Friday, August 31, 2007

Sports Shorts

The new tunnel walk will be one of the more criticized items that will be discussed during and after the game tomorrow. That's because it is different. It will take some getting used to. A DJ from Lincoln has helped with the process. This writer likes it the more he listens to it. Will it last with the NU fans. We will see. The first audition is tomorrow. We predict it will be great!

  • New Tunnel walk music

  • The story lines after the game tomorrow will be:
    1. How great is Sam Keller.
    2. Philip Dillard and Steven Octavian will be very successful!
    3. Suh will be a force!
    4. Larry Assante will have the hardest hits of the day.
    5. The offense line will allow Marlon Lucky to have a great day.
    6. Quentin Castille will score a couple of short run TD's
    7. Todd Peterson will have the best stats of the day as a receiver.
    8. Nebraska wins by four TD's.
    9. The defense will score at least one TD.
    10. Courtney Grisby will return a punt for a TD.
    11. The starting defensive end opposite of Barry Turner will still be up in the air after the Nevada game.

    Holdrege beats Minden tonight 12-7 in overtime.
    Lincoln North Star has its second upset in two weeks.
    Millard North has big victory.
    Elwood slaughters Eustis-Farnam 66-0.
    Cambridge beats Southern Valley.
    Kearney goes to 2-0.

    Iowa State was beaten by Kent State Thursday night. The MAC conference is improving and they would compete well in the Big 12 North division. Kent State is far from the best team in the MAC conference.

    Wednesday, August 29, 2007

    Another NU player receives a one game suspension!

    Nebraska football players have done a good job of staying out of trouble but there will be two players suspended this Saturday. Maurice Purify is one. Who is the other?

  • rates Holdrege #10 in Class B.

  • USC Assistant Coach has been charged with dog fighting twice!!
  • fanblogs

  • See the 1998 Tunnel Walk and the 2001 Tunnel Walk right after 9/11. All this is on HuskerMike. Catch a glimpse of Ben Gessford on the 1998 Tunnel Walk. He is #72. Read the commentary and scroll down to the videos.
  • Husker Mike

  • Sizing up the Nevada team.
  • BigREDNetwork
  • Tuesday, August 28, 2007

    Nebraska Basketball Schedule is announced

    Nebraska has a home game with Arizona State. They will play Oregon and Creighton in the Quest Center.

  • The Nebraska Blackshirts are announced!

  • Mack Brown now makes as much as YOU do!
  • Fanhouse

  • Joba Chamberlain gives up a walk and a hit but strikes out two. Most importantly no Red Sox scored in the eighth inning when Chamberlain was pitching. The Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox 5-3 and gain a game on them.

    Alex Gordon had a bases clearing double and the Royals beat the Tigers 6-3. Gordon is now hitting .245.

    Monday, August 27, 2007

    Who are the announcers for the Nebraska/Nevada game?

    All I can say is, it isn't Howard Cosell!

  • Who are the Top 10 college coaches on the hot seat this fall?

  • Last year's second leading rusher leaves USC to go to Florida. This running back was just on the cover of Sport Illustrated. Read more....
  • Sunday, August 26, 2007

    Sport Shorts

    The Nebraska high school football season is underway. Last Thursday and Friday, we had week 0. Yes, week 0. This writer doesn't understand why they call it week zero when it is week one of the season. Even though only a few teams play it is still week one.

    Class A had some exciting games. The game of the week was Omaha Central vs. Omaha North. Omaha North lost Niles Paul (Nebraska) and Philip Bates (Iowa State)to Division I schools. Omaha Central lost Harland Gunn to Miami of Florida. Sounds like the game this year could have included up to ten Division I prospects.

    Omaha Central won the game 21-19. Ronnel Grixby, Courtney's brother, was arguably the best player on the field. He ran for 94 yards and two TD's. The score itself explains what kind of game it was.

    The other top game was Millard South beating Millard North. Sophomore QB Brandon Marsh led Millard South. Ty Kildow, one of the top receivers in Nebraska this year, caught a 76 yard TD. Kildew had three catches for 145 yards. Millard North sophmore QB, Nick Failla carried the ball 31 times for 153 yards.

