Friday, December 28, 2012

Huskers Tangle with Tigers Saturday

Huskers Tangle with Tigers Saturday

Huskers Host Nicholls State on Saturday

Huskers Host Nicholls State on Saturday

UNO women start Summit League play

I love the underdog and  have become interested in the UNO women's basketball team. They are 8-2 and expected to finish last in the Summit League this year but they are playing good ball. UMKC 4-9 was expected to finish second in the league. They play tonight in KC and I will be interested in how they compete.

The NU basketball team may have a new starting lineup. They are looking at moving Talley to point guard and getting Shevon Shield in the game in place of Parker to give them a bigger lineup and offensive weapons. Some teams have played off of Peltz and a little bit on Benny Parker.

Georgia is still favored by ten points. I look to a game that will be closer than that.

Matt Brodine has signed with the practive squad with the St. Louis Rams.

Frank Solich's Ohio team plays today at 1:00 vs. Louisiana/Monroe. Ohio is seven point underdogs. They had a rash of injuries at the end of the year and lost some games.

Georgia runs a 3-4 defense and many times there will only be two down lineman so essentially it goes to a 2-5 defense. I bet they test our offensive line with some blitzs. We will see how the tight ends and the rest of the line handle this.

Aaron Murray will be by far the best throwing quarterback we have faced this year. He doesn't run, which is good for NU, but he will play in the NFL with his throwing ability.

Lets hope defensive juco tackle Ben Bradley agrees to go with NU today. We need lots of depth at that position. We need some high school players to develop also.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Osborne always remained calm.

Rob Zatechka, former member of the NU pipeline had this quote in the Kearney Hub tonight.

“Someone asked Osborne why he never cut loose emotionally. I remember Osborne making the point that if the players see you losing emotional control, whether good or bad, they’re going to lose emotional control, and that’s where you see games spiral out of control.”

Sad news today as Josh Jones announced he will not suit up for Creighton anymore because of his heart ailment. Josh Jones will find a way to make a contribution to society. Maybe coaching or a mentor to the young......he will find a way.

Steve Nash will turn the Lakers season around. He is that good and he is very unselfish.

Nebraska men's basketball player Deverell Biggs has been cited on suspicion of driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident in Omaha last weekend.

Five Texas Longhorns made the Pro Bowl. How does Mack Brown do it? Keep his job that is.

The Huskers have arrived in Orlando. They have their first practice there tomorrow. Look to the Huskers to have a good game and keep it close.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all!

I would like to take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas!!  We are very Blessed. Pray for those that are having struggles through the loss of a loved one, or a loved one is sick, or pray for those that are lonely.

Every year, well-meaning but misguided  people the world over spend $8.6 trillion on unwanted Christmas gifts. The amount of money wasted on Christmas gifts could greatly reduce all global debt and rebuild the devastated infrastructure of every Third World country.

Never thought of this one!!  I had a discussion with an individual that thinks that if we switched our allegiance and contract with Adidas and went with NIKE, Michael Jordon, or Under Armour, we would do more for recruiting than all the facilities we have buildt. Their theory is that the uniforms and sportswear that is used at a college attracts the attention of athletes looking for a college more than the facilities we use. We should probably look into this. I would be curious to know what the athletes really think.

The Nebraska basketball team is rated #204 by the Pomeroy ratings. They are rated the lowest of all other Big 10 teams. Look to Nebraska to win at home against Penn St. and then pull off one or two upsets to end up with around three games in conference play.

Go see the men or women basketball teams this season. If nothing else, on the men's side, is you will see some great teams and athletes in the Big 10. Many will go on to the NBA.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nebraska to win in a close one tonight!

Nebraska needs a win!!  They should get it tonight against Jacksonville St. Nebraska is rated 204th and Jacksonville St. is 234th in the Pomeroy ratings. Jacksonville has a tough defense. I look to Shavon Shields to break out tonight with a nice game.

Nebraska wins 52-48 in a very low scoring affair But they should get the win!!

Gary Anderson of Utah St. may be the top candidate for the Wisconsin job. Will Bill Busch go with him. He is presently the defensive coordinator at Utah St. and he is a former asst. coach at Nebraska.

Huskers Look to Bounce Back vs. JSU

Huskers Look to Bounce Back vs. JSU

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Nebraska/Creighton prediction!

The Huskers will see tonight where they stand in college football going against Top 20 team Creighton. Creighton is very talented. Nebraska has the home court and is rated 179th by Pomeroy. Creighton is 19th although other polls has Creighton as high as 13th in the nation.

Nebraska meets its match tonight. My head says Creighton 74 Nebraska 66. My heart says "Go Huskers!!!"

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Nebraska basketball is doing well!

The Nebraska men's basketball team played a nice game versus USC. USC took several runs at the Huskers but this year they seem to stay with it and keep the lead. They have seldom had long scoring droughts like they have had in the past.

Brandon Ubel lead the team with seven rebounds and four assists adding nine points. Ray Gallegos is the real thing. He had his second 20 point game and has added a shooting touch that Nebraska hasn't had for a while. He scores 32% of the points in this game.

Dylan Talley had a nice game but far from his best. He has been the most consistent player on defense.

Andre Almeida is a blast to watch. Sometimes he looks a little clumsy but he has some real nice plays on offense and defense. Benny Parker continues to contribute and Mike Peltz is improving each game with more playing time. Shavon Shields looks very athlectic and when he gets completely health and gets a little more game time and think he will start to be a big factors in the upcoming games.

This was Nebraska's sixth game at home this year and they have averaged a five point margin in those games. Nebraska actually beat the spread by 14 points.

When the season started Nebraska was rated 216th in the Pomeroy ratings. They have now moved up to 177th. They are headed in the right direction.

The Big 10 is freshishly good this year. The next team up the later is Penn State at 131 and then you go up quite a ways before you find the next team. 

Nebraska plays Creighton Thursday night and I would expect a full house for this one. Creighton should win by 10 or so but we will see how good Nebraska really is that night.

Huskers Announce Webster Signing

Huskers Announce Webster Signing

Monday, December 03, 2012

Georgia and USC

Nebraska didn't do so well Saturday night. Many turned off the tv so they didn't have to watch Wisconsin run all over us. Let's give credit to Wisconsin who named former Nebraskan Bart Miller, their offensive line coach, early after the season started. Chase Rome said that the Wisconsin offensive line was the best NU had faced this season and they were very well coached.

Our weaknesses were not a surprise. We are 95th in the nation in rushing defense. Then we lose Baker Steinkuhler who I think is as good or better than Jared Crick. This kid is good and we definately missed him Saturday night. We are 105th in the nation in turnover margin. That negative trend continued on Saturday night.

I wonder how many yards Taylor Martinez would have had if he played against the NU defense Saturday night. Martinez is only 360 yards short of 4000 total offensive yards in 2012.

Let's look at the positives. Nebraska won six games in a row to earn a chance to the Big Ten Championship. They made us proud. Nebraska is one of four teams in the nation to win nine games each of the last five seasons joins Alabama, Oregon, and Boise St.

Georgia will be a tough contest. They are ranked 5th in the nation and was worthy of playing in a BCS bowl. Georgia won the SEC East and should of won the championship last Saturday against Alabama who is playing in the National Championship game.

The game will be at noon on January 1st in Orlando, Florida. ABC will televise the game.

Georgia is led by junior quarterback Aaron Murray, who is second in the nation in passer rating and has thrown for 31 TD's. On defense they are led by LB Jarvis Jones. The pass defense has only allowed 120 yards passing yards a game. WOW!

Nebraska basketball (men) goes again at home tonight vs. USC. USC has three seven footers. Their record is 3-3 this year under head coach Kevin O'Neill. Kevin Kugler and BTN will televise the game at 7:06.

My prediction is NU 54 USC 53. Yes, a very close game. Should be a blast!!

Almeida is shooting 84% in the last four games. NU has won the last three contests in the last three years by a total of eight points. Nebraska's 51 points in the second half against Wake Forest was the highest point total since 2004. Nebraska's margin of win on the road by sixteen points was the alrgest since 2003.

Shavon Shields should make his second appearance of the year tonight. We need him!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

No. 21 Huskers Fall to No. 11 Terps

No. 21 Huskers Fall to No. 11 Terps

Huskers Top Wake Forest, 79-63

One of the most surprising and finest wins I can remember for a while. Huge win against an ACC in their house. It was a really fun game to watch. Join in on the fun and we will see you Monday night in Lincoln against USC.

Nebraska is moving up but still doesn't have a lot of respect as they are rated No. 200 in the Pomeroy Poll.

Huskers Top Wake Forest, 79-63

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nebraska football!

On a blustery cold day and Nebraska down 7-3 at half at Iowa, Nebraska had lost two of their best players in center Justin Jackson and defensive lineman Baker Steinkuhler. Our defense was getting killed on 1st and 2nd down. Without some sensational plays by Eric Martin, we could have been down another touchdown.  Iowa had recovered two of Nebraska's fumbles and Nebraska, except for their first time consuming drive of the game was lifeless.

