Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pelini expressed his values at Football 202!

At the Football 202 program in July, Coach Bo Pelini made it clear that he feels his job is not about X'x and O's and winning football games. He made it clear that his job is to prepare young kids for the rest of their life. He emphasized that kids must compete daily, follow their outlayed process and be accountable. He wasn't talking about football. He was mostly talking about what the players do off the field. He was passionate and serious about his statements.

"Every decision you make impacts who you are. (Players) must worry about their day to day activities. That's their main priority." Later he said "Love unconditionally. Sometimes its tough love."

Hopefully Quentin Castille learned from this experience. Pelini helped him find another college. I think this week we did learn that football is more than X's and O's from Coach Pelini. He has practiced what he preached.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Huskers in the NFL!

Maurice Purify had one catch for 22 yards for Cincinnati tonight. Todd Peterson had two catches for 21 yards, with one being the last play of the game. He is trying to make the Jacksonville team and has had a few catches this year.

Bo Ruud made his debut tonight playing for Tampa Bay. He is now playing with his brother Barrett.

Monday, August 24, 2009

NU will romp against the Florida Atlantic Owls!

Who is Florida Atlantic? Florida Atlantic is coached by Howard Schnellenberger. If you haven't forgotten by now, Schnellenberger led the Miami Hurricanes to victory over the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the national championship game on January 2, 1984. The Cornhuskers had Gill, Rozier, and Fryar that year and, prior to the game, they were picked by some as the best college team ever. This is the game that NU went for two points and didn't convert towards the end of the game. The undefeated team went down 31-30.

The Owls play their home games at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and are members of the Sun Belt Conference.

The Owls are led by Rusty Smith, the Pre-Season Sun Belt Conference Co-Player of the Year for 2009. TE Jamari Grant also has received some preseason honors. The offense is their strong point but the NU defense should keep them in check most of the game. NU will have four turnovers in this game.

The 2008 Florida Atlantic team was 7-6. They lost a lot of key players on defense this year so the Huskers should be able to score quite a few points.

Florida Atlantic will run the spread offense. Nebraska will defend with the nickel and dime sets much of the game.

So look to Florida Atlantic to score the first two possessions of the game with a touchdown and a field goal. They will also score late in the game to have a total of 17 points. Nebraska will score often during this game with a lot of players scoring. The NU defense will score at least one touchdown. NU will be able to score on the ground and through the air.

Zac Lee should run for one touchdown and throw for three touchdowns, with one being a tight end. Helu and Ward will score on the ground along with Lee and Henery will kick two FG's.

Final Nebraska 55
Florida Atlantic 17

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What's new?

Steve Octavien had two tackles for Dallas on Friday night. Todd Peterson had a catch for 11 yards for Jacksonville. Cody Glenn had two tackles for Washington. For Green Bay, Brandon Jackson had twelve yards rushing and one reception. Scott Shanle had one tackle for New Orleans. Jay Moore had a tackle for the 49ers. Nate Swift had on catch for four yards for Denver. Correll Buckhalter had 15 yards rushing and had one catch for eight yards. LeKevin Smith had one tackle in his debut for Denver.

Former Beatrice player, Xavier Omon had a rushing touchdown and two receptions for 61 yards playing for the Bills.

Quentin Castille's dismissal is not good for NU football. Don't get me wrong, if he was let go, I am sure he deserved it. It was just the tandem of Helu and Castille was a pretty good deal. Two different running styles with two great backs. Don't forget Rex Burkhead is a freshman who is still learning. Obviously he has a ton of talent but I would guess he runs a lot like Helu. Oh well, Castille is gone so let's get ready for the next good back to arise. Burkhead, Ward, Okafor, or maybe Robinson. Should be fun. But in a year we needed to run, run, run, our machine may have sheared a bolt. It can be fixed and I am sure it will be quickly.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Terrace Nunn and Marlon Lucky have good games.

Terrance Nunn had four catches for 53 yards for New England and Marlon Lucky ran for 12 yards on two carries tonight in a game between Cincinnati and New England.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nebraskans in the NFL

Josh Bullocks had two tackles for the Bears vs. Buffalo. Brandon Jackson had 41 yards on eight carries for Green Bay against Cleveland. Demorrio Williams had two tackles for Kansas City vs. Houston. Kris Brown had three field goals and an extra point for Houston.

Vince Young outplayed Kerry Collins at quarterback yesterday in their game against Tampa bay.

Barrett Ruud had one tackle for Tampa Bay. Kyle Vanden Bosch had two tackles against the Bucs.

Alex Henery and Brett Maher are battling for the punting job! Henery looked the best in the spring.

