Tuesday, February 20, 2007

NU Men's BB Team will need to step up now!!

We now start our way to the NCAA tournament this week. We go to Baylor. Should be an easy one as we walk away with a 65-64 victory to move up the ladder in the Big 12. We may win the rest of our games which will put us in a great position entering the Big 12 tournament. This writer hopes that Kansas is on the other side of the bracket. Seriously, we need to finish strong and we should be in position to play in the NIT against some tough talent.

The NU women need to get going again and get out of their present tailspin.

High school BB tournament time is here and it will be fun again. Class A is wide open on the boy's side this year.

The first NASCAR race is now complete and what a mess that was. Look for the better drivers to finish up top this week. It was great to see Mark Martin go for the victory. This may be Kevin Harvick's year to win the points race.

Need comments on the following questions:
1. How many victories will the NU men BB team end the season with?
2. What will be the score of our Wed. game this week vs. Baylor?
3. Who will win the Nextel Cup points race this year?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

"We Are Marshall"

"We Are Marshall" is the best show this writer has seen in a long time. This is a true story based on a tragic airplane crash that involved the Marshall football team. 75 members of the Marshall football team coaching staff and fans were killed in the crash. The movie is about grieving families and the leadership of Jack Lengyel, a young coach who was determined to rebuild the football team. By doing this he helped a community heal and gain strength.

This is a movie where you don't look at the watch to see if it is about over. It is a great movie and the acting is superb. You can feel the emotions of each one of them. Matthew McConaughey as Jack Lengyel and Antony Mackie as Nate Ruffin are tremendous. Matthew Fox as Jack Dawson does such a great job.

Go see this movie. It is true, well acted, and will have an impact on your life.

Josh Pfeifer of Holdrege was 37-0 going into the State Wrestling meet. He was beaten inhis second and fourth matches. Josh broke the wins, pins, and total points records for Holdrege this year. He ended the season 39-2 and should be proud of his career as a wrestler.

Kansas plays the NU men's team today. Look for this one to be closer which isn't saying much. I think NU will keep it within ten. Predicted score 65-56, Kansas.

What are your predictions for this game?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

NU BB will play in the NCAA tournament!

Yes, the NU women will go to the NCAA tournament this year and will do well.

The caption above is for the men's program. Huh? Yeah, NU will get slaughtered by national power Texas A & M tonight, right? Sure or will they. Who would have thought we would knock off Texas Tech on their home floor. Watch for a close game and a chance for NU to win at the end. And if they do then........

We play Kansas St., Missouri, Iowa St., Oklahoma, and Oklahoma St. at home yet. WE win four of five which is possible and that puts us at 7-6. We play Kansas, Baylor, and, Colorado away. We could take two out of three and that puts us 9-7 in the Big 12 with 20 wins. We are off to the NCAA tournament with 22 or 23 wins after the Big 12.

Don't give up yet and even with a loss tonight it is still possible if we finish really strong.

Predicted score tonight is Texas A & M 72 NU 66.

What are your thoughts on this?

Toyota is in NASCAR now. Will they have an impact? Will Michael Waltrip and Dale Jarrett be back in the top 10 in points? Give us your thoughts.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

NU BB toughest game coming up

Texas A & M will be the NU toughest opponent to date this Saturday night. They have a ton of talent and just beat Kansas at at Kansas. Remember the team that was ahead of us 43-8. The NU BB won't back down and who knows what will happen so watch and enjoy. Charles Richardson continues to be a great leader.

The new recruiting class of 2007 has been announced. The Schulte kid from Norfolk has been added. Looks like a great class that will fill some of our needs in the future. This writer likes Jaivorio Burkes who turned down a scholarship at Wisconsin and Purdue among others. He is the No. 7 guard per Rivals.com.

Quentin Castille looks like a great running back from Arizona. He turned down offers from Georgia Tech and Louisville. This writer thinks Zach Lee could be the best of the bunch. He is a QB from a Juco in San Fransisco who has three years left to play. He did get hurt in December and may be limited in spring ball. He is the No. 1 Juco QB and is the son of Bob Lee,the former pro QB.