But in the second half Nebraska got some help from Superman. Rex Burkhead entered the game. Rex Burkhead was a huge factor in Nebraska's win. Ameer Abdullah had replaced Burkhead very well but I had forgot how good Burkhead was. He is an NFL type player. He is fast, strong, and powerful.

Alonzo Whaley had his best half of the year and had a key interception. Looked like one of those plays that Pelini knew where it was going and Whaley was ready. Whaley led the Huskers with 11 tackles. And how about Chase Rhome. He had his best game ever. He stepped up to replace Steinkuhler and was key to the victory. Crazyman Eric Martin is increasing his value to possibly get drafted. He is playing real well.

And let's not forget about mark Pelini who took over for Justin Jackson. No missed snaps and some nice blocks.

Who thought Ben Cotton would be the leading receiver and Kenny Bell and Jamal Turner wouldn't catch passes. And we still won. Abdullah and Martinex neither one would have more than 50 yards rushing. Superman.

Burkhead had 70 yards on 16 carries in the second half. He scored the winning touchdown. He was inspiring. He was Superman.

60 points will win it for Nebraska!

Look to Nebraska men to go 5-0 tonight with a 60-56 win over Kent State!!!  Watch it on the BTN

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Huskers Look to Remain Unbeaten

Huskers Look to Remain Unbeaten

Illinois will now be annual game!

Sounds like Nebraska will have Illinois join the West division with Maryland and Rutgers going to the East Division. Will this addition help Nebraska recruiting. We will see. There are a lot of Nebraskans in the New Jersey and Washington DC area. Should be great for them!

The Nebraska basketball team will have their biggest challenge on Wednesday night. Tulane can play basketball. They are expected to win 20+ games this year.

I see another very close game with Nebraska 56 Tulane 55.

Tonight the Nebraska women play in Lincoln against 1-2 Sam Houston State. They won't be easy but the Husker women should get one in the win column.

Friday, November 16, 2012

NU will play well tomorrow!!

Nebraska will be too much for the Minnesota Gophers tomorrow. Too much speed, experience, and the home field will allow NU to win 42-17. This one won't go down to the wire!!  NU all the way.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nebraska Outlasts Valparaiso in Lincoln

Nebraska Outlasts Valparaiso in Lincoln

Nebraska men's basketball has big win!

The Nebraska men won a big game tonight in Lincoln against Valporaiso 50-48. Nebraska was led by Brandon Ubel again with 17 points, with Ray Gallegos hitting four threes for a total of 14 points. Nebraska led by 12 at one point but Valpo fought their way back to make it close at the end.

Nebraska's record goes to 2-0. UNO is next on Sunday.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nebraska basketball runs into a formidable opponent!

Thursday night at 8:00 pm Nebraska will play a team that won 20 games last year. Valporaiso was 22-12 last year and lost in the Horizon League finals by Detroit who played in the NCAA tournment.

They are expected to win close to 20 games again this year.

In a rating system I follow, Valporaiso is rated 96th with Nebraska coming in at 216th. Valporaiso is 2-0 this year and they also won both exhibition games they played in.

Tomorrow night will be a close game but look to Nebraska to get beat 70-67.

I am a Nebraska fan but to look at the Big 10 this year, wow!!  From top to almost the bottom the Big 10 is strong. Nebraska may not win a game in the Big 10. I hope they do a lot better than that. But the rest of the Big 10 is WAY ahead of Nebraska. Look for Nebraska to go about 7-23. Anything better than that is exciting.

Hopefully I will see you at the game tomorrow night!!

Friday, November 09, 2012

Nebraska plays well tomorrow!

I see Nebraska winning tomorrow. They will put together a game with less errors and win 27-13.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

State football playoff schedule, results : Preps

State football playoff schedule, results : Preps

Nebraska will play Oklahoma in football.

It won't be until 2021 but Nebraska has scheduled two games with Oklahoma in 2021 and 2022. In 2021 Nebraska will travel to Norman and 2022 its to Lincoln. Should be fun. A lot of things can change before then but the fans will love the game.

Deverell Biggs will redshirt this season for the NU men's basketball team. Freshman Shavon Shields will be out two to three weeks with an elbow injury. Nebraska only has seven scholarship players with Shields hurt.

Cornerback Antonio Bell is no longer on the NU football team due to a team rule violation.

P.J. Smith, Tim Marlowe, Rex Burkhead, and Mike Marrow all sat out practice on Monday.

Remember this name. Sam Burtch. He is a walk-on who has impressed the coaching staff at wide receiver.

Huskers Start Preparations for Nittany Lions

Huskers Start Preparations for Nittany Lions

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Huskers Fall in Five-Set Heartbreaker at Michigan State

Huskers Fall in Five-Set Heartbreaker at Michigan State

The Game 7:32 to go 4th and 1 down 24-14

Nebraska had driven to the 39 yard line of Michigan St. but got held down on three plays for a total of nine yards. It was go time for Nebraska. It was 4th and one. Nebraska was down 24-14. There was 7:32 left in the game.

Nebraska went old school and line up in the I formation. Abdullah took the ball over the right side of the line and made a first down plus three more yards. The offensive line blocked well.

Only just a little earlier, Michigan St. intercepted a Taylor Martinez pass and went 95 yards for a TD. Michigan St 31 Nebraska 14. Game over. Wait a second!! No. 5 had a personal foul, a really stupid personal foul and the ball comes back 95 yards. Still Michigan St.'s ball but no touchdown.

Now back to 7:32 to go in the game. Nebraska breathes a breath of fresh air. They have a first down on Michigan St.'s 36 yard line. Next play.....Martinez runs for a touchdown. Michigan St. 24 Nebraska 21

Nebraska is moving again but ends up with a 4th and nine and only makes about six yards on a catch by Enunwa.

With 40 seconds left in the game, Nebraska has a 4th and ten. The ball is located on the Nebraska 42. What the heck, how does this even happen!!?!?  Martinez hits Kyle Reed for a pass and he runs all the way down to the Michigan St. 20.  31 seconds to go.

Martinez throws short to Kenny Bell. It is 2nd and ten. Maher is warming up on the sideline. Second down. Martinez throws low to Kyler Reed. Martinez is being very careful with his passes. 3rd and ten. Martinez just misses Kenny Bell for the touchdown but Michigan St. is called for pass interference. Maybe not a good call but great for Nebraska. 1st and goal Nebraska at the five.

Incomplete pass to Reed.

Next play, with six seconds left, Martinez hits Jamal Turner for the winning touchdown. First touchdown for Turner. Nebraska wins 28-24. Another win and probably lucky to have it. Championships have luck sometimes.

Nebraska is still in the driver's seat for the Legends Division representative for the Big 10 Championship game in Indianapolis.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Huskers to win in a close one today!

I'm picking the Huskers today in a road game at Lansing, Michigan vs Michigan St. This is a huge game, as most of them are, for the Huskers.  They control their own destiny right now.

This should be a low scoring game. The mid 20's should win it. The Michigan St. defense will be tough. I think early on their defensive line will get the best of us. Our offensive has to be penalty free, our coaches have to be level headed, and our defense will need to get two or three turnovers. If this happens, we win!!

I look to Nebraska winning today in a close one.

Nebraska 23 Michigan State 21

Nebraska (football) picked up their 14th verbal commitment Thursday night. He is a 6'6" 235 defensive end from Arizona Western C.C. He has three years remaining to play. He had 16 offers from other colleges. His high school coach says he is one of the better ones to go through his program at Hamilton Southeastern. He was even used as a wideout his senior year. His junior college coach calls him "a game-changer."

Rex Burkhead is a "possibility" to play today. Don't see that happening though.

It will be interesting to see if they play Santos and Fisher this week. Both played real well last week. Also it will be interesting to see how they rotate the corners.

Huskers Close Exhibition Play with UNK

Huskers Close Exhibition Play with UNK

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nebraska defense dominates Michigan!

The Nebraska blackshirts are improving. They played real well against Dennard Robinson and the Michigan team. Robinson didn't make it to the first half before he was injured. Without him Michigan didn't have much offense. Almost none.

Nebraska started the game on a sad note as Tariq Allen appeared to blow at his knee on the opening kickoff. Allen was becoming a bigger part of the Nebraska offense and he will be missed. We hope he is back next year.

Michigan started on offense and went three and out. Great start. similar to last week.

The Michigan defensive front dominated our line the first series but Martinez did hit Kenny Bell for 20 yards on 3rd down. Then Abdullah is stopped for a big loss when the defensive lineman goes in untouched.

That's how a lot of the first half went or even the whole game. There might be an offensive play or two on both teams but the defense dominated.

Players of note that I thought played real well on defense was Ciante Evans and Baker Steinkuhler. Will Compton and Sean Fisher had some great plays!!  Good day for the linebackers as Whaley played well also.

Starting the second quarter, Nebraska picked up the tempo and hit Cotton and Abdullah on nice gains. Enunwa catches one for six yards. Osborne catches one for twenty yards. Then Martinez hits Kenny Bell for a 35 yard touchdown. Just a great drive and the best of the day as it turned out. It looked easy. Nebraska 7-0.

In the second quarter, our defensive line got some good push off their o-line. That's encouraging.

Then with 3:51 to go in the half Robinson runs to the ten and gets hurt. Game pretty much over. Without him they have very little offense.

