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HuskerlandPrep rates Creighton Prep as #1 in Class A linebackers for 2007. North Platte ranks 10th. Look at the rankings and see who is projected as the best in Class A.
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  • Yankees fall continues and not even Clemens can save them.
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  • Omaha Basketball league has future, present, and past Nebraska basketball players!
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  • Updated Kansas City Royals news!
  • Friday, June 29, 2007


    Rating the NBA draft!!!
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  • Huskerland Preps rates the Class B secondaries for 2007.
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  • Kansas City Royals win 5th in a row!!
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  • Update on Academic status of 2007 football recruits!
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  • NU Volleyball player Tracy Stalls injury appears not to be serious!
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  • Oden to wear No. 52
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    Who has the best D-2 line in Nebraska for the 2007 season?
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  • Biggio gets his 3000th hit. Look to see who the all-time hit leaders are with Pete Rose #1.

  • Yankees take a new approach to the season!
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  • Bulls draft Noah!
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  • Thursday, June 28, 2007

    Sports Today 6/28/07

    Oden/Durant Go 1, 2 in Draft

    Greg Oden (left, with commisioner David Stern) goes #1 overall to Portland and Kevin Durant went to Seattle. The biggest suprise of the draft was Seattle trading All-star Ray Allen to Boston for the 5th overall pick of Jeff Green from Georgetown. My personal opinion is that Boston is dumb in trading a fifth overall pick for a 32 year old Ray Allen. Allen is good but may only play another 2 or 3 years. For full coverage, visit


    Matt Schick has interview with Ahman Green!

  • Hunting Special: Getting the most out of your treestand.
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  • Oklahoma basketball recruit Blake Griffin leads the Oklahoma All-Stars over the Texas All-Stars.
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    McCook Rebels compete in Holdrege tournament!

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  • A North Platte woman wins bodybuilding competition in Denver!
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  • Omaha Royals have roster changes.
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  • Award winning author Tom Stanton will be at Omaha Royals game!

  • Portland takes Oden and then Durant is picked up by Seattle!

  • Roush Fenway promotes the Red Sox with Carl Edwards #99 car.
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    How does Bo Ruud feel about his move to Strongside linebacker?

  • Picking tonight's NBA draft selections by John Jackson Chicago Sun-Times
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  • We know Durant can lift up the NBA by Blaire Kerkhoff/Kansas City Star
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  • Boston Red Sox hit wall!
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  • Wednesday, June 27, 2007


    Chairman Vince McMahon believed there was a need for healing – and entertainment – following the deaths of pro wrestler Chris Benoit and his wife and child.

  • The Women's US Open in golf keeps getting younger.
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  • Craig Brazell hits minor league leading 29th homerun as Omaha Royals win.
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  • Ricky Henry makes oral commitment again.
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  • Huskerland Prep rates the Top Ten Offensive lines in Nebraska high schools for 2007 season.
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  • Could Oden or Durant be NBA Busts? By Joseph Duarte
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  • Mets beat Cardinals in rain shortened game!
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  • Chief's rebel Larry Johnson needs a deal! Commentary by Jason Whitlock
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  • Kansas City Royals have first shutout of year.
  • Answer to Brad's question

    I am not sure there are more NFL players than NBA players but.........A football player is in a vicious sport and they have to have a different mentality. Mix in steriods, too much money, tough backgrounds, groupies, drinking, and drugs and something bad is going to happen. In the past they could get away with it and now it is out of hand. Hard rules that are enforced will eventually eliminate a lot of this. It took time to get this bad so it will take time to reverse itself.

    What do you think? Is there less trouble in baseball than the NFL? Why?

    Sunday, June 24, 2007

    Sports Today Weekend Edition 6/24/07

    Don't forget to vote for the story that you think I made up.

