this weekend. He is a three star outside linebacker out of Pembroke Pine, Florida. His offers are from Oregon St., Temple, and Nebraska.

Three star Nick Thomas visited this weekend from Bradenton, Florida. He is an inside linebacker. He has committed to Wisconsin but is looking now with the coaching change. He has offers from Hawaii and Nevada also. He plans to make a decision by the end of the week.

Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin said that Nebraska, outside of Louisville, has the best arena he has been in. Awesome praise

Huskers' Season Comes to an End in Elite Eight

Huskers' Season Comes to an End in Elite Eight

Husker Hoops Wins Double-OT Thriller over Cincinnati - News, Weather and Sports for Lincoln, NE; KLKNTV.com

Husker Hoops Wins Double-OT Thriller over Cincinnati - News, Weather and Sports for Lincoln, NE; KLKNTV.com

Nebraska Volleyball's Season Ends to BYU - News, Weather and Sports for Lincoln, NE; KLKNTV.com

Nebraska Volleyball's Season Ends to BYU - News, Weather and Sports for Lincoln, NE; KLKNTV.com

Mom, Share Your Life With Me....

December 12
When did you put up your Christmas tree? Where did you get them?

Mom took care of putting the tree up, we had a small room off of the dining room where we put the tree.

December 13
How did you decorate your trees?

We had old ornaments that we used for the tree.

December 14
Did you hang a Christmas stocking?

We hung a stocking every Christmas eve. I found out their wasn't a Santa--I heard Dad say to Mom. "Shall we fill their stockigs tonight or wait until morning."

December 15
Did your Grandpa or Grandma ever make gifts for you? What?

Grandma Norman made us mittens.

December 16
Tell about the neatest present you remember giving to your Mom.

I don't remember what we gave to Mom. I think my uncle, Melvin, helped us with it.

December 17
Tell about the neatest present you remember giving to your Dad.

I don't remember what I ever gave to my Dad.

December 18
Tell about the best Christmas present you ever received as a child.

The one I remember was a wagon. We were so pleased with it,

December 19
Tell about the worst Christmas present you ever received as a child.

I think everything I got was something I could use.

December 20
Tell about your experiences with Santa Claus.

We never saw a Santa Claus.

December 21
Do you remember a "best" Christmas of childhood.

Every Christmas was the best every year Grandma Norman, Mom and Dad, and my brother Burton, and 2 sisters, Erlene and Gayle.

December 22
Tell about Holiday celebrations at a relative's house during your childhood.

We always went to Grandma Norman's in Funk at Christmas. She always had homemade wine. She served the Swedish meal.

December 23
Did your family go to a special church service at Christmas? Tell about it.

Yes we went to the Fridhem Lutheran Church in Funk.

December 24
Tell about the most memorable gifts you have given me.

John, I don't remember the most memorable gift we gave you. (From John:I think the most memorable gifts I got were a tricycle, wagon, bicycle, and boxing gloves. We usually got one nice gift a year and those along with the electric football game were the best. I never got clothes because I wore Jimmy Gessford's hand-me-downs.

December 25
Tell about the most memorable gifts I have given you.

I don't remember what you gave me. Maybe you remember. (From John: Well I don't think it was much. Barb and I didn't have money when we were younger. Dad helped us buy her an outfit or maybe an appliance for the kitchen.

December 26
Do you remember celebrating any special wedding anniversaries of your parents or grandparents?

I never knew my grandparents on Dad's side. They were in Sweden, My mother's dad died before I was born. My Mom and Dad celebrated their 50th anniversary with an open house at the Fridhem Lutheran Church in Funk.  (From John: My dad sang the "Our Father" at their anniversary.)

December 27
Share any other Christmas memory.

My grandmother, Mary Norman, always made homemade wine at Christmas.

December 28
Is there anything else you would like me to know about my childhood?

We lived on the farm, walked 2 miles every day to school in the country. We had a nice childhood.

December 29
Is there anything else that you would like me to know about your childhood?

We lived in the country east of Orleans.

December 30
Did you ever make New Year's resolutions?


December 31
What special memories do you have of New Year's Eve or New Year's Day?

I really don't remember what we did for New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.  (From John: Uh, mom I think I remember. You partied just about every New Year's Eve until you got into the Steakhouse.) 

That's it!! 365 questions have been answered and we learned a lot about mom's childhood.