Nebraska 7-6 at the half.

PL Smith picks one off and runs it back to the four. First and ten Nebraska and we end up with a field goal. Martinez is limping pretty bad. Nebraska 10-6 with 11:48 to go in the third inning.

Nebraska's defense is gaining confidence with the new quarterback. Red-shirt freshman Bellomy looks a little scared.

Ciante Evans gets a sack with 10:40 to go in the third. Michigan has negative yardage.

Brent Maher kicks a field goal from 51 yards!!!  Nebraska 13-6 lead.8:41 to go in the third.

Where's Braylon Heard at? Imani Cross?

Nebraska does pass its way down the field on its other great offensive drive. Enunwa, Marlowe and Reed all make great catches. A pass to Bell creates a pass interference call. Nebraska has the ball on the Michigan 11 with 5:43 to go in the third.

Maher hits another field goal. Nebraska 16-6 4:43 to go in the third.

Bellomy gets his first completion late in the third. this coming after 30 yards in penalities on one play. One on 150 Josh Mitchell for tarketing the head and the other on the Husker bench. Then Nebraska gets a paa interference call and 45 total yards in penalties on this drive. Michigan is at the 18 with 2:00 minutes to go in the third.

Michigan gets a field goal Nebraska 16-9. Still too close to call. The third quarter ends.

Nebraska is marching again in the fourth with runs by Abdullah and a great catch by Reed keeps them moving. Nebraska gets in field goal range and then we have a ten yard loss on a sack.

But Nebraska gets an interception from Staford. 11:25 left in the game. Nebraska on Michigan's 42 yard line. Martinex explodes for 29 yards.

Abdullah makes a great run for a touchdown from 13 yards out. Nebraska 23-9. 10:20 to go in the game.

Nebraska has run 19 plays for 11 yards in the second half with 8:15 to go.

Abdullah ends up with 101 yards rushing and plays a great game.

Nebraska wins 23-9.

Nebraska was 20th in the BCS standing today. they are back in the rankings.

Other news.

Jimmie Johnson wins at Martinsville and is heading to another championship.

Notre Dame is back. They jump Oregon to take 3rd in the BCS. K-State is 4th.

The Washington Huskies knocked off Oregon State.

The Nebraska volleyball team knocks off Penn State in five sets. WOW!

Christian Lacouture has decommitted from Nebraska. He is a defensive tackle who moved to Lincoln to attend Lincoln Southwest. He was from Texas. He planned to start school in January. Now he is going to visit LSU. I wonder what the rest of the story is.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Can Nebraska beat Michigan tomorrow?

Sure they can!!  But Nebraska has stop Dennard Robinson!  This is something that NU has had a hard time doing for a whole game. Also NU will have to play a penalty free-turnover free. With Nebraska at home at night, the crowd will be a huge plus. Look to a very close game but I have this one:


Hope I am wrong on this one!!!! Go Huskers!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bill Snyder, wizard!

Bill Snyder continues to impress eveybody. He has twice now taken K-State from the bottom and brought them back. This time they are rated 4th in the nation. Doesn't even seem real. His last four years' recruiting classes have been ranked 58th, 68th, 63rd, and 92nd. Unbelievable! You have to admire him as a tremendous coach! I just wonder what he does that others don't.

Gerry DiNardo, a Big 10 analyst, says the Big 10 is down because of recruiting. The SEC is beating everybody in recruiting and the Big 10 is definately down. He says with Urban Meyer at Ohio State and Brady Hoke at Michigan they will be head and shoulders above everybody else in recruiting which he says will equate to wins.

He says that Michigan, Ohio State, Nebraska, and Penn State have to be in the top 10 in recruiting annually with at least three more Big 10 teams 11-15. This isn't happening right now except for Michigan and Ohio State

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday thoughts!

First of all I wanted to mention the comment that Vice President Joe Biden said at the debate that he is personally opposed to abortion while supporting its legalization. Abortion, as I view it, is the unjustified killing of a human person. The Catholic Church has said that you can not oppose personally and support abortion publicly. You can't take such a position and then call yourself a practicing Catholic. Its that simple.

Vice President candidate Paul Ryan said "I don't see how a person can separate their public life from their private life or from their faith. Our faith informs us in everything we do."  Enough said.

No. 4 Huskers Sweep No. 25 Illinois

No. 4 Huskers Sweep No. 25 Illinois

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lucky win!

Wow we got out of this one by a couple of inches when the Northwestern field goal kicker missed literally by inches. Nebraska 29 Northwestern 28

Nebraska had ten three and outs today. Nebraska had 543 total yards and we just about got beat.

First of all Rex Burkhead goes down and to be honest I will surprised if he is back before the bowl game. That will be be a blow. He is an NFL type player and Nebraska has few of those.

Looked like we were going to take control when Northwestern's punt returner fumbled deep in their own territory. But Damion Stafford gets a ridiculous personal foul. Sorry but he would have not played again the rest of the game if I was coaching.

Then the punt returners fumble twice and Kyle Reed fumbles when Nebraska is driving for a touchdown. One error after another.

How many potential pass interceptions did we have today where we didn't catch the ball? Four, five?

And the fourth and one Northwestern had with 2:42 to go in the half. Alonza Whaley got annilated. He got drove back five yards by a lineman. Then they throw a touchdown pass right before half and lead the game we had dominated in statistics. Northwestern 14-10 halftime

I'm not making this stuff up! It was amazing. Look at the stats and the game should be 24-7 Nebraska.

Northwestern had fourteen points with two touchdown passes. Cameron Meredith was playing defensive tackle with Martin playing the end position. Not a bad move even though Meredith is smallish in the defensive line but it fits his speed capabilities better.

Then Vendric Mark, Northwestern's star running back, goes 80 yards untouched for a touchdown. That was a fourth of the total yards for NW today all in one play. The score is now 21-10 and the Nebraska fans are turning off their TVs and throwing up throughout the state.

On the next series, Brandon Heard went 18 yards out of the diamond formation. His only carry of the day. Why don't we run out of this formation more? There was some great blocking on that play.

The big Q, Quincy Enunwa, gets hurt and they say he is out for the rest of the game but that goodness they were wrong. He made key great catches to get us back and win the game. He ended the day with six catches for 110 yards.

Taylor Martinez got sacked a few times. Hope he learns to throw some of those away although he got away with one in the first half when he threw the ball out of the endzone to nobody. Should have been a safety.

Kenny Bell had another great day with six catches for 77 yards and a touchdown. Jamal Turner had a nice day with three catches for 56 yards and if I remember he had another play but it was called back on a penalty.

And how about that run by Ameer Abdullah late in the third quarter, Amazing as he went 13 yards and could have been dropped for no gain. Abdullah ended up with 101 yards rushing and 26 yards receiving.

Towards the latter part of the game numerous Northwestern players were carried off the field. We seemed to be physically controlling the game.

With 1:09 left in the third Martinez runs for his sixth touchdown for the year making it 16-21 Northwestern when they failed on the two point conversion.

Northwestern could have had a touchdown in the final seconds of the third quarter when Siemen overthrew his wide open receivers twice. Our cornerbacks were beat both times. Pheww!

At the end of the third quarter its NW 21 Nebraska 16. Nebraska has three turnovers, dropped Int, and five penalties for 42 yards.

Right before NW goes up 28-16, Antonio Bell loses his composure on the sideline after Pelini gets on him about a penalty. Interesting to see how that all turns out.

8:31 to go and Northwestern leads 28-16. WOW more puking and more people turning their TVs off. You can bet on it.

Then with 7:30 to go Taylor Martinex should have been picked off but the defensive man dropped the ball. More puking!

Taylor Martinez recovers and throws some nice passes to move NU down the field. The Q! catches a ball between three defenders. NU to the 10. Tariq Allen catches his first career TD. NU 23 NW 28.  5:55 left in the game.

Taylor Martinez will end the game going 27-39 for 342 yards and three touchdowns.

On the winning drive he hits Q for 31 yards as the Q makes a great catch!!

Jamal Turner catches a nice pass for 23 yards.

Then Ben Cotton catches the winning TD for 7 yards. The two point conversion again fails but Nebraska leads 29-28.

With 1:10 left, Jeff Budzien came within inches of making a 53 yard field goal. But he misses and Nebraska wins 29-28.

Pheeww! And I didn't even puke. Great win!!

Kansas State coach Bill Snyder is the best coach in America bar none. They beat West Virginia 55-14 today!!

Nebraska back on track this weekend!

Nebraska plays away again. Not there favorite thing to do the past two years. Not their favorite thing to do is play a mobile quarterback. Doing that again. But Nebraska had a week off and that is huge. Northwestern can't stop our offense. We can't stop theirs very well but enough to pull out the win.

Nebraska 40 Northwestern 30

I was 0-3 in upset specials last week but have hit a lot of them. Here's this week's.

Texas A & M will upset LSU this weekend.  A & M 27 LSU 24

Kansas State will upset West Virginia (-4.5) in a close one.

Utah knocks off Oregon State (-7). 24-23

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Upsets Today!

LSU is favored by four points over South Carolina. Look to South Carolina beating LSU in LSU's house today.

