Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nebraska gets no respect in the polls!!

NU is at the bottom of the Top 25 teams. Hard to believe that Virginia Tech is #6 and we are at #24. Yes, they beat us but by one point. They killed Miami on Saturday. Penn State gets beat 21-10 by Iowa and Iowa jumps in at #17. Penn State is still at #13. Miami is #21. Go figure.

Robert Griffin is out for the season for Baylor. NU plays them October 31st. Griffin may be the best QB in the Big 12.

Did you notice all the empty seats at Dover today for the NASCAR race. Has NASCAR enthusiasm peeked?

I'll be surprised if we don't have two or three commits by Tuesday evening. What a great atmosphere there was at the game last night!! The recruits had to be impressed. Nebraska is almost back!

NU has to do a better job of getting the snap off earlier so the defense can't get set. We need to be snapping the ball with 15 seconds on the clock and not three or four seconds. Penalties have to improve also.

Chris Brooks is now a weapon on this team. He makes great catches. Corenski Gilleylen is also a lot of fun to watch. Those two receivers will be a hit this year. Also Dreu Young and Mike McNeil will score their touchdowns.

Surprised by all the nickel defense we played on Saturday and not much dime defense. The linebackers did a pretty good job in pass defense.

Now on to Missouri!! Should be a toss-up with possibly Missouri favored by one or two with the home field advantage!

It's time to bring out the Blackshirts!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nebraska goes to 3-1 this week!

This will be a high scoring affair this week. Watch for NU to win 50-21. Hard to believe the Ragin Cajuns will score 21 points but they will as NU will have a couple of miscues on defense and special teams.

Watch for the tight ends to score three TD's this week as the Cajuns blitz their linebackers. Cody Green will play some extra ball this week so watch how he does in a more crucial part of the game.

Hopefully NU comes out of this game injury free. We don't need injuries to key people. This is a good game to play a lot of players.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Cornhusker Friends

I owe my friend John Boehler an article after the Cornhuskers squeaked by the Arkansas State Red Wolves a couple of weeks ago. And, I was ready to sing the praises of the Cornhuskers thinking that they would beat Virginia Tech who is from the ACC (ugh!), but they let the Hokies beat them on the last drive. What gives?

I thought you guys had it turned around. I was ready to call you the front runner in the Big 12 North! I thought, "sure Missouri is better than expected, and sure Kansas has looked nice, but Nebraska has Pelini." I only hope that Virginia Tech is better than expected. Tyrod Taylor made an unexpected improvement in the passing game.

Well, I am sure Va Tech will be good before it is all over; they usually are. They will probably be in the thick of the ACC race, no doubt. I also think that Nebraska will be in the thick of the Big 12 North race!

Pelini has almost gotten them back. They are playing better defense, and the offense has been explosive at times. Of course, you have some kids from the Dallas-Fort Worth area who are helping you out!

I am rooting for the Cornhuskers. I hope they win the Big 12 North.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nebraska is almost back but my window is broken!

The 2009 version of the Texas Tech game of last year was played today at Virginia Tech. The Cornhuskers played well most of the game but was disappointed at the end of the game. Like the game last year, Nebraska had a number of times to put the game away but just wasn't able to.

Score NU 12 VT 10. With 2:21 to go in the third quarter Zac Lee runs seventeen yards to the six yard line. The TV announcers say that NU has to convert these redzone opportunities to touchdowns. With 1:55 in the third quarter to go, Zac Lee hits Mike McNiel for a touchdown. NU 18 VT 10. NU has this one won. Whoops!! Flag on NU for holding. No touchdown. Now its first and goal from the sixteen.

Another flag. First flag on the right guard, second one on the left guard. First and goal from the 21. Zac Lee hits Menelik Holt for a touchdown!!!! Both feet down but the ball comes rolling out when he hits the ground. No touchdown. Score is still 12-10. What is going on!

Lee runs for five yards but another flag. 1:43 to go in the third. Third holding call since first and goal at the six. Now it is second and goal on the 31. We have lost 25 yards to penalties and had two touchdowns not happen. Lee throws the ball away. We are looking at a 48 yard field goal right now. Third and goal from the 31 now. Whoops another flag. False start!!!!! Now it is third and goal from the 36. Lee is tackled for a yard loss and the ball is on the 37 or 38 yard line. It would be a 54 or 55 yard field goal! Reachable. Wind is about five miles an hour. Nope we are punting to try to back them up at the goal line. SO we punt on fourth and goal from the 38 yard line due to so many penalties I won't even summarize them all. No points after all of this.

I am sure I can get the window fixed in the living room before my wife gets home. I threw something and broke it. I wonder what I threw. Hope that wasn't our good vase. Well its my wife's vase. I could care less right now. She won't be home until Sunday. At least we are still leading 12-10.

At the end of the third quarter, NU has 271 yards of total offense and VT has 142 yards. Most of the Virginia Tech yards were from the first two drives of the game.

With 11:21 to go in the game, Tyrod Taylor is 6-16 for 65 yards. Nebraska is leading 12-10. Taylor throws a pass that Prince Amukamara looks like he has picked off for a touchdown, but is actually completed for a 14 yard gain. Even with that, Virginia Tech only has 167 total yards. Three plays later on third and four, Suh bats down his fourth pass of the day.

