Sunday, November 29, 2009

Top 25 in college football!

Crazy year in college football. Who would of thunk that NU would lose to Iowa State and then beat Oklahoma. Oklahoma State, who was playing for a BCS Bowl bid, gets like six first downs and gets throttled by Oklahoma 27-0.

As the season goes, it seems things are getting crazier. Six top 25 teams didn't play yesterday. Seven of the remaining Top 25 teams lost. Injuries are a factor but it proves anything can happen in college football right now. Who would have thought Colorado would outyard Nebraska two to one Friday, 400-200.

Only 12 of the Top 25 teams were winners this weekend. Nebraska should move into the Top 25 this week even though they arguably played one of the worst games of the year this week.

Looks like with the Oklahoma State loss to Oklahoma they will be going to the Cotton Bowl. Unless NU beats Texas on Saturday night, they appear to be headed to the Holiday Bowl in San Diego. Great place to be during the cold winter. Nebraska played in the Holiday Bowl in 1998 and lost to Arizona 23-20.

The Holiday Bowl is scheduled for December 30 at Qualcomm Stadium, with a 7:00 p.m. CST kickoff on ESPN. A USC-Nebraska matchup is very possible.

Now is NU beats Texas in the Big 12 Championship, we may be headed to the Fiesta Bowl. Wouldn't that be something??

Just two more games for SUUUUUHHHH! as a Cornhusker. Let's hope Alex Henery doesn't turn pro. He is a game changer as a punter and kicker. Not many players you can say that about. Rex Burkhead is huge for the offense. He is close to being the best tunning back we have. Roy Helu Jr. is the best when he is healthy. Let's hope that is soon.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nebraska will run to victory!

Look to Ray Helu Jr to run for 140 yards and Rex Burkhead to go for 75 more tomorrow against Colorado. Nebraska could get 350-400 yards in total offense. It should be a good showing.

But Colorado seems to always play us tough no matter what the rest of the season is. It will be close for a while. Look to the defense to perform well. Colorado will have a hard time of moving the ball.

Mike McNiel will have a great game and could score once or twice.

Nebraska 28 Colorado 7


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nebraska wins the North Division tonight.

Nebraska wins tonight. I've had difficulty with this one. NU should win. Its just how much. So we go 30-7 for tonights game. NU needs to start strong!!! SUUUUHHHHH!

Friday, November 13, 2009

More of the same!

Reesing has never recovered from the hitting he took at the NU game last year. They also haven't been good since Sharpe was injured. Reeing may become another victim of SuuuuuHHHH! Nebraska still has offensive problems. KU is at home. Really an interesting game.

This should be a low offensive scoring game. Who knows how much the defense will score for either team. Helu has to run for 150 or more. NU needs to continue to get under center. Let the fullback run just TWO times. Keep them honest. Throw to the tight ends. Run some motion. Hit some screens. Do a reverse and for Pete's sake do a trick play or two. We have to make some things happen.

Now this is Senior Day at Kansas. What will it mean to the KU players. Hopefully not much. Or maybe they will be too emotional. Either way NU has to overcome the crowd and emotion. Gilleylen and Holt will be back. They should be dialed in. They should be factors. Look to Gilleylen, Helu, and McNeil to have big games. Lee will start. Green will play.

So more of the same..... NU 24 Kansas 10.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Dillard much like Butkus!

Dick Butkus is my all time favorite linebacker. He was dominate for the Chicago Bears. When the opponents ran the ball, Butkus was in on the tackle. There have been other great linebackers in the pro like Lawrence Taylor and Brian Urlacher.

Nebraska has had many linebackers that you could put in the "great" category. Mark Munford, Bob Nelson, Mike Knox, Mike Ruud, Barrett Ruud, Demorio Williams, Bo Ruud, Jerry Murtaugh, and many more.

In the last four games there has not been a linebacker as dominant as Phillip Dillard. Dillard is an underrated player that has played as well as maybe even Suh!! I hope Dillard gets the recognition he deserves in the post season. He is so fun to watch. He is a hitter who gives everything he has on every play.

Phillip Dillard will be playing on Sundays next year and he will play well!!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Upset special!!

Nebraska 17 Oklahoma 16

The year of bad luck is ready to turn just like last year. This will be a big game in Nebraska history. Get ready to have some fun!!! SSSUUUUUHHHHH!

November 14, 1998- Undefeated No. 2 Kansas State beat conference foe No. 11 Nebraska for the first time since 1968, 40-30 in Manhattan. With the win the Wildcats clinched the Big 12 North title, the first football championship of any kind for Kansas State since 1934.

Now it is our turn to go to the Big 12 Championship vs. Texas.

What is your prediction of the game?