    Hamlin/Almirola Take Checked Flag
    When the Busch race started, Denny Hamlin was in a helicopter trying to find a place to land. With no driver in site, Joe Gibbs racing decided to start with backup driver, Aric Almirola. After Hamlin arrived, Almirola was yanked from the car and Hamlin crawled in. Hamlin went on to win the at&t 250 at the Milwaukee Mile. Almirola was very upset that he was not allowed to finish the race. Hamiln said that it was not his decision to take over for Almirola. Since Almirola started the race, he is awarded the win, the points and the money.

    Police Use Taser on Dolphin
    No, not a real dolphin, a Miami Dolphin. Police had to taser DT Fred Evans twice early Saturday morning after he resisted arrest and became violent. Evans refused to get out of a taxi and when officers tried to handcuff him, he became violent. Evans was charged with multiple counts of battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting with violence, along with single counts of disorderly intoxication and trespassing. One officer was allegedly bitten on the wrist and a female officer sustained scrapes on her left knee, police said. I need your input, why do you think so many NFL players get into trouble with the law?

    Cubs are Starting to Roll
    The Chicago Cubs are starting to get into a winning rhythm. They won yesterday against the Chicago White Sox on a suicide squeeze in the top of the nineth inning. The Cubs won another 1 run game. To start the month of June, the Cubs record in 1 run games was 2-12. They are now ukp to 8-15. I hope they continue this, but we need Milwaukee to lose some games too.

    Michael's Cat Goes Crazy
    Michaels cat just got out of prison for trying to assassinate the President.... of Tier One Bank in Holdrege. Now he just went on a rampage shooting everything in his sight. I don't know what Michael does to this cat but maybe someone should take the cat away from him?

    Saturday, June 23, 2007

    Sport Shorts

    Nebraska loses a slug of linebackers after the 2007 season. Led by the great recruiter Coach Bill Busch, Kevin Cosgrove, and Joe Rudolph NU received two oral commitments at outside linebacker in the past few hours.

    Doug Rippy from a high school in Columbus, Ohio is coming to Nebraska. He is the 48th rated linebacker in the country according to He is 6'2" and 218 lbs. He had offers from Akron, Cinncinnati, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan State.

    Also making an oral commitment was Shaun Mohler from Costa Mesa Orange Coast in Claifornia. He is 6'3" and 225 lbs and has run a 4.6 40. He had offers from Colorado, California, and San Diego State. He is also a linebacker and he comes to us from a Junior College.

    Coach Busch had a very eventful weekend as he was engaged to get married also.

    Much of the information came to us from

    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    Better Know an MLB Team: Part 4

    I haven't had an entry for a while and honestly, there hasn't been may interesting national sports news. So I will wow you with the history of the Toronto Blue Jays.

    In 1976, the American league voted to expand to Toronto. The name Blue Jays was selected in a "Name the Team" contest with over 4,000 choices. In 1977, Doug Ault hit two homeruns in the clubs first win, 9-5 over the Chicago White Sox. On June 26th, the Jays scored 24 runs on 24 hits to be Baltimore 24-10. So, the Orioles were terrible back then too. In 1981, Bobby Cox became the Jays new manager. In 1982, Beer was served at a exibition game and it was $1.75. In 1983, the Jays finished above .500 for the first time, but were still nine games back of first. In 1985, the Jays won 99 games and their division, but lost to the Kansas City Royals in 7 games of the ALCS. In 1992, the Jays won their first World Series by defeating the Atlanta Braves to become the first Canadian team to win the Series. In 1993, the Jays Joe Carter (right) hit a 3-run homerun in the bottom of the nineth to win back-to-back World Series. They have really struggled as a team since then even though they have had some great players.

