Sunday, August 31, 2014

Nebraska looks like the real deal!

Ok so Florida Atlantic probably isn't very good but its been awhile since NU looked to dominate every aspect of the game with a team. Nebraska amassed 784 yards, the most EVER by a Big 10 team. Even though Nebraska didn't get any turnovers they didn't give up any either. Pretty good for a 1st game. Yes, both teams should have had turnovers as they dropped intereptions and fumbled away a fumble.

The highlight was the Jordan Westerkamp behind the back catch. ESPN's No. 1 play of the day and it should have been. WOW!

Ameer Abdullah had 232 yards rushing and looked loke the nation's best.

Westerkamp caught seven passes for 125 yards and a TD.

Tommy Armstrong Jr. just played smart and commanded the Husker's offense without making mistakes. He was just over 50% in completions but he played well throwing for two TD's and rushing for one TD.

And the defense played well also. Defensive linemen were making tackles. McMullen, Collins, Gangwish, and Valentine were disruptive. The linebackers played well along with the secondary. NU gave up some yards early but were awesome the rest of the game.

Great job by the Huskers!! They well exceeded this writer's expectations.

The NU volleyball team will have to regroup as they were swept by No. 3 Stanford today. First time the lady Huskers have been swept at home.

The NU basketball team picked up a really good player for the 2015 recruiting class. Glynn Watson has a four star Rivals 150 rating by Rivals. He is a PG who is ranked No. 86 in the 2015 class. He is only 160 lbs and 5'11". Creighton and Tennessee were also after him. Great job!

The Holdrege Dusters are rated No. 7 by Huskerland Prep this week after knocking off Gothenburg who was rated No. 5. Kearney Catholic, who is in the same district as the Dusters, is rated No. 5. Boone-Central is No.1 and is Cozad No. 5. Maybe the Holdrege Dusters will surprise in C-1 this year after moving down from Class B.

NU basketball's next target is Edward Morrow Jr. from Chicago another four star recruit.

Nebraska is listed No.3 by the Detroit News in this weeks Big10 football power rating. Michigan St. is No.1 and Ohio St. No. 2.

The Minnesota Gophers are looking to a $190 Million imorovement project for their athletic facilities.

Baylor knocked off SMU tonight 45-0.

The surprise this week was Northwestern getting dominated by California this weekend.

Brent Qvale has signed with the Jets to be on their practice squad.

No. 3 Stanford sweeps Nebraska at Devaney : Latest Husker News

No. 3 Stanford sweeps Nebraska at Devaney : Latest Husker News

Cindy Lange-Kubick: The unsinkable Molly Nance, taking on the English Channel : Lincoln, NE Journal Star

Cindy Lange-Kubick: The unsinkable Molly Nance, taking on the English Channel : Lincoln, NE Journal Star

'Just a good fan' begins 68th season, only missed one home game : Lincoln, NE Journal Star

'Just a good fan' begins 68th season, only missed one home game : Lincoln, NE Journal Star

Huskers Make FIBA Basketball World Cup Debuts

Huskers Make FIBA Basketball World Cup Debuts

Tradition, Goose Bumps and Front-Row Seats

Tradition, Goose Bumps and Front-Row Seats

Huskers Fall to No. 13 FSU in Season Opener

Huskers Fall to No. 13 FSU in Season Opener

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Football is here!

Nebraska plays their first game against Florida Alantic in Lincoln at 2:30 on Saturday. The game is on BTN.

The exciting thing for the first game is to see some new players become stars. Just who will they be? Who will the new contributors be?

