Monday, December 06, 2010

This writer is in hiding after loss to Oklahoma!

Nebraska's offense was ineffective the last two and and a half quarters of the Big 12 Championship and lost 23-20. This writer attended the game and what looked early like a NU blowout ended in a collapse of the offense and a loss.

Points this writer noted during the game:

The game turned around when NU was ready to go up 24-3 and we threw into a crowd of OU players and the pass was picked off.

I kept thinking we would replace the QB or let Burkhead take over more of the game but it didn't happen.

Nebraska fumbled 42 times this year which affected drives even though we lost only 21 of them. Fumbles killed NU all year.

The defense played well but we can't put ever game on the defense to win.

The line seemed to block harder and have more urgency when Burkhead was in the wildcat.

Why did we send Martinez deep on a key play to catch a pass when he didn't run much of the game?

The offense got worse as the year went compared to a team that improved in 2009.

Nebraska shouldn't complain about the bowl when we could have played in the Fiesta with a win.

I wonder now how tough next year will be with losing a lot of very good defensive players this year and having no clear direction or improvement going into next year on offense.

Enough of that but I just wonder how Scott Frost would be directing the offense next year. He has been voted as one of five young assistants that have a great future. Former player who is from Nebraska???

We need some good recruits at the wide receiver position. This needs to be an emphasis. Recruiting has emphasized defensive players the last three years. We need wide receivers and hopefully an offense that they can excel in. Run the ball down their throats and then pass when we need to or as a way to throw off the defense. Throw deep now and then. Open up the field and of course, run the fullback.

In men's basketball, the win over USC looks pretty good right now. USC knocked off Texas last night in California by 17 points.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nebraska beats Colorado and memories of the best Big 8 or Big 12 game of all time!

Nebraska beat Colorado in a crucial game. They will play against Oklahoma or Oklahoma State next Saturday. The Huskers played well. Cody Green did great. Penalties hurt the Huskers and led to two touchdowns by Colorado. If we could only cut down on the penalties. Nebraska has a 50-50 chance to win next Saturday which means it should be a GREAT game.

The following was written in the Nebraska Sports Journal a while back. Good memories; especially with the Big 12 coming to an end for Nebraska. Of course this was back in the Big 8 days.

It was No. 1 Nebraska vs. No. 2 Oklahoma in front of 63,000 fans at Owens Field. Never has the quality of a game been so strong. Yes, there has been buildup of many games over the years. This game, however, featured two teams that performed brilliantly all day long. The errors of the game included three turnovers by Oklahoma and one by Nebraska. There was only one penalty the whole day, an offside penalty against Nebraska.

Oklahoma ran the record breaking Wishbone T. Nebraska was able to stop the main weapon of Greg Pruitt's end runs but was not able to stop the keeper, fullback, or most of the passing game.

Nebraska ran the I spread and the I slot. Oklahoma took away Nebraska's passing attack but Nebraska was able to the run the ball effectively. The difference in the game is the play all Nebraska fans remember. It was Johnny Rodger's punt return. It was the play we have heard called by Lyle Bremser a billion times and it is never enough. That play was the difference in the game that day.

Joe Wylie punted the ball high and deep which helped Rodgers' return. Oklahoma was down to him when he caught the ball. You can't describe the run. You have all seen it. Rodgers went 72 yards for the score!! He should have called a fair catch the way they had him covered. Greg Pruitt spun him around. Ken Jones almost had him. He darted, caught his balance, twisted, dodged, disappeared a couple of times and then ran for the end zone. Joe Blahak bumped Joe Wylie out of the way. He put the fans in the aisles. Man, woman, and child!!!

The Cornhuskers twice were able to get 11 point leads that day; 14-3 in the second quarter and 28-17 in the third quarter. Remember the punt return was in the first 3 1/2 minutes of the ballgame. But the punt return forced OU to fight from behind most of the day.

With seven minutes to go in the game, OU's QB Jack Mildren had ran for two touchdowns and passed for two more. Nebraska had the best defense in the country but Oklahoma had 467 total yards. Oklahoma also had a 31-28 lead. It was reported that Devaney lost his temper and yelled at the defense on the sideline "Why can't you guys give Rich Glover some help once in a while?" Rich Glover seemed to be doing it all that day.