    This season, the Jays are playing average baseball. They are currently in third in the AL east but 11.5 games behind the Bo Sox. They are 20-17 at home and 13-19 on the road for an overall record of 33-36. They are 12-13 in 1 run games and 4-3 in exta innings. They have a decent offense and a average pitching staff. Their ace, Roy Halladay is 7-2 with a 4.37 era. Their offense is lead by Alex Rios who leads most of the offensive categories. He is hitting .295 with 15 homeruns, 39 RBI's and 50 runs scored.
    Info from

    Monday, June 18, 2007

    Sport Shorts

    See what Jon Gruden says about Zac Taylor. He is very complimentary and if you read between the lines Zac has an excellent chance to make the tea.

  • Tampa Bay

  • Yesterday we talked about the 2007 recruiting class for the NU basketball team. Who is NU's top 2008 player we are going after. Right now it is J'Mison Morgan out of Dallas Texas. Nebraska, over the years, have landed some of the best talent in the nation with Rich King, Dave Hoppen, and Tyrone Lue but J'Mison would be the best we have ever had.

    J'Mison Morgan is a 6'10" center and is well developed weighing 275 lbs. He is rated #48 by He has already had nine offers including Nebraska. UCLA, Kansas, Arizona, Georgetown, and Georgia Tech have also given him offers. Kentucky has also shown interest. This will be a tough one to land but at NU, he will be a star and is the type of player who can take us to the top of the Big 12.

    Watch how this develops and we will hopefully add a premier player for the 2008 class. The source for much of this information comes from

    Sunday, June 17, 2007

    NU Basketball

    Nebraska has had its 2007 recruiting class rated by some as 10th in the Big 12. Some good players are coming in but there are no Kevin Durants. Maybe no Alex Marics. Hopefully a Charles Richardson because we will miss him dearly. NU should be improved this year but even with Doc Sadler at the helm, don't get your sights set too high yet.

    According to, NU has no four star players coming in 2007. They are laced with three and two star players. At point guard, we have three star players Steve Harley and Josh Miller. Two star player Josh Richardson is also a two star point guard. This is such an important position to get a key person to step forward. Charles Richardson was so consistant last year and very underrated. Point guard is where it all starts and NU found out a few years ago that losing your quarterback on the basketball floor messes up your chemistry and players don't produce to their ability when this position is not strong. We need one of these player to step up or we will need to look at a JR Stowbridge or one of our other guards to play this position.

    Steve Harley is a JUCO player from Maryland and played for Temple Hills College in Texas. He is 5'11" and 170 lbs. His only offer came from Nebraska. He was looked at by Utah also. He made the NJCAA All-Star game in Texas.

    Josh Miller comes to us from Cincinnati Ohio. Miller looks like our most promising point guard recruit. He was offered six scholarships with one being from Rhode Island. He is small at 5'8" and only 160 lbs. He was rated at the 12th best player in Ohio. He is small but quick and can handle the ball. He will be a project or Doc Sadler and staff to get him ready for the Big 12.

    Brandon Richardson is from California. He is the tallest of the PG recruits at 6'1".

    Nebraska also has three shooting guard recruits and two are all rated three star rated and one is a two star by The shooting guard position is also key as NU needs scorers. Besides Ryan Anderson at forward last year, we didn't have any great shooters from the outside.

    Ola Dagunduro's brother Adeola comes to us from California also. Adeola will get playing time this season. He was offered eight scholarships with it coming down to Penn State and NU. Miami Fla., UNLV, and Pepperdine were also some of the college teams he received offers from. He is a JUCO player from Lancaster Antelope Valley College in California. He is 6'5" but needs to put on some weight. Odd after seeing how big Ola is. Adeola scored 18.1 points a game and averaged nine rebounds last year. He will need to work on his free throw shooting (65%) and his three point shooting (26%).

    Our other three shooting guard recruit is Toney McCray. He had five offers. Three of those offers came from Washington St., Georgia, and Baylor. Toney is 6'6" and is from Missouri City, Texas High School. He averaged 16 points per game and six rebounds.

    Our two star recruit at shooting guard is Rishawn Norwood. He is 6'3" and comes to NU as a JUCO player from San Antonio Junior College. NU gave him his only offer for a scholarship.