Her are some numbers for Saturday to remember:
#1 Jordan Westerkamp-Will he rise to being the standout receiver we know he can be. Excellent hands. Will he return punts this year? He is expected to return punts again but they have to give him more time to get the run back started.
#3 Marcus Newby-Linebacker-Will line up at defensive end on some pass rushes.
#4-Tommy Armstrong Jr. Our quarterback for this year. He is a huge key to the season. He just has to eliminate mistakes and let the team help him.
#4-Randy Gregory  One of the best defensive ends in the nation. He will be fun to watch!!
#5-Josh Mitchell  They say he is finally there as a cornerback and he is a vocal leader of the team.
#6-Corey Cooper- Great freaky player at safety.
#7-Maliek Collins-Defensive Lineman-Watch him to excel this year and he could be a star.
#7-Taariq Allen-Missed a lot of his career so far with a bad knee injury. He can catch the ball and should get his share of playing time at wide receiver.
#8-Ameer Abdullah-THE BEST! Just don't get hurt this year.
#8-DJ Singleton-Second team safety who has shown he can play.
#9-Sam Burtch-Wide Receiver who can play!
#10-Joshua Kalu-A true freshman who will see the field as a defensive back.
#10-Jamaal Turner-Tremendous talent who is yet to breakout. Let him return punts!
#11-Chris Jones-Another freshman who is going to play this year at defensive back.
#11-Cetham Carter-After Saturday everybody is going to be talking about this TE. A tremendous talent.
#13-Zaire Anderson-Best player on defense except Gregory. Just don't get hurt.
#14-Jonathon Rose-He or Daniel Davie will start at cornerback, a key position this year for NU's success.
#15-De'Mornay Pierson-El-Freshman wide receiver and special teams player.
#19-Joe Keels-JUCO Defensive end who will debut on Saturday.
#23-Daniel Davie-Should start at cornerback-Will he star?
#25-Nathan Gerry-Tremendous player who will start at safety.
#27-Kieron Williams-Freshman talent at safety. Watch for him.
#28-Byerson Cockrell-Juco player who will start at nickel back. He is a key player on defense this year.
#31-Joey Felici-Watch for him on special teams!!
#32-Imani Cross-Second team running back who can crush tacklers.
34-Drew Brown-Our FIELD GOAL kicker for 2014!
#35-Andy Janovich-Starting fullback who needs to be on the field much more! Linebacker?
#37-Mauri Bondi-Our kickoff specialist
#41-David Santos-Good talent. Has to improve this yeat at linebacker.
#43-Trevor Roach-I really like him at linebacker. I hope he gets to play a lot.
#51-Courtney Love-Backup linebacker.
#56-Mark Pelini-Starting Center.
#57-Zach Sterup-Will he play Saturday at right tackle?
#59-Matt Finnin-Will see action in the OL!
#65-Ryne Reeves-Backup Center
#67-Jerald Foster-Backup defensive lineman and only a freshman.
#68-Jake Cotton-Great left guard!
#70-Chongo Kondolo-Backup offensive lineman.
#71-Alex Lewis-Maybe the best offensive lineman at left tackle.
#74-Mike Moudy-starting or backup right guard.
#78-Givens Price-May start at right tackle.
#80-Kenny Bell-All-American
#82-Alonzo Moore-I am really excited to watch him this season. He could turn up with some great stats this year.
#83-Jared Blum-TE who was hurt last year and shined before that. Has he recovered?
#87-Brandon Reilly-Fastest kid on the team.
#90-Greg McMullen-He will be a great DE!
#92-Kevin Williams-Backup defensive lineman.
#95-Jack Gangwish-Another hustling defensive lineman.
#98-Vincent Valentine-He will stand out this year as a defensive lineman.

I too worried about our young defensive group and special teams for this to be a blowout. Look to Nebraska winning 34-17.

Cook announces starters on eve of first match : Latest Husker News

Cook announces starters on eve of first match : Latest Husker News

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sport Shorts

Nebraska will release its depth chart this week but there should be no surprises. It looks to be:
FB if we ever used one-Janovich
WR-Bell, Moore, Westerkamp  When Reilly gets healthy he will be a major player
OL-Lewis, Cotton, Pelini, Moudy, and Givens  Givens starts if Sterup isn't healthy

DL-Valentine, Collins
DE-McMullen, Gregory
LB-Banderas, Z. Anderson, Third LB is Roach or Santos  Marcus Newby will play pass rusher at times
CB-Mitchell, Davie
Safety-Cooper, Gerry  DJ Singleton will play a lot

Nascar's top driver's to win the chase appear to be Hendrick's Team of Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, and Jimmie Johnson, and Team Penske's drivers of Joey Lagono and Brad Kesolowski.

Bleacher had the following article about QB perforances.Some of the more average or rookie quarterbacks' performances so far come out as follows:
Impressive:Blake Bortles, Jacksonville, Ryan Tannehill, Miami, Jake Locker, Tennessee, Jimmiy Garoppolo, New England,

Disappointing:Johnny Manziel, Cleveland, EJ Manuel, Buffalo, Eli Manning, Giants, Robert Griffin III, Washington

Kirk Cousins is rumored to be traded to the Rams. Bradford hurt his knee yesterday and will be out for the season with an ACL. Kirk Cousins is an excellent quarterback and Washington should probably be starting him ahead of Griffin.

