Friday, December 28, 2012

Huskers Tangle with Tigers Saturday

Huskers Tangle with Tigers Saturday

Huskers Host Nicholls State on Saturday

Huskers Host Nicholls State on Saturday

UNO women start Summit League play

I love the underdog and  have become interested in the UNO women's basketball team. They are 8-2 and expected to finish last in the Summit League this year but they are playing good ball. UMKC 4-9 was expected to finish second in the league. They play tonight in KC and I will be interested in how they compete.

The NU basketball team may have a new starting lineup. They are looking at moving Talley to point guard and getting Shevon Shield in the game in place of Parker to give them a bigger lineup and offensive weapons. Some teams have played off of Peltz and a little bit on Benny Parker.

Georgia is still favored by ten points. I look to a game that will be closer than that.

Matt Brodine has signed with the practive squad with the St. Louis Rams.

Frank Solich's Ohio team plays today at 1:00 vs. Louisiana/Monroe. Ohio is seven point underdogs. They had a rash of injuries at the end of the year and lost some games.

Georgia runs a 3-4 defense and many times there will only be two down lineman so essentially it goes to a 2-5 defense. I bet they test our offensive line with some blitzs. We will see how the tight ends and the rest of the line handle this.

Aaron Murray will be by far the best throwing quarterback we have faced this year. He doesn't run, which is good for NU, but he will play in the NFL with his throwing ability.

Lets hope defensive juco tackle Ben Bradley agrees to go with NU today. We need lots of depth at that position. We need some high school players to develop also.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Osborne always remained calm.

Rob Zatechka, former member of the NU pipeline had this quote in the Kearney Hub tonight.

“Someone asked Osborne why he never cut loose emotionally. I remember Osborne making the point that if the players see you losing emotional control, whether good or bad, they’re going to lose emotional control, and that’s where you see games spiral out of control.”

Sad news today as Josh Jones announced he will not suit up for Creighton anymore because of his heart ailment. Josh Jones will find a way to make a contribution to society. Maybe coaching or a mentor to the young......he will find a way.

Steve Nash will turn the Lakers season around. He is that good and he is very unselfish.

Nebraska men's basketball player Deverell Biggs has been cited on suspicion of driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident in Omaha last weekend.

Five Texas Longhorns made the Pro Bowl. How does Mack Brown do it? Keep his job that is.

The Huskers have arrived in Orlando. They have their first practice there tomorrow. Look to the Huskers to have a good game and keep it close.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all!

I would like to take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas!!  We are very Blessed. Pray for those that are having struggles through the loss of a loved one, or a loved one is sick, or pray for those that are lonely.

Every year, well-meaning but misguided  people the world over spend $8.6 trillion on unwanted Christmas gifts. The amount of money wasted on Christmas gifts could greatly reduce all global debt and rebuild the devastated infrastructure of every Third World country.

Never thought of this one!!  I had a discussion with an individual that thinks that if we switched our allegiance and contract with Adidas and went with NIKE, Michael Jordon, or Under Armour, we would do more for recruiting than all the facilities we have buildt. Their theory is that the uniforms and sportswear that is used at a college attracts the attention of athletes looking for a college more than the facilities we use. We should probably look into this. I would be curious to know what the athletes really think.

The Nebraska basketball team is rated #204 by the Pomeroy ratings. They are rated the lowest of all other Big 10 teams. Look to Nebraska to win at home against Penn St. and then pull off one or two upsets to end up with around three games in conference play.

Go see the men or women basketball teams this season. If nothing else, on the men's side, is you will see some great teams and athletes in the Big 10. Many will go on to the NBA.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nebraska to win in a close one tonight!

Nebraska needs a win!!  They should get it tonight against Jacksonville St. Nebraska is rated 204th and Jacksonville St. is 234th in the Pomeroy ratings. Jacksonville has a tough defense. I look to Shavon Shields to break out tonight with a nice game.

Nebraska wins 52-48 in a very low scoring affair But they should get the win!!

Gary Anderson of Utah St. may be the top candidate for the Wisconsin job. Will Bill Busch go with him. He is presently the defensive coordinator at Utah St. and he is a former asst. coach at Nebraska.