    NU had one recruit sign at small forward. He is Alonzo Edwards out of a high school from Houston, Texas. He had some impressive offers. Bobby Knight at Texas Tech made an offer. USC, who recruited the top high school player in America, O.J.Mayo, tried to get Alonzo. Wyoming also made an offer. Alonz is 6'7" and 215 lbs. Pretty big for a small forward.

    At power forward, Nu recruited a three star and a two star player as rated by

    NU's three star recruit at power forward has been called a "project". He is Shang Ping. He should get some playing time this fall. He is 6'9" and weighs 225 lbs. He is a JUCO player from East Peoria Illinois Central College. He was offered three scholarships by Butler, Pacific, and NU. Oklahoma St also showed interest. His mother and father both played for the Chinese national team.

    The ninth and final recruit is a two star power forward coming from the Sheridan JUCO College in Wyoming. He received his only offer from NU although there was some interest from Texas A & M.

    Nine players coming in, if they all qualify academically, and it looks like two players will have their scholarships taken away on the previous roster. That will be interesting.

    Look to Josh Miller, Adeola Dagunduro, Toney McCray, Alonzo Edwards, and Shang Ping getting some early playing time. It is uncertain as to who, if any, will get redshirts. Possibly some of the two star recruits. Steve Harley may be a surprise.

    This writer is extremely excited for the upcoming season. Doc Sadler will put the pieces of the puzzle together. Give him time and Don't Expect Too Much Too Soon!!

    Major Source of Information comes from

    NU Season Preview

    The Big 12 season starts with Iowa State in Lincoln. This writer thinks this will be our easiest game of the year. Iowa State returns five offensive starters and five defensive starters from a team that was 4-8 for the season and 1-7 in the Big 12 in 2006. They will be led by first year coach Gene Chizek, the defensive coordinator from the Texas Longhorns. They will return QB Bret Meyer. NU wins easy.

    Tigers will not lay down for Huskers

    The next Big 12 game is at Missouri. Missouri returns eight offensive starters from a team that wa 8-5 in 2006. Chase Daniel returns and will be throwing to tight ends Marin Rucker and Chase Coffman. Both tight ends were recruited strongly by NU. Missouri returns both their kickers and five defensive starters. Two years ago in Missouri, NU was beaten badly. This year's game is a toss-up.

    That puts us with three wins, one loss, and two tossups at this point of the season. The other toss-up game was Wake Forest and the loss was USC.

    Saturday, June 16, 2007

    Crete player commits

    John Levorson of Crete has committed to Nebraska as part of the 2008 class. He becomes NU's tenth 2008 recruit. He is 6"3" and 185 lbs.

    Thursday, June 14, 2007

    Sport Shorts

    Sean Fisher from Millard North is coming to Nebraska. My guess is he will be a safety. He is 6'5" and very fast. Another great player coached by Freddie Petito. This is one of NU's greatest recruits for 2008 and they have a bunch. The 2008 recruiting class will be the best since Bill Callahan has taken the helm.

    Alex Gordon goes to .205 tonight as the Royals are destroying the Cardinals 17-8. What has happened to the Cardinals. Any insight Cardinal fans? Pitching is atrocious!

    Joba Chamberlain has moved to AA ball for the Yankees. He struck out six of the first seven batters he faced in his debut. He pitched five scoreless innings. Great job.

    Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    Coaching discipline

    Today kids need structure and rules. This leads to quality learning and building a framework of high moral character. The hard part is making the rules clear and concise. The coach must define his role to the team. At the college level today, this is done.

    One of the biggest job of the coach after defining the rules is defining the consequences of what happens when a team member breaks the rules. These must be followed through or the whole idea of discipline goes out the window.

    Rules and consequences must be in writing. All of this must be communicated and understood by the entire team.

