Monday, March 30, 2009

Golf Champs from Gretna Coached By Scott Boehler!

The Gretna Dragons won the Class B Golf title in 2008. They have three starters back and hope to take a run again at the title. See the Gretna Breeze article..

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  • Sunday, March 29, 2009

    Helu and Suh will get post season honors!

    If these two work hard, stay injury free, and keep their noses clean, the sky is the limit.

    Roy Helu is the best back NU has had since Ahman Green. He can do it all. He is a special back that doesn't come along very often. He can break tackles and avoid them. Sounds simple but very few backs can do both and make it look easy. Look for Helu to be in the Top 10 in Heisman voting this winter.

    Most great defensive linemen go unnoticed. They are double teamed. They make some plays but usually two linemen can pretty much handle a great player. Suh breaks up double teams. He can change a whole offensive scheme because of his dominance. He is the best defensive player NU has had in many years.

    Thursday, March 26, 2009

    Academics are important to NU athletics!

    The academic department and NU athletics team together to make sure athletes are going to class!! No big news but the academic department is also making sure that athletes are paying attention in class and participating!! The NU football players have found out recently what happens when they don't pay attention in a recent team meeting.

    I said recently that NU's biggest win in basketball this year was not Texas but Missouri. NU beat Missouri 56-51 on January 10th. Now Missouri is in the final eight teams left in the tournament. They will face a rough Connecticut team on Saturday and I don't expect them to win but the way they are playing.......

    One thing is for sure: you can't rely on what you read in the newspapers and the Internet as to who is going to start this fall. Last year, Ricky Henry, John Leverson, Alonso Dennard, and Major Culbert were all said to be starting on last year's team but it never happened. It seems the press starts talking how great a player is and they really have no idea as to what the coaches are really looking at. Take what you read with a grain of salt. Just today I was asked, "Do you think Latravis Washington will be starting?" Well let's let him learn some of the plays first!

    Nobody is talking about Derrick Meyer, the former Silver Creek product who played for K-State early in his career. Look to Derrick Meyer to play a lot of ball this fall. The kid can play and he only has one season left to play.

    Now for a little fun!! It's fourth and 22 with three seconds left in the game vs. Virginia Tech. NU is on their own 35 yard line. NU is down 27-21. The coaches send in Latravis Washington for a Hail Mary pass. He throws the ball 78 yards and hits 6'5" Will Henry for a touchdown. NU 28-27!!!

    Jimmie Johnson will win the race at Martinsville this week! Bank on it.

    If only I could redo my brackets, I think I'd have an all Big East final with Villanova and Connecticut.

    Sunday, March 22, 2009

    Albert Pujois is "Le Homre"!

    Albert Pujois is the best player in baseball. He is the man. Pujois has never hot worse than .319, never hit less than 32 homers, never had less than 103 RBI's, and has never finished out of the Top 10 in the MVP voting. He is only 29. In 1999, Pukois was playing for Maple Community College in Kansas City. He hit .419 and had 22 homers but wasn't drafted until the 13th round to the St. Louis Cardinals.

    Pujois is not only a great player but he is a good person and is active in community affairs. He has a strong belief in God. He is le homre.

    NU baseball coach said he is having his funnest year as coach. His huskers just beat two of the toughest pitchers in college baseball from Oklahoma St. They didn't just beat them, they had 13 runs on 17 hits in Tyler Lyons and Andrew Oliver's 5 2/3 innings.

    March Madness is upon us and I see I erred in filling out my brackets. My vision in picking was that the Big 12 wasn't as good as many think, the Big 10 was not good at all, and the Pac 10 would be the surprise conference with some upsets. I was wrong on all accounts and that is why I am at the bottom of the standings.

    Kyle Busch wins today and just has to be the top racer in NASCAR. The real test is to see how he finishes the last ten races this year.

    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    Big 12 is doing well in post season!

    Texas A & M, Oklahoma, and Texas won today in the NCAA tournament. Baylor beat Georgetown in the NIT. Pretty good results.

