Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nebraska meets a buzzsaw tonight!

So how can you say we are meeting a buzzsaw tonight when Minnesota has lost four games in a row?? First of all Minnesota needs to win, they are much more talented than NU with much more depth, and they have been beaten by some pretty good teams lately. They have lost to Indiana, Michigan, Nothwestern, and Wisconsin.

Minnesota is rated No. 9 by Pomeroy. Nebraska is rated No. 154. The game is at Minnesota. Yes, Nebraska can pull off an upset because they are a team oriented, hustling, and they have a want to win attitude. But tonight this game will be tough.

Nebraska is gaining. They are fun to watch!!


Minnesota 70  Nebraska 57

However watch tonight's game on BTN and route for Nebraska. GO BIG RED!!

Lue Had a Chance to Play Nebraska Football

Lue Had a Chance to Play Nebraska Football

Huskers To Tangle with Gophers Tuesday

Huskers To Tangle with Gophers Tuesday

Dirk Chatelain's Mad Chatter

Excellent read!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Nebraska has a good chance to win vs. Northwestern!

Nebraska has lost seven of their last nine games and six of seven conference games. Thier record is 10-10 and they are 1-6 in the Big 10 conference. They have played good ball mostly this year and have surprised many playing some tough teams really well. Nebraska dropped 22 places in the Pomeroy ratings since losing to Illinois. They are rated 173rd.

Northwestern is 12-8 overall and 3-4 in the Big 10. lately though they have played very well. In the last three games they beat Illinois by 14 at Illinois. They lost to No. 2 Indiana by 8 points and they beat No. 9 Minnesota by seven points. That's playing some pretty good basketball.

Northwestern is in 8th place in the Big 10, with Nebraska 11th.

Nebraska got slaughtered in rebounds vs. Illinois but they allow fewer rebounds than Northwestern. Dylan talley will be the top scorer for both teams. Northwestern has more depth. Northwestern's top players are Reggie Hearn, Jared Swopshire, Drew Crawford, and Dave Sobolewski.

Northwestern is on a hot streak and Nebraska is coming off a terrible loss. Nebraska is better than that. They have maybe 1-3 more games they can win. This is one of them. They need to win this Saturday.

In a game that could go either way, I have to go with Nebraska this time.

Nebraska 60 Northwestern 59

In a side note, Nebraska commit WR Dominic Walker has flipped to Auburn!!

Nebraska Outlasts No. 25 Spartans

Nebraska Outlasts No. 25 Spartans

Monday, January 21, 2013

Illinois has won some big games this year!

The Nebraska men's opponent on Tuesday is Illinois. They ar 14-5 overall but only 1-4 in the conference. They beat Gonzaga at Gonzaga by 13. They beat Ohio St. by 19 points. They beat Auburn on a neutral court. They beat Butler by 17 points. At times they have played like the No. 1 team in the nation. They have lost five of their last seven games. At times they don't play very good. Which team shows up in Lincoln on Tuesday night? The Top 10 who was 12-0 or the team of lately.

Nebraska is on the rise. They have moved up the ranks and are now rated 152nd. Illinois is rated 61st.

Illinois is coached by John Groce who took an Ohio team last year to the NCAA tournament and did well taking them to the Sweet Sixteen. Nebraska was interested in him. This matchup puts the newest coaches in the Big 10 against each other.

Freshman Shavon Shields has just come off a 29 point performance vs. Penn State and was named the Freshman Player of the Week in the Big 10. He has added a new dimension to the basketball team. Nebraska has averaged 60 ppg the past three games after averaging 44 ppg the first three BIG 10 games.

Dylan Talley has 18 assists and three turnovers in the last four games as point guard. This has been huge for the improved play we have seen.

Illinois has Brandon Paul who is second in the Big 10 in scoring at 19.2 points per game.

This game could go either way but the overall quality of the Ilinois team wins out. 

Illinois 67 Nebraska 65

Hope we win our second Big 10 game this year!!  Go Big Red!!

Huskers Roll at Minnesota

Huskers Roll at Minnesota

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Huskers Sweep Titles, Top Michigan State

Huskers Sweep Titles, Top Michigan State

Big Hoss!