Brian Hoyer tore his ACL last year and it appears to be hurting his performance this year.

Jeff Korbelik: My Emmy picks for 2014 : Ground Zero

Jeff Korbelik: My Emmy picks for 2014 : Ground Zero

Cindy Lange-Kubick: Going beyond the ice bucket : Lincoln, NE Journal Star

Cindy Lange-Kubick: Going beyond the ice bucket : Lincoln, NE Journal Star

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Braxton Miller's year is in jeopardy!

Ohio State quarterback and Heisman candidate Braxton Miller hurt his shoulder yesterday and his year may be in jeopardy. This is a huge injury and could determine the Big 10 champion this year.

The Nebraska basketball team picked up a commitment from KU transfer Andrew White III. White was rated No. 51 by Rivals in the 2012 class.  He will sit out this year but will have two years of eligibilty left for 2015-16.  White is a shooting guard and was down to Nebraska and Maryland as his final choices

Nebraska also got a verbal commitment from 2017 Omaha South SF Aguek Arop. Arop has three more years of high school but he looks like a great prospect.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sports News!

Lincoln Southeast's Connor Curry has became the first NU baseball commit for 2016. He's 6'3" and 215 lbs as a junior.

Pelini said he would be surprised if freshmen Josh Kalu and Kieron Williams would redshirt this year.

Former Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe said last week that he didn't take the Nebraska job in 2007. Nebraska pursued Grobe before hiring Bo Pelini.

Nebraska is No. 22 in the football AP poll.

From the Omaha World Herald:

It s been 1017 days since Nebraska was rated in the Top 10. Nebraska is last in the Big 10 in turnover margin during the Pelini era with a minus 31. Marcus Newby will be a weapon at defensive end on passing plays.

Defensive tackle Aaron Curry is leaving the Nebraska program. Curry started eight games last year and had 26 tackles. He had been running with the No. 2's this fall.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sport Shorts!

How exciting are the Royals right now. Very is you like the Royals. I do. They are up by 1 1/2 games over the Tigers and they are doing it with all phases of the game, defense, offense, pitching and coaching.

Tommy Armstrong is the lead quarterback right now. He had a great week of practice. Ryker Fyfe  and Johnny Stanton are also playing well.

Mauro Bondi and Drew Brown are neck and neck as to who will be the starting place kicker this fall.

Daniel Davie and Jonathon Rose are Co #1's for the cornerback position opposite of Josh Mitchell.

Offensive lineman Corey Whitaker is out for the year with a torn ACL. Dylan Utter is getting reps with the No. 1 offense.

Alonzo Moore has had a great fall and looks to start ahead of Brandon Reilly who has a hamstring pull right now.

Nathan Gerry highly praised Fyfe and Moore Friday.

Randy Gregory, Greg McMullen, Vincent Valentine, and Maliek Collins look to start in the defensive line this year.

In major developing news, Brock Lesnar beat John Cena for the WWE Heavyweight Championship.
Lesnar dominated Cena like no other before him.

Jeff Gordon won for the third time this year. The race was in Michigan.

The average age watching baseball on TV is 49.5 years. Not good. Five years ago it was 45.

Ingee Park wins LPGA for second consecutive time. Who?

Shawn Marion signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Camilo Villegas won the PGA tournament this week.

St. Louis Cardinal Adam Wainwright won his 15th game today.

Huskers Wrap Up Week Two of Camp

Huskers Wrap Up Week Two of Camp

Strasburger saves the day, 1982 : Latest Husker News

Strasburger saves the day, 1982 : Latest Husker News

Steven M. Sipple: NU defenders' swagger reflects comfort in system : Latest Husker News

Steven M. Sipple: NU defenders' swagger reflects comfort in system : Latest Husker News

Conducting, not following: NU's Gerry, Banderas 'light years ahead' of last year - Big Red Today - Huskers

Conducting, not following: NU's Gerry, Banderas 'light years ahead' of last year - Big Red Today - Huskers

Friday, August 08, 2014

LeRoy Alexander is suspended!

Bo Pelini announced today that LeRoy Alexander has been suspended from the NU football team. He will be allowed to continue to practice with the team. He was slated to start this year at safety. NU has now lost two defensive starters with the other loss being Charles Jackson with an injury.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Tom Osborne focused on field position from playoff contenders - Big Red Today - Huskers

Tom Osborne focused on field position from playoff contenders - Big Red Today - Huskers

Asante signs NFL contract

Former Husker Larry Asante has signed with the Oakland Raiders.

