Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nebraska has work to do!

This is probably a good time to take a Saturday off. Last Saturday was not fun to watch. I went to the game excited to watch some second and third teamers play. I always like to see a game like this where the reserves, who have practiced hard, get a chance to play. It is a chance to see who the next stars will be. In years past when Nebraska was dominant, I enjoyed watching these games.

Well Saturday we were lucky to win. Take away four plays and this game was even. Give the Jackrabbits two touchdowns called back and we were in for a fight or even a loss. Give the Jackrabbits credit but good grief, they are a team we should stubble with fighting to win the Big 12 Championship and maybe even something bigger.

This game reminded me of the Iowa St. game we lost last year 9-7. We should of won this game but we didn't. We lucked out Saturday. South Dakota St. reminded me of the NU-USC game a few years ago when Callahan tried to shorten the game and give us a chance to win but we lost to a superior team. I think that score might of been 17-3 or something like that also.

We have made strides the last couple of years but now we expect more because we have the players and coaches to do it. We were missing something on Saturday.

Teams continue to run the ball on Nebraska. Opponents don't make big yards but they control the ball by making three, four, and five yards. We miss Will Compton and Sean Fisher. We miss Suh! We miss Dillard! The middle isn't bad, but right now they aren't good enough to step up to the great teams we will be facing this year and next.

The secondary has had tons of praise but they have been beaten a number of times. Fortunately the opposing team isn't able to get the ball to their open receiver. Saturday, a receiver had their our defender beaten and the throw was long, short, or wide.

Oklahoma St. is scary and their offense will give us trouble. I am glad we have a few weeks before we face them.

The offense is still struggling. I have said this a number of times but until we play some POWER football and let our offensive line just buckle down and knock people down, we may continue to struggle. Let the football run. I know we don't want to run the fullback trap play but why not? Use our weapons.

Last year we ended as one of the top two or three teams in the country. It is possible that the coaches feel we are on track and will improve weekly and we will be back or above that level by season end. Maybe this was our Iowa St. game from last year and we won this time.

We'll find out a little more a week from tomorrow against Kansas St. The teams we have played will not win any games against high caliber teams. But we are 4-0 and the season continues.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jackrabbits are coming to town.

The South Dakota St. Jackrabbits come to town tomorrow. This won't be much of a game. I hope we win injury free and a lot of reserves get to play a lot of ball. Then the game will be worth it. Nebraska should win 56-0 or something like that. The second half NU may run every play so with a game like that who knows. I think NU will have over 600 yards rushing tomorrow. Anything less than that will be a disappointment. It won't be a big passing day.

Steve Sipple had a cool article today. He talked to Frank Solich and Solich says Ohio State looks like a national champion this year.

Kansas State's running back Daniel Thomas is on the Heisman watch.

This writer thinks the game at Stillwater against Oklahoma St. will be every bit as tough as the home game vs. Texas. The OSU game is the week after the Texas game.

The Holdrege Dusters won their homecoming game vs. Sidney tonight 44-17. That makes them 5-0.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nebraska's run offense has to be scary to opposing teams!

Nebraska has three great threats at running the ball. They are Taylor Martinez, Rex Burkhead, and Roy Helu Jr. They all have a chance of going for 100 yards each week. The offensive line is playing very well EXCEPT for those darn penalties. the penalties could cost us a big game later if they don't get it figured out. Brando Kinnie, Mike McNeil, and Niles Paul are good receivers.

I hope we start going to McNiel more often. He is open and he is a tough match up for the defenses. He really runs well after the catch. Kinnie does some of the same things.

The Nebraska offense is not back until we run the fullback a couple of plays a game. Yes I am living in the past but let's use all the weapons. I did notice Legate was hardly on the field Saturday but when he is let's hand off to him once in a while.

The Nebraska defense played well keeping Locker's numbers pretty low for a Heisman candidate. I think it was Gomes that got beat on the touchdown to Kearse. He didn't really get beat athletically but just didn't have the proper coverage. Alonzo Dennard is what I call our best defensive back. His receivers caught no balls and he had one interception. Overall the defense was pretty awesome holding Jake locker to 4-20 in passing.

This week it is South Dakota State. Be ready to play! Only bad things can happen playing a team like that. Hopefully we get through it with no injuries and the reserves get some good playing time.

Texas A & M and Missouri were all lucky to win on Saturday. Oklahoma had a tough game with Air Force. Oklahoma St. looks pretty good. Texas is getting better and the game in Lincoln should be a GREAT game.

Now on to high school football. How about those Holdrege Dusters? Holdrege if fifth in points behind Elkhorn, Ralston, Aurora, and Scottsbluff. Holdrege beat Scottsbluff 28-14 last Friday but some how Scottbluff is fourth in points. Holdrege plays Sidney this week. They have tough games with Adams Central who gave Crete all they could handle and they go to McCook for the last regular season game. If they keep improving, Holdrege could be in the hunt. Crete and Aurora look to be the powers of Class B.

My cousin's boy, Max Boehler is the QB for Alma. Alma has been somewhat down the past few years but this year it is different. Alma id 3-0 and beat last year's playoff team Axtell 35-12 Friday night. Alma does play Overton later in the season and probably aren't to that caliber but they are pretty good.

The Loomis Wolves are 3-0. They beat 2-0 Litchfield 21-7 on Friday night. Loomis has an explosive offense but are playing a weaker schedule than most this year. Their only real test the rest of the season is Bertrand who is also playing very well. The question is at playoff time, can they compete with a Howells or the other teams in D-2 in other parts of the state. If they practice hard and don't get over confident with the weak schedule, they could have a GREAT season.

Brad Dickson comments in the Omaha World-Herald that "Jake Locker was 4-20 with two interceptions yesterday against Nebraska. In the 2010 Heisman watch Locker has fallen behind Reggie Bush."

Minnesota Duluth beat Wayne St. 42-10. Wayne State beat 2-1 UNK earlier in the season. How good is Minnesota Duluth 3-0.

Fifteen games left in the regular season for baseball. The Chicago Cubs are at 66-81 compared to the Kansas City Royals at 60-86. Kansas City's game was delayed last night so they have 16 games remaining.

Isn't fantasy football fun? I had Drew Brees last week and he only scored 13 points. I'm going with Eli Manning this week. Will LT continue to play a big part for the Jets? I hope so. Byron Leftwich was released by the Steelers!! He has been hurt some but that was a surprise for me. Also Beanie Wells is expected to be inactive today.

The Kansas State-Iowa St. game is always an interesting game. Yesterday KSU beat ISU 27-20 at Arrowhead. Daniel Thomas had 181 yards rushing and two touchdowns. I still think a good rushing team can gain yards running to their left against Nebraska.

Danny Woodhead is now a New England Patriot!!