Monday, July 30, 2007

New stars will arise at NU this year!

Every year we have new players step up and star at Nebraska. This year it will be Cody Glenn. He will be better than Marlon Lucky who, by the way, will play in the NFL. Glenn needs to stay healthy but he is fast and can break a lot of tackles.

Our other breakout player this year will be receiver Todd Peterson. He will be the top receiver for NU. Other great receivers will be Nunn, Swift, and Purify.

At QB, this writer agrees with most that we will see Sam Keller start but Joe Ganz will also be a crowd favorite when he plays. He can run and pass and should be a real threat.

On defense, look for N. Suh to be a crowd favorite as he will excel at sacks and tackles. Our linebackers will also be the conference's best with Ruud, Octavian, and McKeon. Wouldn't it be great to line up Octavian at defensive end. Zac Bowman will excel when he gets healthy which could be sooner than later!

Its time to get fired up for college football!

Turn up the sound and get fired up!!
  • Virginia Tech Enter Sandman Entrance
  • Alamo Bowl-Nebraska vs Michigan-final play

    This was an unbelievable at the end of the game Watch and enjoy as much as you can.
  • Final play-Alamo Bowl

  • Now really enjoy the highlights and the music!
  • Michigan-Nebraska Bowl Highlights
  • Sunday, July 29, 2007

    Video of the Week

    Each week you will see a video that uniques. This week is no different.
  • Editor notes

    Nebraska has signed received two more verbal commitments this week. They are D.J. Woods, a receiver from Ohio and Josh Williams, a defensive end from Texas. This brings to 18 the number of oral commitments. NU will probably sign 23-28 recruits in the 2008 class. It looks to me like if you want to be part of the group, you better sign soon. It is starting to fill up faster than normal. The numbers do not include Trev Robinson who is reconsidering his decision.

    D.J. Woods is a 6' 169 pound receiver who runs the 40 in 4.35. Just to put things into perspective, that is nine seconds faster than this writer can run it. He had other offers from Auburn, Penn St., Michigan St., Iowa, Ohio State, and West Virginia. He is rated three star but with the teams that have made offers, it sounds like he should be a four. Woods may be looked at as a return specialist. Last year he returned four kickoffs of which three were for TD's. He also returned two of three punts for TD's. He averaged 20 yards a catch his junior year.

    Josh Williams is the 13th ranked weakside linebacker in the 2008 class. He is also a three star but could move up. He is 6'4" and weighs 220 lbs. He had offers from Oklahoma State, San Diego St, Texas Tech, Arizona, Arkansas, and Missouri.

    Information was obtained from and

    Saturday, July 28, 2007

    Caption #3

    Write your caption for this picture in the comment box!! Let's see some good ones.

    2007 football season predictions continued...........

    Earlier we predicted the first six games of the season. We have wins over Nevada, Wake Forest, Ball State, and Iowa State. Wake Forest was originally listed as a toss-up but has been changed to a win. We have a loss to USC. USC has the best talent yet but NU has the home field advantage. Should be a great game with tickets selling on e-bay for $300-$1,000. Then comes Missouri who we have as a toss-up at this time. Missouri has its offense back and is always a mystery. They'll play us tough but we'll lose to a Kansas or Kansas State and NU will win the North Division.

    Now moving on..............

    Oklahoma State
    Oklahoma State destroyed us in the second half last year at Stillwater. This year we have them home. They return fifteen starters with eight on offense and seven on defense. QB Booby Reid leads the Big 12's most potent offense. Zac Robinson will also play QB this year. Wide out Adarius Bowman and RB Dantrell are a big part of this explosive offense. NU will win the game as their offensive line will control OSUs defensive line. OSU lost their three top interior linemen.

    Texas A & M

    A & M was 9-4 last season but has to come to Lincoln in 2007. They have nine returning starters on offense. They only have five on defense. A & M did not draft a singly player from last year's squad which means they have most of their real talent back. Their QB is Stephen McGee and he is a good one. Should be a great game but NU wins.

    Man, we should have won this game last year! Oh well. Texas went 10-3 last year. They have seven offensive starters coming back with six defensive starters returning. Texas did lose three offensive linemen and three of four defensive backs. Colt McCoy is back along with along with their starting RB Charles. This looks to be a loss at Austin. Predicted record so far is 6-2-1.


    I love Coach Mangini! The last three games with Kansas have all been tight. NU is now better in talent and even though the game is in Lawrence, NU will win this game. Kansas has fourteen starters back with only six on offense. KU has a new offensive coordinator trying to restructure their offense which allows NU to have the advantage in a close one.