Then is was NU's Jerry Tagge's turn to direct NU on the winning 74 yard drive. "Nobody said a word in the huddle but me," Tagge said. "We all just knew what had to be done." And they did it.
The drive took 12 plays and over five minutes. Jeff Kinney ran for 30 yards on two plays early in the drive. He broke a few tackles. Do you remember his torn up jersey? Tagge hit Rodgers on a third and eight with Rodgers making a great catch.

Jeff Kinney ran the ball into the end zone with little time left running behind All American Daryl White. Nebraska won 35-31 and we all felt great for hours, days, months, and years to come.

Alabama, behind Bear Bryant beat Auburn 31-7. A little bit of an upset as Pat Sullivan was the QB for Auburn. He would win the Heismann that year. All American Johnny Musso was the star for Alabama. Alabama was headed to the Orange Bowl to play Nebraska. We had never beaten Bear Bryant.

It was No. 1 Nebraska vs. No. 2 Alabama in the Orange Bowl for the National Championship. Jeff Kinney scored a touchdown followed by a 77 yard punt return by Johnny Rodgers. Jerry Tagge ran for a touchdown and so did Gary Dixon before half. NU led 28-0 at half.

Rich Sanger had a field goal and Van Brownson, subbing for Jerry Tagge scored also. NU went on to win 38-6 and beat Bear Bryant for the first time in three tries. Nebraska had won its second National championship in two years!!!!

Kudos to Nebraska Men's Basketball!

The Nebraska men's basketball team was down by 20 points with less than four minutes to go in the first half. They fought back and beat USC tonight by 60-58. Brian Diaz had 14 points and Lance Jeter had 13.

Caleb Walker had some key plays from Nebraska and Drake Beranek ignited the crowd with a three. There were only 6000 at the game tonight. Hopefully with the victory the men's team attendance will grow.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nebraska rolls against Colorado!

Many think tomorrow that the game will be very close and possible Colorado will continue to roll. This writer thinks otherwise. Nebraska should roll vs. Colorado! The crowd will be fired up, turnovers will go NU's way, and Cody Green will have his best game as a Husker.

Let's start with turnovers. Cody Hawkins can throw the ball but he is nimble-quick and NU should have a lot of good things happen when we put pressure on him. Hopefully we won't be flagged for some of the hits because we will have a lot of them. Fumbles and interceptions. We should have at least four of them tomorrow. Yes NU will turn the ball over once or twice but four or more for Colorado will be more than we have been getting. Last week it was zero.

Cody Green is a little scary but he is definitely better than this writer has previously given him credit for. We have never lost a game when Cody Green starts and we won't this week. I just hope we don't run the same running offense we have been running. Run power football. Set up in an I formation and run the fullback now and then. THROW TO MIKE MCNIEL!!

The crowd will be loud and fired up. Last week's game got everybody's adrenalin going. Tom Osborne has asked for our support. A couple of early Colorado turnovers will have this crowd rockin.

Last week's mess is over with and after this game, we will forget about the events for a few days.

Look to Nebraska to win 37-10.


I would like to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving!!! We have a lot to be thankful for. I am blessed have a great family!! I wish all our friends a nice Thanksgiving and enjoy the fellowship!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I had to share this!!

I hope the writer is ok that I am sharing the following. It is so neat.

Count me as a big fan of Lions 'BY JEFF SEIDEL

Over the years, I have grown to hate several professional football players.

OK. Hate is a bit strong, and I used to put my kids in a time-out if they ever used that word. So my bad, put me in a time-out, and let me explain.

