Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NU Coaches in KC

I received this in an e-mail today. Thought I would pass it on. Pretty Interesting.

NU Football Coaches in K C

> > The coaching staff was in KC, recently.
> The below is an interesting comment from a K
> C area High School coach.

> I am a high school coach in the Kansas City area.
Every month we have our Greater Kansas City Football
> Coaches Association meetings at Central States
> Distributorship (Coors and Miller). They open up all the
> taps for us and a college staff comes in to do a clinic.
> I have gone to the meetings for 12 years. I have seen
> KState, KU, MU, even OU. They usually bring a few coaches,
> talk for half an hour, drink a few beers and leave.
> Tonight was the Nebraska
> staff's turn. I was stunned when every single coach on
> the NU staff showed up, Bo included. Bo spoke at the
> beginning to approx. 500 coaches from both KS/MO, stating
> his intention to make KC players a priority. Watson and Carl
> each talked for an hour and then every coach (including BO)
> did a breakout session for another 45 minutes. They were
> still going when I had to leave.
> I got Bo a beer, and he told me to give his brother shit
> while he was speaking. One of the assistants from my school
> who is a TX guy even commented how hard it is to not like
> these guys. I was never more proud to be an NU fan.
> GBR.
> Two
> things I forgot to add:
> 1. Watching cut ups during Carl's talk made me remember
> once again what an unbelievable freak athlete Suh is.
> 2. Carl said he kept the defense in the same base set 68
> out of 72 snaps in the Arizona
> game. Only stunted 4 times.
> Something
> I wrote down that Carl said:
> 1. "Misalignments and missed assignments will beat you
> long before physical mismatches."
> 2. He believes in lots of talking on the field.
> 3. He gives the players a lot of responsibility in getting
> in the right defense and asks for their input during game
> planning.
> 4. He also told a story about how last spring Suh came to
> him and had Carl teach him every aspect of the
> defense....LB's, Secondary, stunts, coverages...all of
> it. He truly believes that once Suh understood what everyone
> did and why they did it, he raised his game to a whole new
> world.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nerbaska baseball will be very solid this year!

Nebraska baseball is 1-3, but Fresno State will be back to the College World Series this year so I'll take the three losses as a learning experience. The younger players are playing well and should get only better. Nebraska should have won three of four but relief pitching in the ninth inning didn't come through. They'll get that figured out.

Nebraska (men) goes to Iowa State tomorrow night and we are the underdogs. Surprised? Just kidding. Look for Nebraska to get three victories out of the four remaining games. They are due for some good fortune. Jones and Holley won't be playing due to academic problems so we will be short. Look for a player or two not to get their scholarships back next year as Doc has to find a couple of shooters that can play every game.

The Nebraska women may have their toughest test to date. Look for a great game and hopefully the magic continues. Really it isn't magic when you are 25-0. They have a great team.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Have you been to a basketball game lately?

I've been asked this question a dozen dimes this past week. I answer with a phrase "I've only been to two games and I'm a season ticket holder. It hasn't worked for me to go much this year. Besides that they aren't playing so well." The person looks at me strangely because they are referring to the women's team. That is what Nebraska fans are excited about and they should be at 25-0. Going to a basketball game in Lincoln today means going to watch the women. Fans are excited!! It's about about the only game in town today.

Women's basketball had 11,000 fans on Ash Wednesday vs. Iowa State. Yesterday they packed in 12,800 for Colorado. Last year they had a 3,200 average in attendance. This year they are at 6,500 and are headed to a top 10 finish in attendance in college women's basketball. Fans will come if you have a winner.

For this fan the Nebraska men have had three losses that really bothered me. That was the 56-53 loss to Iowa State at home, the 40 point loss at Texas and the 16 point loss to Missouri at home. Otherwise they have been competitive. Let's hope they finish strong.