    Kansas State

    Kansas State does have sixteen starters back with eight on both offense and defense. Josh Freeman does not have a lock on the QB job after a poor performance in the Spring Game. This writer hopes he does start because the fans at Memorial Stadium will be fired up. NU wins at home!!

    Colorado will finish second in the Big 12 North behind NU. They have seventeen starters back and we play the in Boulder. If CU can find a good QB which they will by this game, the finish will be close. This is almost a toss-up game but NU has too much strength and NU will win.

    Final record before conference playoffs will be 9-2-1. Missouri right now is a toss-up at Columbia. We'll change this before the game. As you can see, except for Iowa State, Ball State, and Kansas State this season will be very tough. NU will be exceptional on defense. They will be improved at QB unless injuries change things. NU wins the North Division with Colorado second, and Missouri third.

    Vote for your choice of Big 12 Offensive Play of the Year!

    For the next four weeks you can vote from a group to determine four weekly winners. At that time we will vote from the four weekly winners to determine your choice for the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year!

    Wednesday, July 25, 2007

    Entertainment time!

    This is the top video of the month as this writer see it. What do you think?
  • Inspired by Britney
  • Zac Taylor released by the Bucs

    Zac Taylor had a tough outlook as he was listed as the #5 QB for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yesterday he was released by them which will open up another team to sign him. This could be good news for Taylor is he can get picked up by the right team. Staying any longer in Tampa Bay may have hurt his chances with all the QB's they had. Read further.........
  • Buccaneers
  • Sunday, July 22, 2007

    Carl Edwards crashes at Nebraska Speedway!

    Scott Boehler just reported that Carl Edwards was in a major wreck at the I-80 Nebraska Speedway a short while ago. There were five cars in the wreck on the dirt track. It was a late model division race. The announcer said that he got his hand caught in the steering wheel. As he got in the ambulance, he waved to the crowd. Hopefully he will be ok for the Brickyard 400 next week. Carl Edward's brother was also in the race and was involved in the wreck.

    You write the caption! 2

    What should the caption be under this picture! This is your chance to use humor or be serious. Give your comments in the comment section. Thank you for participating!

    Friday, July 20, 2007

    You write the caption!

    What should the caption be under this picture! This is your chance to use humor or be serious. Give your comments in the comment section. Thank you for participating!

    Purify gets one game suspension!

    Maurice Purify gets a one game suspension for his punishment for getting two citations in Lincoln. This was announced by Bill Callahan. Also, there will be other items Purify will need to complete such as community service and additional work that Purify will need to abide by. In the plea bargain with the courts, Purify will be not be allowed to go into establishments that mainly serve alcohol and he will be subject to random alcohol checks by officials. Seems fair. The case is closed as long as Purify follows his program for improvement. This writer thinks he will.

    The Cubs and Royals continue to roll. The Royals were led by Gil Meche who pitched seven innings and gave up only two earned runs against good Detroit Tiger team. Billy Butler was 4-5 with four RBI's. The Cubs were led by Aramis Ramirez, who hit a home run and had four RBIs. Jason Marquis pitched 7 2/3 innings and gave up only two earned runs. The Cubs should win their division and the Royals will soon be mentioned as a possible wild card. WOW!

    Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    Editor speaks out!

    Its time for all of you to see what this writer looks like. Some say I look like Tom Cruise or Paul Newman which I find flattering. I don't really think I am quite that good looking and I am sort of fat.

    Anyway Tom Brady better watch out. It was reported today that
  • Gisele
  • , his model girlfriend, is making between $33-37 million a year for people just to take pictures of her. This writer doesn't need the money and if she could just see what this writer looks like doesn't take long to figure out he wouldn't have a chance.

    Are you sick of hearing about Maurice Purify, Barry Bonds, and Michael Vick? Callahan will announce what will happen to Purify when he is ready. Barry Bonds will break the home run record when the time is right. Babe Ruth didn't play when black people could play so should he have an asterisk? Henry Aaron probably played when things were more fair and deserved more recognition than he got or still has received today. Barry Bonds played part of his career when steroids were being used but the pitchers and everybody else were taking them too. So, who deserves the record? Barry Bonds! And the media needs to give Henry Aaron the attention he never got. He was great and has had the most prestigious record in sports.

  • Michael Vick
  • had dog fights and was cruel to dogs!! PETA is going berserk. But isn't there more important things to discuss in life than the fact that a player killed some dogs or used them for gambling?