Years ago, in my first lifetime, I covered the NFL. I was the beat writer for the Minnesota Vikings. I went to all their practices and games, and I know this might sound like a dream job, but it was harder than you might think, mainly because, um, for most of the time I was in Minneapolis; my fingers were frozen together because Minnesota is so close to the North Pole.
Being a sports writer can make you hate sports because the relationship between the news media and the players is like a bad marriage. Basically, the players looked at sports writers as vultures, a characterization I can't dispute.
One time during the off-season, I was on deadline and needed to interview a player, but he was in a rush. Another writer and I were brought into an off-limits area, and we interviewed the player as he showered. Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub.
I held my tape recorder into the steam, praying I wouldn't drop it. And he was one of the good guys. Other players were jerks. They wouldn't even talk when they were fully clothed.
Over time, I grew cynical about all professional athletes.
But that quickly changed after spending some time around Ndamukong Suh, up close and personal, and best of all, it didn't involve a shower.
A few weeks ago, the Detroit Lions rookie showed up at my son's football practice. Seriously. Suh is friends with one of the players' dads and he came out to watch. "Good luck in the playoffs," Suh told the boys. "I'm going to try to catch one of your games."
Of course, I didn't believe him.
Then something surprising happened. A few weeks later, Suh came to a game. He sat in the front row on a cold Saturday afternoon, cheering for a bunch of 9- and 10-year-olds.
"Come on ref," a voice screamed. "You suck pickle juice!"
Whoops, that wasn't Suh. He's too classy. That was me.
Anyhow, Suh bought all the boys hot dogs and hot chocolate. Granted, this guy makes a gazillion dollars a year, but the gesture was touching. And I stood there thinking, this guy is seriously cool.
"He is all about the kids," said parent Terri Markray. Her son Tyler talked some trash to Suh. "Did you see my touchdown?"
Suh just smiled. It's like he has turned into an honorary member of the Lakes Area Hawks.
After the game, Suh walked onto the field and the team circled around him. "You did a great job out there," Suh said. "You played hard."
The boys were in awe, looking up at this giant. Suh patiently signed autographs and posed for pictures. It was just a small moment, but it was real and genuine, an amazing opportunity to see a different side of a pro football player.
And now, I have an admission to make: This old, cynical, crusty reporter has turned into a big fan of a man named Suh.
Contact Jeff Seidel: 313-223-4558 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 313-223-4558 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nebraska has a tough game this week!

Texas A & M is a team we better be at our best playing this week. They are a "hot" team with their new quarterback. They are dangerous. If Martinez is healthy and he is able to run like he did before the injury, look to Nebraska winning 35-24.

Of course, if we play like we did against South Dakota State or Texas or our offense struggles like they did against Kansas, watch out. We will be 9-2 when we play against Colorado. So if Nebraska plays like they can, we will win in a close one. If we don't, it's loss number two. Texas A & M is too good to not be at our best.

Our head coach said some disturbing things this week. Let's start with the him saying he really didn't care much for the tradition we had with Kansas. He wasn't around for much of it so it doesn't seem to matter to him. Wasn't that one of Bill Callahan's problems was he didn't understand tradition.

He was correct that the fans weren't very excited at the game with Kansas. The reason being there wasn't much to get fired up about on the offensive side. This writer doesn't understand the last couple of passes at the end with the first team on the field either. What was the point?

Sometimes the refs might be right also. They can't be wrong on every play. Why yell at them constantly. My guess is the result is more flags. It is human nature to get back at those that are constantly nagging about everything.

I think our defensive coaching is great but for us to be looked at by other schools, other fans, and referees as a second class team is embarrassing for this Nebraska fan. I'd rather take another loss here and there than to feel like we can act anyway we want because we think we are better than them. We pay our coaches a ton of money to represent Nebraska. Let's earn our money.

On offense we need to run more power football. Our offensive line is pretty good and what will it ever take to let the fullback run the ball. That's tradition. That's Nebraska football. Throw to Mike McNeil. He's OPEN and probably our best receiver. WE have a great football team. Use the weapons.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Recruiting and Missouri

First of all, Nebraska got a great running back out of Texas today in Aaron Green. The third top player in Texas this year and the number five rated running back in the nation, Green is the only RB recruit so far. He could make an immediate impact in kick returning and punt returning. Maybe he will even get a lot of playing time at running back right away if he can learn the NU system.

In the 2011 recruiting class, which is now rated twelve by rivals, the class includes four defensive backs and four offensive linemen. There are also two quarterbacks. We have one of the following; wide receiver, kicker, running back, linebacker, and defensive tackle.

Looks like we need to fill in another defensive linemen or two and a couple of wide receivers.

Now to Missouri! Missouri is going to be tough. This should be another great game. Look to a game like last week but with less scoring. Nebraska 27 Missouri 24

Monday, October 25, 2010

Aaron Green will announce his school choice on Wednesday PM

Highly touted Texas high school running back Aaron Green will announce where he will play football and attend school in two days. Nebraska is one of four schools in the running.