    Nebraska just never got going against New Mexico. We aren't going to win very many games when Ade Dagundaro and Ryan Anderson go 4 for 22 from the field. But the Huskers still looked like they had a chance fighting back from 19 down to seven down and we had the ball. We just couldn't get it to drop. Roburt Sallie knocked in 35 today for Memphis. 10-15 shooting 3's.........NU needed that this year. Sallie only averages four points a game but he was hot today.

    What would the NU baseball team be without Adam Bailey. He has nine homers and around 35 RBI's already. We haven't had that kind of performance since Gordon.

    March Madness started today. It looks to be an exciting tournament. This year has been a year of surprises and starting Saturday, there should be some exciting games. UCONN and North Carolina looked very good today.

    Who is the best boy's high school basketball team in Nebraska this year? There are those that think Hastings St. Cecelia is the best. They definitely can play with anybody. Creighton Prep beat Ralston by seven earlier in the year and Hastings St. Cecelia beat Ralston by one. On Championship Saturday, Hastings St. Cecelia was better than Omaha Creighton Prep.

    Sunday, March 15, 2009

    Nebraska has a tough go in NIT!

    I feel sick!

    Nebraska is in the toughest bracket in the NIT if you use the Pomeroy Ratings as a guideline. Only Georgetown, Washington St, and San Diego St. are rated ahead of Notre Dame and New Mexico of the teams that didn't make it into the NCAA tournament. NU plays New Mexico in the first round and then would probably play Notre Dame in the second round with a win.

    NU play at New Mexico on Tuesday night at 9:00 pm. New Mexico only lost two home games this year. New Mexico is rated 38th and Nebraska is 73rd. New Mexico has a26 point win over San Diego St which is a #1 seat in the NIT. They beat Utah by six points.

    But a victory is possible for Nebraska. New Mexico is not a great defensive team. They give up a lot of offensive rebounds which NU has not been good at this season. Their defensive efficiency has weaknesses. NU will need to hit baskets, which they have been struggling with lately. But if they can hit some shots and get a few offensive rebounds, well they can win. New Mexico just came off a loss to Wyoming at the Mountain West Conference. Wyoming is not that good. They may be a lot like Nebraska but not as good.

    A real positive is that New Mexico is not that good of an offensive rebounding team and if we can keep them at one shot on possessions that will change NU's game plan and they can be more aggressive on offense.

    It should be an interesting game and watch for the game to be decided in the final seconds. NU plays New Mexico(21-11) on ESPNU Tuesday night.

    Right now it looks like Missouri has the best chance to go the farthest in the NCAA tournament from the Big 12. Hopefully Kansas and Oklahoma can play better than they did in the tournament. They are pretty good teams but they better show up for every game or they won't last long.

    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    Sport Shorts

    I feel as stupid as I look. This writer really thought that NU would beat Baylor. All the news was positive as NU was having some of their best practices all year and Baylor had basically given up. Now before the season was to start, Baylor was in most Top 25's. They had almost everybody back. But they had a terrible Big 12 season and "had given up."

    Even though NU couldn't hit shots most of the season, against Baylor it had to be very frustrating as they couldn't get anything to drop. That is with the exception of Ade who was 9-15. Baylor looked like the Top 25 team they were supposed to be. They did one better today bu beating Kansas. That even makes me feel worse because I start to think what could have been. Texas is playing well now too. Missouri will be tough. Who knows who will win the tournament because it is wide open.

    The Harlan County Lake is growing again. The elevation is 1946.36. This compares to 1942.56 on 3/11/08 and 1930.73 on 3/13/07. There are no outflows right now as they are disking the islands below the dam.

    It will be interesting to see how Barry Turner comes out this spring. He is a difference-maker and with Suh and him in the line, well............

    TO Owens is going to have a reality show on VH1. Oh boy...don't think I'll watch that one. Good luck to the Buffalo Bill's sideshow.

    Florida and Oklahoma are the favorites in college football for 2009.