We got a quality commit for an offensive lineman.

Recruiting: A closer look at what's in the cupboard : Latest Husker News

Recruiting: A closer look at what's in the cupboard : Latest Husker News

"Helfrich’s promotion to head coach to be announced Sunday" | Oregon Football with Rob Moseley | The Register-Guard

Scott Frost is expected to be named offensive coordinator!

"Helfrich’s promotion to head coach to be announced Sunday" | Oregon Football with Rob Moseley | The Register-Guard

Huskers Hit Road to Face Gophers Sunday

Huskers Hit Road to Face Gophers Sunday

Shields Lifts Huskers to Win at Penn State

Shields Lifts Huskers to Win at Penn State

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ubel could play today!

Brandon Ubel did make the trip to Penn State. The game is at noon today. Nebraska is 9-9 and 0-5 in the conference. The Nittany Lions are 8-9 and 0-5 in the conference. Somebody is going to win their first conference game today. Ubel is key. He says he is at 80-85%. Ubel has been out for 11 days now with a fractured elbow.

The Nittany Lions also have some injury problems. Their point guard Tim Frazier was a returning first-team All-Big Ten pick. He accounted for 58% of last year's Penn State offense. He is out for the season aftern the fourth game with an achiilles tear.

It will be a hard fought game. Penn State is favored by 3 1/2 points.

Nebraska was led by Shavon Shields with 18 points and 8 rebounds in the last game. Penn State was led by Jermaine Marshall with 29 points and 10 rebounds in their last game.

Andre Almeida is ranked fifth in the Big 10 for blocked shots. Ray Gallegos is ranked 4th in the Big Ten in three-pointers.

Nebraska is rated 161st in the Pomeroy ratings. Penn State is 201st. If Ubel is healthy, Nebraska wins 57-54. If Ubels plays less than 20 minutes, Nebraska loses 60-59.

In football, Nebraska has four signees from Florida in all of Pelini's previous years and now in this recruiting class we have three signees. Nebraska received a commitment from Cethan Carter, a tight end out of Louisiana.

Huskers Hit Road to Face Gophers Sunday

Huskers Hit Road to Face Gophers Sunday

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nebraska in a very close game vs. Purdue!

Nebraska continues to move up in the Pomeroy rankings to 159th. Four straight losses and they are climbing over teams. Why? Because Nebraska is playing the seventh toughest schedule in the nation.

Nebraska is shooting 27% from the three point line but they are shooting a respectable 49% on 2 pointers. This really is their strength, shooting jumpers. The percentage is remarkable considering they don't get many inside shots.

Nebraska is playing well. Purdue is rated 85th. The game is at home. Nebraska has to continue to hit shots.

My prediction:

Purdue 52 Nebraska 51

I hope we can pull this one out. The team is playing hard and its time for a win.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Nebraska is moving up

Nebraska has moved up to 162nd in the Pomeroy ratings. They now look look like they have a good chance to win their next four games. At least they should all be close. Look to Nebraska to beat Northwestern and Penn State and play Purdue and Illinois very close.

Penn State is now rated 205th so Nebraska has moved ahead of them with ease.

Fisher will not return!

NU announced that LB Sean Fisher will not return to the Huskers for a possible 6th season in 2013.

The Illinois basketball team fell 11 spots in the polls after going 0-2 last week.

Huskers Fall Short in East Lansing

Huskers Fall Short in East Lansing

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Huskers Dropped by No. 8 Penn State

Huskers Dropped by No. 8 Penn State

Men's basketball this afternoon!

Even though Nebraska has lost the last three games they have showed that they can win this year in the Big 10. They have moved up to 168th in the Pomeroy ratings. They were as low as 216th earlier this year. The trouble today is four fold.

First they have lost Mike Peltz for the year due to surgery to his knee. He provides depth which Nebraska has very little of this year.