Nebraska won Saturday in a great game. In re-watching the game I wonder what would have happened if Eric Martin would have been flagged on his hit on the Niles Paul kickoff return for a touchdown. That would have been huge. Some don't think it was a flagable hit but it sure looked like it to this writer. Didn't do Nebraska much for its image when he was hamming it up when the kid was laying on the field.

Taylor Martinez put on one of the best performances we have seen in a Nebraska uniform. His ability to miss tackles and make great plays was amazing. What fun!!

Our offensive line played really well overall. Let's hope they continue to improve.

Defensively we played well enough to win. Oklahoma State is a great offensive team and we held them down some in the second half to get the win. As I have said all season, we are not a great defensive team but we are pretty good. The run continues to hurt us and to be back in the Top Five teams we have to get much better stopping the run.

The win against a Top 20 team was the first since the win over Oklahoma in 2001 when Stuntz threw the pass to Crouch. That's too long and maybe this weekend we can get number two.

I watched some of the 2009 Virginia Tech game this weekend also and noticed or at least it appears Pierre Allen is a lot bigger and maybe a little slower this year. Probably just my simple mind playing tricks. Hopefully he will be healthy for the Missouri game this week.

Only about a week away for the first NU men's basketball exhibition game with Peru State.

How in the world did Texas beat Iowa State. That's three losses in four games for Texas. We are the only win for them in that stretch.

This week's game is as big as it gets as far as playing or getting a chance to play in the Big 12 Championship. We lose this game and it is really hard to figure a way if getting into that game. But coming off a week where Texas, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma St all get beat by teams from the North anything is possible. Baylor could be the best in the South as wacky as things are.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Holdrege Dusters beat McCook!!!!

Holdrege beat McCook 20-7 Holdrege had lost 17 straight games to McCook in 15 years. Last victory was 1996 when Mark Waller was the coach. That year Clinton was President and Tom Osborne was Nebraska's coach. Great job Dusters!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nebraska will have a tight one this week!

Oklahoma St. is undefeated at 6-0. OSU is not as good as Texas but they are still very good. Nebraska will have to be at the top of their game this week. Oklahoma St. has a great offense and they are playing in Stillwater. Maybe that's a plus for NU the way they have been playing away this year.

Which Nebraska will show up. The one that struggled against South Dakota St and had 28 missed tackles, numerous penalties, five fumbles, and 6-8 dropped passes against Texas. Jekyll and Hyde?

Nebraska is still pretty darn good. They are not a national contender, yet, because of all the error they had last week. But their defense is much more than anything OSU has seen. OSU has played a bunch of patsies against the pass. They have scored at will. But our defense is much better and i can be pretty sure we will be rapping up this week or there will be others on the field taking their places.

Mike McNeil has to have a great game for NU to win. He has to get involved. This writer still thinks he is our best receiver and he is sticking to it.

I see Nebraska 28 OSU 24. Should be a great afternoon game. College football at its best. We will be proud again of our team after this week.

Washington State at Oklahoma State - 2010 Football Highlights

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nebraska will win this one!!

I just finished my last crow pie from last week! But this week we are going a different direction. I want to say 42-7 Nebraska but Texas always plays us tough. Texas has a very good defense and they will be ready to play. So will Nebraska of course. No worry of getting up for this game.

We'll go 24-3 this time around. Nebraska will not get beat in a close one this time. Close enough but we'll win. We have the better TEAM!!

I felt bad watching some of the Kansas game tonight versus K-State. I think the final was 52-7. Kansas is the worst team in the Big 12 right now but under Turner Gill, they will improve over time.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Martinez has a historic night!!

Taylor Martinez had four touchdowns and 246 yards rushing and passed for another. Just an amazing performance. The offensive line blocked well and had its best night for penalties. Tonight Nebraska played like the #1 team in the nation.

This writer missed the close game prediction by ten miles. The first quarter was close. But after that it was ALL Nebraska. ALL Nebraska!! Now on to face Texas October 16th. Should be a whale of a game but right now you have to say Nebraska will favored by a ways for sure.

KUDOs to Nebraska!! LaVonte David had 16 tackles and overall the linebackers had a really good game. It is time to give them some slack. Lorenzo Whaley had a great hit and the hit of the night was #12 Osbourne, a non-linebacker. He did all the fundamentals correct and just nailed the ball carrier.