    Even though Millard North lost the opener, they seem to always start slow but they end up deep in the playoffs or playing for the Class A championship game. Coach Fred Petito will have them ready at the right time.

    Nebraska Sports Journal's Top 10 high schools in Nebraska are as follows.
    1. Omaha Westside 1-0-This year's team is led by Ron Kellogg Jr. Yes, his dad was a Nebraska high star and starred at Kansas University in basketball.
    2. Millard South 1-0
    3. Omaha Central 1-0
    4. Omaha North 0-1
    5. Lincoln Southwest 1-0
    6. Millard North 0-1
    7. Kearney 1-0-Beat Defending champs beat Columbus easier than expected 30-0 Brandon Cool may be the best high school coach in the state.
    8. Millard West 1-0 Beat #5 Omaha Creighton Prep
    9. Pappilion/LaVista 1-0
    10. Grand Island 1-0

    For more complete coverage read MaxPreps.

  • This is what my stomach looks like when I eat a big lettuce salad. What do you think?

  • Mister Rogers speaks up! This is an old old video but it is worth watching.

  • What is You Tube's top video of all-time? 57 million hits. You will see why after you see this one.
  • Saturday, August 25, 2007

    Oklahoma Recruit is murdered.

    Tragic news from the Sooner camp!
  • HoustonChronicle
  • Video of the Week!

    Loads of Laughter!
  • Collegehumor

  • How to make Swedish meatballs. You will want to put this in your favorites for future
  • collegehumor
  • Husker News

    Coach Callahan talks about the Huskers 3rd quarter of last year and the lack of production. The field goal kicker is still undecided.
  • Huskerextra

  • Two Husker baseball players receive suspensions! Will there be more?
  • Huskerextra

  • Jeremy Barr is leaving the NU basketball team. The team is now set as point guard Steve Harley has been cleared to play.
  • Huskerextra
  • Friday, August 24, 2007

    Kansas City Chiefs

    The Chiefs need to give Zac Taylor a chance. He could help them with playing backup this year and gaining the knowledge of the system to be a factor in the future. Also Corey Ross could play a lot of rolls for the Chiefs even when Larry Johnson comes back. Read what Jason Whitlock has to say.
  • Latest news

    Here is the latest on the NU basketball's team with update info on the upcoming schedule for 2007.
  • Huskerextra

  • Nevada has an all conference LB suspended and word is out on this year's captains.
  • Huskerextra
  • Thursday, August 23, 2007

    Caption #3

    Title this caption and win a trip to Hawaii! Not really.

    You want to waste your time! Read this and enjoy.

  • Campbell, Ne's Derek Meyer leaves K-State. He was fighting for a starting position this fall.
  • Wichita Eagle
  • Sport's Illustrated lists top players in Big 12.

    Corn Nation lists the top players picked by SI. See how many Nebraska players are picked.
  • Corn Nation

  • Video of the Weeks! Tony Brackens nails kicker in 1995.
  • You Tube

  • Eat with Urban Meyers for only $1 million dollars!

  • The kicking game this year will become much more important as kickoffs will be moved BACK five yards. Do you suppose all 2008 recruiting classes will include players that can kick the ball a mile whether they have great accuracy or not. Field position will depend more on your kicker getting the ball deep.

  • Playboy names first team offense, defense, and coach of the year!
  • Wednesday, August 22, 2007

    The Chiefs sign Larry Johnson!

    Jason Whitlock has a few comments as to whether Larry Johnson signed for the money or because he loves football.
  • Jason Whitlock/Kansas City Journal

  • Read about the tragic death of Jerome Griffin.
  • Jerome Soloman/Houston Chronicle

  • Can freshman corner Anthony Blue start for the Big Red this year?
  • Huskerextra

  • NU baseball and what some call Scheelsgate. Read this interesting article updating the current situation. Read about two new recruits.
  • Huskerextra

  • The final poll for the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year is set!

    Joba does it again. Joba pitched one inning giving up one hit and striking out three! The Yankees are leading in the 9th inning 8-2. Mariano Rivera is struggling again. Is it time for Chamberlain to be the closer.