With 7:05 to go in the game, Corenski Gilleylen is wide open for what could have been a touchdown but the ball floats to the sideline and Gilleylen makes a nice catch for a 34 yard gain. A more accurate throw would have been a touchdown. It doesn't matter, we will win anyway. Nebraska is stopped on a third and three. With Nebraska not able to reach the endzone, Henery kicks his fifth field goal of the game. With 4:33 to go NU 15-VT 10.

No problem, VT's offense is nil and the Nebraska defense is dominating. With 3:25 to go VT converts on a third and four by a 1/2 yard. Nebraska gets the ball back with after Taylor misses WR Roberts who is wide open for what could have been a touchdown. Boy we are lucky to win this game. That could have been a bad deal!

NU has the ball on the VT 46 with 2:07 to go. Helu for two yards. Zac Lee runs for three yards. Its third and five with 1:56 to go. Lee runs for four yards and just misses a first down. 1:51 to go. Nebraska punts to the twelve yard line. 1:44 to go.

Before the drive starts, NU is flagged for too many men on the field. The announcer says, "You wonder if Virginia Tech could score if Nebraska only had seven or eight men on the field." We're doomed.

Jared Crick tackles Taylor after a one yard gain. Second and four with 1:35 to play. Then Taylor hits a wide open WR Coale for a 81 yard gain. Blown coverage!!! He is tackled out on the three. 1:11 to play. My gut feels like I just swallowed a dozen jalapeno peppers!!

Next play O'Hanlon sacks Taylor for a seven yard loss. :54 seconds to go. No timeouts. Ball on the ten. Taylor then throws the ball away on the next play after being rushed. :33 seconds to go. We will hold them.

With :21 seconds left, Taylor has Suh trying to drag him down but throws to WR Roberts for a touchdown. The ball looks like it goes right through Prince Amukamara's arm. VT 16- NU 15. Geezzz! 88 yards in five plays after they were completely held to nothing the whole half. Put a gallon of horseradish and a quart of prune juice on those peppers. I can hear my stomach gurgling like the ocean. Breathing is becoming erratic.

VT goes for two and fails.

Burkhead runs the kickoff out of the end zone. Result is :18 seconds left and NU has the ball on its own 15. This doesn't look good.

Lee hits Paul for a nineteen yard gain to the 34 but NU is penalized for wrong alignment. NU was only 25 yards from a field goal. :12 seconds left. Ball on the 10.

Last play of the game is an Our Father and VT intercepts. Game over. VT 16- NU 15. I am headed to the bathroom and I am not sure which end things are going to come out.

Helu, Suh, and Henery had great games!

Oh and by the way, outside was a broken glass chicken that used to sit on our table and went through the window somehow. I got to think of a good story for this so I probably better go. What's a Hokie anyway????? I hope they are some kind of chicken cause that could go with my story. This may be a case where it might be good if the sun didn't come up tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This will be a close one!

Virginia Tech will be a test on their home field. Has Nebraska moved up to that level? Yes. We are improved and this game will be a good one.

Zac Lee has played brilliantly in the first two games. But this team will be up two or three notches in talent so the end results may be different. Lee will need to be more careful in some of his throws or we will be looking at a couple of interceptions. For us to win, he will need to use his speed to run more often. This will keep Virginia Tech honest. Lee may be our rushing leader on Saturday. If he is, we will win.

The rushing offense will have a tougher time of making yards. Look for the NU rushing backs to be below four yards a carry. It just won't be as easy.

On defense, we can't play like we did against Arkansas State on nine or ten plays. On these plays there were defensive linemen getting knocked back at times and the linebackers were also going backwards. In addition we were missing tackles. Saturday that could result in 14-17 points.

So to win. we have to be careful with the ball. Play it a little safer. Zac Lee needs to run more. Our rushing attack has to be consistently good with positive yards on all plays. The defense has to attack. Larry Asante had his best game as a Cornhusker last Saturday. We will need to play the nickel and dime defense more even if they are running the ball. Hagg and Thorell have been more consistent on the field on all plays than when our base defense has been.

Look for Zac Lee, Roy Helu, Menelik Holt, and Dreu Young to have great games on offense. On defense, look for Eric Hagg, N. Suh, Barry Turner, and Larry Asante to star in the game.

In a close one, as hard as it is to write, Virginia Tech 28, Nebraska 27. Boy do I hope we can win this one though. It would be a huge boost to the program.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


The Toddler has struck again!! He is the writer for I remember his prediction last year when he said Arkansas State would knock off Texas A & M. He is not quite as bold this year but you can tell he feels like they have a chance to win. Read his article! Great reading!

  • I respect his opinion, but the Cornhuskers will win and the defense will be dominant. No 61 points this week for the Red Wolves! This could be a game similar to when Arkansas State visited Texas two years ago and almost won. They ended up losing 21-13. But Nebraska should do better than that Texas team did.