    Consequences of breaking rules must then be followed by appropriate action by the coach. Discipline is defined as "training that corrects, molds, or perfects the moral character of the teammate that broke the rules."

    Kids know the difference between right and wrong. Players must respect their coach and the coaches will respect the players.

    It appears that Maurice Purify has been a good teammate up until five weeks ago. Only the coaches and players really know this. We shouldn't make judgements as to what is best for a player as we haven't spent an hour with any of them. Maurice Purify's teammates should be very upset with their teammate! If not, something is wrong. Purify will need to go above and beyond to earn his teammates respect from here on out.

    All of us have made mistakes and we pay for them. If you say you have never done anything wrong then you are already mistaken and youhave become judgemental which is even more wrong.

    Lets let the coaching staff take care of Mr. Purify and hopefully get him back on track. Fans only care about how many weeks he will get suspended or if he will get kicked off the team. Only the coaches know the whole story.

    What ever the coaching staff decides is best for the team and molding his players into becoming better examples is up to them. Our job as fans is to cheer for the players on the field!! We have a talented bunch of kids. Let's put our attention to supporting the players and not what should be done to one of the players when he broke a couple of rules. We don't set the rules. The university and the coaches do.

    Do you know what the rules and consequences are for each rule. So then how do you think you know how long a player should be suspended? How do you know what it takes to mold that individual's moral character for the future.

    Most fans will think that whatever is decided will be done so that NU can win more games. This writer doesn't feel Tom Osborne let Lawrence Philips play because all he wanted to do was win. He was doing everything the could to mold him into a better person and as we know it didn't turn out real well but he did what he thought was best. What would have happened to Johnny Rodgers if he would have been kicked off the team for armed robbery? We will never know but this writer thinks the best decision was made to make him a better person.

    This writer is looking forward to a very exciting year of football with a very tough schedule. Let the coaches do the coaching and the fans do the cheering and we will all win!

    Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    Sport Shorts

    Alex Gordon was 3-4 tonight and raised his average to .198. This was the day this writer said he would hit .200. Watch tomorrow night and he will get there. Royals win 8-1 over the hapless Cardinals. The Royals are playing good ball and Brian Bannister pitched great tonight.

    Corey Young is gone at NU. This writer looks to him joining three other Millard North players at Iowa. He was a tremendous hitter and special teams player.

    Craig Brazell will go to KC sometime this year. He is having a great season in Omaha this year. Boy would this writer like to see Brazell, Butler , and Huber play. Then drive to Davenport, Iowa and watch former NU player Brandon Buckman play. What a season he is having in A ball with Quad Cities. If you are a baseball fan at all you have to go see the Omaha Royals play.

    Sunday, June 10, 2007

    Joba Chamberlain is doing well

    Joba Chamberlain is doing well in A ball at Tampa for the Yankees. He is 4-0 with an ERA of 2.03. He has 51 strikeouts with only 11 walks.

    Rice, Louisville, UC-Irvin, and Mississippi State have advanced to the College World Series. Rice beat Texas A & M to advance. Oklahoma State was beaten by Louisville.

    Former NU players Adam Stern and Jamal Strong are both playing AAA ball. Jeff Christy has moved up to AA ball.

    Adrian Hilburn of City College of San Fransisco has verbally committed to Nebraska. He is a wide receiver who has run a 4.4 40. He has been recruited by Dennis Wagner and played with Zac Lee, who is a future QB starter for NU.

    Saturday, June 09, 2007


    Watched this movie tonight about Vince Papale. It was called "Invincible". Great show about a nobody that tries out for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1976 when Dick Vermeil becomes their new head coach. It is a true story about a guy with a lot of heart!

    This writer is afraid Maurice Purify is not invincible. Look to Todd Peterson to have a breakout year. With Nunn, Swift, Holt, Niles Paul, and many others we will have a great group of receivers.