    The NU baseball team is showing some promise. It will be a fun and interesting year. Will Adam Bailey continue his hitting? Will Belfonte start to hit? How about Yost and Hauptmann and the pitching. Khiry Cooper looks solid. They will continue to improve and who knows???

    There will be a new ballpark in Sarpy County for the Omaha Royals. It will cause some renewed enthusiasm when it is completed.

    I like Lincoln Southwest in Class A, Ralston or Beatrice in Class B, Hastings St. Cecilia in C-1, Ravenna in C-2, Giltner, D-1, and Hayes Center in D-2 in the Nebraska Boy's State Tournament. I wish I was there.....

    The Hastings St Cecelia's 81-7 victory over Southern Valley earlier in the year is still one of the most amazing things this season. C-1 Southern Valley won nine games this year. 46-0 at halftime! Just amazing.

    I brushed my teeth last week. What do you think?? Charming, I think.

    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    Sunday, March 08, 2009

    Charlie McBride talks recruiting

    My brother Scott sent this to me in an e-mail. It was from an interview in 2006. I am not sure of the source. The most impressive performance I have ever seen in the Red-White game was Terry Rodgers. This was before he got hurt.

    Interesting quotes from old Charlie Mcbride... If anyone has forgotten:

    HP: Do you have any recruiting stories about some of the athletes you

    CM: The best story I have is when I went to North High School in
    Wichita, Kansas to recruit a young man who was a friend of ex-husker
    Jeff Smith. Jeff now lives in Wichita and works in the justice system.
    He's a parole officer. Through the years Jeff has gotten to be really
    good friends with this one particular kid and, I didn't know this, but
    the player came u
    p to me and said, coach, I'm so and so and I really
    want to go to Nebraska. He said Jeff has been one of my friends and he's
    talked to me about Nebraska. He got his degree there and that's what I
    really want to do. I looked at the kid and he was just a little guy. I
    look at this film and I'm saying to myself, you know we need to
    scholarship this guy. He was probably 155 ? 160 pounds, probably 5'9".
    So I went back and showed Tom the film and he said, Charlie we can't
    recruit him. He said we're bringing in Johnny Rogers' son and we cannot
    take two small running backs. We just can't do it. So I went and turned
    the kid down. His name was Barry Sanders. So I'm famous for turning
    Barry Sanders down and a lot of people through the years called me a lot
    of names, but of course after they read this segment, they may call me
    more. It was bad because Johnny's son Terry got hurt and never really
    played much. Barry Sanders was like trying to tackle an eel. The guy was
    probably the best back I ever saw, as far as running the football.
    We were at Oklahoma State and the teams both went to the same movie
    theater. After the show Thurman Thomas, Oklahoma State's running back
    actually came on our bus. Broderick Thomas and Neil Smith were sitting
    up in the front of the bus. Thurman said "there's nobody on this bus
    that can take me one on one." I remember Neil Smith saying, "Well we
    believe that, but there's eleven of us that can". In the third quarter
    he had seven yards rushing and they put Sanders in and he had 77 in the
    fourth quarter. I looked at Tom and said "that's the guy we turned down"
    and he just shook his head and said, "Yeah I see that." Then we had to
    put up with him for the next three years or so.

    I guess I need your help after all.

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    Saturday, March 07, 2009

    NU basketball wins weirdly!

    Nebraska, not known for their free throw shooting, closed out the game shooting 16 of 18 free throws. NU had been hitting less than 70%. Then Alonzo Edwards hits two threes!! He isone of our big men that haven't played much this year. Toney McCray hits for 17. Cookie Miller has five rebounds. Paul Velander and Brandon Richardson go 1-9 from the field. On and on............but NU wins the game 66-62 at WACO vs. Baylor. Next game up.....Baylor in the Big 12 tournament.

    What in the world happened to Creighton. 73-49 or something like that. Surely it won't be Creighton vs Nebraska in the first round of the NIT will it?