What a night!! Can we carry this emotion through Texas and Oklahoma St. Let's hope so but it will be tough to be high three games in a row.

Now off to eat my humble crow pie!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Nebraska to win in overtime!

Nebraska has its hands full this Thursday against Kansas State. His name is Daniel Thomas. Possible Heisman candidate...He will be a difference maker tomorrow night. Earlier I had Nebraska losing by seven points in my mind. I think it will be that tough however I do believe now Nebraska will pull out an overtime victory. This victory may take a Matt Davison type catch to win.

Why will Thomas be such a challenge. It appears we have a weak spot when teams run to their left. Teams have controlled the ball at will running in this area. We have to have our linebackers step up! We have to hope the safeties don't have to help so much they get beat a couple times in the game on long passes.

So Nebraska will be able to run. Kansas State will be able to run. Both passing offenses will have some success and a bomb or two for touchdowns. Mike McNeil has to have a big night for NU to win. Both coaches are excellent. Trick plays will be a factor and watch Daniel Thomas out of the backfield throwing the ball a couple of times out of the wildcat or on an end around play.

Special teams are both good but I might give a nod to KSU on punting and punt returns.

This game could last a while with the overtime so don't go to bed too early.

NU 34 Kansas 31 in Overtime!!!!

I have watched both UFL game the Omaha Nighthawks have played. Wouldn't the Bears, Eagles, or Cardinals like to have either Jeff Garcia or Josh McCown. McCown actually looked the best of the QB's I have seen but Garcia is nothing to sneeze about. Daunte Culpepper can still throw the ball better than anybody but his legs are gone.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nebraska has work to do!

This is probably a good time to take a Saturday off. Last Saturday was not fun to watch. I went to the game excited to watch some second and third teamers play. I always like to see a game like this where the reserves, who have practiced hard, get a chance to play. It is a chance to see who the next stars will be. In years past when Nebraska was dominant, I enjoyed watching these games.

Well Saturday we were lucky to win. Take away four plays and this game was even. Give the Jackrabbits two touchdowns called back and we were in for a fight or even a loss. Give the Jackrabbits credit but good grief, they are a team we should stubble with fighting to win the Big 12 Championship and maybe even something bigger.

This game reminded me of the Iowa St. game we lost last year 9-7. We should of won this game but we didn't. We lucked out Saturday. South Dakota St. reminded me of the NU-USC game a few years ago when Callahan tried to shorten the game and give us a chance to win but we lost to a superior team. I think that score might of been 17-3 or something like that also.

We have made strides the last couple of years but now we expect more because we have the players and coaches to do it. We were missing something on Saturday.

Teams continue to run the ball on Nebraska. Opponents don't make big yards but they control the ball by making three, four, and five yards. We miss Will Compton and Sean Fisher. We miss Suh! We miss Dillard! The middle isn't bad, but right now they aren't good enough to step up to the great teams we will be facing this year and next.

The secondary has had tons of praise but they have been beaten a number of times. Fortunately the opposing team isn't able to get the ball to their open receiver. Saturday, a receiver had their our defender beaten and the throw was long, short, or wide.

Oklahoma St. is scary and their offense will give us trouble. I am glad we have a few weeks before we face them.

The offense is still struggling. I have said this a number of times but until we play some POWER football and let our offensive line just buckle down and knock people down, we may continue to struggle. Let the football run. I know we don't want to run the fullback trap play but why not? Use our weapons.

Last year we ended as one of the top two or three teams in the country. It is possible that the coaches feel we are on track and will improve weekly and we will be back or above that level by season end. Maybe this was our Iowa St. game from last year and we won this time.

We'll find out a little more a week from tomorrow against Kansas St. The teams we have played will not win any games against high caliber teams. But we are 4-0 and the season continues.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jackrabbits are coming to town.

The South Dakota St. Jackrabbits come to town tomorrow. This won't be much of a game. I hope we win injury free and a lot of reserves get to play a lot of ball. Then the game will be worth it. Nebraska should win 56-0 or something like that. The second half NU may run every play so with a game like that who knows. I think NU will have over 600 yards rushing tomorrow. Anything less than that will be a disappointment. It won't be a big passing day.

