Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I think this video is pretty hilarious, and am so glad that someone called Skip out on this. And it isn't just Skip Bayless, 99% of sports journalists and commentators talk with the same generalities that Cuban refers to here. "The Heat wanted it more." I agree with Cuban that a statement like that just isn't true. On a stage as big as the NBA FINALS, after what both teams have been through all season and playoffs, both teams are giving it absolutely everything they can. It's just a matter of who executes better, and oh yeah, who makes some shots! Skip says that "LeBron was driving and slashing and kicking the ball to open shooters." Now, if role players like Shane Battier and Mike Miller didn't knock down an insane percentage of those 3's (10-15 in game 5), Skip would have said "Yep, typical LeBron, never wanting to step up and take the big shots, always passing them up." The guy really can't win, well, unless he WINS. And he finally did. The point is, this isn't his first championship because he woke up a month ago and said "hey, maybe I should start trying, maybe THAT will win me an NBA Championship?". No, he has been putting up incredible numbers for years now, and there's only so much a man can do with surroundings such as Daniel Gibson, Jamario Moon, Anderson Varejao, and a 429 year old (and pound) Shaquille O'Neal. OK, now we are REALLY off topic. LeBron is not one of my favorite players by any stretch of the imagination, I am just sick of people bashing the guy. Was the "not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, not 8" remark unbelievably painful? Yes, yes it was. He hasn't always said or done the right things, but what he does on the court you have to give him credit for. We will see what next year has in store for him.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We keep him!

Ron "Chin" Coleman is staying at Nebraska as Illinois hires Paris Parham! That is a big YES!!

Question to Joe. Will Tiger ever win another major?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh NO!

Ron "Chin" Coleman who joined the Tim Miles as Director of Basketball Operations at NU is interviewing for an assistant coach's position at Illinois. Coleman was hired at Nebraska just two months ago. Coleman is well known in the Chicago area when he helped coach an AAU team. He is known for his recruiting which Nebraska was needing.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

If I Were the Devil - (BEST VERSION) by PAUL HARVEY audio restored

Sport Shorts

The "Big Red Weekend" was this weekend. NU football had around 20 non-commtted and committed recruits visit the facilities. They received rave reviews.

Nathan Gerry, an athlete from Sioux Falls, SD, commited to Nebraska. He had offers from Iowa, Michigan St., and Minnesota.

Gabriel Miller, a long snapper, committed to Nebraska. Odd for Nebraska to offer a scholarship to a long snapper. He is rated number three at that position in the country. It is an important position and we need a good one. He was the nmer eleven commit for the 2013 class.

Nebraska also made an offer to California QB Johnny Stanton. He is a 6'2" duel threat quarterback. Oregon, Oregon St, California, and Washington have made offers along with many others. If Oregon likes him he should fit nicely into our office also.

Last week the No. 33 rated quarterback visited Nebraska. He is Damion Hobbs from Cedar Hill Texas. Hobbs rated the visit a 10. Hobbs plans to visit Missouri also.

In NU basketball, the Dallas Triumph AAU team made a visit last Wednesday. Actually four players visited on their way to the Creighton BB camp. Steven Spieth is a 2013 shooting guard. He is rated 24th in Texas He is 6'6". Tim Miles recruited him at Colorado St.

Jake Flaggert is going to be rated in the Top 15 in Texas at the next ratings to be released by TexasHoops. Flaggert is also 6"6" with a 30 inch vertical.

Also 2013 Max Tillinghast and 2015 Mason Riggins. Their coach predict Riggins may be one of the best players in the country for his age.

They left UNL feeling very impressed with Nebraska basketball!

2014 point guard Nick Norton visited the NU basketball facilities last Wednesday also. He plays for the KC Run GMC AAU program. He is a 2013 5'11" point guard is from Missouri.

Doc Sadler was named the Director of Basketball Operations by Kansas. Great job! Good for you Doc!

NU basketball guard Corey Hilliard was dismissed from the team after he was charged with stealing a cell phone.


My dad was the greatest dad that ever lived. If I could change anything about my dad, what would I have changed? Nothing. I have thought about this may times and I honestly can't think of anything.

Dad had many passions. He had a passion for his wife, my mom. He had a passion for his kids and grandkids. He had a passion for his family. He had a passion for fishing and hunting. He had a passion for visiting with people. He had a passion for his garden. He had a passion for his faith.

Dad loved life but we lost him on October 4, 2006. Now when I say we lost him, but he is still here living in us. Many businesses have a mission statement and core values that drive their decisions. For myself, since dad's death and even before that, my decisions are made by asking myself "What would dad do?". By using this for my driving force in life, decisions have been better and easier because I end up making decisions that are right, even if everybody does not agree. I always know that if I do what dad would have done, God would be very happy because he was a great example of how we are to do things.

