Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Five years ago today!

Just five years ago today, my dad was rushed to Bryan Hospital as his health was deteriorating. Dad was my best friend. He died a week later but he did have the chance for family and friends to visit him that last week. We miss him!!

Also that same day we had a house fire that was described by the Holdrege Fire Department as "one of the hottest in years." We were out of our house for about six months while it was repaired. With everything going on with dad, it just wasn't a big deal at that time or even today.

September 27, 2006 was a very memorable day for our family. Dad is now in a better place but I miss him each and every day.

Nebraska has to play very well to stay with Wisconsin

This writer thinks last week's game was Nebraska's best of the season. Yes, better than Washington. Nebraska just did more things well last week. Anytime we can gain over 330 yards on the ground, we are playing well. The defense gave up some yards but not a lot of points.

Best of all the offensive line played its best game and had some nice holes for the backs. On the passing side, we did some things well and some not so well. But we are getting better.

This week versus Wisconsin, we must establish the run game against a great run defense. We must pass to our tight ends especially Kyler Reed. Reed may have a couple of touchdowns and look to Legate to be active in the passing game. Burkhead will run pretty well but they will make us pass.

On defense we need to play the nickel and dime backs more to stop their QB Russell. Except for linebacker David I am not sure we have the speed to contain him. Will we have a different defense this week to put more speed on the field to stop their running game? That's my guess. Not any huge changes but enough to confuse the Wisconsin offense.

They other key is to put pressure on the quarterback but contain him from long runs.

Nebraska can win this game but for right now I am looking Wisconsin 30 Nebraska 27. With a break or two, Nebraska can win.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cornhuskers win in a high scoring affair!

This writer never expected this game to a track meet but that's what Saturday turned into. It seemed like the defense let them score quickly at times so they could see if the offense could come back and score. Just kidding of course.

The offense is getting better or Washington wasn't that great of a defensive team. I don't think Washington's defense is that bad so we are getting better.

But the defense was beaten eight to ten times by the long pass. Thank goodness their passes were errant most of the time. Wow, what is happening. Seems like our players were confused by the play action passes and we didn't adjust very well. Somewhere between the cornerbacks and safeties we aren't getting the job done. I would guess this week that there is some major coaching going on to correct all this. Yes, we could use Dennard but we shouldn't be off that far, should we?

The offensive line played better this week. We have a long ways to go to be a team that might challenge for the national championship. A long ways. Our receivers will only improve and our running backs are very good. Taylor Martinez can run and throw the long ball but needs to improve his touch on the shorter passes. We have to have those to succeed.

Nebraska is probably a Top 20 team right now but this writer isn't ready to say they are Top Ten material. We will see in the next couple of weeks.

The Nebraska offense has scored 40 plus points in the first three games for the first time since 1995. That year we won the national championship!!

Can Nebraska get 40 points this week vs. the Wyoming Cowboys. I think so. I am looking for a score of 40-14.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Huskers need improvement but it will come!

The second half of the Fresno St game showed the Huskers can play ball. It gives us hope that this young team will get better.

The defense showed some weaknesses and this week they will get better. This writer is concerned with our linebackers speed, except for David. Also the defensive line has to get much better and play up to their potential. It appears the secondary is making a lot of mistakes and men are wide open. This has to get fixed. This writer would like to see more of Lance Thorell in the game. We seem to play better when he is on the field.

The offensive line just plainly has to improve. They are young but for Nebraska to have a good season, let alone a great season, it has to get much better. Without that other teams can gang up on Taylor Martinez and we will have trouble. This writer would like to see Jamal Turner more involved in the game plan. Maybe he could line up as wildcat like Burkhead has in the past. This could be pretty awesome getting his hands on the ball more.

The defense is better this week but the offense has to prove themselves before I can get too excited.

This week it looks like Nebraska 21 Washington 14. That's as optimistic as I can get offensively.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Nebraska wins game two!

Nebraska wins this week vs. Fresno St. 34-3. Look for Taylor Martinez and Rex Burkhead to have great games. Also one of the three backup freshmen running backs will have a long touchdown run. Who will it be. Jamal Turner will have a couple of great plays on offense. Special teams will play well.

