Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Does Nebraska Have a Chance Friday?

Nebraska versus Iowa this Friday!!  Just three or four weeks ago this game looked like an easy win for the Huskers! The Huskers were undefeated and Penn State had beat Iowa 41-14. We didn't realize that Penn State was that good yet.

Earlier in the season South Dakota St had knocked off Iowa. Iowa struggled in a number of games but seemed to win except for Penn State and Wisconsin. When you look back now they had similar winning margins as Nebraska in many of the common opponents.

This week we have some problems with injured quarterbacks. Armstrong has a hamstring and Fyfe has just had surgery on a broken bone in his wrist. Armstrong looks to start but with a hamstring well who knows what will happen. Zac Darlington is getting prepared to play this week. This whole thing will mean a lot as to whether NU can win. Armstrong needs to be healthy to have our best chance. Can we win with Darlington or Fyfe? Yes, with some breaks and if the defense dominates, yes we can.

Can Fyfe match last week's performance. He played great especially in the first half but he also had two or three passes that could have been picked off and that would have changed the complexion of the game. Of course our defense could have had three or four picks too.

Iowa is very strong in special teams. Nebraska has been very inconsistent. If NU can put everything together with special teams this will greatly enhance our chance to win.

The defense needs to hold Iowa to no more than 14-17 points. I don't think we will score much over 21 points. In fact 21 points will probably win this game. Can the defense play like they did most of the game with Maryland but not give up any big plays. They will have to for us to win!

If Nebraska due for some good things?? They have to beat Iowa and Minnesota has to beat Wisconsin for us to play in the Big 10 Championship. Not great odds but its fun to have a chance!

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