Monday, September 29, 2014

Sport Shorts

Tim Beck and Scott Frost are listed as candidates for the Kansas job after Charlie Weiss was fired this weekend.

Nebraska had two offensive linemen commit for the 2016 class. They are John Raridon, a 6'4"270 lb center-guard out of West Des Moines, Iowa. His dad played for Nebraska. SCOUT has him as a top 100 pick, 247Sports has him No. 35 in the country, and ESPN has him listed at No. 69. He had offers from Iowa, Iowa St., Oklahoma, and Wisconsin.

They also got a pledge from Bryan Brokop, a Chicago area offensive tackle. Nebraska is his first offer.

What a blast Randy Gregory made on his block when Nathan Gerry intercepted on Saturday night.

Nebraska plays at 7 pm Saturday night vs. Michigan St. and the game is on ABC! Michigan St. is favored by eight points.

Ameer Abdullah was the Big 10 Player of the Week!!

Will Brady Hoke get fired during the season or will they wait until the season is over? Michigan has only won three of its last 11 games.

The most inconsistent team in the Big 10 is Indiana beating Missouri a week ago and then losing to Maryland 37-15 this week.

Is this weekend the preview for the Big 10 Championship with Nebraska vs. Michigan St. Wisconsin and Ohio St. may have a say about that.

Francesca Battistelli - Giants Fall (Live)

There is nothing too big for us to overcome with GOD!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nebraska Prediction

Last week Brad Kaaya, a true freshman, threw for 359 yards and three touchdowns vs. Nebraska. Illinois QB Wes Lunt leads the Big 10 in passing touchdowns and is second in passing yardage.

Illinois rushing attack is led by Josh Fergusen who has 316 yards rushing and he has also caught 12 passes for a 10.4 yard average.

David Santos will probably not suit up this week due to some kind of a knee injury. Linebacker starters this week is Banderas, Roach, and Anderson.

This week's prediction:
Nebraska 31
Illinois 14

Friday, September 19, 2014

Nebraska vs. Miami!

This is to be the big home game of the year. Lots of tradition. That 1984 game for the national championship was the best game between these two powerful teams. Tom Osborne went for two and Nebraska failed losing by one point, Miami 31 Nebraska 30..

The !995 Orange Bowl was won by Nebraska 24, Miami 17. Nebraska won the national championship and Warren Sapp went home a loser.

And then there was Solich's team that lost 37 to 14 in the 2002 Rose Bowl. 38 players from that Miami team was drafted. The average winning margin of that team (Miami) was over 33 points.

Now we play again. Both teams are trying to get back in the nationa picture again after a few down years. Nebraska is pretty good but they can play poorly like they did against McNeese St.

Nebraska lost a couple of key players this week. Sam Burtch just come back to shore up the receivers and had a season ending leg injury and Mauro Bondi had a motorcycle accident and broke his collarbone. He has been key in kicking the ball deep enough into the endzone that opposing teams could not return for yardage.

Nebraska should be fired up although these kids don't know the rivalry. But the fans do so the crowd should be electric.

Miami has speed. They aren't that bad of a team.

Nebraska 31
Miami 30

Look to Northern Illinois to knock off Arkansas this week. Always good to see an SEC team get beat.
Also Central Michigan will knock off Kansas. Since the firing of Turner Gill, Kansas has been terrible.

Who Wants to Pose with Johnny, Mike and Eric?

Who Wants to Pose with Johnny, Mike and Eric?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mom, Share Your Life With Me......

September 1

Do you remember any Labor Day traditions of your youth?

September 2
Do you have a memory involving V.J. Day?

September 3
What do you remember about your first day of school?
Went to District #11 about two miles from our farm. I don't remember the first day of school.

September 4
Tell about your school year calendars.
Didn't have one.

September 5
Tell about a school bully.
Didn't have any.

September 6
What do you remember doing at recess?
We used to play games out in the school yard at country school.

September 7
Tell about the playground equipment at your grade school.
I went to District 11-Country School. We lived 1 1/2 miles from school. We had swings, teeter totter, we played games mostly.

September 8
Did your parents make you wear something stupid to school?
I always wore overalls to school. everyone did.

September 9
Tell about who you thought the smartest kid in school and why.
I don't remember the smartest kid but Muriel Anderson in my grade was pretty smart.

September 10
Tell about who you thought was the dumbest kid in school and why.
I don't remember the dumbest kid in my school. I would say ????????.

September 11
Tell about the naughtiest kid in school.
I don't remember the naughtiest kid in school. I think all of us was naughty at one time.

September 12
Tell about a teacher's pet.
I don't remember any teacher's pet. In Country school everyone was treated the same.

September 13
Name the schools that you went to.
District#11-Country School, Axtell Public School 8th grade, Holdrege High School 9-12th grade, No college, went to Hastings to get my L.P.N.

September 14
What was your most embarrasing school moment?
I don't know.

September 15
What teacher did you dislike the most? Why?
Mrs. Palmer at Country School was very strict amd one day I whispered to a student next to me and she came and slapped me. Yet I liked her and we used to spend the weekends at her house by Elm Creek.

September 16
Did you ever have a crush on a teacher?
I don't think I ever had a crush on any teacher.

September 17
Who was the best tech you ever had? Why?
My best teacher was in Country School, District 11 in the 5th grade. Her name was Miss Palmer and she lived south of I80 on the Holdrege/Elm Creek road on the East side, a mile south of I80. She would have us come and stay with her and her parents on weekends.