Second, the heart of the team is Brandon Ubel. He has a fractured arm and will be out for a "while".  Ubel is a leader. He is one of their top scorers. He leads in rebounding. He is critical to Nebraska. Who will need to step up?? Almeida will get more time, if that is possible, as he wears down because of his size. We will probably see a lineup of no center with three or four guards playing. Maybe Sergei Vucetic will play some.

Third is they play Michigan St. today. They are tough. They are one of the top teams in the nation and rated 16th by Pomeroy. Micigan St. is 13-3 and 2-1 in the conference.

The fourth reason is that the game is in Lansing, Michigan. A really hard place to play.

Nebraska is 9-7. They were improving. Today will be tough and not reflective of the improving Huskers. Look to a score in the neighborhood of:

Michigan St. 65 Nebraska 47. Go Big Red!!!

The Nebraska men's basketball team is third in the Big 10 in graduation rate of its players. Michigan St. is 11th. They graduate 82% compared to MSU's rate of 50%.

Ray Gallegos is ranked 4th in the Big 10 in three-pointers. Andre Almeida is ranked 5th in the Big 10 in blocks.

I loved the article by Dirk Chatelain in the World-Herald today on Shawn Eichorst. It was well written and inspiring. He sounds tough but fair.

Rich Kaipust article on South Dakota recruit Nathan Gerry was also very good. Sounds like he is a talented kid with great character.

Nebraska football will have no players entering the NFL draft this year. That's a huge plus. Michigan St has three players going out early. Ohio St and Illinois has players leaving early. On the national scene the SEC has lots of players leaving early. LSU has nine players leaving for the draft in addition to their normal seniors leaving. The SEC will be hurt by this. Nebraska, with a young team, will be better in 2013. The Big 10 will be better as they have less players entering the draft than most of the other major conferences.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Huskers Cruise Past Hoosiers

Huskers Cruise Past Hoosiers

Sport Shorts!

2013 NU basketball recruit Wisconsin wing Nick Fuller has turned into a recruiter. When 2013 power forward recruit Matthew Atewe of Notre Dame (Mass) Prep made his official visit last weekend, Fuller was there to make a hard sell. Fuller thinks Atewe is close to becoming the fourth 2013 recruit.

The other two recruits are Texas guard Nathan Hawkins and New Zealand guard Tai Webster.

Fuller's senior year at Sun Prairie (Wis) High School has gone well. His team is 10-1. He is currently averaging 26 points and 10 rebounds. Earlier this year he broke the career scoring record at his high school.

Shawn Eichorst, our new athletic director, said that "This is about us. It isn't about me." Eichorst says he wants to be firm, fair and consistent.  Welcome to Nebraska Shawn!

The Beacher Report has projected the defensive depth chart for 2013. Here it is.

DE- Jason Ankruh, Randy Gregory, Walter Ashburn

DE-Avery Moss, Greg McMullin, Donovan Vestal

DT-Chase Rome, Kevin Williams, Tobi Okuyemi

DT-Vincent Valentine, Thaddeus Randle, Jay Guy

Randy Gregory is a JUCO recruit in this year's class.

MIKE-David Santos, Michael Rose, Trevor Roach, Josh Banderas

WILL-Zaire Anderson, Thomas Brown, Marcus Newby

BUCK-Jared Alfalava, Max Pirman,Thomas Brown

S-Harvey Jackson, Stanley Jean Baptiste, Seth Jameson

S-Mohammed Seisay, Corey Cooper, Wil Richards

CB-Andrew Green, Ciante Evans, LeRoy Alexander

CB-Jonathan Rose, Charles Jackson, Josh Mitchell

NICKEL/PESO-Corey Cooper, Ciante Evans, Thomas Brown

A lot of new names and some good talent.

Back to NU basketball recruit Matthew Atewe.  Duke has talked to him but has not made a scholarship offer. Atewe is called a late bloomer. He now is up to 30 scholarship offers. He has visited Kansas State and Auburn.Last weekend he made an official visit to Nebraska. He plans to take all five of his official visits before he decides his choice in Murch.

Atewe wants to play right away and he will have a great chance to do that at Nebraska.

