Friday, January 29, 2010

Nebraska men will win its first conference game Saturday!

Look to Nebraska to win this week in Lincoln vs Oklahoma. Yes they are 0-5 in the conference. I have heard this week that the team won't win another game this year. Well, they will prove you wrong tomorrow.

Nebraska has to keep the Sooners in the high 50's or low 60's to win. Richardson, Jones, and Anderson have to a good game. They are the scores. It would be nice to see Diaz and Ubel to shoot 6-10 times each. They just aren't getting shots.

And then it always seems somebody steps forward this time of year to play great ball and really nobody has done that this year. We need somebody to step up. Maybe one of the players that haven't done much such as Gallegos. I guess we will see. Anderson has been the most consistent and is the closest player to this role.

Look to NU to win 67-59. Yes NU wins 67-59.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sammy telling us about his pants...on the ground

Samuel speaks out!

Adrian Fiala wll be missed on game day!

I really like Adrian Fiala and his frank way as a color commentator. Don't get me wrong I like Greg Sharpe, Matt Davison, and Lane Grindle also. But Fiala always added that experience factor as a former player and the Nebraska way. His presence was invaluable. I enjoyed the Davison and Fiala views to the game. It was a good matchup. This is one Husker fan that will miss that. It won't be the same listening to the Red-White game and the games this fall.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

NFC AFC Championship Predictions!

There should be a couple of good games with great story lines today. The Jets may have the best defense right now. The Jets/Colts game will be a little ugly at times.
Can they upset Peyton Manning and the Colts?

Brett Favre is playing today and that's always an interesting story. Most fans are really for or against him. This writer is for him.

Colts 24 Jets 17
If the game is close in the third quarter, the Jets have a great chance to win. They are starting to believe in themselves. But Peyton Manning will be his usual self and direct the Colts to victory. Manning is one of the best quarterbacks of all time and Sanchez is in his first year. Look to Sanchez to make a few mistakes and Manning to take over this game.

Vikings 38 Saints 34
I really like the Saints. Brees had a great year and in most games they dominated. This should be a shootout. The Saints defense has had injuries and at times have been scored on pretty easily late in the season. The Saints were the best for the first 3/4s of the season. The Vikings defensive front is awesome. Their defense causes turnovers. Favre will take advantage of the opportunity and pass to a win. With the Vikings defense and their passing attack they will find a way to win. Also Adrian Peterson will have a breakout game today. He has been held in check but not today. This should be a fun game to watch and after the game watch Favre sing "Pants on the Ground"!!

Over 13,000 fans watched the NU women's basketaball team beat K-State 71-56 to go 17-0. Yvonne Turner hit six 3's. The attendance was 13,303 which is only 292 short of completely filling Devaney. Kelsey Griffin recorder her fourth straight double-double. There are no signs of let up at this time. This team is the hottest thing going at Nebraska right now.

On the men's side, Missouri beat NU yesterday 70-53. NU stayed close for 3/4's of the game but then faltered at the end. This is becoming a trend. Teams hate to play NU because they slow the game down and give themselves a chance to win. They are 0-4 in the Big 12 but they could easily be 2-2. Don't give up on them. They can win at Colorado, although it isn't a given. Should be a close game. Then next Saturday they should beat Oklahoma. Nebraska's experience is 1.37 years compared to the Division I average of 1.70 years. They should and will get better as the season goes. Richardson and Jones have to get healthy. Nebraska is one of the nation's best 3 point shooting teams at 39.6. 34.1 is the average. They have been good at taking care of the call and getting steals on defense. Saturday they had 12 turnovers and Missouri only had five. Very unusual for Nebraska. They must get better at free throws and rebounding.

The NU men are 87th in the Pomeroy ratings. This is compared to a finish in the mid-70's a year ago. Look for them to improve.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

North Carolina loses third straight game.

For the first time since Roy Williams became head coach at North Carolina, they have lost three straight. North Carolina lost to Wake Forest lost tonight by 13 points.

Frank Martin, head coach of Kansas State BB, is maybe going to get an extension on his job there. K-State has just come off a big win over #1 Texas. K-State has now moved to the number one spot in the Big 12.