September 18
Decribe your typical school day outfit.
My typical school day outfit was always overalls.

September 19
If you were ever in a fight tell about it.
I probably was in many fights and arguments, I don't remember having a physical fight except sometimes with my brother or sisters.

September 20
Tell about your worst report card.
I never did get real good grades on my report card so I really don't remember the worst ones.

September 21
What is the worst trick that you remember a student playing on a teacher?
I don't remember any.

September 22
What is the worst thing you remember a teacher doing to a student?
Slapping the student.

September 23
How did you get to and from school?
In grade school we walked 1 1/2 miles. In High School to Holdrege, rode with Erlene and Burotn in my freshman and sophomore classes. In my junior and senior year Mom and Dad got me a room in Holdrege where I lived. Went home on weekends.

September 24
Do you remember a special school custodian?
The teacher cleaned the school. I don't remember the custodian in high school.

September 25
What were your school colors?
My high school colors at Holdrege were purple and gold.

September 26
What was your school mascot?
I don't remember having any school mascot in country school or high school.

September 27
Tell about a memorable birthday cake.
My mother every birthday baked and decorated a cake for our birthdays. When we got married Dad and her would come for everyones birthday with a cake.

September 28
Did you ever have a "good Friend" who did something mean to you?
All the girls in country school wre very good friends. I can't think of anything they did that was mean to me.

September 29
How did your school observe Homecoming?
Holdrege High School always had homecoming but I never took part in any way.

September 30
Do you have any special Homecoming experiences to relate?
I don't remember any homecoming experiences.

Sports Shorts!

Fresno State has won 13 home games in a row but so far this year they have struggled in the away games. Tonight, Fresno St. plays Nebraska. Nebraska is favored by ten points. They have just come off of a scare with McNeese St. winning with an Abdullah run in the last 20 seconds that won the game.

A late game away in California has to favor Fresno State but Nebraska, for sure, has the better team.

Look to Nebraska to win!!

Nebraska 31
Fresno State 24

Nebraska recruit Kendell Bussey had 5 TD's last night. He attends Newman (La.) High School. He had three rushing TD's, one receiving, and one was a kickoff return for a TD.

Adrian Peterson will not be playing this weekend due to his beating of a child.

West Virginia is up 7-0 against Maryland. Maryland won 37-0 last year.

There is No One Like Nebraska's Givens Price

There is No One Like Nebraska's Givens Price

Huskers Serve Up Sweep of Denver

Huskers Serve Up Sweep of Denver

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Abdullah has one of the best runs ever!

Ameer Abdullah had a sensational run in the final seconds versus McNeese State. Nebraska won 31-24 against a team they were supposed to beat by 42 points. Nebraska played pretty well in the first half against for the interception return of 97 yards by McNeese State.

But the second half was pretty much a disaster as McNeese looked like they could win in overtime. They were outplaying Nebraska and they had the momentum.

Then Abdullah who was held to 54 yards rushing caught a pass in the flat and took off. He was not the primary receiver but he had a little bit of an opening. It looked like he might get a first down when he was nailed by three McNeese defenders but somehow he scooted loose. Then he broke another tackle and another and outran two more for a touchdown. It will be one of the best runs in the nation this year.

Nebraska 31 McNeese St. 24

McNeese had two long scoring drives in the second half. These were the kind of drives you see a Michigan St. or Ohio St. perform but McNeese did it. Reserve QB Damiel Sams, a transfer from K-State entertained the crowd with his airplane imitation, his dancing, his jumping jacks, his motions to get the NU fans louder, and his running ability. The kid is good. He averaged 7.4 yards a carry and he seemed to keep McNeese St relaxed. But Tyler Bolfing was also good at quarterback. He was 9-17 for 101 yards.

It was only the fifth time in 22 starts that Abdullah didn't get 100 yards.

It was a great day fqor special teams for NU> Sam Fultz averaged 51.2 yards per punt and kept McNeese St. in bad field postion.

The receivers had more injuries as Jamal Turner tore his Achilles tendon. Turner was getting some passes thrown his way on this day. He had three catches for 28 yards. Then something popped and his year was over. In the first half Kenny Bell disappeared from the field. Seems like he has some kind of a groin pull.  We need Sam Burtch and Brandon reilly back soon.

True freshman Joshua Kalu played a whale of a game. He was all over on special teams and he looks like he may become the no. 1 ncikel back. Very talented.

How about De'Mornay Pierson-El as a punt returner. He looks like he should be there and he could break one if he does. He is also a true freshman.

Hard to believe the stands were full to the final seconds against McNeese St.

Oregon, Florida St. Oklahoma, Georgia, USC and Notre Dame look like the best in the nation. The Big 10 looks pretty weak after this week.

In the Nfl, Dallas, St. Louis, and Oakland look the weakest after week 1. We will see how that goes as the season progresses.

The Power of Yes: Nebraska Takes a Stand

The Power of Yes: Nebraska Takes a Stand

Huskers Sweep Colonels for Unbeaten Weekend

Huskers Sweep Colonels for Unbeaten Weekend

Saturday, September 06, 2014

No surprise today!

Nebraska 51
McNeese St. 10

Upset specials
Toledo over Missouri
Ohio over Kentucky