Mississippr is favored by one over Auburn. Auburn will win this game by ten plus points.

Finally UCLA is favored by five points at home over Utah. Utah wins in a close one.

Going to miss NU football this weekend but maybe we all needed a break.

BTN’s Team Jack Story Touches Me and You

You have to see this!!!
BTN’s Team Jack Story Touches Me and You

Monday, October 08, 2012

deja vu!

After one quarter Saturday night, the Huskers had held Ohio State to seventeen yards and was leading 17-7. I was right!!! This time we had found a way to stop the running quarterback. I had predicted a 27-24 victory and everything was on track.

Then..............Braxton Miller ran for 72 yards for a touchdown and bam they were right in it again. In fact OSU didn't punt again until the final minutes of the game. But with half of the 3rd quarter left, NU was only down 35-31. We can still win this thing and then we fell apart like the days a few years back. We couldn't do anything defensively to stop them. And with the offense throwing three interceptions and losing one of the many fumbles, we seemed helpless. OSU scored with less than a minute to go off tackle and the score was 63-38. WOW! We just fell apart.

Our hopes were high, the teams hopes were high, and now we were feeling embarrassed, helpless, and frustrated. We have two weeks now to prepare for Northwestern. Coach says we have to win out. All or nothing. Not like him to not take it a game at a time. Shows he is very frustrated also. Very frustrated.

Lots of upsets going on. Look to LSU to lose another game. This time it is South Carolina. And UCLA will lose at home against Utah in a close one.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Will Nebraska upset Ohio St. this weekend?

Nebraska plays maybe the top team in the Big 10 in their house this Saturday night. Ohio St. is 5-0. Urban Meyer, one of the best coaches in the nation, leads the Buckeyes. Nebraska has been inconsistent at times.

Last week Nebraska actually didn't play bad in the first half vs. Wisconsin. Their freshman quarterback was sensational. He was dead on with his passes. His receivers were catching everything. But Nebraska overall defended well. He had the coverage but just got beat on great passes. Yes we had the roughing the kicker call, interference, a fumble in Badger territory and an interception that put the crowd in their seats. But Nebraska fought and outplayed Wisconsin most of the game and just wore them out. It was the was dominant ball played against a pretty quality team in a long time.

But playing Ohio St. in their house will be a different chore. They want revenge after last year's loss. They have good running backs and they have Braxton Miller. He is one off the top quarterbacks in the nation. He is the type of quarterbacks that gives Nebraska plenty of trouble.

Now the mystery begins because I think we will stop Miller but we will hold him down. Pelini has studied how to stop a quarterback like Miller the whole offseason. I don't think we are going to not ruch our defensive linemen this year. Last year the linemen maintained their position but didn't put pressure on the quarterback and it didn't work. This year we will have some different wrinkles and Braxton will be on the run from the Nebraska defenders. Braxton has a good day but not a grea day.

The Ohio St. defense is salty but the Nebraska offense is in the top ten in the nation. They can score, they have a ton of weapons, and they will end up with more points than the mighty Buckeyes Saturday night.

Nebraska 27 Ohio St. 24

Also look to Virginia Tech to upset South Carolina.

And the upset of the week is Florida will beat LSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nebraska dominates second half!

The first half of the the Wisconsin game consisted of 1) Wisconsin playing very very well. Wisonsin's Joel Stave was sensational. Time and time again he hit well covered receivers perfectly and made things happen. Jared Abbrederis, Wisconsin's great receiver, caught pass after pass. They sucked the guts right out of the Huskers time and time again. 2) Nebraska made lots of mistakes. The roughing the punter flag really hurt, A couple of flags kept Wisconsin moving when we thought we had them stopped. A fumble. An interception. Everything was going wrong.

But this year Nebraska is much better than Wisconsin although the score didn't show it. Nebraska took over the game in the second house and powered over Wisconsin 30-27. Great game but Nebraska was much better. This year anyway.

Baker Steinkuhler continues to look very impressive. The kid will play in the pros. He is fast and he blew through the Wisconsin front and either broke up plays by jamming the holes or making a tackle now and then. He is good and underrated.

Jason Ankrah is also very good but the stats don't always show it.

Joel Stave is a very good quarterback and Wisconsin will improve as the year goes on. They will win some big games before it is over.

How about stopping Montee Ball for 90 yards on 32 carries. That's a 2.8 yards a carry average.

Jared Abbredera caught seven passes for 142 yards. Some of those catches were defended very well but with perfect passes and great catches, he had a great day.

Ameer Abdullah has become a huge part of the Nebraska offense in both running, catching, or returning kickoffs or punts.

The biggest change of this game was the running of Taylor Martinez. Not since he was a freshman has he ran like that. Hard and with a purpose. He was absolutely amazing. No slides. None. Just very hard running. The Martinez of old in running and the Martinez of new in passing. A very good combination.

Nebraska had four recruits in this weekend that are committed right now to other schools. Nebraska also had six Nebraska recruits in that should have provided a great sales tool to the other recruits. More manpower to win over the committed to other school list or the other four uncommited visitors.
Of the fourteen visitors, we had five offensive lineman, two receivers, one tight end, and one running back. That nine offensive visitors. On defense, we had two linebackers, one defensive lineman, and two defensive backs. Five defensive visitors.

Husker Block Powers Nebraska Past Michigan

Husker Block Powers Nebraska Past Michigan

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Speed dominates for NU football!

Many years ago when you went to a Nebraska game, there was no question that Nebraska was going to win the game except for Oklahoma, Missouri, and Colorado. It was many times just a blow out. Remember how bad Kansas, Kansas State, and Iowa State were year after year. It was many times a 50-10 type of game.

This past Saturday was probably a game that there was no doubt who had the best talent by far. Not since we beat Minnesota 80 something to very little has the domination been so evident. Now Idaho State had some players but not very many of them on the starting team could play consistently for Nebraska.

Wow what speed we have. Many times it looked like it would be a play for a short gain and the player just flat outrun the Idaho St. players. I pretty think we could have won that game 120-0 if we would have wished to. Competitive wise it was a boring game but it was fun to relax and see some of the younger players play very well.

I didn't predict a score this week but I thought it was going to be 52-3 or something like that. That wasn't even close to what it could have been.

It was fun to watch our offensive players have a great game. It was fun to see turnovers and to see all the sacks we got. I am sure we could have had a lot more of both if we hadn't back down on the play calling.

I even found myself a little ticked off when they scored. I was ticked off when we started turnng over the ball. Oh well, another victory and we did move up in the polls as you usually do on any victory. we are now rated 20th and 22nd.

I was surprised to see UCLA get beat. Each week proves anything can happen EXCEPT that Idaho St was not going to beat NU this year.

Akoy Agau is going to Louisville to play for Rick Pitino. Exciting but he will find that he will just be another one of the players and the fans won't know him. Nebraska fans would have been much more appreciative of his game but we wish him well.

The women's volleyball team rallied to win the final three sets to beat Ohio State 3-1. Great win after two losses. Great job!

The Huskers received their 11th baseball commit from infielder Matt Leuty. He is out of Missesota. Leuty has played second and third and also the ourfield. Leuty picked Nebraska over Notre Dame, Maryland, and Xavier.

This week NU football has Wisconsin in town. Time to get them. They haven't played well this year with a new coaching staff and we need to redeem the blowout from last year. It's a must win for this team. Period.

The Wisconsin game looks to be Bo Pelini's biggest group of recruits attending a game. They have 18 official visits for this game. Nine have already committed but it is huge for the years to come. It will be a great mixture of players with commits helping recruit the other official visitors.

I hated to see Johnny Stanton tore his ACL but he will have two years to heal with a probable redshirt for next year.

The NFL season is as goofy as the college game. Oakland upset the Steelers today. Raiders wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey was carted off the field today on a scary hit.

Denny Hamlin won today in Nascar at New Hampshire. He will definately challenge Jimmie Johnson for the Championship.

The Jet's Darrelle Revis suffered a knee injury today.

Arizona beat Philadelphia today.

CJ Spiller was carted off the field with a shoulder injury. He is the Buffalo Bills running back.

Oregon moves to No. 2 behind Alabama in the college football ratings.

The 49ers lost their first game today vs. the Vikings.

Notre Dame is 4-0!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Husker Volleyball!

It's volleyball time! The Huskers play Penn State at College Station tonight at 7 pm. It will be televised live on BTN.

Also linebacker Zaire Anderson is out for the season. He tore his ACL before he started last weeks game. He had the injury in a practice session.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nebraska looks impressive!

Arkansas State was no where as talented as UCLA was last week. When Arkansas State went on 4th and seven from mid-field, you could tell this was not UCLA. I think UCLA is really good, I think UCLA is Top 10 material. They have lots of speed.

But this week Nebraska dominated Arkansas State which isn't a bad team. They have some talent. Nebraska has more.

Except for the offensive lines and defensive lines, I would give all positions and special teams a one. The offensive line looked good most of the time but still Martinez was hurried at times.

Baker Steinkuhler has played well this year and he does have some speed as seen by some downfield tackles but overall the D-line has to get better. Looks like we will see some different looks on defense that will help us. Eric Martin didn't have much for stats but he was noticed and disruptive on the field. Good to see.

