Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rustin Dring

In 2006, Kearney was the Class A champs. In 2007, they were ranked #1 a lot of the season, but they were beaten by Omaha Central in the semi-finals. Omaha Central ended up winning it all in Class A this year. A big part of Kearney's success is due to Rustin Dring.

Rustin plays running back and linebacker. In 2007, Dring ran for 1221 yards and 23 touchdowns. In 2006, he had 1184 yards rushing. On defense Dring had two interceptions.

Dring is 6' and 190 lbs. He benches 285 lbs and squats 440 lbs. He has run a 4.52 40 and has a vertical jump of 34.5 inches. He is very athletic, has speed, and quickness. He will have a great career in college for any college who signs him.

We asked Rustin some questions:

Favorite Game Memory:
Scoring in overtime against Millard South my junior year to propel my team into the state championship.

Best Athlete You have Played Against:
Ty Kildow, Millard South

Favorite Team (Pro and College):
Dallas Cowboys, USC

Favorite Player in High School or College
Noah Keller of Ohio University because he was a good teammate of mine last year.

College That Are Interested In You:
UNK, UNO, South Dakota State University, University of South Dakota

What college(s) Are Your Favorite:

South Dakota State, UNO, Colorado State, Ohio, Iowa, Iowa State


Who Is Your Favorite Movie Actor:
Adam Sandler

What Is Your Favorite Movie:

Friday Night Lights

What Is Your Favorite TV Show:
Two and 1/2 Men

Which Person Do You Admire The Most:
Adrian Peterson

What Are Your Hobbies:
Football, Track, Working Out, Hunting, Fishing, and Spending Time with Friends and Family

What is Important For You To Be Successful:

I think a lot of my success to this point has come from hard work and dedication. I always try to be a leader on and off the field. But I think most of my success has come from heart and passion.

Rustin Dring will be an asset for any college both as a leader and a teammate. He has shown this through his efforts and success with Kearney High School. It will be interesting to see where Rustin ends up to play college football.

Thanks Rustin for completing our questionnaire.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


This writer thinks the next coach will be a motivator with a keen sense of football. Our choice is a motivator with success on both sides of the ball. He is not all X's and O's but a man that the fans will love. He is from the Doc Sadler mold where hard work is the most important thing.

Leave your comments after you read the link! There will not be a lot of ink spent on this blog as to all the rumors in the next few weeks as who the next coach will be.

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  • Callahan didn't get the send off he deserved. READ!!!
  • Daily Nebraskan
  • Press Conference

    Tom Osborne has scheduled a press conference for 8:30 this morning. He wll be meeting with the NU football coaches prior to that.

    Friday, November 23, 2007

    Nebraska will win today!

    Nebraska will win today by a score of 34-24. The weather will be a factor. Four of the six losses for NU have been against teams rated in the Top 12. Look for the defense to have two-three turnovers. Should be a good finish to the year!

    Thursday, November 15, 2007

    Sean Fisher


    Sean Fisher, a 6'5" 215 lb free safety and running back, plays for Millard North. They play against Omaha Central this Friday night for the Class A Championship at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. Last week Millard North beat Millard West 31-28 victory in overtime. Millard North, coached by Fred Petito, always seems to have great players that finish their season strong.

    Sean Fisher is committed to Nebraska to play football next year. His size should be a tremendous asset in developing into an outside linebacker. Sean benches 275 lbs, squats 495 lbs. and has a 33 inch vertical jump. He runs the 40 in 4.6. Sean has 150 career tackles and four interceptions for Millard North.

    We asked Sean some questions:

    Favorite Game Memory:
    Five over-time victory over Lincoln Southwest

    Best Athlete You have Played Against:

    Tyler Vandament

    Favorite Team (Pro and College):

    College That Are Interested In You:

    Committed To Nebraska

    Are You a Solid Commit To Nebraska:



    Who Is Your Favorite Movie Actor:
    Denzel Washington

    What Is Your Favorite Movie:

    Man of Fire

    What Is Your Favorite TV Show:
    Prison Break

    Which Person Do You Admire The Most:

    What Are Your Hobbies:
    Football, Working On Cars

    What is Important For You To Be Successful:


    We wish Sean good luck in the title game vs. Omaha Central. It will be a great game to watch. Sean has a tremendous future for Nebraska and we are excited to watch his progress in the coming years.

