Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nebraska defense dominates Michigan!

The Nebraska blackshirts are improving. They played real well against Dennard Robinson and the Michigan team. Robinson didn't make it to the first half before he was injured. Without him Michigan didn't have much offense. Almost none.

Nebraska started the game on a sad note as Tariq Allen appeared to blow at his knee on the opening kickoff. Allen was becoming a bigger part of the Nebraska offense and he will be missed. We hope he is back next year.

Michigan started on offense and went three and out. Great start. similar to last week.

The Michigan defensive front dominated our line the first series but Martinez did hit Kenny Bell for 20 yards on 3rd down. Then Abdullah is stopped for a big loss when the defensive lineman goes in untouched.

That's how a lot of the first half went or even the whole game. There might be an offensive play or two on both teams but the defense dominated.

Players of note that I thought played real well on defense was Ciante Evans and Baker Steinkuhler. Will Compton and Sean Fisher had some great plays!!  Good day for the linebackers as Whaley played well also.

Starting the second quarter, Nebraska picked up the tempo and hit Cotton and Abdullah on nice gains. Enunwa catches one for six yards. Osborne catches one for twenty yards. Then Martinez hits Kenny Bell for a 35 yard touchdown. Just a great drive and the best of the day as it turned out. It looked easy. Nebraska 7-0.

In the second quarter, our defensive line got some good push off their o-line. That's encouraging.

Then with 3:51 to go in the half Robinson runs to the ten and gets hurt. Game pretty much over. Without him they have very little offense.

Nebraska 7-6 at the half.

PL Smith picks one off and runs it back to the four. First and ten Nebraska and we end up with a field goal. Martinez is limping pretty bad. Nebraska 10-6 with 11:48 to go in the third inning.

Nebraska's defense is gaining confidence with the new quarterback. Red-shirt freshman Bellomy looks a little scared.

Ciante Evans gets a sack with 10:40 to go in the third. Michigan has negative yardage.

Brent Maher kicks a field goal from 51 yards!!!  Nebraska 13-6 lead.8:41 to go in the third.

Where's Braylon Heard at? Imani Cross?

Nebraska does pass its way down the field on its other great offensive drive. Enunwa, Marlowe and Reed all make great catches. A pass to Bell creates a pass interference call. Nebraska has the ball on the Michigan 11 with 5:43 to go in the third.

Maher hits another field goal. Nebraska 16-6 4:43 to go in the third.

Bellomy gets his first completion late in the third. this coming after 30 yards in penalities on one play. One on 150 Josh Mitchell for tarketing the head and the other on the Husker bench. Then Nebraska gets a paa interference call and 45 total yards in penalties on this drive. Michigan is at the 18 with 2:00 minutes to go in the third.

Michigan gets a field goal Nebraska 16-9. Still too close to call. The third quarter ends.

Nebraska is marching again in the fourth with runs by Abdullah and a great catch by Reed keeps them moving. Nebraska gets in field goal range and then we have a ten yard loss on a sack.

But Nebraska gets an interception from Staford. 11:25 left in the game. Nebraska on Michigan's 42 yard line. Martinex explodes for 29 yards.

Abdullah makes a great run for a touchdown from 13 yards out. Nebraska 23-9. 10:20 to go in the game.

Nebraska has run 19 plays for 11 yards in the second half with 8:15 to go.

Abdullah ends up with 101 yards rushing and plays a great game.

Nebraska wins 23-9.

Nebraska was 20th in the BCS standing today. they are back in the rankings.

Other news.

Jimmie Johnson wins at Martinsville and is heading to another championship.

Notre Dame is back. They jump Oregon to take 3rd in the BCS. K-State is 4th.

The Washington Huskies knocked off Oregon State.

The Nebraska volleyball team knocks off Penn State in five sets. WOW!

Christian Lacouture has decommitted from Nebraska. He is a defensive tackle who moved to Lincoln to attend Lincoln Southwest. He was from Texas. He planned to start school in January. Now he is going to visit LSU. I wonder what the rest of the story is.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Can Nebraska beat Michigan tomorrow?

Sure they can!!  But Nebraska has stop Dennard Robinson!  This is something that NU has had a hard time doing for a whole game. Also NU will have to play a penalty free-turnover free. With Nebraska at home at night, the crowd will be a huge plus. Look to a very close game but I have this one:


Hope I am wrong on this one!!!! Go Huskers!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bill Snyder, wizard!

Bill Snyder continues to impress eveybody. He has twice now taken K-State from the bottom and brought them back. This time they are rated 4th in the nation. Doesn't even seem real. His last four years' recruiting classes have been ranked 58th, 68th, 63rd, and 92nd. Unbelievable! You have to admire him as a tremendous coach! I just wonder what he does that others don't.