    Derek Meyer from Silver Lake High School in Nebraska may be leaving K-State. While Meyer has never started a game at K-State and struggled with injuries last year, he is another body along the line.

    The K-State BB team opens its season with an exhibition game against Fort Hays State.

    Monday, August 20, 2007

    Sport Shorts

    Nebraska State Paper has a report from the football camp. See what they have to say. Zac Bowman is back to practive.

  • Keller will Start! See if he is relieved. Lucky is hurt again! Tickets are available for the Nevada game!

  • Lincoln Journal Star
  • Sunday, August 19, 2007

    Sport Shorts

    Joba does it again. Joba Chamberlain pitched one inning of relief today and had two stikeouts. He did not allow a runner on base.

    Corey Ross had a fifteen yard run today for Baltimore vs.the Giants tonight. He looks good. It just seems like Corey should be wearing a Chiefs uniform. This writer is not a huge Chief fan but it doesn't look right with him playing in anything that isn't red.

    This writer would like to get regular reports Jake Gdowski of Colorado St, Lance Thorell of Nebraska, and Matt Hill of Texas (basketball). We will see if we can put that together for our readers.

    Saturday, August 18, 2007

    Kansas to win Big 12 North?

    A writer from Scouts, Inc. picks Kansas to win the North.
  • fanblogs

  • Brandon Jackson had a one yard touchdown tonight as Green Bay beat Seattle 48-7. Brandon ran the ball 17 times for 54 yards.

    Last week Corey Ross ran 65 yards on 11 carries for Baltimore against Philadelphia. He was the Ravens leading rusher. He also had two catches for nine yards.

    Video of the week!

    Don't laugh this could be funny!
  • Youtube
  • Friday, August 17, 2007

    Jason Whitlock

    This writer's favorite columnist speaks out about Priest Holmes. Should he be at the KC exhibition game or is it ok to see his family in Texas. Read what Whitlock has to say.

  • What is new in the Texas Longhorn football camp? Here is their latest news. They have three freshman receivers they plan to play this year. With Sweed returning this year they should be a strong passing team. He had 12 TD's last year.
  • Longhorn blog

  • Fanblogs rates the conferences in football. They are not very generous in ranking the Big 12. What do you think?
  • Fanblogs
  • Thursday, August 16, 2007

    Charlie Shirek

    NU pitcher Charlie Shirek surprised this writer by signing with the Chicago White Sox. This was the last day for signings. Nebraska loses another pitcher to the majors.

    The USC alumni are selling this ugly t-shirt. They should have put on the back

    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    Blue Hose are first NU Basketball game

    The Nebraska basketball team will play the Blue Hose on November 10th in Lincoln at 1 pm. The time is subject to change because the Nebraska football team plays Kansas State that same day in Lincoln. Who are the Blue Hose? Where are they from? Read on.
  • Jamaal Charles wins the third round of the top Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year!

    One more week to go to get the final group to determine the projected Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year!

    So far we have Colt McCoy, QB from Texas, Marlon Lucky, RB from Nebraska, Cody Glenn, RB from Nebraska, and Jamaal Charles, RB from Texas, in the finals.

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    Sports shorts

    Joe Dailey has switched to receiver for the North Carolina Tar Heels.

  • Harrison Beck is #2 quarterback at North Carolina St.

    Here is a quote from the Wolfpack Rivals web page.
    "Neal lit up when the pass from quarterback Harrison Beck came toward his area.

    The junior cornerback was locked into man-to-man pass coverage against wide receiver Darrell Davis, when Beck started to roll out on the play.

    Neal made his break and recorded an interception in the intra-squad scrimmage.

    "It felt pretty good, but all picks feel good," Neal said. "This one felt exceptionally good. When Beck started rolling out, Davis started running a curl pattern. I started to break on the curl and caught it in stride."

    Neal is battling for a starting spot at cornerback. There was some talk of Neal filling in at free safety, but he said he has never played safety in his life, and doesn't expect to see that changing any time soon.

    If Neal doesn't win the starting job at cornerback, he hopes to land the nickel back slot on passing downs.

    "I've been making plays all week," Neal said. "Whenever you run this kind of coverage you get a whole lot more opportunity to make plays on the ball. We want to make interceptions. That is what we are expected to do."

