Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sports in General

The NU basketball team continues to compete hard. They have four pretty good players in Alex Marik, Jamel White, Marcus Perry, and Charles Richardson. What they are lacking is more depth especially under the basket. Alex can't do it alone but besides him we have no other rebounding or scoring threats. With seven new recruits coming in next year will be brighter if Mariks stays. We will miss Charles Richardson as he is talented enough to start for about any college team.

The NU women's team contines to roll. The 25th ranked Huskers beat Kansas by 20 on Saturday. They are pretty good so if you get a chance to watch them you won't be disappointed.

Shawn Watson is the new offensive coordinator for the NU football team. He is definately qualified. We will miss Jay Norvell who is going to UCLA. How about Tom Osborne filling Shawn Watson's position? It has so many positives for recruiting and the overall image of the program.

You have to like Doc Sadler!

What are the chances of the NU men beating KU on Monday night? I think NU has a good chance to win but KU would have to be favored by 8-10 points. NU will beat a couple of powers this year. Will this be the first one? My score KU 72-NU 64.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

First time in 2007

We has quite the ice storm. This has made it difficult to have access to internet.

The Texas-Nebraska basketball game is tomorrow night in Lincoln. Should be interesting to see how NU tries to stop Kevin Durant, the best freshman in America. Go see him play because he will be in the NBA next year. Nebraskan Matt Hill may be limited in action for the Longhorns as he has been slowed by injury. Texas will have a hard time stopping Mariks as his size and strength should be a factor. DJ Augustyn and Abrams will need to be stopped if they get hot shooting threes. It will be a battle of who can win the mismatches. Fouls could be a factor also. Look for a close one til the end and enjoy.

What is your predicted score? I'll go with Texas 69-NU 63.

I love Doc Sadler. He is inspiring and is fun to watch.