Sunday, December 27, 2009

Samuel David Baltensperger speaks for the final time before the game!

"Hey YOU! Quit staring at me you moron and listen! Oh you don't think a baby can talk. Well listen to this!! Nebraskers offense is healfy! Helu is healfy. Lee is healfy. The offensith line is healfy. The catchers are ready to block. Nebrasker will have at least four touchdowns. They will rock and roll. It will be sweet. You can yell Suuuuhhh! all you want, but me, I'll be yelling Heluuuuuuuu! You won't catch on until next year to yell Heluuuuuu! Your a little slow moron. Hey you give me back my sucker!! Tank you! Anyway Nebrasker 34 and those other guys 14. The offensith will be the heroes this time! Now let me go back to sleep!"

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Samuel David Baltensperger says!

"Hey you in here with a camera again!!! Why don't you flash the light in somebody else's face! Good grief isn't 60 pictures enough. How I am supposed to sleep!"

Friday, December 25, 2009

Nebraska Bowl results

The Omaha World-Herald has the history of Nebraska's Bowl results.

  • Nebraska Bowl Results

  • Billy Martin's passing was 20 years ago today.

  • Nebraska bowl game is almost here

    The Nebraska football team arrives in San Diego at 9 tonight CDT.

    Prediction is: Nebraska 24 Arizona 17

    I did pretty good on predictions during the regular season. I entered seven FunOffice Pool challenges. Here are the results:
    Burnt Orange Nation (Texas) 1st out of 164
    Corn Nation 10th out of 114
    In the Bleachers 3rd out of 65
    Huskerhorsepower (mine) 1st out of 8
    RTT College Football 22nd out of 90
    The Ralphie Report(Colorado) 3rd out of 115 2nd out of 27

    Then the bowls come along and I have hit hardly anything.I have four entries on a local pool and after six games, I have just one correct answer on each sheet. Last place.

    In the FunOffice Pool entries I have two and they are as follows:
    Corn Nation 10th out of 23
    RTT College Pool 36th out of 55
    WOW, that is really bad. Hope I can right about Nebraska.

    Here's what is going on in the world!

    An approach to cutting players which is never fun for a coach.


  • The Rolling Stones "Just My Imagination"

  • Rolling Stones

  • Al-Qaeda connected to Detroit plane incident.

  • polijamblog

  • This was posted on in 4/09. Lee had quite a day!


  • Charlie Sheen Arrested!

  • Thursday, December 24, 2009

    Merry Christmas!!

    Our focus at Christmas is celebration, salvation, and reconciliation. God gave his son to us so that we can be saved!! Now it is up to us to allow God to guide us to make the right decisions!!


    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    redskins trick play dec 21 2009

    Jim Zorn is about done at Washington

    Husker men beat Tulsa!

    The Husker men beat a team tonight that could finish in the top four of the Big 12 if they were in our conference. The Husker women beat #5 LSU this weekend in a great victory.

    For the men, projected #1 round NBA draft prospect Jerome Jordon was held to twelve points by the Huskers. The 7 footer from Tulsa is one of the top players in the country.

    Read on.......


  • From the OMAHA CAB DRIVER on Twitter:
    Bumper sticker of the day... "If you line up all the cars in the world end to end, someone would be stupid enough to try and pass them."

    What's going on with the Colorado Buffalos and recruiting?

  • How did the Huskers do in the NFL this week?

  • Monday, December 21, 2009

    Sport Shorts

    Parents of recruits love Turner Gill!


  • Converted tight end Zach Potter has been activated by the Jacksonville Jaquars. Congrats to Zach!

    Friday, December 18, 2009

    Let Missouri go to the Big 10!

    How about letting Missouri go to the Big 10 if they do decide to do so. Add TCU to the South and move Oklahoma to the North. We could then have the greatest college football rivalry back with annual games. Nebraska vs Oklahoma

    Tomorrow's games prediction:
    Rutgers 21
    Central Florida 20

    Fresno St. 31
    Wyoming 21

    Southern Mississippi 31
    Middle Tennesse St. 27

    Saturday, December 12, 2009

    Can Nebraska's offense improve next year!

    Returning Starters
    Nebraska returns about everybody except for Jacob Hickman (Center) as starters next year. Nebraska also loses Menelik Holt, Chris Brooks, Derek Meyer, and Andy Christensen. Wes Cammack, who played mostly special teams, also is gone.

    Wide Receivers
    Nebraska has Khiry Cooper, Brandon Kinnie, Niles Paul, Curenski Gilleylen, Antonio Bell, and Will Henry returning. Steven Osborne may be a factor. Our only recruit is Quincy Enunwa. Paul, Kinnie, and Khiry Cooper look like the best of the lot. All receivers must catch the ball more consistently. Paul is a game breaker but we need more fire power. Gilleylen could be that player but hasn't impressed coaches enough to get much playing time. We need a couple of receivers besides Paul to step up next year.