The Kansas City Royals are within 4 games of the Tigers now.

The PGA golf tournament starts today,

A whole bunch of NFL games are scheduled tonight including the Washington Redskins who have four Huskers on their team.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Nebraska Football Begins........

Well I've said and others have said that we will be as good as Tommy Armstrong Jr this year but as reports come out of camp, it could be Ryker Fyfe at quarterback. Brandon Reilly, the fastest Husker, says he throws the best ball and he can run too. 

Freshman safety Kieron Williams is getting some attention already. He has some tough competition to make the first team with Corey Cooper, Nathan Gerry, and LeRoy Alexander all in that position.

It should be noted today that Randy Gregory ran down Ameer Abdullah from behind today in practice. Enough said.

Nickel back Charles Jackson is in a knee brace and is on the sideline right now.

Trevor Roach, Josh Banderas, and Zaire Anderson are the top three linebackers right now.

Look for Alonzo Moore to have a breakout season this year.

Gregory, McMullen, Collins, and, Valentine look to be very good in the defensive line. The key will be depth.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Mom, Share Your Life With Me..........

July 31
Tell a memory rifing on a ferry, bus, train, or plane.
Never did.

August 1
If you were to return to your youth, what would you do differently.
Not a thing.

August 2
Describe your childhood home & neighborhood.
We lived on a farm north of Funk and had a nice farm. The nieghborhood was the Schneider families.

August 3
Tell about going to a summer camp.
Never went to a summer camp.

August 4
Tell of an experience climbing a mountain or big hill.
Don't think I ever climbed a mountain.

August 5
Tell a memory about having company at your house or of a family party.
The company we had was mom's family. My Aunt and Uncle John Ryan, Melvin Norman, Mom's brother and my grandmother Mary Norman.

August 6
Tell about board games and card games you played as a youth.
We didn't play board games.

August 7
Did your mom or dad have a favorite rmedy for what ailed you?
Go to bed and rest.

August 8
Share an experience about poison ivy or poison weed.
Never had poison ivy or poison weed.

August 9
What was your best talent.
Playing games at the country school.

August 10
Tell about a time when you got lost.
(Not answered)

August 11
Did you ever play in the sprinkler or hose.
(Not answered)

August 12
Tell about being stung by a bee or wasp.
I don't think I ever was stung by a bee or a wasp.

August 13
Did you have any favorite family songs that you sang together?

August 14
Tell about your bedroom.
I shared my bedroom with my two sisters. We had a big bedroom upstairs in the East room out on the farm.

August 15
Share a memory of staying overnight with a friend.
I stayed a lot with my cousin in Funk, Patty Norman.

August 16
If you ever ran away from home, tell about it.
Never did.

August 17
Do you remember being really curious about something?

August 18
Share your childhood experiences with roller skates.

August 19
Did you ever experience home sickness?

August 20
Did you ever make a purchase that you later regretted?

August 21
Share an early experience with make-up.
We never used make-up.

August 22
Tell about a favorite doll, teddy bear, or other stuffed toy.
My favorite doll was from my uncle, Melvin Norman. Its in the cedar chest in the basement.

August 23
Tell about another favorite toy.
My parents gave us a wagon which we loved to play with.

August 24
Did you have to abide by a curfew as a youth?
We lived in the country and never had a curfew.

August 25
If you ever had a hero, tell who. Tell why.

August 26
Describe how you used the phone to call a friend.
We never did use the phone to call a friend.

August 27
Did you ever have a fire in your home or accidently catch something on fire?
Not that I know of.

August 28
Tell about going to the box socials or pot lucks.
we never went to any.

August 29
Tell about an incident when you were very angry with your mom or dad.
I can't remember being angry with Mom or Dad.

August 30
Tell about an incident when your mom or dad was very angry with you.
Dad got very angry with me because he couldn't find me in Holdrege when it was time to go home. When we got home, he spanked me.

August 31
Share a memory involving an outhouse.
We had an outhouse when we grew up.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Mom, Share Your Life With Me.........

July 25
What memories do you have of lightning and thunder during your childhood?

July 26
Share a special memory about riding in a boat?
We never went boating

July 27
Tell about a family vacation trip.
Our family took a tent and we would go to the Black Hills and camp out. We always had so much fun.

July 28
Share the best vacation experience you can recall.
Going to the Black Hills

July 29
Share the most unpleasant vacation expense you can recall.
Can't remember any.

July 30
Do you have any memories about a river, lake, or beach to share?