Offensive lineman Brent Qvale is impressing the coaches as he is practicing with the second team with the injury to Ricky Henry.

Coach Bo Pelini said there is no doubt the Huskers have more depth this year at defensive end. Cooper and Meredith back up Turner and Allen. David Harvey is impressing along with freshman Jason Ankrah.

Wide receiver Brandon Kinnie is impressing the coaches during the fall session.

The Huskers have Sunday off.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Nebraska throwback jerseys and Lance Thorell


NFL Stats on Friday Night

Danny Woodhead ran for five yards on six carries Friday night against the Rams. He also let the Jets in return yardage with 45 on two kickoff returns. Josh Brown had three field goals for the Rams

Maurice Purify had two catches for 17 yards vs. the Saints. Scott Shanle had two tackles for New Orleans.

After three quarters, Nate Swift has one catch for 11 yards and Correll Buckhalter has four yards on four carries for the Broncos. Jay Moore has one tackle for the 49ers.

Sam Koch had five punts for a 38 yard average. Three were inside the 20. Cody Glenn had one tackle for Washington.

Titus Adams had one tackle for New England.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I don't like you Mommy

Yeah cookies are very important!

Football 202 Highlights

James Dobson said the players are bigger and faster than last year. A side note: The workouts this summer were the hardest they have been through since being at NU according to one player.

The 105 players this year have more talent than a year ago. Some players in fall camp last year were not in the top 105 players this year.

Nebraska has the talent to be a national championship team. They have to get more consistent, trust in the coaches, and improve their academic efforts so that problems in that area are not a distraction for football.

Recruiting is not an exact science. Relationships with high school coaches are essential for recruiting great talent. Relationships are starting to develop in Nebraska and Texas, for example.

Pelini's reaction after the New Mexico game after being told that Lance Thorell had just started his first game with 11 men on a team. "What!!?" Lance played for Loomis who played 8 man ball and is a walk-on.. Coach Sanders is very happy with his progress.

The story of how Colton Koehler from Harvard starting his college career with Division III Nebraska Weslayen and now could be a starter at Nebraska is a tribute to how the walk-on program at Nebraska works.

The coaches and staff just don't give lip service to the walk-on program, they truly believe it sets NU apart from other schools.

With the NCAA limit of 105 players in fall camp, the rule has changed that if a player gets hurt, the coaching staff can call in another player not on the original list. This happened when Ron Kellog Jr. just came into camp to replace injured Kody Spano.

There are 29 practices in fall camp. Last year there was only one week of practice before school started. This year there will be two weeks.

The first day of practice this year included drug testing.

Tommy Frazier said NU coach Kevin Steele drew him to NU. Frazier was actually just ready to commit to Colorado when an assistant coach called him from Colorado and said they would like to switch him to safety. That assistant coach is now the head coach for the Minnesota Vikings, I believe.

Frazier discussed the conversation he had with Warren Sapp in the 1995 Orange Bowl. Frazier told a reporter that he didn't like being called Thomas or Tom. He said Sapp must of read the story. When I came back into the game Warren was yelling, "Hey, Thomas, Hey Tom. Where have you been? Frazier said, It's not where I've been fat boy, it's where I am going."

Frazier said when he ran his first career play at NU, he ran the wrong way.

Pelini can fire up a crowd with his enthusiasm. So can Ron Brown who got a standing ovation with his energy.

Tommie Frazier said his college highlight was graduating. He was the first one in his large family to graduate from college.

His favorite play was getting hit from behind but still got a pass off against Colorado. He loved beating Colorado.

Frazier feels the option can still work today. "Look at Georgia Tech!"

Frazier said the first time he was in Lincoln and it was snowing he said "What the hell am I doing here?"

Pelini said the successful players are set apart because of what they do off the field with academics, working out, and family. They must compete daily, follow a process laid out by coaches and staff and be accountable.

Carl Pelini said that we are establishing the team we want to be. The family atmosphere is a powerful, powerful thing.

Coach John Papuchis said that Baker Steinkuhler will be a force before he leaves Nebraska.

All coaches talked about a "relentless effort" by the team and coaches being key to the team.

Shawn Watson says Zac Lee has as much talent as an QB he has ever been around.

Mike McNiel commented that Rex Burkhead has caught his eye this summer. Prince Amukamara said that Jason Ankrah, a defensive end, is a freshman to look out for.

We'll probably have some more in Football 202 later but that is all for tonight.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Football 202: 2009 Part 2

Bo Pelini's message was that this 2009 team has talent. We have to continue to change the culture to a family atmosphere and the players have to trust the coaches. We have come a long ways but we aren't quite there yet. We have to be more consistent.

James Dobson, the strength and conditioning coach, is as full of energy as anybody I have ever been around. The word is that he is working the players much much harder than he did a year ago.