    Hastings College basketball player Drew Billeter hit a hole-in-one at the Alma Golf Course on hole#1. Hole#1 is a 287 yard par four that plays a good 310 yards. A truly remarkable accomplishment as Drew is virtually in his second year of golf. Great job!

    The Nebraska baseball team will lose some players to the 2007 draft. Watson and Wertz are going to the pros. Johnny Dorn will return and will be the ace next year. NU will need to recruit some major talent before next year's season. They will. Mike Anderson is a great coach. He may want to make some coaching changes before next year also.

    In the next few days we will continue to review the 2007 season for the NU football team. Presently we have them beating Ball State and Nevada, losing to Southern Cal and seeing Wake Forest as a toss-up game.

    Look for Denny Hamlin to win at Pocono with Jimmie Johnson taking second.

    Can Cleveland and Lebron James win Game two against San Antonio? No. Cleveland will be down 2-0 after Sunday's game tomorrow. What will happen is there will be a ton of people watching the game and that is good for the NBA. Cleveland will make it close enough to keep our interest.

    Sports Today Weekend Edition 6/9/07

    Don't Forget to Vote for which story I made up!
    Purify Suspended After Arrest
    Nebraska receiver, Maurice Purify, was suspended indefinitely after being arrested on suspicion of DUI. Purify, who was speeding, was pulled over at 12:25 a.m. Friday. This comes just five weeks after being charged with assult. His future with the team is unknown.

    12 Nebraska Players Drafted in MLB Draft
    Eight current, one former and three recruited Nebraska baseball players were drafted in the MLB draft. Drew Bowman, a left-handed pitcher, was the highest draft pick. He was chosen in the fifth round by the Reds. Others to go, Matt Foust, RHP (6th-Pirates), Tony Watson, RHP (9th-Pirates), Luke Wertz, RHP (13th-Phillies), Steve Edlefsen, RHP (16th-Giants), Andrew Brown, 1B (18th-Cardinals), Cameron Robulack, 1B (20th-Brewers-Recruit), Ryan Wehrle, SS (20th-Yankees-Former Player), Charlie Shirek, RHP (23rd-White Sox), Jacob Diekman, LHP (30th-Phillies-Recruit), David Stewart, OF (31st-Nationals-Recruit) and Thad Weber, RHP (35th-Reds)

    Barry Bonds Cat Gets into Medicine Chest
    San Francisco Giants player Barry Bonds' cat was found eariler this week in Bonds' bathroom closet, where Bonds keeps his "medication". I don't want to say Bonds does steroids but not sure what in his closet could cause the cat to quadruple in size.

    Newman Takes Pole
    Ryan Newman takes his third straight pole this week at Pocono Raceway on Friday. This is Newman's fourth pole this year but has yet to win a race. Look for this week to be a great week for him. He came in second in last weeks race.

    Kurt Busch is an Idiot
    Kurt Busch was fined $100,000 and docked 100 driver points after nearly hitting Tony Stewarts jackman in Mondays race. Busch, who was frustrated after making contact with Tony Stewart, made jackman, Jason Lee (not the My Name is Earl guy) jump onto Stewarts hood to avoid injury. Busch has been suspended for the rest of the season. I hope Busch gets the message because this is just a stupid move on his part.

    Locals to Play in Eight-Man All-star Game
    There are a few local kids playing in the June 16th Sertoma Nebraska Eight-Man all-star game in Hastings. The locals playing for the west are Tyler Hamel, Arapahoe; Joel Hodgson and Andy McCarter, Overton; Jared Knoble, Axtell; Cory Morton and Lance Thorell, Loomis. The west will be coached by Glen Snodgrass, Overton; Craig Schnitzler, Kenesaw adn Troy Kleffner, Spalding.

    Wie Needs to Take Some Me Time
    Michelle Wie, who is currently in last at this weeks LPGA event, needs to take a break from golf. She has played terrible the last month. She shot an 11 over, 83 at Bulle Rock and is uncertain if she will finish tomorrow. She has complained of a wrist injury and if that is true, she needs to rest it. My question is, is she really hurt? or is she just the golfing worlds Anna Korvikova?

