Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Roby joins Nebraska's 2016 hoops class : Latest Husker News

Roby joins Nebraska's 2016 hoops class : Latest Husker News

The Blackshirts are back - Omaha.com: Big Red Today Blog

The Blackshirts are back - Omaha.com: Big Red Today Blog

Red Takes Series Finale with Walkoff Win

Red Takes Series Finale with Walkoff Win

Registration Open for Nebrasketball Buddies Event

Registration Open for Nebrasketball Buddies Event

Nebraska Hones the Art of Clearing Hurdles

Nebraska Hones the Art of Clearing Hurdles

Huskers Visit No. 25 Minnesota Wednesday

Huskers Visit No. 25 Minnesota Wednesday

Rutgers may be tougher than Northwestern?


Monday, October 20, 2014

WWE Issues Statement On The Passing Of Ox Baker

I remember the night he wrestled in Holdrege Nebraska!

WWE Issues Statement On The Passing Of Ox Baker

Baseball Squad has first Red-White game!

They are playing three games total. Here are the highlights of game 1.


Williams has great game against Northwestern!


Sport Shorts

If the Royals when on Tuesday they tie for the most consecutive wins in a playoff with 10.  The other two teams were both Yankee squads. The Royals are hot and everybody is peaking at the right time.

Nebraska football playoffs
Gretna is the only team in Class B that is unbeaten. The top four teams in Class B are all in the same district. Three of those teams can make it to the playoffs. The top four teams are Gretna, Elkhorn, Omaha Scutt, and Elkhorn South.

Omaha North and Millard North are bot undefeated in Class A.

The C-1 playoffs should be very exciting with four teams undefeated and then you have a team like GI Central Catholic who can beat anybody at 6-2 and rated 8th.

Eight Man-1 has seven undefeated teams yet.

Lee Barfknecht has Nebraska rated third in the Big 10 behind Michigan St. and Ohio St. Probably a pretty fair rating right now.

Rutgers, our opponent this week is 5-2 and he has them rated 9th . Nebraska is a 17 point favorite over Rutgers.

Mississippi St. No. 1!!! Can't even believe it.

Nebraska has moved up to 16th.

BTN's special documentary "Unbeaten" is absolutely one of the greatest shows I have seen. It is on Brook Berringer and it is so well done.

I see Barrett Ruud is helping coach the defense for the Cornhuskers. I am sure he is a huge asset to the program.

Right now Michigan St. 3-0 (East) and Minnesota 3-0 (West) lead the divisions of the Big 10.

UNK won their second game of the year beating Lindenwood 31-13. It marked the 100th career win for Coach Darrell Morris.

How good is DeMornay Pierson-El. He is so fast.

Ameer Abdullah is now the No. 2 all time rusher at Nebraska. He has 4,001 yards and just passed Ahman Green with 3,880.

Could it be possible that Shavon Shields is as good or better than Terran Petteway? They are both very good.

Walter Pitchford will be key to Nebraska taking it to the next level this year. When he played well last year, Nebraska won.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

NU volleyball: Illini finally beat Huskers : Latest Husker News

NU volleyball: Illini finally beat Huskers : Latest Husker News

Great article on Brook Berringer!


Royals and the Huskers!

First of all let's talk about those Royals. They have swept everything so far. They are winning with a little bit of everything!  But if they have a lead after five or six innings, well their relievers are the best in baseball. They are amazing.

Tuesday night at 7:07 the Royals start the World Series against the San Fransisco Giants. The Royals have James Shields (15-8) on the mound and the Giants have Madison Bumgarner (20-11).
So can the Royals continue to roll. I think so. They may not sweep but they will be very competitive.

The first two games are at home on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then they go to San Fran for three games on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If needed, they go back to KC for games Tuesday and Wednesday, the 28th and 29th.

Millard North knocked off Papillion South last night 24-21 to go 8-0. Millard North is coached by one of the best coaches in Nebraska, Fred Petito.

Gretna beat Elkhorn last night in a game of unbeatens 17-14. Reserve QB Chase Templeton drove 81 yards in 8 plays in the final two minutes to win the game. Gretna is the only undefeated team left in Class B.

The No. 9 team in Class C-1 beat Holdrege last night 42-7. Hastings SC lost to Sutton last night in C-2 action. Hastings SC was No. 2.

Now to college football, Iowa vs. Maryland is a pretty big game today for the Big 10. It starts at 11 am on ESPN2. Maryland is favored by five points! An interesting game in the Big 10 is Rutgers at Ohio St. with Ohio St favored by 22 points. Rutgers is 5-1.

Texas is only 2-4 this year. I wonder if they will win six to be bowl eligible.