    Special teams will be huge this week. Look for two touchdowns from the special teams and one touchdown for the defense and we have a 41-3 victory. They will be tougher than most fans give them credit for but in the end, the depth of Nebraska bring them to a nice victory. No doubt that they were dominant last week but they haven't played in Lincoln and this team isn't Texas A & M of last year.

    Look to the Huskers to be hitting harder this week. Competition for positions continue so there should be no letup.

    What should be interesting is how we defense them. They have a lot of no back and one back sets so will the nickel and dime defense be on the field a lot. Or because they run the ball so well, will we be playing the pass and seeing the run a lot. Either way Bo Pelini will have it figured out, no doubt, and the Huskers will play a great defensive game.

    Remember 41-3!!

    Read the latest on recruit Tyler Moore.
  • Monday, September 07, 2009

    The Schick and Nick Show "Wizz in my pants" Nebraska Cornhusker football tribute

    Observations from the Florida Atlantic game

    Howard Schnellenberger said after the game Saturday that Nebraska doesn't have a lot of great players but the sum of the parts makes a very good team. He was saying that as a compliment. Nebraska is not weak in any positions. They are deep and they are young which means we only get better as the season goes on.

    Watching the Florida St./Miami game tonight makes me think that NU has closed the gap. Yes speed is evident woth the Florida teams but you didn't see our quarterback throw balls up for grabs like I am seeing these teams do.

    1.The defensive line looks really good. Suh is an All-American. Cameron Meredith is a great back-up to Barry Turner. Baker Steinkuhler played very well.
    2. The linebackers played well especially for as young as we are.
    3. The secondary overall was good. Remember Florida Atlantic probably had the best QB, tight end, and wide receiver in the Sun Belt Conference.
    4. Helu was, you know, pretty good. Burkhead is going to be special also.
    5. Zac Lee had some really great throws. The throw to McNeil was as good as it gets. He can throw the ball with accurancy. Receivers dropped four balls during the game. He can run too and should a little more. Cody Green has a ways to go but like Burkhead, he will be special.
    6. The offensive line is as good as we have seen in many years. Maybe back to the Championship years. They are deep.
    7. Holt and Gilleylen played great. Almost forgot about Swift and Peterson. Holt put on some moves and Gilleylen is just plain fast.
    8. The tight end position is very very strong with a lot of playmakers. Watch for Tyler Reed to do some special things this year and McNeil is hard to beat.
    9. Nobody hits harder than Ricky Thenarse.

    1. Penalties, penalties
    2. Who can be the 3rd and 4th team running backs? We will need them before the season is over.
    3. Two major missed assignments on defense with a fullback catching the ball and nobody close to him and also the defensive back running across the field away from the wide receiver and that wide receiver catching the ball in a wide open field.
    4. Defense needs to be ready for a hurry-up offense
    5. Where was the blocking on the blocked punt?
    6. No sacks by the defense however the QB was very quick in throwing the ball away.
    7. We need a couple of more receivers to step up with Holt and Gilleylen.
    8. Play clock got close a few times of running out but overall better than the past few years and pretty good for a first game.

    I would give the Cornhuskers a B+ after the first game. They are young. On offense, besides Hickman and Holt, you have underclassmen. The defense is about the same. The question is "How good is Florida Atlantic?" We will see.

    How about Pat Ackerman and those UNK players knocking off UNO. What a victory!! Ackerman is a Holdrege High graduate and is a team captain for the Lopers. He ended the game with nine tackles. Great job Pat!!

    Friday, September 04, 2009

    Nebraskans in the NFL

    Steve Octavian had six tackles and an interception tonight for the Dallas Cowboys. The interception was returned for 44 yards and a touchdown!!!

    One of the Ruud's had seven tackles tonight and the other one tackle for Tampa Bay. Bo and Barrett are both playing for the Buccaneers.

    Oregon's LeGarrette Blount goes nuts at the end of the Oreg

    Read article below

    Thursday, September 03, 2009

    Oregon's Blount punches Boise St player in jaw at end of game!

    Former NU player and Oregon Asst Coach Scott Frost had to restrain Oregon player LaGarrett Blount at the end of the Oregon-Boise St. game tonight. Blount punched one of the Boise St players at the end of the game and Frost and police restrained him and literally carried him out off the field.

    Blount had said before the game that Oregon owed Boise St an ---whoopem.

    Danny Woodhead has great night for the Jets!

    Danny Woodhead had a great night. The North Platte native, who played college at Chadron State, had 18 carries for 158 yards and two touchdowns tonight for the Jets vs. the Philadelphis Eagles. He ended the night with a 8.8 yard average. He caught one pass for ten yards and had a kickoff return of 31 yards. WOW!!

    Todd Peterson had one catch for nine yards for the Jaquars. Cody Glen had one tackle for Washington.

    Cincinnati Bengal Maurice Purify had one catch for seven yards. Titus Adams had three tackles for the Patriots tonight.

    For the Bears. Josh Bullocks had four tackles with Zach Bowman making two tackles.

    Saint Scott Shanle had one tackle. Correll Buckhalter had three runs for 24 yards for the Broncos. Nate Swift returned two punts for 17 yards.

    Cuts are coming soon so we will see how many Huskers make it. Danny Woodhead looks like he is in pretty good shape.