Iowa St. beat NU in volleyball which will knock them out of the Number One position. Iowa State has good success against Nebraska in both volleyball and basketball.

Huskers back in AP Top 25 : Husker Extra

Huskers back in AP Top 25 : Husker Extra

Pelini back at work after health scare : Husker Extra

Pelini back at work after health scare : Husker Extra

Friday, September 14, 2012

Nebraska will win in a shootout!

Tomorrow will an offensive show. Nebraska will win but it will close for a while!! The offense rebounds and looks pretty good. Nebraska wins 37 to 27.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Matt Hill joins the Magic

Matt Hill, former Lincoln Southeast star and Texas Longhorn, has joined the Orlando Magic as a developmental coach. He is working with players like J.J. Redick and "Big Baby" Glen Davis.  It will be fun to watch as the year goes and now we have another pro team to follow during the season.

Andy Murray won the US Open tennis title.

Jonathan Vilma was reinstated this past weekend for New Orleans and has now been placed on the physically unable to perform list.

Roger Clemens may pitch for the Houston Astros yet this season. The Astros are this year's worst team.

Alabama lost running back Jaiston Fowler for the rest of the season due to a knee injury.

Nebraska got a real butt kicking last Saturday night in Los Angeles vs. UCLA. The defense gave up 26 first downs, 344 yards rushing, 309 yards passing, and total yardage of 653 yards. UCLA controlled the ball for 38 minutes compared to 22 minutes for Nebraska. They were 9 of 20 in third down conversions. Nebraska was one of 11. The offense started strong and then struggled at the end. Both lines were pretty much overall dominated.

But how about Colorado getting beat by Sacramento State? Penn St. goes 0-2! Iowa loses to Iowa St. and has one touchdown in two games.

i will be surprised if we don't see a number of personnel changes this week on defense. Stay tuned.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Nebraska wins today!

I've been gone for a few days so no posts. But Nebraska football is tonight. Looks like a high scoring game. I tak Nebraska by three touchdowns. Nebraska 52 UCLA 30!!!
Go Big Red!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Nebraska has a very good first game!

Nebraska played well in their first game of the year. The offense looks explosive and the defense actually played better than I thought while watching the game. Here are some observations from the game. The one thing we don't know is how good Southern Miss. is but I think they will be competitive this year.

1. Taylor Martinez played very well. His passes were sharp and he was going to his second and third receivers. His maturity is showing and he is still only a junior. Martinex seemed to have more time to pass (offensive line) and the receivers made some great plays and didn't drop the ball. Kyler Reed made a couple of great grabs. Tyler Wullenwaber is good. Tyler Evans made a nice catch. Tariq Allen played and then we had our normal play from Kenny Bell, Jamal Turner, and don't forget Quincy Enunwa who had one of the plays of the day draggin defenders down the field. He also is a great blocker.
2. Kudos to the offensive line. Justin Johnson, Quale,Choi, Long, Sirles, Pensick and crew all played well. They protected Martinez well and opened up some nice holes. Ben Cotton had a nice block on the Burkhead run for a TD. The offensive line dominated the line of scrimmage.
3. The running backs look very sharp. Burkhead was headed to a great day with 57 yards on three carries and a TD. Then he got hurt. Abdullah, Heard, and Cross played well. Didn't seem to miss a beat but Burkhead is still special. Mike Marrow had a good game at fullback.
4. The defensive line did well. Baker Steinkuhler had a great game from my seat. Ankrah had some good plays also.
5. Will Compton had a very good game and made tackles and defended the pass pretty well. Alonzo Whaley was impressive. Nebraska played nickle most of the day with a little dime. Sean Fisher was hardly on the field because of their offense. We will see more of him later. Josh Mitchell and Sean-Baptiste played very well. I thought Damoin Stafford had a good game. We seemed to miss some tackles at times and we allowed yards on the ground. They ended with 280 yards which we will need to improve on.
6. Heat. I think it was the hottest game I have ever been to. I mowed yesterday in 96 degree weather and when I got done, that is how I felt at the game. It felt like a 110 degrees, no air, and people stuck to each other. They treated 300 and 15 went to the hospital. Not a good day to go get drunk before the game. Most of those they carried out were younger kids.
7. Injuries. Burkhead is 50-50 for this week. He has a mild sprained knee but not something you want to get worse. Marlowe is out until late October-early November with a broken clavicle. Ben Cotton has torn cartilage on his ribs. Very painful but he is expected to play this week vs. UCLA. Mo Seisay did not suit up Saturday. He is a cornerback that is expected to play this year.
8. Brett Maher and special teams had a horrific day. No worry for Maher. Saw him practicing before the game and at halftime and the kid is good. He'll be back quickly. They may want to make some personnel adjustments on the kickoff team.

The Nebraska volleyball team had two sweeps this weekend against Colgate and UC-Irvine. Very impressive.

This is from  
Nebraska freshman middle blocker Meghan Haggerty was honored by the Big Ten Conference on Monday as she was named the Big Ten Freshman of the Week. The award marks her first Big Ten weekly honor.
Haggerty hit .545 against UC Irvine over the weekend, recording seven kills on 11 swings to go along with four blocks to help the Huskers to a 3-0 victory. She averaged 2.3 kills and 1.3 blocks per set in the match.

The Huskers return to action this weekend as they host the 2012 Ameritas Players Challenge at the NU Coliseum.

How about Frank Solich and the Ohio Bobcats. Penn St. is a good team this year. Their penalties haven't really hurt them yet even though they lost a handful of players. The Bobcats are led by QB Tyler Tettleton, who is the son of former major leaguer Mickey Tettleton. Tettleton threw for 3,302 yards last year.

Hear great things about Joe Ganz. Sounds like he will continue to move up in the coaching ranks.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Nebraska will win tomorrow in first game!

We are finally here. The beginning of the college football season. Last night some games were played. Gave me the fever. This is a great time of year. I haven't had a lot of people talking Nebraska football so far. I guess we need a game to get in the football mode.

This week I like Nebraska to win 31-14.

I would like to watch the Ohio-Penn State game because I am a frank Solich fan so I will need to DVD it. I like Ohio in this one and as previously stated I think Michigan will beat Alabama.

Pittsburgh running back commit Corey Clement will visit Nebraska tomorrow.

Also visiting is Kyle Shortridge a defensive lineman from Florida who already has 20 offers.

Monday, August 27, 2012

College Football BeginsThursday!

College football is ready to begin!  Nebraska plays in Lincoln vs. Southern Mississippt. Look to Nebraska to win by a couple of touchdowns in their first game this season.

The first week of football usually has some upsets and here are mine for Week 1.

Alabama is favored by 12 points. Look to Denard Robinson and Michigan to knock them off 24-20.

Colorado is favored over Colorado St. by four points. Colorado St. will win by a touchdown.

Northern Illinois upsets Iowa this week.

AND Frank Solich and crew beat Penn St. 24-17 in one of Frank's biggest wins at Ohio.

Brandon Kinnie was cut yesterday by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nebraska volleyball sweeps weekend!

Nebraska volleyball had quite a weekend. On Friday they swept St. Louis in three rather easy sets at the Coliseum. Yesterday they played the No. 1 team in the nation, UCLA. Looked like another sweep by Nebraska and then UCLA won the next two and looked like they had it won. Nebraska rallied in the third set and ended up winning 15-13.

This is the second win against a No. 1 team in 10 months. Will Nebraska be No. 1 now?

Freshman Meghan Haggerty had 17 kills. Freshman Morgan Broekhaus had 15 kills and Gina Mancuso had 15 also.  Hannah Werth had 12 kills. Laura Cook had 22 digs and Lara Dystra had 20. Go Big Red!

Did you see where the sorority called Sigma Lambda Gamma at UNL got suspended. For what? Here are a few things that some woman complained about that let to the suspension.
Pledges were required:
1. Were required to wear all black in meetings.
2. Were blindfolded at meetings.
3. Were deprived of sleep because of late meetings and study times.
4. Were required to do calisthenics if they answered trivia pursuit questions incorrectly.
5. Faced personal restrictions, such as no elevator use or shorcuts.
6. Were not allowed to touch pink or purple, the sorority's colors.
7. Had to carry an egg at all times.
8. Had to bring a live fish to meetings.
9. Weren't allowed to smoke, drink, look at men or use social media.

This is just fun stuff!!!  If fraternities and sororities can't do things like this then what the heck. Don't send your daughter to the military or then she will see what life is all about. Just the beginning of the end of the special time kids can have a college.  How long did she have to do the above for like two weeks?

I think we will see Tommy Armstrong redshirt this spring reading between the lines. He must not be in position right now to be the No. 2 quarterback.

Auburn defensive back transfer Jonathan Rose has been cleared by the NCAA to play football at Nebraska.

Freshman Alonzo Moore has switched from defensive back to wide receiver.

Head Coach Bo Pelini has said freshmen that defensive end Avery Moss, defensive tackle Aaron Curry, running back Imani Cross,  and fullback Andy Janovich will all see action early on the field.

Junior Mike Marrow looks to be the starter at fullback.

Justin Jackson will be the strarting center for the first game over Cole Pensick.