Steve Sipple had a cool article today. He talked to Frank Solich and Solich says Ohio State looks like a national champion this year.

Kansas State's running back Daniel Thomas is on the Heisman watch.

This writer thinks the game at Stillwater against Oklahoma St. will be every bit as tough as the home game vs. Texas. The OSU game is the week after the Texas game.

The Holdrege Dusters won their homecoming game vs. Sidney tonight 44-17. That makes them 5-0.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nebraska's run offense has to be scary to opposing teams!

Nebraska has three great threats at running the ball. They are Taylor Martinez, Rex Burkhead, and Roy Helu Jr. They all have a chance of going for 100 yards each week. The offensive line is playing very well EXCEPT for those darn penalties. the penalties could cost us a big game later if they don't get it figured out. Brando Kinnie, Mike McNeil, and Niles Paul are good receivers.

I hope we start going to McNiel more often. He is open and he is a tough match up for the defenses. He really runs well after the catch. Kinnie does some of the same things.

The Nebraska offense is not back until we run the fullback a couple of plays a game. Yes I am living in the past but let's use all the weapons. I did notice Legate was hardly on the field Saturday but when he is let's hand off to him once in a while.

The Nebraska defense played well keeping Locker's numbers pretty low for a Heisman candidate. I think it was Gomes that got beat on the touchdown to Kearse. He didn't really get beat athletically but just didn't have the proper coverage. Alonzo Dennard is what I call our best defensive back. His receivers caught no balls and he had one interception. Overall the defense was pretty awesome holding Jake locker to 4-20 in passing.

This week it is South Dakota State. Be ready to play! Only bad things can happen playing a team like that. Hopefully we get through it with no injuries and the reserves get some good playing time.

Texas A & M and Missouri were all lucky to win on Saturday. Oklahoma had a tough game with Air Force. Oklahoma St. looks pretty good. Texas is getting better and the game in Lincoln should be a GREAT game.

Now on to high school football. How about those Holdrege Dusters? Holdrege if fifth in points behind Elkhorn, Ralston, Aurora, and Scottsbluff. Holdrege beat Scottsbluff 28-14 last Friday but some how Scottbluff is fourth in points. Holdrege plays Sidney this week. They have tough games with Adams Central who gave Crete all they could handle and they go to McCook for the last regular season game. If they keep improving, Holdrege could be in the hunt. Crete and Aurora look to be the powers of Class B.

My cousin's boy, Max Boehler is the QB for Alma. Alma has been somewhat down the past few years but this year it is different. Alma id 3-0 and beat last year's playoff team Axtell 35-12 Friday night. Alma does play Overton later in the season and probably aren't to that caliber but they are pretty good.

The Loomis Wolves are 3-0. They beat 2-0 Litchfield 21-7 on Friday night. Loomis has an explosive offense but are playing a weaker schedule than most this year. Their only real test the rest of the season is Bertrand who is also playing very well. The question is at playoff time, can they compete with a Howells or the other teams in D-2 in other parts of the state. If they practice hard and don't get over confident with the weak schedule, they could have a GREAT season.

Brad Dickson comments in the Omaha World-Herald that "Jake Locker was 4-20 with two interceptions yesterday against Nebraska. In the 2010 Heisman watch Locker has fallen behind Reggie Bush."

Minnesota Duluth beat Wayne St. 42-10. Wayne State beat 2-1 UNK earlier in the season. How good is Minnesota Duluth 3-0.

Fifteen games left in the regular season for baseball. The Chicago Cubs are at 66-81 compared to the Kansas City Royals at 60-86. Kansas City's game was delayed last night so they have 16 games remaining.

Isn't fantasy football fun? I had Drew Brees last week and he only scored 13 points. I'm going with Eli Manning this week. Will LT continue to play a big part for the Jets? I hope so. Byron Leftwich was released by the Steelers!! He has been hurt some but that was a surprise for me. Also Beanie Wells is expected to be inactive today.

The Kansas State-Iowa St. game is always an interesting game. Yesterday KSU beat ISU 27-20 at Arrowhead. Daniel Thomas had 181 yards rushing and two touchdowns. I still think a good rushing team can gain yards running to their left against Nebraska.

Danny Woodhead is now a New England Patriot!!