    Thursday, June 07, 2007

    Sports Today 6/7/07

    I would like more interaction with the readers, so every entry, I will put a story in that isn't true. Please vote which one you think is made up. Leave your vote in the comment section.

    Schilling Pitches No Hitter-Well Through 8 2/3 Innings.
    Boston Red Sox pitcher, Curt Schilling, had a no hitter through 8 2/3 innings before giving up a single to Shannon Stewart. Schilling got the next hitter to fly out to win the game 1-0. This would have been Schilling's first no hitter.

    Mighty Ducks Fly Past the Senators
    The Anaheim Ducks won the Stanley Cup on Wednesday. Even though it was a championship game, no one cared. The Cup Finals produced the lowest ratings in NBC primetime history. Please leave any comments on what you would change to make the NHL more exciting.

    MLB Draft Makes No Sense
    I think the MLB draft is odd. First of all, there is about 100 rounds to draft players. Second, no one knows a single person who is drafted. Third, even if you are a terrible team and you have a top 5 pick, that player doesn't have to sign with you. So, you are not going to get better if you use a draft pick and then don't get a player for it. Just sounds dumb to me and I would be irrate if I was terrible and no one wanted to play for me. For those who are Cubs fans, with the third overall pick, they selected third baseman, Josh Vitters (left) out of Cypress High School in California. For those Royals fans, they selected second overall with infielder Mike Moustakas (right) out of Chatsworth High School in California.

    New Baby Watermelon Champion
    We have a new Watermelon Eating Champion in Nebraska. Evan Jameson won the watermelon eating chamionship over the weekend, eating 2 1/2 slices of watermelon in 1 hour. He defeated last years champion, Derrek Jones who could only eat 2 1/4 slices. Jameson now goes on to the national championship in Hawaii starting in July.

    Other Things

    The Harlan County Lake has raised its elevation from 1926.44 on 1/2/07 to 1937.37 on June 5th. This is an increase of 10.43 feet.

    The top shows this past year were:

    1. The Sopranos Just finished its last show in its last season.
    2. Boston Legal The writers have to have a blast with this one.
    3. The Office Right in there with the Queen of Kings as the funniest show to watch.
    4. King of Queens This comedy just had its last show ever also. Just a great show and the reruns and fun to watch also.
    5. Andy Griffith My all-time best show. Still one of my best choices.
    6. House Unpredictable doctor show. If you haven't watched it, do so.
    7. The Riches Best new show on TV
    8. Entourage Funny unpredictable show
    9. The Shield Great cop show

    Watch "Traveler". May be a hit soon! "How Things Are Made" is really good!!

    This writer likes a lot of sports shows. Hockey is not one of them. All food shows are fun. 60 Minutes and Dateline are interesting. Inside Edition is entertaining.

    And in sports, Alex Gordon had four hits today and raised his average to .190.

    Tuesday, June 05, 2007

    NCAA Baseball Tournament off to a wacky start!!

    The trip to Omaha and the College World Series has begun. What a wacky start! It is proof that this year's winner will be hard to predict. Five of the top eight seeds were beaten. Those include #1 Vanderbilt, #4 Texas, #6 Florida St., #7 Arkansas, and #8 San Diego. The three winners were #2 Rice, #3 North Carolina, and #5 Arizona State.

    How did the Big 12 do? Nebraska, Texas, Baylor, and Missouri were all beaten. Texas A & M and Oklahoma St. were the only Big 12 winners. Also Creighton was beaten.

    Seven of the 16 #1 seeds were beaten. There were four teams in each regional. #3 seeds Oregon State, Louisville, and Oklahoma State won their regionals.

    This will be an exciting year so get ready for anything and everything!!!