After the game tonight BTN is featuring a Brook Berringer documentary. It's called Unbeaten:The life of Brook Berringer. It is supposed to be very good and impactful as Sam McKewon of the Omaha World-Herald put it. I am very excited to see it. Hope you do too.

So now to the Nebraska game vs. Northwestern. This is a series of very close games with Nebraska coming out the top in last second heroics. The last three games they have played, Nebraska has come out on top by a total of seven points. In 2011, Northwestern beat then No. 9 Nebraska 28-25. Nebraska has had a week to heal and that is huge. They do have David Santos back. Brandon Reilly is finally practicing which is the first time this season. Kenney Bell is back.

But we play at Northwestern and they are now playing pretty well. They are very capable of beating Nebraska. Nebraska is 5-1 and Northwestern is 3-3.

So this week will Nebraska be back to running the football over 300 yards or will this be the running attack that Michigan St. stopped cold. My guess is we will run the ball pretty well.

Nebraska plays well after a Bye week and this should be no exception. Here's this week's prediction!

Nebraska 31 Northwestern 21

Monday, October 13, 2014

Mom, Share Your Life With Me.....

October 1
Did your High School have cheerleaders? What did they wear?

Holdrege High School had cheerleaders. I never was one. They wore purple and gold cheerleader outfits.

October 2
Can you write any of your school cheers?

No. I was never involved in that.

October 3
Tell about any other extra-curricular activities.

I just played volleyball in High School. I didn't do anything else with sports.

October 4
Do you have a good piece of advice for me?

John-I guess maybe I have given you good advice because you have turned into a wonderful son. You are so good to us and helpful.. Thank you very much..(Thanks so much Mom!)

October 5
Do you have any special memories  about raking and burning leaves or mowing the lawn?

I don't have any memories of raking the lawn or mowing it. I think Dad did it with his mower and tractor on the farm.

October 6
If you ever played in the leaves, tell about it.

I don't remember playing in the leaves.

October 7
What allowance did you get?

When I stayed in Holdrege in my Junior and Senior year, I had an allowance of .25 cents per week.

October 8
Did you have to earn it?

When we were little we never had an allowance. I didn't get one until my Junior and Senior year. We did a lot of chores on the farm.

October 9
What was your most prized possession as a child?

My uncle Melvin Norman gave me a doll. I loved that doll. I still have it. It's in the cedar chest in the basement.

October 10
What is the strangest thing you ever saw in the sky?

When we were little we saw shooting stars which was fun to see.

October 11
Relate a story about a mouse in the house.

We always had mice in the house on the farm. I don't remember a story but used to have a lot of them.

October 12
Share a memory about a bat in the house.

When we lived on the farm after we got married, we used to have bats in the hosue. I can still see Connie with a broom chasing the bat around the dining room table in his shorts. I wish I would have had a video camera.

October 13
Did you ever have any other strange animal in the hosue?

When we lived on the farm after we were married we had snakes, bats, and mice in the house. How they got in I don't know.

October 14
Do you remember the first movie you ever saw? Who starred in it?

I don't remember the first movie. We used to go to a lot of movies on Saturday night. When I was in high school I was an usher at the movie theatre in Holdrege. The first time I went with Connie he came to the movie and got me to go to a dance in Orleans.

October 15
Do you have a good school pants-wetting story?

I really don't remember any pants wetting but I know when I was smaller whenever I laughed I would wet my pants. Sometimes it was embarrassing.

October 16
Tell about pulling or losing a baby tooth.

Dad would take a plier and pull our baby teeth out. Sometimes it would really hurt.

October 17
Did you ever lose something really important to you?

I don't think I did.

October 18
Did you ever lose or break something that belonged to someone else?


October 19
Was an injustice ever done to you?


October 20
Share a favorite fall memory.

Can't remember any.

October 21
Do you have a story about standing up against odds for something you really believed in?


October 22
What is the farthest you ever ran or walked?

Going to school 2 miles everyday and walked it.

October 23
Did you ever pick apples?

Our neighbors Dean Schneider who lives one mile south of us had apple trees. We used to pick some on the way home from school.

October 24
If you had a watch, tell about it.

Mom and Dad gave me an Elgin watch for graduation. I loved that watch. It doesn't work anymore but I still have it.

October 25
What hobbies did you have as a youth?


October 26
Share a memory about being very scared.

Being scred of Mom and Dad if we did something wrong.

October 27
Tell a story about a time when you dressed up in a costume.

Don't remember any.

October 28
Did you ever tell ghost stories?


October 29
Do you have a good ghost or haunted house story to relate?


October 30
What did people do at Halloween?

We didn't do anything out on the farm.

October 31
Do you have a special Halloween memory?