    Yeah we need to step up recruiting a notch but first let's step up our non-conference schedule by three or four notches and play in some top venues (Madison Square Garden) and maybe recruiting for Doc will get better. Here is the Pomeroy ratings of our home games this year in Lincoln:
    195..307..134..53.(Creighton)..196..222..269..This was our worst loss of the year vs.MD Baltimore County..273..341..330..............That's bad. The only team in the top 133 teams in the country we played was Creighton. WOW!

    Missouri played at home or on a neutral court (23) Xavier, (36) USC, (27) California, 25 Illinois, and Georgia. Now Missouri before the seasons started wasn't supposed to be that great this year but they played a tough non-conference schedule and then reeled off a 13-3 record in the Big 12.

    Texas played at home or on a neutral site (34) Notre Dame in Hawaii, (6) UCLA, (20) Villanova, and (13) Michigan St. My guess is Matt Hill is at Texas because he can go to some of the top venues in America and Texas plays some of the best teams right there in Austin. Oh yeah, Texas is really good and we can't compete with that. Well, NU beat Texas this year in Lincoln.

    Texas A & M played (95) Stephen F. Austin, (55) Tulsa, (38) Arizona, and (41) LSU at home or on neutral sites.

    Baylor, yes Baylor, played (73) Providence, (17) Arizona St., (18 Wake Forest, and (64) South Carolina at home or on neutral sites.

    If Baylor and A & M, and Missouri can add four or five non-conference games at home or on neutral sites, why can't NU. I know its tough but the fans want to see better talentcoming into Lincoln to play the Cornhuskers. The players want a good quality tournament to play in where the talent is some of the best. It will prepare them for the Big 12 and fan interest will increase. It has to happen!

    Here's our projected finish at Atlanta with our Nascar race tomorrow:
    1. Jimmie Johnson
    2. Jeff Gordon
    3. Carl Edwards
    4. Jeff Burton
    5. Greg Biffle
    6. Clint Bowyer
    7. Matt Kenseth
    8. Kevin Harvick
    9. Tony Stewart
    10. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

    Tuesday, March 03, 2009

    Nebraska BB will win final two games!

    NU will win tomorrow night in Lincoln and THEN go to Baylor and beat a team that has lost ten out of twelve games. That will leave NU 8-8 and 19-12 overall. NU will win the first game and then lose to KU in the second round of the Big 12 tournament. They will go to the NIT 20-13.

    Lance Thorell was in Holdrege on Sunday and helped the Bethel Luthern Church with a fundraiser called Huskers' Rock'n the Heart. Lance said that "With God's help, you can get through everything."

    Lance answered questions for close to an hour. Here are some of his comments.
    1. Suh was not very happy two years ago but when Pelini came to NU he wanted a family atmosphere. Suh liked that and started to have fun again as a player.
    2. Lance thought that Bo Pelini chews spearmint gum at the games but he didn't know how many packs he went through each game. He jokedly did say as long as he is chewing gum, he was doing less chewing on the players.
    3. Lance was asked about Bo's grey sweatshirt he wears during the games. He said he thought he wore it because it made him more comfortable and the players wanted him comfortable.
    4. The players that were not at class or were late had to go the length of the field doing five pushups and five setups every five yards. When the whole team was disciplined, they had to do pencil rolls the length of the field three times. He said everybody was puking.

    NU football isn't all glamour is it? Luke did an excellent job and you can tell he loves NU football and respects and likes his coaches.

    In other notes, Major Culbert has left the NU football team.

    Monday, March 02, 2009

    Technically a Technical

    On Friday night the Franklin Flyer women took on undefeated Sandyhills/Thedford. S/T missed a last second shot and everyone stormed the court because they thought the game was over but there was 0.1 seconds left on the clock. The refs then gave Franklin a technical for having too many players on the floor. S/T made both free throws to go into overtime and eventually won the game. Tough call to make as a ref but technically the correct call. Read the entire aricle from the Kearney Hub and let me know if you think a technical should have been called.

    (Hub photo by Matt Noffke)

    Kearny Hub