Look for Armando Murillo and Larry Asante to provide some immediate help at defensive back.

Coach Busch did an exceptional job of recruiting this year.

The two road wins back-to-back for the NU BB team were the first since 1999. Danny Nee's team did it twice that year.

Who is your favorite recruit. Let us know who he is and why you like him.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lance Thorell will walk on at Nebraska

Mike Thorell, Lance's dad, verified that Lance will walk on at Nebraska for football. Lance has excelled at football, basketball, and track at Loomis High School. He may play wide receiver or defensive back. Either way, NU will get a hard working kid who will do everything he can to contribute to the NU program.

Lance is a cousin of Matt Hill, wo plays basketball for Texas. His grandpa, Don Thorell, has quite a group of grandkids who have done well as athletes. Megan Hill plays Kansas volleyball. Drew Billeter plays basketball at Hastings College. Luke Thorell was part of the Loomis basketball championship team along with Lance and Drew. There are still a couple of grandkids coming up.

Dan Reese of the BIGRED REPORT says of Lance "He a Legacy! WE will call him "Otter" because he otter be a goodun".

Last fall before the football season, we asked Lance some questions about himself. This was his reply.

Favorite Game Memory:

"Beating Bertrand 48-16"

Best Athlete You Have Played Against:

"Steve Dent of Mullen and Wade Vontz of Cambridge"

Favorite Team:


Favorite Player:

"Michael Vick"

College Interested in You:

"Iowa, Doane, South Dakota, UNK, Concordia, Morningside, Dana"

College You Are Interested In:

"Iowa, Doane, UNK, South Dakota"


What is Your Favorite Books:

"Sports magazines"

Who is Your Favorite Movie Actor:

"Brad Pitt"

What is Your Favorite Movie:

"Dumb and Dumber"

What is Your Favorite TV Show:

"That 70's Show"

Which Actor Would You Like To Be Like:

"Brad Pitt"

What Are Your Hobbies:

"Hunting and Playing Sports"

What is Important For You To Be Successful:

"Making money"

Thank you Lance for giving us this information.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mike Masin will walk on at NU!

In the Lincoln Southeast-Lincoln East basketball game last year, this writer noticed the big kid who come in the game for Matt Hill. He could run well and was quick. His name was Mike Masin. . As a basketball player, Matt went 7-7 from the field in consecutive games.

Mike is one of the biggest kids playing high school football in Nebraska in 2006. He is 6'7" and weighs 300 lbs.

Masin was a leader for the Lincoln Southeast team. He started on both defense and offense in the line. Last year they were beaten by the state champs Millard North in the first round of the playoffs 49-0. This game was a huge disappointment but also was a building block during the summer for them to get better in 2006.

Mike will be a NU walk on this fall. Read what Mike had to say before the 2006 football season:

Favorite Game Memory:

"Beating Lincoln Northeast last season"

Best Athlete You Have Played Against:

"Zach Potter"

Best Team You have Played Against and the Year:

"Millard North 2005"

Favorite Team (Pro and College):


Favorite Player:

"Kurt Mann"

Colleges Interested in You:

"Iowa State, Kansas, Ohio, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas State, Colorado State, Nebraska, UN-Kearney"

College(s) You Are Interested In:

"Iowa State, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado State"


Who Is Your Favorite Movie Actor:

"Will Ferrell"

What Is Your Favorite Movie:

"Talledega Nights"

What Is Your Favorite TV Show:

"The Daily Show"

Which Person Would You Like To Be Like:

"Will Shields"

What Are Your Hobbies:

"Music and my farm"

What Is Important For You To Be Successful:

"Work Hard"

At the Louisiana Tech/NU game last fall, Jake Gdowski and Masin were together visiting. This writer motioned over Jake and in visiting with him, he was asked about Masin. Jake said "he is really nice guy and a good football player!" He was the biggest recruit visiting that day.

We wish Mike the best of luck at Nebraska and will be looking forward to following his progress in the coming seasons.

Thanks for providing us with this information.