Gerry DiNardo, a Big 10 analyst, says the Big 10 is down because of recruiting. The SEC is beating everybody in recruiting and the Big 10 is definately down. He says with Urban Meyer at Ohio State and Brady Hoke at Michigan they will be head and shoulders above everybody else in recruiting which he says will equate to wins.

He says that Michigan, Ohio State, Nebraska, and Penn State have to be in the top 10 in recruiting annually with at least three more Big 10 teams 11-15. This isn't happening right now except for Michigan and Ohio State

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday thoughts!

First of all I wanted to mention the comment that Vice President Joe Biden said at the debate that he is personally opposed to abortion while supporting its legalization. Abortion, as I view it, is the unjustified killing of a human person. The Catholic Church has said that you can not oppose personally and support abortion publicly. You can't take such a position and then call yourself a practicing Catholic. Its that simple.

Vice President candidate Paul Ryan said "I don't see how a person can separate their public life from their private life or from their faith. Our faith informs us in everything we do."  Enough said.

No. 4 Huskers Sweep No. 25 Illinois

No. 4 Huskers Sweep No. 25 Illinois

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lucky win!

Wow we got out of this one by a couple of inches when the Northwestern field goal kicker missed literally by inches. Nebraska 29 Northwestern 28

Nebraska had ten three and outs today. Nebraska had 543 total yards and we just about got beat.

First of all Rex Burkhead goes down and to be honest I will surprised if he is back before the bowl game. That will be be a blow. He is an NFL type player and Nebraska has few of those.

Looked like we were going to take control when Northwestern's punt returner fumbled deep in their own territory. But Damion Stafford gets a ridiculous personal foul. Sorry but he would have not played again the rest of the game if I was coaching.

Then the punt returners fumble twice and Kyle Reed fumbles when Nebraska is driving for a touchdown. One error after another.

How many potential pass interceptions did we have today where we didn't catch the ball? Four, five?

And the fourth and one Northwestern had with 2:42 to go in the half. Alonza Whaley got annilated. He got drove back five yards by a lineman. Then they throw a touchdown pass right before half and lead the game we had dominated in statistics. Northwestern 14-10 halftime

I'm not making this stuff up! It was amazing. Look at the stats and the game should be 24-7 Nebraska.

Northwestern had fourteen points with two touchdown passes. Cameron Meredith was playing defensive tackle with Martin playing the end position. Not a bad move even though Meredith is smallish in the defensive line but it fits his speed capabilities better.

Then Vendric Mark, Northwestern's star running back, goes 80 yards untouched for a touchdown. That was a fourth of the total yards for NW today all in one play. The score is now 21-10 and the Nebraska fans are turning off their TVs and throwing up throughout the state.

On the next series, Brandon Heard went 18 yards out of the diamond formation. His only carry of the day. Why don't we run out of this formation more? There was some great blocking on that play.

The big Q, Quincy Enunwa, gets hurt and they say he is out for the rest of the game but that goodness they were wrong. He made key great catches to get us back and win the game. He ended the day with six catches for 110 yards.

Taylor Martinez got sacked a few times. Hope he learns to throw some of those away although he got away with one in the first half when he threw the ball out of the endzone to nobody. Should have been a safety.

Kenny Bell had another great day with six catches for 77 yards and a touchdown. Jamal Turner had a nice day with three catches for 56 yards and if I remember he had another play but it was called back on a penalty.

And how about that run by Ameer Abdullah late in the third quarter, Amazing as he went 13 yards and could have been dropped for no gain. Abdullah ended up with 101 yards rushing and 26 yards receiving.

Towards the latter part of the game numerous Northwestern players were carried off the field. We seemed to be physically controlling the game.

With 1:09 left in the third Martinez runs for his sixth touchdown for the year making it 16-21 Northwestern when they failed on the two point conversion.

Northwestern could have had a touchdown in the final seconds of the third quarter when Siemen overthrew his wide open receivers twice. Our cornerbacks were beat both times. Pheww!

At the end of the third quarter its NW 21 Nebraska 16. Nebraska has three turnovers, dropped Int, and five penalties for 42 yards.

Right before NW goes up 28-16, Antonio Bell loses his composure on the sideline after Pelini gets on him about a penalty. Interesting to see how that all turns out.

8:31 to go and Northwestern leads 28-16. WOW more puking and more people turning their TVs off. You can bet on it.

Then with 7:30 to go Taylor Martinex should have been picked off but the defensive man dropped the ball. More puking!