    This writer is sick of politics. It has gone too far!!! Has the media lost connection with the American public. Most Americans don't rate the media very high, but they are the first to run to the TV to watch stories on Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. These stories create a ratings bonanza for them. It shouldn't but only we can change the trend. This writer will stick to the Andy Griffith Show!

    The NU 2008 football recruiting class presently has five Nebraska kids (If we keep Robinson), three kids from California, and one kid from Missouri, Colorado, Louisiana, North Dakota, Iowa, Arizona, Ohio, and Texas. One surprise is we only have one kid from Texas and Oklahoma. Nice to see the Nebraska talent!! Coach Busch and Wyatt have been mentioned a lot by the kids being recruited.

    Chris Patrick has signed with the NY Giants. Warren Swain, our previous football radio voice before Jim Rose, will be announcing for the Ohio Bobcats! Swain announced for the Huskers from 1996 to 2002.

    The Nebraska baseball team lost catcher Jeff Lanning this week but picked up Drew Grey, a catcher from a Division II school from Arkansas. Grey was picked in the 27th round of this year's draft.

    What a day in sports!!

    Monday, July 16, 2007

    Agricultural news!

    A pig farmer from Canada is on trial for killing prostitutes and feeding them to his pigs. Guess who ate the pigs. Maybe its the pills I am taking for my back but this story is so weird I couldn't leave it alone. I just couldn't. Poor things.
  • theglobeandmail

  • Vote in our new poll on the consensus top four teams for 2007 college football!! What other polls would you like to see? Top Big 12 football teams? NU's final rank in the football national polls this year? How many games the NU football team will win this year? Who will win the World Series? Let us know.

    The St. Louis Cardinals, last year's baseball champs, will not make it to the playoffs this year. They would have to win 62% of their games and Milwaukee and the Cubs would have to play .500 ball for the rest of the year for the Cardinals to get in. This isn't going to happen.

    Now that Soriano is hitting well, the Cubs have won 15 of 19 games. Pitching is good too. Lee is hitting. Of course they should be good after spending $300 million this year. Today the Cubs acquired Jason Kendell from the A's. He has been a great hitter over the years and should bolster the club. Look for the Cubs to challenge and then fade as always at the end or will they?

    The Royals are playing pretty well too. Their season depends on pitching from now on. They need more home runs too. Next year they will challenge!!

    Joseph Duarte of the Houston Chronicle talks about how the North Division plays a much tougher non-conference schedule than the South Division. Nebraska has the toughest schedule of the Big 12 teams. Here is what
  • the Houston Chronicle reports.
  • Sports Today 7/16/07

    UNK Football to be on TV
    The TV station CSTV is working on getting more Division II sports on national television. UNK will be one game that CSTV is televising when they play in state foe, Chadron.

    Phillies Lose 10,000
    The Phillidelphia Phillies became the first team in MLB history to 10,000 loses. They did it last night to the hands of the St. Louis Cardinals.

    Stewart Wins- First in 20 Races
    Tony Stewart won the USG Sheetrock 400 at Chicagoland. This is Stewarts first win in his last 20 races. This is Stewarts longest drought since his rookie season. After this race Jeff Gordon is still in the points lead. He is 303 points of Denny Hamlin.

    NL Central is Heating Up
    The Chicago Cubs are really starting to put some heavy pressure on the first place Brewers. The Cubs have won their first three games since the All-Star break and are now 3.5 games behind the Brewers.

    Sunday, July 15, 2007

    Cell phone could be filthier than a toilet?

    Good grief. If it isn't one thing then its another. I guess we just don't let anybody use our cell phone but let's not get too carried away!
  • CNN on Cell Phones

  • Brian Duensing, the former Husker, has moved up to AAA. He plays for the Minnesota Twins farm club in Rochester. For the year he is 10-3 with a 2.91 ERA. He has pitched 105 innings and has KO'd 78 and walked 23. We may see him in the majors soon. Who will be first, Joba or Brian?

    Joba pitched yesterday and won his game. He pitched seven shutout innings giving up three hits, walking one, and striking out nine. WOW!

    Omaha Royal's Craig Brazell may accomplish a rare feat. He is going after 50 home runs in the minors this year.

  • This is the worst accident ever. Don't watch unless you think you can handle it!
  • YouTube
  • Saturday, July 14, 2007

    Sports Shorts

    Ohio Bobcats name their non conference schedule. It includes Virginia Tech and Wyoming.
  • Ohio Bobcats

  • This week's NASCAR race at Chicago will be interesting. Usually this race is boring but this one may be different as there are so many teams fighting for points. No top five qualifying team has ever won this race. Two have won that qualified 5-10 and two have won qualifying 11-15. There has only been six races at Chicago. This week's winner will be Jimmie Johnson. Matt Kenseth and Jeff Gordon will be second and third. a dark horse this week. Watch it!!