I am excited to see Jordan Westerkamp on the field as wide receiver. He is a true freshman.

Nebraska is making a name for itself in Alabama by recruiting Ameer Abdulah a couple of years ago and now Jonathan Cook and Jonathan Rose.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nebraska basketball gets a gem!

Tai Webster is coming to Nebraska via New Zealand. ESPN college basketball analyst Fran Fraschilla about Webster, " I'd be shocked if there were 25 17-year-old players in the States better than this kid."  Webster is believed to be the youngest player to ever make the New Zealand national team.

LSU, Virginia, Pittsburgh, North Carolina St., Wake Forest, and St. Mary's were all ready to make a move on Webster. Webster will play guard for Nebraska.

Husker women BB!

The Husker women basketball team returns four starters this year. Their schedule has been finalized and they play Pittsburg State in an exhibition game. The game will be October 30th at 7:05. The Huskers return after a 24-9 season last year. Returning starters are Jordan Hooper, Lindsey Moore, Emily Cady, and Hailie Sample.

Former Wisconsin quarterback and now rookie in the NFL Russell Wilson is a starter when Seattle plays Kansas City Friday night.

The Wisconsin starter this year at quarterback will be Danny O'Brien.

The Nebraska volleball team starts off with a bang this weekend. They play St. Louis Friday night and then last year's champ UCLA on Saturday. Great volleyball. We will get an idea right away how good NU is even though we will be on our home court. Sunday the game is against Notre Dame and its at the CenturyLink in Omaha.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Barrett Ruud is headed to New Orleans!

Barrett Ruud is headed to New Orleans to help them with their defensive problems. He was traded from Seattle for a draft pick.

Last week, the former NU players in the NFL were led by tight ends. Mike McNiel had three catches for 41 yards. Niles Paul had four catches for 25 yards and a touchdown.

Bradnon Jackson had 14 carries for 35 yards and two receptons for eight yards. Eric Hagg had one unassisted and one assisted tackle. Gomes had one unassisted tackle for Washington. Larry Asante again had a great week with three unassisted tackles. Lavonte David had two unassited tackles.  Jared Crick had two unassisted tackles and one assisted tackle. Demorrio Williams had two unassisted and two assisted. Finally I will end with Scott Shanle having one unassisted tackle and two assisted tackles.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Update in Sports

Allie Havers is a new commit to the Nebraska women's basketball team. She is 6'5" and was originally commited to Michigan. Shimmy Gray-Miller, a new assistant coach for the women's NU BB team, helped land the Michigan product. All parties feel she will be a good fit at NU.

Tommy Armstrong is pushing Brion Carnes for the backup quarterback job. Great to have competition at each position. That is a lot to say about Armstrong as he has only been with the team for a week.

Freshman linebacker Jared Afalava has been academically cleared to play. I am going to guess he is a redshirt candidate at this point.

Tyler Moore has not been released from his scholarship yet. Junior offensive lineman Brandon Chapek has been added to the 105 man roster. Former Husker offensive lineman Ryan Klacho has transferred  to Illinois.

Barney Cotton has received a little heat in the past couple of weeks. Let's don't forget that John Garrison and Brendan Stai also help coach the offensive line. He has some pretty good help.

Nebraska injuries include wide receiver Taariq Allen, freshman tight end David Sutton, OL Jake Cotton, and Thad Randle. None of them appear serious. However linebacker Corey Whitaker is out for the season with a torn ACL.

Pelini has given high praises to  freshmen defensive linemen Vincent Valentine and Aaron Curry. Both have a possibilty to play this year.

King Frazier, a walk-on from Kansas City is said to have looked impressive in Saturday's scrimmage.

Cole Pensick and Justin Jackson are battling for the center position. Jackson just received a scholarship this past week.

I still predict that fullback Andy Janovich  will be a great one. CJ Zimmerer is also having a good fall camp. Janovich is a true freshman walk-on out of Gretna.

We have none scholarship safeties and cornerbacks that will be going off the team in the next two years. We have only gave out four scholarships to these positions the past two years. This is why the 2013 class will be loaded with defensive backs.

Also there are nine offensive linemen in the junior and senior classes. Nebraska has only signed five the past two years. One is Corey Whitaker who just blew out his ACL.

The Nebraska volleyball team looks real strong this year. Lots of depth!!  Look to NU to have a great season.

The Lincoln Journal Star High School rankings are out. In Class A, they have Lincoln Southeast, Class B, McCook, Class C-1, Norfolk Catholic, C-2, Aquinas, D-1, Howells, and D-2, Giltner. Loomis is pre-ranked No. 6 in D-2.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

NU ranked fourth in volleyball!

Nebraska is pre-ranked No. 4 in the country in volleyball. There are four Big 10 teams in the Top 10. Here are the rankings.

2. Texas
3. Penn St.
4. Nebraska
5. USC
6. Stanford
7. Illinois
8. Hawaii
9. Purdue
10. Iowa St.

This year will be known as "Farewll to the Coliseum!"

Monday, August 13, 2012

Nebraskans in the NFL

Ok so the NFL season has begun and Nebraska is again well represented. The opening weekend did not prove to be a lot of great stats for the former Huskers.

Here's what we found for the first preseason weekend.

Helu-four rushes for seven yards and one reception for a negative three yards
Gomes-Three unassisted tackles and one assisted tackle
Niles Paul-one reception for eleven yards
Kelsay-two assisted tackles
New England
Danny Woodhead(Chadron St.) one rush for three yards and three receptions for 26 yards
Henery-one for one in field goals 51 yards and three for three in extra points
San Diego
Demorrio Williams-two unassisted tackles
Arthur Hobbs(UNK) one unassisted tackle
NY Jets
Josh Brown-one for one in field goals 41 yards
Brandon Jackson- sic rushes for 18 yards and one reception for 11 yards
Eric Hagg-two unassisted tackles
Suh-two unassisted tackles
NY Giants
Prince Amukamara-two unassisted tackles
Zach Potter-one reception for four yards
Tampa Bay
Larry Asante-five unassisted tackles and one assisted tackle
Lavonte David-one unassisted tackle
Stewart Bradley-two unassisted tackles and one assisted tackle
Pierre Allen-two assisted tackles

Looks like Tyler Moore is gone at Nebraska. He says he like Pelini and Beck. So who doesn't he like. You figure it out.

Tyler Moore, where are you?

Tyler Moore may be gone or maybe not.  I hope he decides to stay. His playing time will come. He will play in the NFL. He is a huge talent and there is no place like Nebraska for an offensive lineman. But that is two four-star offensive linemen in one week to possibly leave. Ryan Klacho is already leaving for sure. Is there something wrong in the offensive line camp?

The NU basketball team has a great chance to get New Zealand's top prospect for 2013. He is a point guard by the name of Tai Webster. NU assistant Chris Harriman won over Webster's family during recruitment. This kid sounds good.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Random Sports!

What happened to Tyler Moore, the freshman to start at left tackle the first four games last year. Has he left the team? 

Jonathon Cook is the 14th commitment for the NU football team. He is a corner from Alabama and has not visited Nebraska yet.

Jordan Burroughs was magnificent in the Olympics. The University of Nebraska won the GOLD and represented the United States and Nebraska very well.

Also it was a lot of fun to watch Jordan Larsen play for the American volleyball team. She played real well. The United State got the silver which was a little bit of a disappointment but Larsen was fun to watch.

Howard to the Lakers. They may have four of the best seven players in the NBA.

The NU football team has a lot of depth this year. I think the only position I think would that having an injury would be devasting is quarterback. Rex Burkhead is our MVP but we do have backups. At quarterback the unknown is unsettling. Hopefully we can see a couple of reserves (quarterbacks) play in the first couple of games and hopefully they will play with confidence.

James Dobson, our strength and conditioning coach, is the best in the nation and he should get a lot of credit when Nebraska has success.

I look to see Baptiste start at corner this year. I think he will beat out Seisay and Antonio Bell.

Look to RB Imani Cross to make a difference this fall. Look to Tommy Armstrong to become No. 2 quarterback very soon. I think Charles Jackson will make a great nickel and dime back this year.

Do you remember the old days when an offensive lineman played either center, guard, or tackle. Now it seems like they shuffle them around like playing cards.

Brett Maher, from Kearney, Nebraska, is listed as an All-American at punter and kicker. Nebraska just keeps on producing the best at this position.

Watch for Ameer Abdullah to be be the premier returner in college football.

Special teams look awesome for Nebraska this year.

Maurice Purify caught a record seven TD passes for the Arizona Rattlers in Arena Football. In 2011, Purify was the rookie of the year for Arena Football. The NFL should give him another chance.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Nebraska Men's BB gets two commits!

Nathan Hawkins became the second NU pickup of the day for Tim Miles and NU basketball for the 2013 class. Hawkins is from Rowlett, Texas and is a 6'5" guard. Now that he is a Husker he is going to do everything he can to get Akoy Agau.

Also Nebraska got Nick Fuller from Wisconsin to commit. Fuller is a 6'7" guard who was looking at Nebraska and Minnesota. So Nebraska has two early commits.