Taylor Martinez recovers and throws some nice passes to move NU down the field. The Q! catches a ball between three defenders. NU to the 10. Tariq Allen catches his first career TD. NU 23 NW 28.  5:55 left in the game.

Taylor Martinez will end the game going 27-39 for 342 yards and three touchdowns.

On the winning drive he hits Q for 31 yards as the Q makes a great catch!!

Jamal Turner catches a nice pass for 23 yards.

Then Ben Cotton catches the winning TD for 7 yards. The two point conversion again fails but Nebraska leads 29-28.

With 1:10 left, Jeff Budzien came within inches of making a 53 yard field goal. But he misses and Nebraska wins 29-28.

Pheeww! And I didn't even puke. Great win!!

Kansas State coach Bill Snyder is the best coach in America bar none. They beat West Virginia 55-14 today!!

Nebraska back on track this weekend!

Nebraska plays away again. Not there favorite thing to do the past two years. Not their favorite thing to do is play a mobile quarterback. Doing that again. But Nebraska had a week off and that is huge. Northwestern can't stop our offense. We can't stop theirs very well but enough to pull out the win.

Nebraska 40 Northwestern 30

I was 0-3 in upset specials last week but have hit a lot of them. Here's this week's.

Texas A & M will upset LSU this weekend.  A & M 27 LSU 24

Kansas State will upset West Virginia (-4.5) in a close one.

Utah knocks off Oregon State (-7). 24-23

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Upsets Today!

LSU is favored by four points over South Carolina. Look to South Carolina beating LSU in LSU's house today.

Mississippr is favored by one over Auburn. Auburn will win this game by ten plus points.

Finally UCLA is favored by five points at home over Utah. Utah wins in a close one.

Going to miss NU football this weekend but maybe we all needed a break.

BTN’s Team Jack Story Touches Me and You

You have to see this!!!
BTN’s Team Jack Story Touches Me and You

Monday, October 08, 2012

deja vu!

After one quarter Saturday night, the Huskers had held Ohio State to seventeen yards and was leading 17-7. I was right!!! This time we had found a way to stop the running quarterback. I had predicted a 27-24 victory and everything was on track.

Then..............Braxton Miller ran for 72 yards for a touchdown and bam they were right in it again. In fact OSU didn't punt again until the final minutes of the game. But with half of the 3rd quarter left, NU was only down 35-31. We can still win this thing and then we fell apart like the days a few years back. We couldn't do anything defensively to stop them. And with the offense throwing three interceptions and losing one of the many fumbles, we seemed helpless. OSU scored with less than a minute to go off tackle and the score was 63-38. WOW! We just fell apart.

Our hopes were high, the teams hopes were high, and now we were feeling embarrassed, helpless, and frustrated. We have two weeks now to prepare for Northwestern. Coach says we have to win out. All or nothing. Not like him to not take it a game at a time. Shows he is very frustrated also. Very frustrated.

Lots of upsets going on. Look to LSU to lose another game. This time it is South Carolina. And UCLA will lose at home against Utah in a close one.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Will Nebraska upset Ohio St. this weekend?

Nebraska plays maybe the top team in the Big 10 in their house this Saturday night. Ohio St. is 5-0. Urban Meyer, one of the best coaches in the nation, leads the Buckeyes. Nebraska has been inconsistent at times.

Last week Nebraska actually didn't play bad in the first half vs. Wisconsin. Their freshman quarterback was sensational. He was dead on with his passes. His receivers were catching everything. But Nebraska overall defended well. He had the coverage but just got beat on great passes. Yes we had the roughing the kicker call, interference, a fumble in Badger territory and an interception that put the crowd in their seats. But Nebraska fought and outplayed Wisconsin most of the game and just wore them out. It was the was dominant ball played against a pretty quality team in a long time.

But playing Ohio St. in their house will be a different chore. They want revenge after last year's loss. They have good running backs and they have Braxton Miller. He is one off the top quarterbacks in the nation. He is the type of quarterbacks that gives Nebraska plenty of trouble.

Now the mystery begins because I think we will stop Miller but we will hold him down. Pelini has studied how to stop a quarterback like Miller the whole offseason. I don't think we are going to not ruch our defensive linemen this year. Last year the linemen maintained their position but didn't put pressure on the quarterback and it didn't work. This year we will have some different wrinkles and Braxton will be on the run from the Nebraska defenders. Braxton has a good day but not a grea day.

The Ohio St. defense is salty but the Nebraska offense is in the top ten in the nation. They can score, they have a ton of weapons, and they will end up with more points than the mighty Buckeyes Saturday night.

Nebraska 27 Ohio St. 24

Also look to Virginia Tech to upset South Carolina.

And the upset of the week is Florida will beat LSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!