On defense, Nebraska has to rise to the occasion and they will. Nebraska will have three or more turnovers this week and four or more sacks.

Nebraska improves in week two!!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Nebraska gets a basketball recruit

Shavon Shields is coming to play basketball for Nebraska. Shavon is the son of Will Shields, a standout for Nebraska and an All-Pro lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs. Shields is a 6'4" guard and had offers from Long Beach State, Wyoming, and Weber State. There was also interest from Stanford. Shields has a three star ranking with Rivals.com.

Former Nebraska running back Brandon Jackson has been put on IR for the rest of the season with the Cleveland Browns.

Adi Kunalic was released by the Carolina Panthers and Steve Octavian was released by the Browns.

Ricky Henry has been put on the practice squad for the Packers. but Chris Brooks was released by the Colts. Anthony West was released by the 49ers along with Philip Dillard by the Giants.

Lydon Murtha has been put on IR by the Dolphins.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Nebraska's first game is good and not so good!


Nebraska is a young, young team. Nebraska started a number of freshmen and sophomores in their first game of the season. Three of the offensive line members were in these two classes. Tyler Moore became the first true freshmen lineman ever to start his first game. Quincy Enunwa is a sophomore and started at receiver. Jamal Turner is a true freshman at receiver and should start soon. Taylor Martinez is only a sophomore and the three backup running backs are all true freshmen. Jason Ankrah (sophomore) started at defensive end. Ciante Evans (sophomore) and Andrew Green (RSfreshman) started at our corners. Courtney Osborne (sophomore) started at safety.

2. Nebraska committed only three penalties and the offensive play-calling was very efficient. It has been a long time since this has been the case.

3. Playmakers. Nebraska has more playmakers than it has had in a long time. Nebraska will be the fastest team in the Big 10. This team may be the fastest team Nebraska has ever had. That doesn't mean we are the best, but we will be the fastest. Damien Stafford (safety)played like an NFL linebacker we will see him on the field more as the season goes. Jamal Turner is a Johnny Rodgers clone with size. We need to get him more involved. Ameer Abdullah also looked very good at times and will break a punt return soon.

4. Nebraska did show enough of their offense to make other teams' game preparation difficult. We ran out of the option, I-Back, pistol, shotgun, and a diamond formations.

5. Our special teams were excellent. Brett Maher looks like a keeper.

6. Taylor Martinez can get to full speed in three steps. Just unbelievable.


1. The offensive line was a disappointment. We looked bigger and stronger but on a lot of plays we, in no way, dominated the line. Our three freshmen backs need some kind of hole because they are not power runners, at this point.

2. Taylor Martinez zeros in on his receiver and throws a little to late a lot of the times. There are very few plays that the defensive back doesn't have a chance to get his hand on the ball.

3. We do not run the option very well at all. Just doesn't look like we can do much with it at this time.

4. This writer hated to see Lance Thorell dislocate his shoulder during the game. He made some good plays while he was in there.

Hopefully we will improve between the first game and next week's game with Fresno State. Fresno State will be a very tough team to beat.


Nebraskans in the NFL

This last week in the NFL the following Nebraskans accomplished these stats:

Philadelphia/Alex Henery/ One for two in FG's with a 49 yarder. He was also three for three in extra points
Tampa Bay/Larry Asante/ Two unassisted tackles with two assisted tackles
Washington/Niles Paul/ Three catches for 21 yards
Washington/Dujon Gomes/ One unassisted tackle and two assisted tackles
Carolina/Adi Kunalic/One for One in FG's with a 20 yarder and 1/1 in extra points
Cleveland/Steve Octavian/One tackle
Chicago/Zach Bowman/One tackle
Kansas City/Demorrio Williams/ Two tackles
New Orleans/Scott Shanle/Two tackles
Buffalo/One unassisted tackle and one assisted tackle
Indianapolis/Chris Brooks/ One catch for 26 yards
Baltimore/Sam Koch/ Eight Punts for an average of 44.8 yards
St. Louis/Josh Brown/One for one on FG's with a 35 yarder and 3/3 in extra points
Jacksonville/One catch for 20 yards
New England/Danny Woodhead/Two runs for 11 yards
Arizona/Stewart Bradley/One interception

Friday, September 02, 2011