On this Father's Day, I think about all the great memories I have of my dad! I think of stacking hay as dad brought in the bales with the farmhand. Irrigation was a big part of our summer and when we had a break in the ditch, dad and I would pitch the dirt towards the break where my sister was laying in the ditch trying to keep the water from running so fast. A big part of my life was all the fishing and hunting experiences I had the pleasure to be a part of with my dad. They were events. There are so many memories. My dad was the best hunter and fisherman I have ever seen but he was always more happy when us kids were successful. He was proud of his family.

Even though it is Father's Day, I feel very grateful that I have a mom that although she is different in some ways, she is just as great. Thanks mom!

I miss my dad. I miss him calling me and wondering when I was coming to Orleans again even though I had been there three times in the last week. I miss driving up to mom's house and not seeing him sitting at the patio table. I miss working with him in his garden. I miss the hunting and fishing experiences and talking about previous hunting and fishing experiences. I missed dad at my three daughter's weddings. He was ALWAYS so proud of his grandkids. He loved them very much. I know he would be so happy to see all them. He would have been proud of all the greatgrandkids also. He would have been so happy of Sam and Nolan and the twins, Addison and Reese. They are my grandkids.

I loved his stories. He was a great story teller. I could listen to them for hoursI loved him because he was the greatest dad ever!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I hear Thunder tonight

Yes we have a few sprinkles tonight but the Thunder comes out of Oklahoma City as they knocked off the Miami Heat tonight. Yippee!!

NU basketball recruit Tyrone Taylor visited Lincoln last weekend and loved what he saw. He is a 2014 point guard. He does not have an offer from NU yet but it could be coming. Creighton has offered. Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma St., Wichita St., and California are some of the teams that have shown interest. I think Taylor is ready to go if he gets an offer.

Defensive Coordinator John Papuchis' brother Drew is a graduate assistant for Frank Solich at Ohio.

Akoy Agau stopped by the NU facilities and talked for an hour with Tim Miles and other coaches. Positive move for NU and it is hopeful it will lead to more time together for them.

Tomorrow Nebraska hosts Toby Hegner, a three star power forward from Wisconsin. He is a 2013 recruit.  Hegner is 6'10" but only 205 pounds. He is known for his shooting and is more of a position four player. Nebraska has not made an official offer yet.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Interesting fact

Kent State joins Stony Brook in the College World Series. Last time a Big Ten team went to the CWS was Michigan in 1984.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sport Shorts

I am to the NBA again after being away for a few years. I watched the Miami Heat/Boston Celtic game Tuesday night when the Celtics beat the Heat at Miami. I found it rather enjoyable and I think the league has made some changes that allows them to play more like the college game. I would say I will cheer for the Thunder to beat the Heat but I am anxious to see Labron go against Durant.

The pregame is kind of a joke. It seems like the group which includes Magic Johnson is in left field with their commentary. I like Magic but some of those guys are bad in my opinion. After the Celtics beat the Heat and went ahead in the series 3-2, they spent an hour before the next game talking about how the Heat would not win and who would be traded from their team. I went on and on. I guess I got the feeling they really have NO idea whats to come and to listen to them is a waste of time.

The Session two NU football camp reportedly showed that there is a load of talent in the 2014 class. Lincoln Southeast's D. J. Foster has received an NU offer already. Millard North's Clay Fisher may be the best of the Fisher kids. Hoepfully Nebraska can land him.

Joey Logano won at Pocono today. He had won the pole but I never expected him to win the race. He needed a win. He took over the ride when Tony Stewart started his own team.

Last week NU hosted 2013 power forward Tory Miller from Lee Summit, Missouri. He is 6-8 and 247 lbs and has a Big 10 body. He will be a project but he could be a good one. He has offers from NU, Minnesota, Creighton, Colorado St. and Arkansas.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Sport Shorts

Boston knocks off Miami tonight at Miami. Even with LaBron James Miami couldn't win tonight. Boston leads 3-2.

Justin Black, a NU baseball recruit, is going pro. He was drafted in the fourth round by the Atlanta Braves. He is a centerfielder from Montana.

Walter Pritchard is coming to NU to play basketball. He is a 6'10 forward and he is transferring from Florida. He was an Elite Eight High School player from Florida and was highly touted before attending Florida. He will likely redshirt this year.

DiJon Washington is leaving NU to play football elsewhere. He was a four-star safety recruit and played special teams last year. No word to where he will transfer to.

Sean Sellers, a 2014 NU basketball recuit, was in Lincoln last week. He is a 6'6" small forward from Indiana. He is being sought by a number of teams but was really impressed by the NU facilities.