Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nebraska men's BB and football teams play well!

Nebraska beat Iowa 20-7 on Friday to complete a 9-3 season. A pretty good year but not a great one. This was our first year in the Big 10. Defensively we continue to make adjustments. Its a different league and the game is played a little differently.

In the Big 10, the base defense was needed a lot of the time. Except for Lavonte David our linebackers took a while to adjust. Will Compton improved each game and ended the year playing well.

With the loss of Lavonte David next year, recruiting excellent linebackers are a key.Hopefully we have some good ones coming up to help out Compton, Alonzo Whaley, and Sean Fisher.

The other change is that our nickel and dime backs are covering receivers with 4.4 speed. Against two or three teams in the Big 10, including Northwestern, we will need fast hard nosed players in these positions.

The landscape changed and the Huskers did well to adjust in their first year.

This season reminded me a lot of the 2003 season which was Frank Solich's last. We were 9-3 that season also. We got beat pretty bad by Missouri and K-State and lost a game to Penn State 18-10. These coaches should keep their jobs. The offense continues to improve and the defense continues to adjust.

The NU basketball team gets a win on Saturday vs. South Dakota State, a team that is really pretty good. They led Minnesota and Georgia in the second half but did get beat in those games.

Caleb Walker was sick on Saturday so Toney McCray and freshman David Rivers stepped up. They combined for 20 points and 11 rebounds.

Nebraska is scoring more points this year. They are shooting the ball well. However their defense is giving up more points also. They are presently 4-1 and they play Wake Forest in Lincoln Wednesday night.

At Saturdays football game in Lincoln Jeannine Edwards was the sideline reporter. She is the reporter that Ron Franklin called "sweetcakes" earlier this year and he was pulled from the Fiesta Bowl play-by-play duties.

Dennis Erickson is out as head football coach for Arizona State.

Just In: Turner Gill has been fired at Kansas.
(I hate that).

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am very thankful for my family, health, and friends. I am thankful that we have jobs and today I want to spend some time praying for those that are not as fortunate. We will eat big today but many in the world are starving.

God Bless You All!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nebraska wins in a close one!


The rivalry begins this week. Iowa will become our new Colorado. Their our neighboring state. Omaha is only a river away. Many Iowans work in Nebraska and many Nebraskans work in Iowa. Arguments have been going on ever since it was announced that Nebraska was entering the Big 10. Let the fun begin.

Nebraska is favored by 9.5 points but this one will be closer. It will a barn burner. Nebraska is really beat up in the interior lines. There will be many Iowans in the stands and Iowa has a bunch of players with Nebraska roots. The game is in Lincoln. This will be a wild game with the team with the least turnovers and mistakes being the eventual winner.

Nebraska 33 Iowa 30

What's your guess for the score this week? Make a comment.

The Nebraska men's basketball team plays Oregon in Lincoln tomorrow night. Oregon has only lost to Vanderbilt at Nashville. Vanderbilt is the No. 7 team in the nation and the game was pretty close. Dana Altman, the former coach of Creighton, returns to Nebraska. Should be a great game.

Speaking of Creighton they look like at Top 20 team. They will be a national force this season.

Remembering John F Kennedy

As our 4th grade boys left the bathroom we were met by our teacher Mrs. Jenkinson who told us that the President had been shot. I am still so keen to my surroundings that day of the Orleans Public Grade School. Everything I was around when she told us the tragic news is what I remember most about my Orleans School days. November 22, 1963 is the most memorable day in history I have ever experienced. WE were so scared. We didn't know if Russia was going to take over our country and now this.

We headed to the Senior Class Play in the High School and then during one of the breaks between acts Mr Gray informed us the President was dead.

I was watching TV when Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby.

Some will have 9/11/01 as their most memorable moment. Of course when your kids are born those moments are huge but other than family moments November 22, 1963 was a day I most remember vividly.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Everyday I start my day thinking something great is going to happen today. I'm going to get a new account, establish a new relationship, spend time with my family, or shoot a huge buck. But sometimes things don't go the way I dreamed. Some days you lose an account, you upset a good account, you didn't find or take the time to visit family, and you screw up and miss the big buck.

Then what happens is you start to think about it and then more and more bad things kick in. Murphy's Law takes over and by the end of the day you wonder what the heck happened. You lose your concentration,your focus on what's important, the fundamentals of what necessary to succeed, you get down and out and everything implodes.

I guess I understand when Nebraska has a game like they had against Michigan or Wisconsin. Everything goes wrong; everything snowballs, everything steamrolls, and bang you get a whipping you never dreamed off. When this happens you lose focus and you don't execute the fundamentals to be successful.

Wisconsin and Michigan aren't that much better than Nebraska. Maybe they aren't better than us at all. The whole Big 10 is very close and a couple of mistakes will cost you the game. Saturday, we made more than a couple of mistakes.

Nebraska looks tired. Robinson and Russell wore our defense down even more. When you are tired bad things happen. When you are hurting, you don't perform at your best. You have no patience with employees or your spouse. You don't perform at your best. You lose focus. You lose football games.

As we sit on our couch and watch Nebraska play, we're snacking, drinking our diet coke, and we have no idea of the emotions our kids who represent Nebraska have. They are at a level we don't understand when we sit in comfort. Good things happen most of the time but some days, like at our work, mistakes get made. Stupid mistakes. It just happens in life.

