Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nebraska basketball still has some good times ahead.

Ok Nebraska's hopes for a NCAA entry into this year's tournament is out. Or is it? Nebraska will play three, four, and maybe five more games before the selection committee makes its picks. Of Nebraska would have to win the last two games at Nebraska vs Missouri and at Colorado to have a chance but these games are both even games. It is possible.

Then Nebraska wins the first two games at the Big 12 tournament and we are probably in the NCAA tournament. It isn't over yet.

Nebraska lost to Kansas by three, Texas Tech by one,Baylor and Kansas St. by four, and now Iowa State by one in OT.

Now an NIT bid would not be the end of the world. Nebraska could get an early view of the Big 10 by playing Penn St. Minnesota, or Michigan. Hopefully the game or games would be at home as much as possible. That would be fun also. Even the the NCAA tournament would be great, the NIT may be more of a fit for late success.

This writer is looking to a one point victory over Missouri on Tuesday night. We need to keep them in the 60's.



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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nebraska nips K-State tonight

Nebraska wins narrowly against a very good K-State team. Nebraska 65-Kansas State 64.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gilmore to USC

Coach Ted Gilmore is headed to USC to coach their receivers.

Trevor Bayne won the Daytona 500 today. He is an up and coming star. On a family trip last year, we saw him up close at Daytona. Seemed like a really nice kid and as we watched him on the nationwide tour last year, you could tell he has talent.

The Nebraska men's team won a big game vs. Texas yesterday. This improves their overall record to 18-8 and 6-6 in the Big 12. Nebraska beat the hottest team in college basketball and the number one college player in Jordon Hamilton.

Every game from here on out is very important and will be very close games. Next up is Kansas State in Lincoln on Wednesday night. This will be another tough matchup and definately not a gimmee. Kansas State was, for some, the preseason pick to win the Big 12. We can't let up now.

Nebraska needs to beat K-State to have a chance at the NCAA tournament. That's this writer's prediction. The Big 12 will probably have six teams go, maybe five. Texas, Kansas, Texas A & M, and Missouri are locks so that leaves Baylor, K-State, and Baylor for the other one or two spots. Nebraska has home games with K-State and Missouri and away games with Iowa State and Colorado. All winnable but we could go either way. If we play well hopefully we go 3-1. That would give us a 9-7 record in the Big 12. If we lose against K-State that will probably put them into the tournament with two wins against Nebraska.

One more thing. This writer knows of a few incidents that happened yesterday with Nebraska fans being VERY rude to the Texas fans. This took away from the victory because Nebraska should be represented much better than the way some ignorant fans acted yesterday. The Texas team enjoys playing in Lincoln and they are a bunch of good kids even though many fans think anybody from Texas are a bunch of low class citizens. Texas won the consideration for other contest and I am embarrassed as a fan.

You start to realize that next year will be so much different. We don't have any rivalries that will get the fans fired up about. I think it football, we get enthusiastic no matter who the opponent is because of tradition. But in basketball it will be interesting to see how big the crowds are and how passionate the fans are during the game. It will feel like our normal pre-conference games in the past, I think.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Nebraska will win a road game Wednesday night!

Nebraska has lost 13 conference road games in a row. Wednesday night that string stops!! Nebraska will win because they have too many weapons including Lance Jeter, who is this writer's pick as all conference point guard. Nebraska has a supporting cast that can play good ball. Toney McCray has to continue to score. Nebraska 65 Oklahoma 58.

Many times I have mentioned that the men's basketball team has to have Nebraska kids on the team. This year's main Nebraska player is Drake Beranek. He provides spark and Nebraska fans like to see players from their state playing. Mike Gesell is a player that Nebraska needs to get on the team. He is a star for South Sioux City. Gesell is only a junior this year. The Nebraska senior class is sparse this year with Big 10 talent but hopefully there is a diamond in the rough out there.

This fall let's incorporate the fullback back into the Nebraska offense as a threat. Garrison and Cotton both know how to teach trap blocking and we hopefully will have some fullback runs this fall. I'm telling you if we do our offense will start to produce. The spread is a threat but tough power football is where this team needs to be.

Wednesday night the men's basketball team gets to 5-6 and hopefully can end the season strong!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Nebraska has the biggest game of the year Wednesday!

Nebraska went against a very tough and number two ranked Kansas on Saturday and was in the game with ten minutes to go. However, Kansas, playing its best game of the year, beat Nebraska 86-66. Kansas and Texas are the two best teams in the nation. When they are on, they are a class above even Ohio State.

Nebraska has a must win tomorrow night. It is so important that they put a stop to their 16 game road loss streak. This writer thinks they will prove they are still in the top half of the Big 12. They will win in a huge game 62-61 versus Baylor in Waco.

62-61!! Nebraska wins!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


K-State drilled Nebraska tonight and the road loss streak continues at 16. Nebraska can Not make it to the NCAA tournament without a couple of road victories in the Big 12.

In football news, there is something going on in the coaching ranks. The Indiana head coach announced at his press conference today that his cornerback coach is coming to Nebraska to coach the entire secondary. Marvin Sanders, Shaun Watson, and Ted Gilmore were not at the recruiting event in Omaha tonight. Changes are coming.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Can Nebraska break their 15 game losing streak on the road.

K-State is prime to be beat but they do have a ton of talent. Will they finally start playing like the team that some thought in pre-season might win the Big 12? We'll see tomorrow night without our big man Almeida. Jorge Brian Diaz is supposed to make it for the game but will have no practice time this week.

If Diaz is present, we could win this but the prediction right now is 64-63 K-State. If Nebraska can win, they could establish themselves in the top four or five teams in the Big 12. The K-State game is huge!!