Nebraska football is kind of quiet right now. The coaches, I am sure, are preparing for what they want to do next year. The trend is to run with more power sets. Maybe we will finally see a fullback run the ball. Maybe three or four times a game. Let's hope we do!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sport Shorts

Alabama has some problems. It looks like starting safety Robby Green will be suspended for unknown reasons.

USC is being investigated by the NCAA for violations in football and basketball. They could be in big trouble. Pete Carroll leaving for Seattle may be more than it seemed. This could be interesting. Could Texas and Oklahoma end up with National Championships from the past due to possible sanctions. Stay tuned.

Jim Scott, Nebraska's starting center in the mid 90's, told me today that his brother's boy is going to Junior Day next weekend. He is Nathan Scott from Broken Bow. He is being recruited as a safety. Colorado State is making calls on him also. Sean Callahan was in Broken Bow this week to talk to him. Nathan is 6'3" and weighs 185. He has run a 4.63 40. Seems to be a lot of talent in Nebraska coming up.

Nebraska plays Fresno State tonight in its first baseball game. Speculation is that Nebraska could be pretty good again. Nebraska has 17 newcomers and plays Fresno who won two games in the College World Series last year. They are expected to return again this year. Watch for NU to be very competitive.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nebraska men have another tough one!

This Nebraska fan is in a hurry to get to the next men's basketball game!

Doc Sadler is proud of his team's effort this season! After a 40 point loss against Texas he said that they ran into a buzz saw which they did. NU made a lot of mistakes and Texas did every thing right.

What Doc is proud of is the attitude of his players. They haven't given up. They lack scorers. They lack shooters. They lack muscle under the boards but... they are still playing together. They seem to get along great. No trouble makers during all this diversity. Its a credit to Doc and his team. With baseball around the corner will this team be forgotten soon. Hope not. This fan will continue to watch and support them. They still have two or three wins in them and a good upset left.

Now it is easy to support the woman's team. Undefeated and headed to a #1 seat, they have been amazing. Against Missouri they were beat. Down six with three minutes to go and playing away,they were beat. Missouri had only seven turnovers at that point and was playing great on their home floor. But somehow NU figured out a way to win. Missouri had five or six turnovers in the final three minutes and NU capitalized. They are fun to watch and they refuse to lose.

Jamie McMurray drove to victory on Sunday. The race was marred with two long delays because of potholes in the track. Those last 30 laps were exciting and Jr. showed he can still race finishing second.

Did you know Tom Osborne roomed with Jack Kemp when he played in the NFL? Did you know Boyd Epley was a pole vaulter before he became the first real strength coach in college football?

I'm getting tired of all this talk of teams switching conferences. I guess I'm a traditionalist.

Taunting by a player scoring a touchdown before he scores will result in the touchdown being taken away and a 15 yard penalty from the sot the taunting occurred. This begins in the 2010 season. This could change a game around.

The weather stinks and the football season is officially over for this year. Thank goodness its only 59 days until the Red-White game.

The Oklahoma Sooners have home games against Florida State and Air Force this 2010 season. They play at Cincinnati away and then play Texas in Dallas. Pretty nice set of games to watch as a fan.

Kevin Durant had gone 25 games in a row with 25 points or more before the NBA break. The former Texas star is impressive.

Top TV Shows right now are:
1. Modern family
2. The Office
3. Parks and recreation
4. 24
5. Men of a Certain Age

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Daytona 500

Barring getting involved in the Big One, which is a major wreck that will take out half the field, Tony Stewart will win today. Look for Jeff Gordon and Kurt Busch to challenge. Other contenders are Harvick and Kahne. Of course this race sometimes has anunknown come forward also. So enjoy the race!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday, February 07, 2010

American Idol - Worst Singer Ever!!! #5 Parody!!!!

Random Sports!

Lane Kiffin received a commitment from a 13 year old quarterback from Delaware. Come on!

Jacon Hickman, NU's starting center, is passing on a pro career and not going to the NFL Combine. Probably a case of burnout.

The Super Bowl should read something like this: Colts take the early lead; the Saints have a great second quarter and tie or take the lead; regulation ends in a tie; and anybody can win.