    Lance Thorell

    Nebraska walk-on Lance Thorell was named Scout team player of the week last week. Thorell is a 2007 graduate from Loomis, Ne. He is a freshman and has redshirted this year.

    Monday, November 12, 2007

    Sport Shorts

    Nebraska'a football season is quickly coming to an end even if we do go to a bowl. This is another year NU football will be talked about until the opening game of 2008 no matter what happens in the coaching arena.

    As far as recruits go they should hang tight because no matter what happens with the coaching situation Nebraska will have excellent coaches and excellent facilities with an emphasis on academics. The only position that might be effected by a new coaching staff would be QB.

    The NU receivers and Joe Ganz looked superior against KSU on Saturday. The receivers had their best game of the year Saturday and would get an A+. Their performance was as good as NU has ever seen. Joe Ganz wasn't too bad either. The team seems to have a lot of spirit when Ganz enters the game.

    Marlon Lucky is developing into an excellent back. He is starting to break tackles and with his speed and quickness, he could become one of the best ever. He needs to be more aggressive getting to the hole like Helu but he continues to improve.

    On the defensive side of the ball, Zach Bowman must be hurt or he just has never fully recovered. Anthony Blue played well. Prince A. has unbelievable speed. Did you see him run down Murphy of KSU to save a TD. Murphy has tremendous speed.

    We may want to keep Callahan as coach and give him the opportunity to straighten out the weaknesses of the coaching staff. Turnover of the coaching staff doesn't always change the performance of the team. It is extremely hard on the players. New Systems, new plays, new schemes, player transfers, recruits decommitting, and a letdown mentally will occur with a huge shakeup. However if the decision is made to make a big change, the new coaches will be excellent. Either way Coach Osborne will be criticized wrongfully. Those that complain the most have never contributed to the program and better yet never played football or at the very least weren't very good.

    Ronnel Grixby looks like a player who could play in the Big 12. Better make an offer and get him quickly.

    NU basketball will be great this year whether they win or not. You just have to love Doc Sadler.

    The state finals are set.
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  • Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    Sport Shorts

    Jason Whitlock talks about why it doesn't pay to give veteran running backs the big bucks.
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  • Husker Extra has a short take on Nebraska basketball.
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  • 116 dogs taken from elderly woman. In addition to the dogs she had many other animals including a donkey.
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  • Joseph Duarte rates the BCS conferences. Who is #1?
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  • This writer is confident the Cornhuskers will be back on the winning track this. In fact, it should be a big victory. Nebraska is due in the turnover department. Nebraska is due in getting some breaks in the game. It is Senior Day and the last time 28 players will play in Lincoln except for Kenny Wilson who has a year of eligibility left. Look for NU to run more option. Look at NU to get to Josh Freeman and put pressure on him. Why, this week? Because we are DUE! NU 41 KSU 24.

    Why would an elderly lady have 116 dogs?

    Do you suppose AD Coach Osborne and Larry The Cable Guy have met?

    Coach Osborne: Larry, can I call you Dan?
    Larry The Cable Guy: Sure Coach, you can call me that. You know my grandma calls me Danny. You know my grandma has been having a lot of gas lately and..........
    Coach Osborne: That's ok Don, you don't have to get into to that. I just wanted to tell you that I am here to bring unity back to the state and get UNL's athletics, especially football back on track. We very much appreciate your donation for the player's lounge and we hope you continue to support the program.
    Larry The Cable Guy: Sure coach, did I tell that my sister has moles all over her face. She has so many moles that..........
    Coach Osborne: DON!! Uh, I need to get to my next meeting but I just wanted to..
    Larry The Cable Guy: Holy Frankenberries! Git-R-Done!!!!

    Sunday, November 04, 2007

    Sport Shorts

    College football right now isn't as much fun this year due to the Huskers season so far. Let's hope we end the season on a high note. The story for this week should have been how fired up the Huskers would be playing against Josh Freeman and the Wildcats. Freeman was a Nebraska verbal commit who in the 12th hour switched to Kansas State. Now it has become a season of survival.

    Jason Whitlock talks about Brett Favre and his mood wings. Favre directed the Green Bay Packers to a 7-1 record today. He is playing as well as he ever has.
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  • Josh Freeman has passed for over 4300 yards this year. Jordy Nelson had a 14 catch 214 yard day against Iowa State. Read about the game.

  • Nebraska beat their first exhibition opponent Friday night. See the details.

  • HuskerlandPrep looks at the C-2 and D-1 high school football playoffs. See their predictions.
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