On the football side NU has received word that Jonathon Rose will transfer because he  Auburn. Many think he will be on the field in 2013.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Olympics showcases the world's athletic talent!

The Olympics allows us to see the best athletes in the world in action. Wow what a show!! The athletes are amazing. Gymnastics, table tennis, badmitton, diving, swimming, track and field, and on and on watching the Olympics demonstrates how much practice it takes to succeed and how much talent is in the world.

I have to admit there are some really weird events as the guy tonight who was swinging a sword and doing some kind of twirling. Tampoline? Synchronized swimming and diving???  Some of these are entertaining and some are just kind of strange. I am into the Olympics this year maybe more than any other year EVER!  Fun to watch.

LaVonte David is a starter for the Tampa Bay Bucs. Right now he is No. 1 on the depth chart at linebacker. Geno Hayes was not resigned by the team, opening the door for David, who had a great collegiate career at Nebraska.

Penn State 2013  Four-Star recruit Dorian Johnson decommits from Nittany Lions. He is rated Top 25 at offensive tackle.

The Kansas City Chiefs have released their depth chart. Matt Cassel is No. 1 at quarterback. Brad Quinn No. 2. Running back has Jamal Charles No. 1 and Peyton Hillis is No. 1. Brandon Kinnie is still in the hunt at wide receiver. He will need to be in the Top six when they are done. He is on the bubble right now.

Former Auburn defensive back Jonathan Rose will decide where he is transferring to possibly by the end of the week and Nebraska is high on his list. Rose played nine games as a true freshman for Auburn.

Cornerback Cedric Collins will decide before school where he will play his college football at. His final three picks are Baylor, Nebraska, and Texas A & M.

Nebraska's graduate assistants are Vince Marrow, Joe Ganz, Jake Mandelko, and T. J. Hollowell.

Nebraska volleyball plays no games at Bob Devaney this year BUT they do play the Fighting Irish at the CenturyLink Event Center in Omaha on August 26th at 1:30.

Gretna returns six offensive players and five defensive players in 2012. Gretna was 11-1 last year. Gretna returns Tate Paulsen at running back. Nick Stoltenberg and Trevor Leiting are fighting for the quarterback job. Zach Stover is a stellar linebacker who had 58 solo tackles last year. Look to Gretna to be 6-4 this season.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Ankrah is figuring out defensive scheme!

Jason Ankrah said he came to Nebraska and really didn't listen well to the coaches and did like he always did in high school. It didn't work and he did not get much playing time until late last season. Look to him to play a bigger role this fall. Last year Ankrah had 8.5 of the 21 sacks. Coach Kaz will be more aggressive this year and this will help Ankrah.

Nebraska is pursuing Jonaathon Rose who was who was dismissed from the Auburn football team. He is a four star safety and Nebraska is investigating why he was dismissed and his background. Tennessee and Florida St. are also after him.

Former Husker and defensive end Josh Williams is looking for new life at Kansas University. He was dismissed from the Nebraska football team this spring.

High School sports have started. Football started Monday and Beatrice and Wahoo started at midnight Monday morning.  Monday was also the start of softball, girl's golf, and boys tennis. Next Monday volleyball and cross country start.

Lincoln moves to Class A in football this year and will play North Star, Southeast, and Southwest. That will be fun to watch and we will see how they will compete.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

50 years ago today!

I can still remember the newspaper and I was only right years old but the news of Marilyn Monroe dying was huge. She was a mysterious, beautiful, and blonde actress that seemed like your everyday girl. 50 years ago!! Wow time has flown.

Even today how Marilyn Monroe died is not clear. The government mysteriously will not release her files because they are too sensitive. Did the government have her killed? Unless the files are found and released, we won't know.

6'7" three star wing player Nick Fuller has Nebraska down to Minnesota and Nebraska. Fuller's offers include St. Louis, Butler, and Colorado. Fuller can play several positions. Fuller is from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Fuller has set an official visit with Nebraska.

New Jersey point guard Josh Brown will join Fuller at the end of August and the first NU football game for their official visit in Lincoln. Brown had committed to Temple but wants to look around at other schools now. The week after Nebraska, he is making a visit at USC.  Brown is 6'3" and 180 lbs.

Ryan Kacho, a four star offensive lineman has decided to transfer. He was part of the 2011 class. Redshirt freshman Todd Peat, Jr.,also a four star recruit, did not make the 105 man roster. This is the total roster until school starts. Guard Nick Ash is also not part of the 105.

2012 recruits Hared Afalava and Alonzo Moore are still waiting to hear if they will qualify academically.

Seven true freshman walk-ons made the 105 man roster. Gretna fullback Andy Janovich, Lincoln SW receiver Brandon Reilly, Omaha Burke receiver Jordan Nelson, receiver Sam Fultz from Grand Island, tight end Trey Foster from Lincoln Southeast, and running backs King Frazier and Graham Nabity from Elkhorn.

Braylon Heard is practicing mostly at running back.

Austin Cassidy has joined the team as a graduate assistant.

Third year quarterback Taylor Martinez only needs 161 yards rushing and 280 yards passing to become the 25th player in NCAA history to have 2000 yards rushing and passing. Taylor Martinez starts the season in sixth place in Nebraska's career passing chart. Martinez only needs 1406 yards to move into sixth place. Zac Taylor is No. 1 in passing with 5,850 yards.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Latest in sports!

Nebraska's recruits for the 2013 recruiting class are Nate Hawkins, a 6'5" shooting guard from Rowlett, Texas, Jeffrey Carroll, a 6'5" forward from Rowlett, Texas, Isaiah Taylor, a 6'2" ppoint guard from Houston, Texas, Josh Brown, a 6'2" shooting guard from Newark, NJ, and Akoy Agau from Omaha Central.

Also NU is close to offering 6'2" Michael Williams of San Antonio, Texas. Williams has been under the radar due to a stress fracture in his back. He lists Nebraska in his top 4 schools.

Pelini is very happy with his new coaches especially Terry Joseph. Pelini says he will be a defensive coordinator soon. Joseph will be a great improvement this year and we will see Bo concentrate more on the defensice schemes which he is really good at. Also Coach Kaczenski impresses Bo in the defensive line.

I have had bosses like bo Pelini and I am somewhat like him in my management style. (Hopefully I don't lose my temper like he does!) Bo's management style is quick to be critical and to coach in a way to make those under him better. This style doesn't praise much. Good things are just expected so when Bo has the praise level this high, he is very very happy and this means good things are about to happen. Look to Nebraska to end up with at least ten victories this year. Do you feel it?

Bret Mahrer will get a scholarship this fall. Spencer Long should also get one. Look to Jake Long, Justin Johnson, and Heung Choi to be in the mix also.

The Nebraska linebackers are rated 8th in the Big 10 by ATHLON SPORTS. Lavonte David is gone. The replacement is unknown. Nebraska will fill the position adequately but we won't have the dominance we had last year with David.

Our cornerback position looks pretty strong. I like Stanley Jean-Baptiste a lot. He should have a good chance of beating out Andrew Green. Mohammed Seisay will be a starter early in the season. NU has depth. Their cornerbacks are better!! They are deeper.

I like the fact that Nebraska is not aggressively seeking Penn St. players! Maybe we will get one of them but they will probably need to come to us first.

Now Nebraska baseball scheduling. In the works are road games with UC Irvine, Cal State Fullerton, and Texas. We are also looking at a home game with Arkansas. It would be David Horne's return. Nebraska has to improve its RPI by winning and beating better teams. They have to to have a chance to get to the College World Series.

In Carl We Trust

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Single -game volleyball tickets on sale tomorrow!

Starting August 1st, single-game tickets for the upcoming volleyball season go on sale. You can start at 8 am and prices are $17 for reserved tickets, $11 for general admission, and $9 for youth and seniors. There is a limit of five matches and four tickets per household.

You can get tickets  at or call 1-800-8BIGRED or just go to the Nebraska Athletic Ticket Office. Tickets are also still available for the Red-White Scrimmage set for 7 p.m. on August 18th.

Commit moving to Nebraska and will play for Lincoln SW

2013 commit Christian Lacouture is moving to Lincoln and will play for Lincoln Southwest this fall. Lacouture is a four star defensive end and will join Josh Banderas another NU recruit on the SW team. Lacouture came from a high school in College Station, Texas. Lacouture is rated as NU's No. 2 recruit so far and he will definately put Southwest into the hunt for No. 1.

Former Penn St. starting quarterback Rob Bolden is headed to LSU. Silas Redd, Penn St.'s starting running back, is headed probably to USC.

John Hurley will play in the Cox Classic thsi weekend. Brandon Crick did not qualify. Either did Chris Wemmers, Ryan Vermeer, Brady Schnell, or Mark Pillen.

Wil Myers of the Omaha Storm Chasers hit two more home runs Monday night and now has 21. I'd send him to Kansas City. He is a star. Kansas City has lost eight out of ten games.

Watch the American women's volleyball team and Jordan Larson. It is FUN!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cubs pass the Royals in winning percentage!

It took almost until August 1st but the Cubs have past the Royals in winning percentage. I would have never dreamed it in 2012. The Royals have lost like 21 of 27 and are reeling downward with no starting pitching. No pitching!!  The Cubs are riding Castro and Rizzo's bats and once in a while get some pretty good pitching. Dempster has been unbelievable with is ERA under 3.00.

