Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring game has answers and questions.

The Red-White game answered some questions. It also kept some things unanswered.

First nothing is decided, for sure, at quarterback except that we have great depth for the first time in years. Zac Lee is still our best quarterback when you look at all aspects of what it takes to lead a team. Taylor Martinez has proven he will play in "situations" this fall. Speed and running ability will get him in some plays. He looks to run sometimes before he passes. Cody Green looks great at times and throws a great long ball but has to improve his short passing.Kody Spano and Latravis Washington can throw the short passes which is so important in this offense. And then there is Ron Kellogg, Jr., who may be the smoothest quarterback on the field.It will be interesting to see if Brion Carnes redshirts with our present depth.

I see Zac Lee starting this fall with others playing more than we have seen backup quarterbacks play in the past.

Running backs look solid. Robinson only ran one time on Saturday which is unusual. Helu and Burkhead have already proved themselves. Austin Jones may be our fourth back however if Braylon Heard can learn the offense, he could be a factor also.

Niles Paul has arrived. Let's hope he stays healthy. He is a force. Brandon Kinnie showed he has improved also and drug defenders ten yards for a touchdown. Will Henry may have made his mark also. I hope he gets a lot of playing time this fall.

The offensive line had two starters out for the game Saturday, "Yoshi" and Ricky Henry. Depth is also improved. The question is "Do we have great players in the offensive line or is there just a lot of good ones"?

I was surprised how many backs were beaten on defense on Saturday. Is the offense that much better. This defense is supposed to be the best in America. They were limited to what they could do and that is a huge factor. Ricky Thenarse looks recovered. We didn't see much of the main starters. I guess we will wait to see this fall. They will be very good when they can use their schemes and blitzes.

Alex Gordon has been activated by the Kansas City Royals. Earlier than expected. He has one appearance with one walk.

I found this REALLY interesting. As of July 2009, 100,000 pages of selected full-text historical Nebraska newspapers dating from 1880 through 1922 are available on the Library of Congress's Chronicling America site Nebraska is one of 16 states that are participating.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Alex Gordon

3B Alex Gordon, on the disabled list and rehabbing with Class A Wilmington (Del.), is 2-for-8 with a double in his first four games. Gordon also has a .632 on-base percentage. He has walked six times and been hit by four pitches. Gordon is 2-for-2 against left-handed pitching. He broke his right thumb early in spring training.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Here's what I think?

My name is Kimmie Suuhh! I have been asked to give a guest commentary now and then! Well with the Red-White game evolving this weekend, it would be a great chance for NU to have a big win!! I mean essentially it should be a good game but the Huskers should win!!

What's the deal with the peso. I think it just helps NU get the right players in the game without substituting so much. The other teams are being d-bags and just don't let us substitute properly and the referees don't help things so we will just show them by making the peso our base defense.

I think when the running back sits behind the center and runs the ball like Rex Burkhead did last year we should call that the EURO. I just don't understand calling it the Wildcat. Euro is more dynamic and sounds fluid like my coffee in this pot!

What are we going to do this year without yelling Suuuuuhhhhh!! I just can't come up with anything except Heluuuuuu!! What do you all suggest?

That's what I think. What do you think???

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Random Sports!

San Antonio Sam Houston defensive tackle Quincy Russell decided that he wants to take more visits less than 24 hours after giving his verbal commitment to the Texas Longhorns.

Saying that he wants to take more visits, Russell indicated that he is not ruling out re-committing to Texas, but said that the Longhorns have only three scholarships remaining -- running back, defensive tackle, and defensive end.

Russell reports 17 scholarships offers and may visit Nebraska in the near future. We'll see what happens but he should be a good one!

Also Texas basketball player Avery Bradley may be headed to the NBA.

Third baseman Alex Gordon's return from a broken right thumb continues on schedule.

Gordon was assigned on Tuesday to begin an injury rehabilitation assignment with the Royals' Class A club at Wilmington, Del. He'll join the Blue Rocks on Thursday for a game at Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Royals Gil Meche had a good outing in his minor league rehab pitching performance. Said it was the best he has felt in a long time.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Random Sports!

Cubs lose 16-5 to the Braves. The umpires are blamed for losing the game on a bad call. Must of been huge losing by eleven. The Royals lost 8-4. Greinke pitched great but the relief pitching was absolutely horrible.

Alex Gordon may start the season in AA at Wichita for his rehab.

Matt Howard has an ugly mustache for Butler. Probably will cause them to lose.

Red-White game is in two weeks. Looks like on defense we'll have Allen, Meredith, Crick, Steinkuhler, Dennard, Amukamara, Compton, Fisher, Hagg, Thenarse, and PJ Smith.On offense at least after this spring Cody Green, Helu, Legate or Kyle Reed, McNeil, Kinnie, Paul, Hardick, Caputo, Quale (Ricky Henry when he returns),Marcel Jones, and Keith Williams. Martinez may play the "Wildcat". Burkhead will challenge Helu to start.

Duke wins as Butler just misses a three-pointer.