Nebraska is expected to get a visit soon from Toronto native Kevin Thomas, a 6-9 forward at Palm Beach College in Florida. He's a former Texas commit who came from the same AAU program that produced Longhorn players Cory Joseph, Tritan Thompson and Myck Kabongo.

Thomas recently received an offer from Clemson, while Minnesota is also showing interest.

Nebraska also continues to evaluate Leslee Smith, a 6-7, 255-pound forward from Seward County (Kan) Community College. Smith, a Texa native, transferred to Seward after playing last season at SMU.

The spring signing period begins April 17.

Nebraska recently offered Kevin Maurice, a defensive tackle from Florida, a scholarship. He quickly committed to Nebraska. Defensive tackle is a top priority for the Huskers.

NU has just received a commit from California's top running back Terrell Newby. He is a Rivals 100 recruit. Accoeding to the ratings this is NU's top pick in this year's class. NU has already received a commit from Texas's top running back Adam Taylor.

Earlier Malick Collins commmitted to NU. He is another defensive lineman. He is 6'5" 285 lbs and is from Kansas City, Missouri.

Scott Shafer is the new coach at Syracuse. He was formally the defensive coordinator for the Orange.

Penn St backup tailback Curtis Dukes has left the team.

Alabama coach Nick Saban has added to his national championship winning staff, bringing in former Colorado defensive coordinator Greg Brown to coach the secondary.

By Sporting News standards, Alabama has the top recruiting class so far this year. Michigan is second and Texas A & M is third. Ohio State is fifth. Two teams from the Big 10 in the Top 10 should start to improve the overall national reputation of the Big 10.

Nascar team changes include Danica Patrick racing for Tony Stewart's team. Matt Kenseth goes to Joe Gibb Racing and Joey Logano goes to Penske Racing.


Huskers gain big recruiting score with California RB : Latest Husker News

Huskers gain big recruiting score with California RB : Latest Husker News

Close isn't enough for Huskers in loss to No. 2 Michigan : Latest Husker News

Close isn't enough for Huskers in loss to No. 2 Michigan : Latest Husker News

Huskers Hit Road to Take on Hoosiers

Huskers Hit Road to Take on Hoosiers

Huskers Put in Valiant Effort at No. 2 Michigan

Huskers Put in Valiant Effort at No. 2 Michigan

Monday, January 07, 2013

Notre Dame way out of their league!

As expected Notre Dame is getting killed by Alabama. Except for those Notre dame Haters and Alabama Lovers the rest of the nation is watching something else right now.

Texas A & M is probably the best team in the nation but because of a slow start they probably didn't deserve to be in the Championship game with Alabama. But what a game that would have been. I think A & M would have beat them again.

Oregon should have been in the Championship game. They are far and away better than Notre Dame.

Right now Alabama is dominating ND in every facet of the game. It isn't even close. What a disappointment to a great college season.

Scioscia to Speak at Banquet and Coaches Clinic

Scioscia to Speak at Banquet and Coaches Clinic

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Nebraska vs. Wisconsin Sunday at 3:30!

Nebraska has its first Big 10 game at home tomorrow at 3:30. Come out and watch a great game. Nebraska is the weakest team in the Big 10 this year but the Big 10 is the top basketball conference in America. Lots of talent. Every home game this year will give fans a chance to see some of the best in college basketball. Seven or eight teams will make it to the NCAA tournament this year.

Wisconsin sports a well coached team. They are 10-4 and 1-0 in the conference. They are rated 17th by Pomeroy. Nebraska is coming in at 193rd. Wisconsin is a very good defensive team and they don't turn the ball over. They are led by Jared Berggen. He is one of the best players in America. He is the main guy we have to stop. He penetrates and gets lots of foul shots and by the way he is hitting 80% of those. He is averaging 13.4 points a game. He is the typical efficient Wisconsin player.

Ryan Evans is another tough player. He leads the Badgers in rebounds and shoots a lot of shots although his average is mediocre. Ben Brust is second in rebounds, second in PPG at 11.9, and leads the team in assists. We stop these players and we win the game.