Huskers Look to Bounce Back vs. JSU

Huskers Look to Bounce Back vs. JSU

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Nebraska/Creighton prediction!

The Huskers will see tonight where they stand in college football going against Top 20 team Creighton. Creighton is very talented. Nebraska has the home court and is rated 179th by Pomeroy. Creighton is 19th although other polls has Creighton as high as 13th in the nation.

Nebraska meets its match tonight. My head says Creighton 74 Nebraska 66. My heart says "Go Huskers!!!"

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Nebraska basketball is doing well!

The Nebraska men's basketball team played a nice game versus USC. USC took several runs at the Huskers but this year they seem to stay with it and keep the lead. They have seldom had long scoring droughts like they have had in the past.

Brandon Ubel lead the team with seven rebounds and four assists adding nine points. Ray Gallegos is the real thing. He had his second 20 point game and has added a shooting touch that Nebraska hasn't had for a while. He scores 32% of the points in this game.

Dylan Talley had a nice game but far from his best. He has been the most consistent player on defense.

Andre Almeida is a blast to watch. Sometimes he looks a little clumsy but he has some real nice plays on offense and defense. Benny Parker continues to contribute and Mike Peltz is improving each game with more playing time. Shavon Shields looks very athlectic and when he gets completely health and gets a little more game time and think he will start to be a big factors in the upcoming games.

This was Nebraska's sixth game at home this year and they have averaged a five point margin in those games. Nebraska actually beat the spread by 14 points.

When the season started Nebraska was rated 216th in the Pomeroy ratings. They have now moved up to 177th. They are headed in the right direction.

The Big 10 is freshishly good this year. The next team up the later is Penn State at 131 and then you go up quite a ways before you find the next team. 

Nebraska plays Creighton Thursday night and I would expect a full house for this one. Creighton should win by 10 or so but we will see how good Nebraska really is that night.

Huskers Announce Webster Signing

Huskers Announce Webster Signing

Monday, December 03, 2012

Georgia and USC

Nebraska didn't do so well Saturday night. Many turned off the tv so they didn't have to watch Wisconsin run all over us. Let's give credit to Wisconsin who named former Nebraskan Bart Miller, their offensive line coach, early after the season started. Chase Rome said that the Wisconsin offensive line was the best NU had faced this season and they were very well coached.

Our weaknesses were not a surprise. We are 95th in the nation in rushing defense. Then we lose Baker Steinkuhler who I think is as good or better than Jared Crick. This kid is good and we definately missed him Saturday night. We are 105th in the nation in turnover margin. That negative trend continued on Saturday night.

I wonder how many yards Taylor Martinez would have had if he played against the NU defense Saturday night. Martinez is only 360 yards short of 4000 total offensive yards in 2012.

Let's look at the positives. Nebraska won six games in a row to earn a chance to the Big Ten Championship. They made us proud. Nebraska is one of four teams in the nation to win nine games each of the last five seasons joins Alabama, Oregon, and Boise St.

Georgia will be a tough contest. They are ranked 5th in the nation and was worthy of playing in a BCS bowl. Georgia won the SEC East and should of won the championship last Saturday against Alabama who is playing in the National Championship game.

The game will be at noon on January 1st in Orlando, Florida. ABC will televise the game.

Georgia is led by junior quarterback Aaron Murray, who is second in the nation in passer rating and has thrown for 31 TD's. On defense they are led by LB Jarvis Jones. The pass defense has only allowed 120 yards passing yards a game. WOW!

Nebraska basketball (men) goes again at home tonight vs. USC. USC has three seven footers. Their record is 3-3 this year under head coach Kevin O'Neill. Kevin Kugler and BTN will televise the game at 7:06.

My prediction is NU 54 USC 53. Yes, a very close game. Should be a blast!!

Almeida is shooting 84% in the last four games. NU has won the last three contests in the last three years by a total of eight points. Nebraska's 51 points in the second half against Wake Forest was the highest point total since 2004. Nebraska's margin of win on the road by sixteen points was the alrgest since 2003.

Shavon Shields should make his second appearance of the year tonight. We need him!