    Neal also learned a valuable lesson during his runback.

    "When I caught it, I was so excited that I just all over the place, and didn't hit the sidelines," said Neal, from Ashley High School in Wilmington. "The coach reminded me about that.""

    Barring injuries the NU offensive line is set with Carl Nicks at left tackle, Andy Christensen at left guard, Brett Byford at center, Matt Slauson at right guard, and Lydon Murtha at right tackle. It will be our best line since 1997.

    Sports shorts

    Joe Dailey has switched to receiver for the North Carolina Tar Heels.
  • 20 ugliest

  • Sunday, August 12, 2007

    Sport Shorts

    Unbelievable how some Nascar drivers always have to blame somebody else. This writer has watched the Harvick/Montoya/Burton/ Truex wreck a number of times. How in the world can Kevin Harvick blame Montoya for the wreck that put both of them out. Montoya blocked Truex who then bumped Montoya and sent him out of control but he was still in his line. Harvick comes down and hits Harvick.

    After the wreck, Harvick pulls his car up and blocks Montoya so he can't go to the pits. He then approaches Montoya and you can guess what was said by Harvick. After Harvick shoves Montoya, Montoya shoves Harvick a number of times as Harvick is in his face yelling you know whats at him. In the interview even after he is told Montoya was hit by Truex, Harvick says he wants to kick his *ss. That alone will be a 25 point reduction and a $25,000 fine. My guess is Harvick will lose valuable points and will receive a $50,000 fine AND will be put on probation. Montoya will be fined with a possible probation placed on him. Isn't Nascar racing fun?!?!

    Craig Corriston may get a look as NU's punter. The baseball player would have to switch to a football scholarship if he decides to do so. If he would win the punter's job, it would be similar to what Daren Erstad did as a Cornhusker.
  • theparisnews

  • Here we go with the start of the NFL season predictions. One of this writer's favorite columnist is Jerome Soloman of the Houston Chronicle. See his NFL power ratings.
  • Houston Chronicle

  • li>

    Saturday, August 11, 2007

    Brandon Jackson has a bulk of the carries!

    The Packers won 13-9. Brandon Jackson ran the ball 16 times for 57 yards. His longest run was 15 yards. His best production came in the second half. He also caught one ball for one yard. He had no touchdowns but it is exciting that the former University of Nebraska running back had most of the carries and had the most yards rushing.

    In baseball news Joba Chamberlain did not play tonight.

    However, Alex Gordon was 3-3 tonight with a triple and a home run. He had two runs and two RBI's. Probably his finest game of the year as he made some very good defensive plays. The Royals beat Toronto 4-1!!

    Top Two Nebraska Running Backs Injured!

    Marlon Lucky left practice today with a potential concussion. Hopefully this won't hurt his future at running back. Cody Glenn continues his leg injuries as he watched practice with a hamstring injury. Quentin Castille, a true freshman and Major Culbert, who has moved over from the defensive side are our next two running backs.

  • Castille
  • is receiving receiving rave reviews. The question is if Culbert and Castille are ready to step up and be our featured backs, if necessary. Roy Helu is also a freshman that shows a lot of promise.

    Trevor Robinson watched practice today! Hopefully that is good news. Any recruits that want to become part of the NU 2008 class will need to make decisions this year earlier due to the class filling up faster than normal.

    Video of the Week

    You just can't help but smile or laugh on this one!
  • Friday, August 10, 2007

    Brandon Jackson will start this week!


    Brandon Jackson will start for Green Bay Saturday night against Pittsburgh. The Milwaukee Journal reports "The Packers only have three healthy halfbacks for the Steelers game Saturday, which means rookie Brandon Jackson will be handling a good portion of the work. Ideally, the Packers would like to work in a rotation of their backs during the game, but their desire to see Jackson, their second round pick and leader out of the gate for the starting job." Vernand Morency is out due to a knee injury. He was listed #1 before his injury. Brandon will start and play most of the first half. Jackson has had some protection issues on passing plays but word is he is improving. It is important they protect Brett Favre.