The Huskers, who will be wearing red uniforms for this game, are lead by Brandon Ubel. Ray Gallegos, and Dylan Talley. With Eric Almeida and Mike Peltz probably out for this game, the Huskers have six players they can depend on.  Well maybe seven now. Freshman Sergej Vucetic scored the first four points of his Husker career in the second half versus Ohio State.

Look to a lower scoring game. Nebraska will need to shoot lights out which means Gallegos will need to be hot. They will have to play the perfect game to win. Low turnovers and great defense. Doing the things Wisconsin do most every game.

But we have a chance. Creighton beat Wisconsin by the same margin the beat the Huskers so.......

But on this day my prediction is Wisconsin 60 Nebraska 48. See you there!! Go Big Red! 

Huskers Face Purdue in Top 25 Showdown

Huskers Face Purdue in Top 25 Showdown

Huskers Host Wisconsin Sunday Afternoon

Huskers Host Wisconsin Sunday Afternoon

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Huskers Face No. 8 Ohio St. in Big Ten Opener

Huskers Face No. 8 Ohio St. in Big Ten Opener

Huskers Open Big Ten Play with Badgers

Huskers Open Big Ten Play with Badgers

Nebraska will play tough today!

Bo Pelini likes a challenge. It doesn't matter who we play. Coach Pelini, I don't think, would care if we played the No. 1 team every week. He likes to complete. He doesn;t like to lose. That's just the way it is. He is a competitior. We wouldn't want anything less.

Nebraska is not following their team to Orlando this year in great bunches. I would guess it is because they don't want to travel to a game that they feel we will get slattered. It is too soon after the Big 10 Championship to get excited that we could pull off an upset.

But I think there will be some fans that wished they would have went to the game. I think it will be a close competitive game. Our offense will score some points. So will their's. Turnovers and penalties will be key. Will Georgia approach the game like we have the past two bowl games?

Nebraska has some NFL type players. More than Nebraska has. One of ours is not playing, Baker Steinkuhler. But the best players don't always win, Ask Texas. Maybe the best talent in the nation but they lose a lot of games.

Burkhead is back. He has averaged 7.2 yards a carry. Abdullah is our season's leading rusher with 1,089. Brandon Heard has a 6.7 yard average. Probably should play more. Taylor Martinez is always a threat with 973 yards tushing this year. The offensive line has played pretty well this season. They have a huge challenge today as Georgia's defensive line is very good. We will see at times maybe two down linemen but they will be sending more.

Martinez has completed 62.2% of his passes. Nice improvement. This is less than his goal of 70% but that was a nice goal but 62% is ok.

Kenny Bell is our top receiver with 46 catches for 803 yards. Enunwa has 40 catches and Jamal Turner is turning it on late in the season with 29 catches and 395 yards. Kenny Bell has 8 TD's which is by far the most.

On defense, Will Compton leads the Huskers with 101 tackles and Daimon Stafford has 89. PJ Smith (79), Alonzo Whaley (63), and Eric Martin (56) follow in tackles. Martin is the King in tackles for losses with 16.

Aaron Murray will be the best passer we have seen this year. He will play in the NFL. Nebraska has played against a bunch of NFL quarterbacks such as Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Josh Freeman, Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, and RG3. Aaron Murray will join them in the NFL in a year or two.

He has hit 65% of his passes for 3,564 yards. This compares to Martinez's 2,700 yards. Todd Gurley leads their rushing attack with 1,260 yards and a 6.3 average. Keith Marshall has 723 yards with a 6.6 yard average. As good as or maybe better than the Huskers.

Malcolm Mitchell has 40 catches for 572 yards ande Tavames King has 39 catches for 846 yards and a 21.7 yard average. Kenny Bell has a 17.6 yard average.

The Georgia defense is let by Alec Ogletree with 98 tackles. Shawn Williams has 87 tackles. Watch out for Jarvis Jones who has 77 tackles but has 22.5 tackles for losses. That's 6.5 more tackles for losses than Eric Martin.

Georgia is good. This isn't the most exciting game for them as they come off a loss to Alabama by three points which would have allowed them to play for the National Championship.

Nerbaska plays a great game. Makes it close. The prediction is:

Georgia 31 Nebraska 24