    What is the all-time scandal? USA TODAY has listed their top 25. Interesting! As you read these you will find yourself saying "Oh yeah, I forgot about that!"
  • Thursday, July 12, 2007

    Chris Patrick is passed over!

    Chris Patrick was not drafted in the supplemental draft today by the NFL. See what his agent has to say about the situation!
  • Lincoln Journal Star

  • Barrett Ruud is listed as the #1 middle linebacker for Tampa Bay. Looks like he has come a long way!! Right now Zac Taylor is not listed in the top four QB's and Matt Herian is not in the top four TE's. Hopefully things will change for Taylor and Herian.

    JUCO star linebacker commits to Nebraska. He is not big but he is fast!
  • Daily Pilot

  • Aaron Neville sings one of George Jones originals.
  • Tuesday, July 10, 2007

    Sunday, July 08, 2007

    News Flash

    Today Joba Chamberlain plays in the All-Star Futures Game in San Francisco. The game is scheduled for 3:00 on ESPN2. He will be the only representative of the New York Yankees. Since going to Double A, Chamberlain is 3-1 and has 48 strikeouts in 27 2/3 innings. His ERA is 2.26. For the 2007 year, Chamberlain is 7-1 and has 99 strikeouts in 67 2/3 innings. Thursday night he won 2-0 with 12 strikeouts.

    Last year Alex Gordon and Billy Butler were the stars in this game. Butler was named MVP with a two-run homer and a single. Gordon had to RBIs.

    Luke Hochevar, an upcoming star of the Kansas City Royal's organization, is also on the team.

    See more about the game and the rosters by visiting
  • .

    Friday, July 06, 2007

    Sports Shorts

    Shang Ping has some good moments at the Omaha Basketball league game. He scored around 16 points. He needs to work on his free throws as he is not very good in that department.

  • More on the hot dog eating contest. Look what one blogster did that day and see pictures of the festivities.
  • Deadspin

  • Nebraska is well represented in the Canadian Football League. Remember Patrick Kabongo who played in the defensive interior line for Nebraska. I always loved his enthusiasm. Kabongo is now playing right tackle for the Edmonton team. He is developing as one of the best in the league.

    Barron Miles plays defensive back for British Columbia. He led the league in interceptions last year and had a great interception this week against Edmonton.

    Sandro DeAngelis, who never quite made it at Nebraska, is a record making field goal kicker for Calgary. He has now made it big. Mike Erickson is a second team tackle for Calgary. Marc Boerigter from Hastings College is a starting slotback for Calgary. He played for the Kansas City Chiefs earlier in his pro career and played well.

    Montreal is where Dahran Diedrick plays running back. He had one carry for eleven yards last week.

    And then there is Eric Crouch, who plays for Toronto. He is presently injured and has a tough road ahead of him. Damon Allen, Cal-State-Fullerton, is a 23 year veteran and starts for Toronto. Michael Bishop, the K-State star is second team and Mike McMahon is third team. McMahon started eight games for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2005.

    What Makes Me Angery? Excited?

    Angery: I don't understand suspensions for starting pitchers in Major League Baseball. If a starting pitcher gets into a fight with a position player, they might get a five game suspension. Well, the position player has to sit out 5 games in a row while the pitcher, who only pitches every five days, misses only one start. That doesn't seem fair to me. I think they should have to miss one start for every two games they are suspended for. So if you are suspended six games, you miss three starts. What is your opinion? Right is Chicago Cubs, Derrek Lee and Padres pitcher, Chris Young. Each player recieved a five game suspension.

    Excited: There is talk of a possibility of starting a minor league NFL. I think this would be good for the under developed players and it would give a chance to more people. The setup they are talking about is kind of screwy though. They would taked a few practice squad players from four different NFL teams and make one team. There are 32 different NFL teams, so that would make eight minor league teams. Sounds strange to me. Do you think they should start a minor league NFL?

    Wednesday, July 04, 2007

    66 hotdogs in 12 minutes!

    This writer tried to break Peter Citron's record of eating sweet pickles thirty-some years ago. His record was 67 in three minutes. 57 was consumed on one try only.

