Monday, December 06, 2010

This writer is in hiding after loss to Oklahoma!

Nebraska's offense was ineffective the last two and and a half quarters of the Big 12 Championship and lost 23-20. This writer attended the game and what looked early like a NU blowout ended in a collapse of the offense and a loss.

Points this writer noted during the game:

The game turned around when NU was ready to go up 24-3 and we threw into a crowd of OU players and the pass was picked off.

I kept thinking we would replace the QB or let Burkhead take over more of the game but it didn't happen.

Nebraska fumbled 42 times this year which affected drives even though we lost only 21 of them. Fumbles killed NU all year.

The defense played well but we can't put ever game on the defense to win.

The line seemed to block harder and have more urgency when Burkhead was in the wildcat.

Why did we send Martinez deep on a key play to catch a pass when he didn't run much of the game?

The offense got worse as the year went compared to a team that improved in 2009.

Nebraska shouldn't complain about the bowl when we could have played in the Fiesta with a win.

I wonder now how tough next year will be with losing a lot of very good defensive players this year and having no clear direction or improvement going into next year on offense.

Enough of that but I just wonder how Scott Frost would be directing the offense next year. He has been voted as one of five young assistants that have a great future. Former player who is from Nebraska???

We need some good recruits at the wide receiver position. This needs to be an emphasis. Recruiting has emphasized defensive players the last three years. We need wide receivers and hopefully an offense that they can excel in. Run the ball down their throats and then pass when we need to or as a way to throw off the defense. Throw deep now and then. Open up the field and of course, run the fullback.

In men's basketball, the win over USC looks pretty good right now. USC knocked off Texas last night in California by 17 points.