Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nebraska basketball and the NBA!

The Nebraska men's basketball team continues to have an interesting season. They are 15-5 and ranked 40th by the Pomeroy rating. They are just coming off a big win vs. #13 ranked Texas A & M. They are a top half of the Big 12 team and they have a legitimate chance to go to the NCAA tournament. It's been a while since we did that.

We are going to Kansas State this week. Kansas State is primed to be beat. They just lost by 24 points to Kansas and aren't playing very well right now. But we have lost 15 road games in a row. Big man Almeida is hurt with a badly sprained ankle and probably won't play. Jorge Brian Diaz is gone early this week to his aunt's funeral and won't practice. Nebraska is good enough to beat K-State in Manhattan but there are some reasons we won't.

I am not an NBA fan. But today I looked at rosters to see how many Big 12 players are in the NBA and also how many Big 10 teams are in the NBA.

I found there are 41 Big 12 players and 27 Big 10 players in the NBA. The Big 12 has had more big time players.

In the Big 12 the following teams have players in the NBA. Also listed is the number of players by school:
Kansas 12
Texas 10
Oklahoma St. 4
Kansas State 3
Missouri 3
Oklahoma 3
Texas A & M 2
Texas Tech 1
Iowa St 1
Colorado 1
Baylor 1

That's right, Nebraska is the only Big 12 team without an NBA player.

Will that change? Lance Jeter or Jorge Brian Diaz?? It is possible. They are probably, at this point our only chances to make the NBA. The last players from Nebraska were Mikki Moore, who played even last year and Tyrone Lue who retired a couple of years ago.

In the Big 10 the following teams with the number of players are as follows:
Ohio State 7
Michigan St. 5
Purdue 3
Indiana 3
Michigan 3
Illinois 2
Minnesota 2
Wisconsin 1
Iowa 1

Only Northwestern and Penn State don't have representatives in the NBA out of the 11 Big 10 teams.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Latest on Nebraska men's basketball and football

Here is a list of the walk-ons for 2011 for Nebraska. There will be more walk-ons but the number will reduced down to about total of fifteen this year. The following is just a partial list.
Will Sailors - OL, Lincoln (Neb.) Northeast, 6-4, 245

Greg Milliken - ATH, Wahoo (Neb.), 6-1, 195

Aaron Hayes - OL, Elkhorn (Neb.), 6-4, 265

Broderick Boehm - LB, Lincoln (Neb.) Southeast, 5-11, 205

Chris Long - OL, Blair (Neb.), 6-4, 265

Wow, I thought NU would beat Texas Tech in men's basketball last night. This writer just didn't see that coming. NU has a series of games ahead where they could win all of them or lose all of them. They could all be a one to two point game.

Now they are off for a week until next Saturday's game vs a very good Texas A & M team. Nebraska can and should win but we'll see which team shows up.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Nebraska has a huge game vs Colorado tomorrow night!

After losing a close game to Kansas at Lawrence on Saturday, the men face a very tough Colorado team in Lincoln tomorrow night. Colorado is really good and beat Missouri last week. They are 3-0 and just recently beat Kansas State and Oklahoma State also.

After watching Kansas play, they may be overrated in the Big 12. Texas and Texas A & M look tougher right now. Texas is the team to beat.

Look to Nebraska to win tomorrow night and continue their journey to the NCAA tournament. Nebraska 69 Colorado 63. Brandon Richardson will hold Burks down and he will be under his scoring average.

Again Nebraska 69 Colorado 63

Friday, January 14, 2011

Nebraska men's basketball is much improved!

The Nebraska men's basketball team is much improved and has a very good chance to go to the NCAA tournament this year. To do that they must go 8-8 in conference play and win a game or two at the Big 12 tournament. They should be able to do that.

Tomorrow they face a buzz saw. They'll probably be in the game for quite a while but this will be their biggest loss of the year. Kansas 70 Nebraska 59.

NU has a couple of good players in Jeter and Diaz. They have ten more players who can play well. They just have to find the right combination for each game/each matchup. Each win may have a different hero; no superstars, just a lot of players that play hard team ball. That's why they will be better this year.

The other factor, and I have mentioned this for years, is the Nebraska connection is so important. Drake Beranek shows what the Nebraska work ethic is all about. We have to get a couple of very good Nebraska kids on the team for the future also. We have Mike Fox from Beatrice but who can step up and get a lot of playing time?

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Nebraska sports!

Nebraska football had another non-commit. Niklas Sade, the number three rated kicker in the nation, is now committing the North Carolina State.

Having non-commits is a normal thing but Nebraska has lost three really good prospects lately.

Three and half months until the Red-White game.

Changes need to happen on offense. The defense overall had a great year. The offense continued to get worse after the first quarter of the Missouri game. The offensive line is too good to give up 12 sacks in the last two games. I wished Zac Lee could have played the last two games and this season may have been a lot different. Enough said. We need leaders and a complete check-up to see why this offense fell apart. Its more than physical talent but what is the source of the problem?

Now on to more fun things. Nebraska basketball is playing well. They are rated 40th by the Pomeroy Ratings. Look to Nebraska to have over 20 wins this year and go even or one better in the conference.

Nebraska is starting to shoot the ball. They have big men to rebound. They have leadership in Lance Jeter. They are shooting free throws better. They are very much improved. Here are the top Big 12 teams in the ratings:
3 Kansas
14 Baykor
16 Missouri
22 Texas
30 Texas A &M
38 Kansas State
40 Nebraska
45 Iowa State

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Al Zikmund talks to Buck Mahoney on his touchdown in the 1941 Rose Bowl

This is an awesome article by Buck Mahoney of the Kearney Hub. If you like sports, you will like this article. I can remember Al Zikmund when he coached football and he was very active when the state track meet was held in Kearney for years.