Kansas City needs to have a good August and September and so do the Storm Chasers in Omaha who have been struggling also.

The NFL camps are open and the first exhibition game starts in about a week. Many Huskers are in camp and will be trying to make the final cut when the season begins in September. Russ Hochstein and Stewart Bradley are in Arizona, Sam Koch and Terrance Moore in Baltimore, Chris Kelsay and Keith Williams in Buffalo, Rick Henry in Chicago, Eric Hagg and Brandon Jackson in Cleveland, Dominic Raiola, Ndamukong Suh, and Kyle Vanden Bosch in Detroit, Curenski Gilleylen in Green Bay, Jared Crick in Houston, Zach Potter in Jacksonville, Brandon Kinnie in Kansas city, Richie Igcognito and Lydon Murtha in Miami, Zach Bowman in Minnesota, Alfonzo Dennard and Danny Woodhead (Chadron St.) in New England, Marcel Jones and Scott Shanke in New Orleans, Prince Amukamara in New York (giants), Josh Brown, and Matt Slauson in New York (Jets), Alex Henery and D.J. Jones in Philadelphia, Demorrio Williams in San Diego, Mike McNiel in St. Louis, Larry Asante, Lavonte David, Jermarcus Hardick, and Carl Nicks in tampa Bay, and Adam Carriker, DeJon Gomes, roy Helu Jr., and Niles Paul (TE) in Washington.

It is also reported that Mike Caputo will try to make it at Minnesota and Austin Cassidy is at Seattle.

UNK has Stephan Goodwin in New York (Giants), Mason Brodine in Oakland, and Arthur Hobbs in San Diego.

6'7" 195 lb three-star prospect Nick Fuller from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin is looking pretty hard at playing basketball at Nebraska. He likes Coach Miles and his staff and he plans to visit officially with Nebraska and Minnesota for sure. This looks like a prospect that we have a pretty good chance of getting.  He will be in Lincoln September 1st for the first football game.

Akoy Agau from Omaha Central puts the Georgetown Hoyas at the top of his list right now. Nebraska is still on his list but he likes the Hoyas offensive scheme and he likes the coaches.

Dirk gets a little crazy again!

I loved the article by Dirk Chatelain about Bob Devaney and the story of how he got to Nebraska. Excellent, educational, and entertaining! Great info to discuss with the Nebraska fan.

Now today in the Sunday paper he says the NCAA dropped the ball! He says they should have sent Penn State off the field for a year (2013). OK so who gets hurt. The teams that are scheduled to play them in 2013. Do they just drop a game or do they schedule Maine State? The student-athlete gets hurt. Of course it does hurt the University also.

But a $30 fine with no bowl games for four years and cutting to 65 the number of scholarships they have will do damage to the University for the next seven to eight years. It allows the student athlete to continue to play there if they wish and it doesn't disrupt scheduling for all the other schools involved.

He says it allows them to adapt a "Us Against The World' attitude. What's wrong with that. They (players) didn't commit the horrific crimes. Having a attitude that they will improve is a show of character.

I admire the Penn St. coach Bill O'Brien and his approach to the circumstances. He is a great coach to have at Penn St. during this time.

Ex-Husker Nancy Metcalf helped the US defeat Brazil in five sets a week ago. None of the players in this game will play in the Olympics but the Huskers are being represented well in the world of volleyball.

Because yesterday in the Olympics Jordan Larson was a "KEY" to the US winning the game against the South Koreans. She played well, made us proud, and the tv camera man constantly had the picture on her. What fun!!! 

The women's basketball team will face four NCAA Tournament teams in its 2012-13 nonconference schedule including with 2012 Elite Eight team Maryland in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge.

Connie Yori's contract has been extended to 2017!! The Huskers have been to the NCAA tournament in four of the past six years.

The NU football team is looking to add one or two more commitments at wide receiver in the 2013 class. One of their top targets is Brian Lemelle out of Harrisburg, Penn. He plans to make an official visit to Lincoln. He has already visited Cinncinnati, Virginia, and West Virginia and has them about even. He is 5'11" and 175 lbs. Last year he had 93 catches for 1,630 yards and 15 touchdowns.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Big Ten Media Days, Volleyball, NU football,

Bo Pelini, Rex Burkhead, Kyler reed, and Will Compton were all in Chicago. Nebraska went 10th in speaking to the media.

Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema says Wisconsin will not actively recruit players from Penn State. Quarterback Danny O'Brien is progressing well.

Danny Hope, the Purdue coach, says this is the first time he has a good team coming back. Purdue says they will pursue Penn State players as per the rules of the NCAA. Caleb TerBush enters the fall camp as the number one quarterback.

Urban Meyer says the SEC is kind of the kingpin. Eight of the twelve league teams are running the spread offense in the Big 10. Meyer doesn't believe schools should seek out Penn St. players but Penn St. players should feel free to contact other schools. He said the Big 10 has to win some big bowl games to move up in the national spotlight.

Tim Beckman, the Illinois coach, says they did not go onto the Penn St. campus to recruit (reported today they had six coaches off-campus today) but they are interested in talking to players that are interested. He has major concerns with their offensive line. Nathan Scheelhaase is starter at quarterback right now. He wants to make Northwestern a "rival."

Kevin Wilson, Indiana coach, says their offense last year was as poor as any team he has been around since 1999." He said for as bad as they are all positions are still open. He said Indiana will be more competitive this year.

Penn Bill O'Brien  says he has no update on running back Silas Redd. Matt McGloin is the starting quarterback right now. He says, "We have a bunch of players who stick together."

Pat Fitzgerald, the Northwestern coach, He thinks they can be in the Big 10 championship. Kain Colter looks to be the starting quarterback.

Jerry Kill, the Minnesota coach say they have made great strides the past year. MarQueis Gray looks very good at quarterback.

Nerbaska goes after Michigan but before that talks to Rex Burkhead and he has taken Imani Cross under his wing and feels he will contribute this fall.

Will Compton has done his best work with junior college transfer Zaire Anderson.

Brady Hoke, the Michigan coach, was actually disappointed in their season last year because they didn't win the Big 10. They have the Big 10's top player in Denard Robinson.

Rex Burkhead is a "model student athlete" throughout the country. Will Compton is the leader on defense.

Mark Dantonio, the Michigan St. coach, insinuated that Penn St players or their high school coaches have approached them.

Kirk Ferentz, the Iowa coach, was disappointed in his staff turnover this past year.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

NU Volleyball starts in less than 27 days!

The annual Red/White NU volleyball game starts at 7:00 on August 18, 2012 at the Coliseum. Nebraska will have lauren Cook, Gina Mancuso, Morgan Broekhuis, Hayley Thramer, and Hannah Werth to anchor their team.

Nebraska plays in two three team round robin tournaments early at the Coliseum. They play St. Louis on August 24th at 7 and UCLA on Saturday, the 25th at 7. Then on Sunday they play in Omaha at the CenturyLink Center at 1:30 against Notre Dame. UCLA was very strong in the NCAA tournament last year and St. Louis will be a highly rated team this season. In addition to NU's games UCLA plays Notre Dame on friday afternoon at 4:30 and then on the 25th Notre Dame plays St. Louis at 3:30.

Then on Thursday, September 6th, NU plays Oklahoma at 7, on the 7th they play Duquesne at 6, and then on Saturday they play Kentucky at 1:30. There is also games between the other teams those three days. All of these games are at the Coliseum also.

Penn St. looks like the top team in the nation to start with. One poll has NU rated 3rd. Stanford, Texas, Washington, Illinois, Minnesota, St. Louis, California, and Hawaii all look very good this year.

The women's basketball team returns the nucleus of their team in 2012-2013. Back are Emily Cady, Jordan Hooper, and Lindsey Moore. NU should be good again this year. They have three freshment coming in with two from Nebraska. Courtney Aiken is a 5'9" guard from Centura, Sadie Murren is a 5'*' guard from Wahoo, and Rachel Theriot is a 6 foot guard from Middleburg, Ohio. It will be interesting to see who steps up and starts the other two positions.

Four-star commit Ross Douglas is commited to Penn State but visited NU on Friday. He is rated No. 15th as the overall player in Ohio. Will there be others from Penn State visit after their penalties handed to them today by the NCAA.

I like Class B football a lot probalby because that is the class that Holdrege plays. Many think that the district with Gretna, Elkhorn, and Elkhorn South will be the toughest district. However I have to go with the B-5 district which has Crete. Crete has had five state finalists and four state champions since 2000.  They are led by Colton Steer (cool name) who is a 215 pound running back.

Beatrice is also in the district and has a bunch of good seniors on the team. Zach Decker is moving to QB from the wide receiver position. They have a stable of running backs including Chance Baumann and Jessup Workman.

Seward is much improved. They return eight players on defense. Watch for Trey Barnes at linebacker.

Even a better Norris team will have an upset or two this year. So you could see an Elkhorn-Crete matchup in the east finals and they might play at team like McCook in the finals. Or if it works out again Crete may represent the West and then play Elkhorn in the finals. There will be some great games in Class  B this year.