Dobson said that in June the team worked on strength, speed, and, power. In July they are working on conditioning.

The team has gained 350 lbs of body mass during this time and yet are faster. They work on acceleration. They sprint 10-15 yards at a time. Dobson said long distance is not football.

Dobson said that a player comes to Nebraska because he trusts us. They have to trust we will make them better. The players have to have a high level of performance throughout the whole year. If you are comfortable, you won't get better.

Ted Gilmore talked about recruiting. He said there is no exact science to recruiting. Nebraska believes in staff recruiting where two, three, four coaches may visit a player.

Recruiting is getting out of whack in some parts of the country because they are recruiting players when they are only freshman or sophomores.

The recruiting philosophy is
1) Academics Nebraska leads the nation in academics. Student athletes must compete in the classroom.
2) Athletics
3) Community Recruits must be a good fit for our state, community, and university

Prospects are evaluated by speed, strength, size, ability, and character. Gilmore said, for example, they like receivers that are big bodied (6'3" and above) and can created separation (quickness and speed)

Gilmore said "We will not always compete with our opponents for the same prospects. However we must recruit individuals that will help us defeat those teams".

NU's goal is to identify every prospect within a 500 mile radius of the University.

Some of the players in the top 105 players for Nebraska last year will not make the top 105 players in 2009. This is even after we lost a bunch of seniors. This means the overall talent level is up at Nebraska. The redshirting and incoming freshmen plus the development of our other players has created an increase in talent. That is good news for NU fans. That is great news!!

Nebraska Football 2009, Can You Feel It

The 2009 season is just ready to begin!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Football 202: Not X's and O's, but how you do it!

This year's Football 202 had 328 attendees from 18 states. Last year there was approximately 125 that attended the first session ever. Jeff Jamrog mentioned that the session is like the T-shirt that says "NU football is not Life or Death" and then on the back it says "It's more important than that."

The NU coaches are on the same page. There was a consistent message given by all. The message is that 1) Every player is competing daily, 2) Follow the process consistently, 3)Be accountable for your actions, and 4) Establish a culture of a family atmosphere.

Bo Pelini didn't talk about X's and O's. His emphasis was what sets players and coaches apart. He said it is what they do off the field. Ultimately it is not what you do but how you do it. "Every decision you make every day impacts who you are.

Pelini said, in his mind, his job is not to win football games but to prepare kids for the rest of their life.

He said in the recruiting process, the recruit has a me-attitude when he is picking a college. Once he signs it has to be all about team.

Pelini is about the process. Players need to worry about their day-to-day activities and it has to be their main priority. That includes going and participating in classes. If they are having problems in their classes, they won't be focused when they come to football practice.

There are not many gray areas in coaching, it is mostly black and white. You love the players unconditionally but sometimes it has to be tough love.

Players have to trust coaches. When this staff got to Lincoln, the trust wasn't there. The trust wasn't all there in 2008 but it is getting better.

Pelini feels he has a tremendous mentor in Coach Osborne. He said that he has a dream job and the reasons are: 1) Tom Osborne is athletic director, 2) He is now head coach, and 3) He likes working with young men.

He joked about having his picture taken while out in public. People walk up and take pictures with their cell phone which amazes him because he said "I'm ugly". He also remembers a guy about 75 years of age giving him a long long bear hug as his girls looked with astonishment. He said "It's ok girls".

Pelini stresses that as a coach you have to have balance with your life. He believes his staff follows this same philosophy.

Pelini said they have a more difficult time recruiting because it is about building relationships with high school football coaches. Nebraska isn't populated enough to draw a large number of recruits so he said building relationships becomes a challenge. They have started to build ties with coaches in the Dallas, Texas area, and it has paid off.

Pelini said the biggest challenge of the football team is "ourselves." Ultimately if the players buy in, we have enough talent to win a championship. Last year we lacked consistency.

Pelini talks to Pete Carroll on a regular basis. He says he doesn't have all the answers and as a coach you must continue to develop.

Pelini believes in treating his assistant coaches the best he can. He said he has the best staff in college football.

Pelini said he doesn't believe in depth charts but he assured our group that Suh will start.

When asked who is more talented - Suh or Dorsey, his former All-American from LSU - he said Suh may have more talent but Glenn Dorsey is extraordinary with his effort. He says Suh has great effort but Dorsey was at a different level every play.

Pelini says that Missouri was a game "I screwed up". After that game he said he had a complete self-evaluation. He said he made corrections.

The game he most enjoyed was Texas Tech because we responded well after the Missouri game. That game was the crossroads of the season.

In the next couple of days, we will have more on Football 202. Watch for more!