Leno and Letterman are getting almost vicious with each other and less funny. I watch those shows to be entertained not to be stressed. Be funny please.

The NU women's BB team has passed the test to prove they are a great team. In the past, when they played the big game they lost, but now they are beating Top 10 teams away. They are good and I hope I get a chance to see them play at Devaney soon.

On the men's side, it is going to be a long season. Their offense is Ryan Anderson, Brandon Richardson, and Bear Jones. Richardson and Jones have been hurt and the Huskers are 0-3 in the Big 12. They'll win some games but it is going to be tough.

The best three TV shows right now are 24, Modern Family, and The Office.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Complete sports rap up!

This site has a great summary of what is going on in sports!

  • sbnation

  • Mel Kiper's top draft pick predictions are on stilespoints! Suh is number 1. Oklahoma has three players in Top 25. Eight of the Top 25 are from the Big 12.

  • Tuesday, January 05, 2010

    Who were Nebraska's most valuable players in 2009?

    What a season! I see we are rated #9 for next year already. Hopefully that won't be the kiss of death.

    The most valuable players to the 2009 team in this writer's eyes are as follows:
    1. Ndamukong Suh

    Suh received the Outland Trophy, Lombardi Trophy, Bednarik Trophy, Nagurski Trophy, Willis Trophy, the AP National Player of the Year, the Big 12 Player of the Year, was an Unanimous All-American and was a finalist for the Heisman. He was just a thrill to watch and deserved them all. How often did you find yourself isolated on Suh to see what he was going to do? I know I did. Not since Rich Glover and Warren Sapp have I seen a defensive lineman dominate a game like he did. Suh is better than both of those guys. Glover was amazing with his quickness. Suh is much more physical. Sapp was similar to Suh but he would run out of gas by the 4th quarter.

    2. Alex Henery

    Henery was amazing this year as a kicker and a punter. He can kick from 50 yards out and be automatic. His punts inside the ten yard line were almost funny with his knuckle ball that seemed to know where to go. Henery is capable to hit from 63 or 64 yards and with a little wind behind him, who knows. There is no doubt that he is better than half the NFL kickers and would do well at punting also. He was worth a couple of turnovers most every game with his ability to kick balls deep in enemy territory.

    3. Phillip Dillard

    What a hitter! He seemed to be all over the field. Shelved early in the year for unknown reasons, he responded real well. Dillard is very intense! He set by example. He also played pass defense late in the season very well. At times he was even matched up with a receiver and stayed on them so that they could not receive the pass. He was a leader and led Nebraska in tackles many of the games in the second half of the season. He will be missed. You'll see Dillard playing on Sundays if he stays healthy.

    4. Matt O' Hanlon

    A true walkon who had to try out to get on the team, what a story this kid is. After getting beat against Virginia Tech, he played his heart out and was a huge impact on Nebraska's ten win season. O'Hanlon led the team in interceptions. He is smart and he can hit. He has a chance to play in the NFL. O'Hanlon is a great example of a Nebraska football player that worked hard every day and played with the heart when he represented Nebraska on the field.

    5. James Dobson

    Ok, James Dobson is not a player but he is such a big part of Nebraska's success this year, I had to mention him. At the past two years of Football 202, he has talked to our group. Dobson is Nebraska's strength and conditioning coach. Never have I seen such enthusiasm with somebody about their job than James Dobson. It is easy to see why the players work hard for him. He has emphasized burst. They work on 10-30 yard bursts. It is working and Nebraska is the strongest team on the field in the fourth quarter. I hope all of you can get a chance to hear him speak because it is something you will remember. What a catch from the Iowa Hawkeyes.

    6. Jared Crick

    He had a great season and at times, statistically, was ahead of Suh. If he improves just a little, he will be very good next year. He won't repeat Suh's accomplishments, but he will be very good. The Cozad product is bound to improve with our strength coach and his position coaches. But this year he was a tremendous surprise. The defense's success was largely due to Jared Crick.

    Who did you think was Nebraska's most valuable players this year. Suh is a lock. Henery is hard to argue with but who is next? Make your comments.