    Today Johnny Chestnut, who weighs like 160 lbs, ate 66 hot dogs. Have you ever lined up 66 hot dogs, 66 hot dog buns, and a few gallons of water? It would take at least a day or two to eat that much. He did it in 12 minutes. Why is it twelve and not thirteen. At least thirteen is an unlucky number and it can't be a good day to eat that much. The runner-up only ate 63 but at least his name consists of one word and miracles can happen with those with a name with one word. Like God.

    So what did Mr. Chestnut do the rest of the day? Was he on the pot? Did he take laxatives? Did he induce vomiting? What did his stomach think with hot dog after dog filling it beyond a whales capacity? What kind of toilet paper did he use and how much? Was his doctor present? Does he need time to recover like a boxer? What does Chestnut do to prepare for this contest? Does he do jumping jacks? Why would you even want to eat this much? Will he get endorsements for some hot dog company? Nike won't be involved. This writer thinks this is the real story and somebody needs to cover it?

    See more about this record breaking event at:
  • Sport Shorts

    Nebraska announcer Randy Lee is leaving to go to Western Kentucky. The Hilltoppers welcome him.
  • wkusports

  • Lance Thorell is playing in the Shrine Bowl game on July 28th at Memorial Stadium. The Loomis graduate will play either receiver or defensive back. He will walk on at Nebraska this fall. Thorell was recently named the offensive player of the game for the East in the eight-man all-star game in Hastings. The last Loomis player to be named to the Shrine Bowl was Darren Maaske in 1981. Previous Loomis players that participated were John McClymont in 1969 and Dennis Thorell in 1961.

    And no, Orleans High School never had a participant in the Shrine Bowl. Alma had Dave McCue (1978), Doug Long (1975), Paul Smolik (1974), John Peterson (1970), Jim Woods (1961), Robert Peterson (1960), and Charles Portenier (1959).

    Twenty eight Holdrege High School graduates have played in the Shrine Bowl game.

    How will the Nebraska Cornhusker's basketball team fare in the 2007/8 season. See how Fran Fraschilla sees the season.
  • Tuesday, July 03, 2007

    Matt Turman will be an assistant coach at the Shrine Bowl game!

    On July 28th the 49th annual Shrine Bowl Football Game will take place at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. The South team will be led by Brandon Cool of Kearney High School. Mr. Cool is becoming one of the best high school coaches in Nebraska.

    One of the assistant coaches is Sam Dunn, head coach at Minden High School. Sam is originally from Alma and previously coached Southern Valley before going to Minden. Matt Uher is assisting the South also. He had previously coached Falls City and was only the third coach to take them to the playoffs. He is a new principal at Tri County High School. Andy Means, who coaches for Millard South, is another coach named as an assistant coach. Means is a former Holdrege Duster and starter for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

    The fourth assistant coach is Matt Turman. He coaches the Omaha Skutt football team. But this writer remembers the day Matt started for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. In 1994, Nebraska was 6-0 and headed to its third national championship game. This would be the first for Tom Osborne.

    Nebraska was to face #11 Kansas State in Manhattan. Tommy Frazier was out with blood clots and Brook Berringer was injured with a collapsed lung. Sophmore Matt Turman, our third team QB, would start. Could the national championship be down the tube? The game plan would be simple; run, run and run.

    On Nebraska's second possession, Lawrence Phillips carried the ball on every play of the drive. He scored on a two yard gain to give NU the lead. In the second quarter K-State QB Chad May hit Mitch Running for 29 yard touchdown pass. K-State missed the extra point and Nebraska led at half 7-6.

    Brook Berringer returned the second half but because of his injury was only able to complete 2-7 passes.

    Neither team scored in the third quarter but on a Jeff Mackovicka 15 yard run in the fourth period, NU led 14-6. Later in the game the Huskers ended the scoring with a 24 yard Erstad field goal. NU led 17-6 and that was how the game ended.

    Matt Turman and Brook Berringer played a conservative game and the NU defense dominated that day. K-State was held to a negative seven yards rushing and the K-State QB's were sacked six times and pulled in one interception.

    Nebraska went on and beat Missouri 42-7, Colorado 24-7, Kansas 45-17, Iowa State 28-12, and Oklahoma 13-3. They then played one of the best games a NU team has ever played beating Miami 24-17 in the Orange Bowl.

    This made them national champs and was Tom Osborne's first championship. Matt Turman was an important part of that championship.

    Sunday, July 01, 2007

    What do you like to read?

    Please make comments as to what you would like to read on this blog!! Do you like the newswire or does it turn you off. It was started to give people a chance to read from other sources they usually don't read from. Are there areas you want us to cover. Please let us know.