    Offensive Line
    Nebraska has Mike Smith, Keith Williams, Ricky Henry, Marcel Jones, and DJ Jones returning. Mike Caputo looks to be the starting center. Hopefully Javario Burkes can get healthy to play. He would break into the starting lineup. Brent Qvale, Jeremiah Sirles, Nick Ash, and new recruit Jamarus Hardick have to step up. It is my belief that two of these guys need to step into the starting lineup for NU to get better. We need better play in the line. If we have the same linemen playing next year, we will be better but not enough better to have the offense we need to go to the next level. We did this in 09 in defense. That is some new talent played ahead of some players that played a lot in 08.

    Tight Ends
    We have everybody back. We have some pretty good talent at this position. Mike McNiel, Dreu Young, Kyler Reed, and Ben Cotton are all back. Add recruit Chase Harper and we should be in good shape here.

    Running Backs
    Helu, Burkhead, and Robinson are all back. It appears that Mendoza, Okafor, and Ward will not be factors in the future without noticeable development before next year. This could happen for at least one of these backs. There are no recruits at running back for this year. We could use a solid recruit at running back yet this year. We'll see what happens. We saw what injuries can do to a team when you lose a player to start the year and then Helu and Burkhead have injuries. Helu and Burkhead are excellent backs; we just need them to stay healthy.

    Tyler Legate, this year's walk-on MVP, Mike Hays, and CJ Zimmeren are back. LET THE FULLBACKS RUN TWO OR THREE TIMES A GAME. If not we might as well put tight ends in the backfield to block and catch the ball once every other game.

    The offense starts with the quarterback. After the first two games this season, I thought Zac Lee was as good as Joe Ganz. Then we traveled to Virginia Tech and things changed for the rest of the season. Not sure what happened, but Lee become very tentative with his throws. Cody Green may be the answer but has to learn to be so risky when throwing the ball. He has to get more accurate with his throws. On the running side he is a plus. Cody Spano may be the best of the group but who knows now what his injuries will do to his performance level. This writer believes that Cody Green will be the starter next year. With spring ball and fall camp, the coaches hopefully can move him up another level. He does have the running ability to run the offense that Pelini looks like he likes to run.


    Nebraska only has five offensive recruits so far this year. We have three offensive lineman in Jamarcus Hardick, Andrew Rodriquez, and Mike Mundy. We have on wide receiver recruit in Quincy Enunwa. The last recruit is a tightend in Chase Harper. We have some quality recruits on the offensive side but not the numbers we need to bring in some difference makers for the future. There are now no quarterback or running back recruits. Nebraska will probably not bring in any JUCO QB's because, according to Jeremy Crabtree of Rivals, there are no quality quarterbacks left to recruit from a JUCO. Nebraska may get a QB recruit that has committed to another school to look at Nebraska now but that is iffy. Could be that we take two next year's class. Will Ron Kellogg or Taylor Martinez be factors at quarterback?

    The fact that we are apparently looking to more of a running attack, it is surprising a quality kid hasn't signed with Nebraska this year.

    In the past five recruiting classes, there have been 50 offensive players taken and 60 defensive players. Some of the early offensive recruits in the Callahan era were JUCO players and are gone such as Carl Nicks and Maurice Purify. Running back Kenny Wilson got hurt early and never got to play much. Quentin Castille was kicked off the team. Running back Justin Rogers was never in a factor in the the 2008 class. Lester Ward and Collins Okafor were also recruits of that class.

    On defense, player development has been tremendous. I haven't seen this on the offensive side of the ball although how do I really know when you don't attend practices, etc. We will have to have some huge improvement in quarterback play for 2010. There are no new recruits coming in so it appears Cody Green has to improve his throwing and Zac Lee has to gain back his confidence he showed in the first two games this year. They have to get better. The line has some veterans around but I am not sure the improvement has been there. We know it can be done. We have seen it on defense.

    We will need to see some newcomers on the line and at wide receiver next year which means we have increased our talent level and some of the developing players will move ahead of those that have been playing. It will raise the level of play.

    Player development is essential at quarterback and wide receiver. It is just as important for the offensive line. We have to be better at these positions.

    Tuesday, December 08, 2009

    Austin Texas columnist votes Suh ahead of McCoy!

    Kurt Bohls of the Austin Statesman says Suh may be the best defensive player he has ever seen. Great read!


  • Gilly? Gilly? Gilly? GILLY?

  • Collegefootballtopten Reports!

    Thanks Todd for another great year of college football coverage!! Go TCU!

  • Collegefootballtopten
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