McKewon: Nebraska needs progress from QB, linebackers - Omaha.com: Big Red Today - Husker Football News, Schedules And Videos

McKewon: Nebraska needs progress from QB, linebackers - Omaha.com: Big Red Today - Husker Football News, Schedules And Videos

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Blowout turns to an almost win!

People went to sleep at half. They had got so excited for Nebraska to finally win a huge game and get back to one of the best in the nation. Tons of upsets in college football. We were moving up to the Top 10 with a win.

But on this day, the Michigan St. defense annihilated us and the offensive line could do nothing. It's as if they had an invisible extra man playing especially when Jake Cotton fell over backwards before a play started.  Ameer couldn't find room to run. It reminded me of the days when Oklahoma dominated us and we couldn't run against them. The yardage difference at halftime was MSU 257 NU 85. Complete domination.

Michigan St. led  27-3 in the third quarter. The blowout begins. MSU had eight plays of 20 plus yardage that was killing Nebraska. Kenny Bell was hurt and was out for this game. We needed a playmaker. Ameer had 20 yards on 13 carries at half.

Then at the end we could have won. A remarkable catch by Alonzo Moore would have done it. A pass interference call on two Huskers on that play may of done it. A pass interference call on the Huskers last offensive play may have done it. A non-fumble by Ameer might have done it. So many things to look back on now. The great thing was the Huskers kept going and going and didn't give up.

Will we meet MSU again in the Big 10 Championship?? I really hope so.

I am a little surprised by the lack of success from a couple of backs that have transferred from Nebraska. Braylon Heard is at Kentucky and ran only six times for 67 yards and caught three passes for 21 yards. Just surprised he doesn't have more carries.

Aaron Green had six carries for 26 yards for TCU Saturday and had one catch for eight yards.

Mississippi St. stunned Texas A & M yesterday 48-31. Who is Mississippi St.'s coach? A guy by the name of Dan Mullen Mullen was the offensive coordinator under Urban Meyer at Florida.

Mississippi beat Alabama yesterday in another upset. Hugh Freeze is Mississippi's coach. He has been at Ole Miss for a while but left when they hired Houston Nutt. He was at Arkansas St. during that time and since 2012 has been Ole Miss's coach.

Did you see the videos of Katie Perry partying with the Ole Miss fans?

Northwestern looked like the worst team in the Big 10 a few weeks ago and now is at the top of the West Division with a 2-0 record. They beat Wisconsin yesterday 20-14.

College football is full of parity. It looks like anybody can beat anybody any week. The West Division of the Big 10 is definately that way. Northwestern leads. Iowa and Minnesota follow in the standings. No game is a mimmee from here on out.

What a punt return by DeMornay Pierson-El!! He is good if he gets a little room.

So Nebraska has Kenny Bell hurt. Daniel Davies also left the game with a knee injury. Cethan Carter did not suit up because of a leg injury. The Bye week will hopefully be a time of healing.

Trevor Roach had 18 tackles on Saturday night!!

The Kansas City Royals play at 6:30 tonight in Kansas City. Tey lead the Angels 2-0. Go Royals. Jamie Shields pitches for KS tonight.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Big day for NU football!

This senior class probably plays four or five games in their college career that is as big as the one today. It's a special day for them. Tonight NU football goes to East Lansing, Michigan to play a very good Michigan St. team. Michigan St. is a Top 10 team right now. They pretty much outplayed Oregon for three quarters. Can NU respond?

I think this is going to be a great game. This is the tipping point as such. Will NU go to one of the elite teams again in college football with a win away from Lincoln? A victory that could put them in the top eight or ten teams in the nation.

Nebraska will have to play its best game of the year which means:

1. Don't shoot yourself in the foot with tounovers. Nebraska will need to be +2 in tournovers.
2. Special teams continues to play well.
3. The offensive line controls their defensive line.
4. The wet grass field is not a factor for NU's footwork

Michigan State's Connor Cook is a good one. Hopefully our front seven can keep him off balance the whole. day. He's hitting almost 70% on passes compared to Tommy Armstrong's 54%. Cook has two interceptions to Armstrong's three. Armstron has more yards and touchdowns.

Michigan St. is averaging 50 points a game. Nebraska is averaging 45 points per game. Michigan St. is giving up 20 points a game and Nebraska allows 19 points.  Michigan St allowed 46 points to Oregon.

Home field advantage is Michigan St. although NU doesn't play bad away from home.

Heros today will be the No. 4's which is Armstrong and Gregory. Armstrong has to be strong today. Has to be. Look to the tight ends to catch a TD today. Probably Cethan Carter. Ameer will be good as always.


Nebraska 30
Michigan St. 27