In the NBA, Cleveland has the best record at 41-11 and the Lakers are second at 38-13. The worst record is New Jersey at 4-46.

Brian Diaz had 20 points and nine rebounds vs. #1 Kansas on Saturday.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Nebraska men BB team keep it close in Lawrence!

  • ESPN Sportsw
  • Danica Patrick races in ARCS today at 3:30

    Danica Patrick races today in her first ARCA race. That is enough for me to watch it. There are six women in the race today. Trivia question: Who won ARCA last year? Go Daddy!

    The NU Kansas men's game tonight is a non-event. KU by 15 only because the Jayhawks may be looking ahead to the Longhorns, their next game.

    The Super Bowl is here! I just can't get a feeling on this game. To me it is an even game and the one that has the least turnovers wins!

    The Nebraska women won again today. Like 5-0 against the South in the Big 12. Amazing!! Could it be the FINAL 4?

    Wednesday, February 03, 2010

    Pelini makes fun of recruiting services.

    Bo Pelini let the press know that he doesn't think a lot of the recruiting services. He mentioned to talk to him in two years and we'll evaluate this class. That will be after the coaches have time to develop them.

    Is he nuts? The recruiting services are the bible for many football fans.

    Here's the facts. Only 13 five star players were among the 93 different players that received All-American status. Five star are the players that "can't miss" in college and will succeed in the pros. 50 of the 93 All-Americans were three star or lower. That is more than half.

    Here's more! One in 15 five star recruits make All-American status. Also, one in 54 four-star recruits make All-American. So being a four or five star doesn't guarantee greatness.

    Good facilities and great coaches make the difference. Coaches develop players. That appears to be a more important factor than almost any other.

    Nebraska is in good hands and they feel very confident they recruited a great bunch of players. Now we develop them and they will have to have the character to work hard and reach their full potential.

    I like the recruiting services to keep up on who what's going on. It's just their analysis doesn't seem to judge character and the passion for that player to put the team first.

    Turner Gill had 18 signees at Kansas. Kansas got two really good receivers in Terry Keeston and Ricki Herod Jr. Out of the 18, eight were from Texas which is not a surprise. Gill is from Texas and recruited there when he was at Buffalo. Defensive and offensive players were divided equally.

    72 days until the Red-White game.

    The Husker women's basketball team continues to amaze. They knock off a Top 10 team at the Devaney by almost 20 points. Nebraska was up over 30 points a lot of the game. Griffin scores one point per minute played. Yvonne Turner holds Riley to 4-15 shooting. Riley had been averaging 32 points a game in Big 12 play. The Huskers are for real. Can they continue their focus game as game. They have so far!!! Ammazing.

    Tuesday, February 02, 2010

    K-State is one of the best teams in America

    K-State is tough. They play like a team. They have great talent. Even with that NU should provide a good game Tuesday night night.

    Diaz and Ubel must be aggressive on offense for NY to win. Diaz shot nine times vs. Oklahoma and was key to the victory. Richardson and Anderson also have to have a high shooting percentage. They are our scorers. Bear Jones still hasn't recovered from an injury.

    Look to NU to go down 70-62 in this one. NU's next seven game are going to be really hard to win. Hopefully they can win one or two in that stretch.

    I love Doc Sadler. Why? They are losing. It's "let's get rid of the coach" time again.

    Here why I support Doc Sadler. The mission statement of the UNL athletic department is "serve our student-athletes, coaches, staff and fans by displaying integrity in every decision and action; building and maintaining trust with others; giving respect to each person we encounter; pursuing unity of purpose through teamwork; and maintaining loyalty to student-athletes, coworkers, fans and the University of Nebraska."

    It didn't say anything about winning although we all want that bad. Doc Sadler is a great person and with time he will have a winner. In the meantime, he has Nebraska mentality of hard work and we will be the best team we can be. Nebraska may win three games in the Big 12 this year but I give Doc a B+. He's headed in the right direction with the right set of values.