Don't get me wrong, we have to have a vision to be No. 1 whether it be Nebraska football or at our own home or work. We have to work to be the best we can be and we must never want to be any less than that. But we must also understand that not every day is going to be great. The kids that play for Nebraska can have those days too. They aren't a bunch of losers. They work hours everyday to represent Nebraska the best they can.

Iowa will be very tough this week. We will not be able to make mistakes like last week and win. We will need to be at our best.

Support the team, cut out the negativism, and remember we are all human. We all like a pat on the back and an uplift. This will be a close game and we should have a win this week.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Michigan may be too much for us this week!

This is a huge game for Nebraska. A win gets us closer to a Top 10 position and even a BCS bowl. A loss keeps us barely in the Top 20.

Watch out for Fitzgerald Toussaint. He and Denard Robinson will be quite hard to stop. Nebraska's defensive line is hurt. With Jared Crick out for the year, it will be hard for the defense to get the job done in Michigan. The offensive line is hurt also and this will put Nebraska's offense at a disadvantage.

This could be a long day for NU. Hope I am wrong but I see this week:Michigan 35 Nebraska 24.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Nebraska men's basketball team wins away!

The Nebraska Men's BB team beat USC tonight in overtime 64-61. This is a big win for the Cornhuskers. Bo Spencer had 20 points followed by Brandon Richardson with 12. USC missed a three at the end of regulation. Brian Diaz had 10 points.

The Huskers shot .500 with three point shots and shot 75% from the three point line.

Letters from Penn State

My daughter Jessica sent this to me today. I would like to share, click here.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crazy times at Penn State!

With all the crazy things happening in Happy Valley, this game is hard to predict. Before all the charges were brought forth, I thought it would be Penn State 24 Nebraska 21.

Now with the landscape at Penn State changing hourly, I give the edge to Nebraska. Nebraska will be ready to play this week. Ten fights broke out at the Nebraska practice on Monday. The intensity was very high. On the other hand, the players at Penn State are seeing coaches changes daily. They have to be distracted. It would be natural for them to become concerned about more than the game.

I look at Nebraska to win. Nebraska 28 Penn State 21.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Latest on Patrick Witt

Patrick Witt was the leading candidate for the quarterback job back in the 2009 season. Not getting a guarantee to start, he transferred Yale University where he has passed for over 4000 yards. He has some Yale passing records and now he has the hardest decision of his life. Watch this video from Nightly News.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Helu, Nebraska, and other things


Nebraska's Roy Helu Jr. broke the Washington Redskins' all-time reception record for one game today with 14. He broke Art Monk's long standing record. For more click here.

Joe Frazier is in hospice with liver cancer. What a lot of memories of the Joe Frazier-Muhammed Ali fights!! We wish him well.

Not much to say about Nebraska. Any team in the Big 10 can win on any Saturday and if the other team isn't ready to play or have a couple of key turnovers go against them, they will get beat. Northwestern stayed around long enough to think we can win this and they did.

Surprises. I thought the Nebraska offensive line would control the defensive line of Northwestern. Northwestern had given up a trillion yards a game but they didn't Saturday. Yes they had nine guys up at the line to stop us but our passing game didn't have a lot of open receivers as a whole. Our line just couldn't do much.

Our defensive line is really depleted. Injuries to Crick, Randle, and Rome have hurt us more than most people realize. Besides Baker Steinkuhler, who had a great game Saturday, we are playing second and third teamers. We aren't putting pressure on the quarterback and yes slants over the middle will be open if the quarterback can sit back and throw at will. Hopefully we will get a couple of the defensive linemen back soon. In this game we missed Crick more than ever.

Looks like Carl Edwards or Tony Stewart will win the CUP. Stewart keeps winning but can't get in the lead. Should be an interesting finish with only two weeks left. Edwards leads Stewart by three points.

The SEC announced Missouri as their 14th team. Just don't know why they saw that as a fit although they have been good in football and men's basketball. I still don't understand the PAC 10 picking Colorado either but maybe I will over time.

LSU is number one in college football but kudos to Oklahoma St who is now number two.

The Green Bay Packers remain undefeated by beating the Chargers 45-38.

Here' my Top 8 teams for College Football right now.

1. LSU

2. Alabama:

3. Oregon

4. Oklahoma State

5. Stanford

6. Boise State

7. Oklahoma

8. Arkansas

The Nebraska women beat UNK this afternoon 85-55. Holdrege's Tessa Kreutzer had six points for the Kearney women.

Nebraska plays Penn State this week. They may be distracted this week. One local writer says that Paterno must go due to the mess. Pretty serious. Read here.

Friday, November 04, 2011

High winds will help Nebraska!

Originally I thought this game would be high scoring for both teams. The weather will help Nebraska and hurt Northwestern. Its supposed to be windy tomorrow. We may see more of freshman Kain Colter than Dan Persa tomorrow. Colter is more versatile and is the type of quarterback that can hurt Nebraska. Our secondary and linebackers will again be tested.

Nebraska will run the ball often and will mix in shorter passes.

This week Nebraska 41 Northwestern 20.