    Monday, June 04, 2007

    NU walkon is headed to Ohio University!

    Matt Donahue of Fremont is no longer walking on at Nebraska. He is headed to Ohio University after he was offered a scholarship by them. He joins Noah Keller of Kearney. Ohio University is coached by Frank Solich.

    Sunday, June 03, 2007

    Nebraska Deer Season Applications can be sent in June 11th!

    Sports Today-Weekend Edition 6/3/07

    12 Crushed After Soccer Match
    Twelve people were crushed to death in Zambia after a soccer game. Zambia won the match against the Republic of Congo 3-0 but fans were in a hurry to leave after the game started and hour late.

    Cavs Have a Chance in Finals
    With a defense like the Cavs have, they have a chance in any game no matter who they are playing. The Detroit Pistons, who have a very good offense, didn't score 100 points in any of the games against Cleveland. I didn't get to see the game on Saturday night, but LeBron was amazing in game 5. Like John said in his entry, LeBron scored 29 of the last 30 points in that game. James took many difficult shots but rarely missed. I think the Spurs will win in 7 games because they have a very good defense along with offense and I think they have learned a lot by seeing what Detroit didn't do, which is double team James.

    Best Movie in the Last Year
    John asked which was the best movie I have seen in the last year. To me, the best was Blood Diamond. It was a very good movie with Leo DiCaprio. I enjoy most movies with Leo, another of my favorites is Catch Me If You Can. My wife's vote is for The Pursuit of Happyness.

    Cubs Are Struggling
    Cubs have struggled on and off the field. They Cubs can't win a game and they are having problems in the club house. Two days ago, catcher Michael Barrett and pitcher Carlos Zambrano got into a fight. They say that is behind them now. Yesterday, skipper, Lou Piniella was ejected and now suspended for getting in the third base umpires face and kicking dirt on him. Lou disagreed with a call at third base even though it was the right call, which Lou agrees to now. Cubs have an easier June schedule than they did in May so hopefully they can turn it around. Cubs are winning 9-0 in the 5th inning. Royals are struggling as well and are down 4-1 in the eighth inning.

    Local Man Wins Corn Eating Contest
    A man won his 17th consecutive corn eating title. He ate 76 ears of corn in 1 hour, beating his own record of 68. Locals say that there is really no way of beating this man because he has the deadly combination of teeth and a place to put all that corn. When asked for comment, the champion said "I can beweev it. I won again. I fweel wike the happiest man eva." Congrats agin!!!


    It will be Cleveland vs. San Antonio this Thursday in the beginning of the NBA Championship series. Look to San Antonio to win in six games. Having Cleveland in the finals will be a huge step for the NBA. People want to see a good kid like LaBron James, who will be a superstar, play. How in the world can a player in the NBA score 29 of the last 30 of his team's points at the end of a game. How unbelieveable is that? Many basketball fans have never really watched him play. This will be their first time because now they have a reason to watch. Get rid of the thugs and clean up the NBA. People want to see good basketball with athletes that want to win.

    The Nebraska football game with Nevada will be on ABC at 2:30 on September 1st. Only about 12 weeks away. Bryce Givens, the best lineman recruit from Colorado, previously committed to Nebraska. Texas has now offered him a scholarship so his status could change. Let's hope not.

    With a five run sixth inning, the NU baseball team remains in the NCAA playoffs with a 6-5 win over Monmouth. Today NU faces UC-Riverside in an elimination game at 4 pm. Look for Johnny Dorn to start.

    Alex Gordon is batting .181. The Royals have 21 wins compared to 22 by the Cubs. The Cubs are having internal trouble right now and things are tough in Cubsland.

    Look for Denny Hamlin to win at Dover today with Jimmie Johnson second.

    "We are Marshall" is the best movie I have seen in the past year. What is yours?

    If you like to fish for catfish, try the Republican River. It's the best fishing in years. How the river get the name "Republican"?