    Jackson, who left for the draft early, would have been a senior at Nebraska this year. He ran for 835 yards in the final nine games of the season. He was a first-team All Big-12 pick. He had a 5.3 average in carries and had eight TD's. He caught 33 passes for 313 yards and two TD's last year also. If Jackson wins the starting job he will take over for last year's starter, also from Nebraska, Ahman Green.

    Joba does it again!

    Former Nebraska player Joba Chamberlain pitched magnificently tonight for two innings. He struck out four batters and gave up no hits or walks. Great job! The Yankees won 6-1.

    Wednesday, August 08, 2007

    Second Round of the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year

    Marlon Lucky and Cody Glenn tied in this week's poll. The media's choice, Chase Daniels, only received 20% of the votes and was eliminated. So the finalists at the mid-way point are Colt McCoy, Texas, and Marlon Lucky and Cody Glenn, running backs from Nebraska. Sounds a little bias so far.

    Check out this week's poll and vote.

    Sports Today 8-8-07

    Bonds Blasts 756
    Incase you have been living under a rock, Barry Bonds has been chasing history the last couple weeks. He finally caught it last night when he hit homerun #756 to put him alone as MLB's homerun king, passing "Hammerin" Hank Aaron. It was an emotional night for Bonds, Giants fans and Major League Baseball. Congrats Barry!!

    New Yorker Catches 756

    A 22 year old man, passing through San Francisco, caught the homerun ball hit by Barry Bonds. The ball is estimated at $400,000-$500,000, but Mark McGwire's 70th homerun back in 1998 went for 3.3 million. The fan bought his ticket right before the game because of a layover at the airport.

    Quinn Inks Deal With Browns

    The Cleveland Browns finally signed second, first round pick Brady Quinn to a 5 year deal worth 20.2 million. He is guaranteed 7.75 million and the contract could be worth as much as 30 million with escalators. Quinn may not have the starting job after missing 11 days of training camp. Browns coach Romeo Crennel noted that Quinn looked lost in his first practice, so he may have a long ways to go. Raiders first round pick, first overall, JaMarcus Russell is still unsigned and as of right now, they seem to be miles apart with the negotiations. The only other first rounder that is unsigned is New York Jets cornerback, Darrelle Revis, 14th overall pick.
    Info from

    Tuesday, August 07, 2007

    USC news

    The latest news on the USC football team!

  • Information on Texas and Oklahoma. See what they say about Nebraska.
  • HuskerlandPrep predicts this year's Top 10 by Class

    HuskerlandPrep has come out with this year's high school Top 10. Local teams are scarce with Grand Island #10 in Class A, McCook #1 in Class B, Hastings #8 in Class B, Overton #2 in Class D-1, and Pleasanton #9 in D-2.
  • HuskerlandPrep
  • Chamberlain does well in MLB debut!

    Roger Clemens pitched a two-hitter for six innings. The Yankees won 9-2 tonight against Toronto. But the highlight of the game was that Joba Chamberlain pitched for the first time in the MLB and for the New York Yankees. The New York Yankees have a lot of young pitchers in their organization but they have moved up Joba at a rapid rate.

    In the eighth inning, Chamnberlain struck out Olmeda, then Johnson grounded out. Lyle Oberlay walked and then Alex Rios singled to right field. Wells then flied out and Chamberlain had his first inning pitched in the majors. The Yankees went with Chamberlain in the 9th with a 9-2 lead. Thigpen stuck out, Luna walked and then Hill hit into a double play. Chamberlain had two innings pitched, two KO's, two walks, one hit and NO runs.

    Shane Komine pitched for the Giants a couple of times but Chamberlain looks like he could stay in the major leagues for a while.

    Are you a Yankee fan yet? You have to admit it will be fun to follow his progress.

    Wednesday, August 01, 2007

    First winner of Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year

    The first round of the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year are complete. Colt McCoy won with 88% of the vote. Joe Ganz of Nebraska finished with 12% of the vote. Two running backs, Allen Patrick of Oklahoma and Tony Temple of Missouri received no votes. This weeks group include Chase Daniels, the media's choice as Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year. Also included are two NU running backs and Adarius Bowman, receiver for Oklahoma State. Vote!!