Thursday, March 09, 2017

Miles stay or go!

Tim Miles will be staying! Shawn Eichorst has given the word. You can argue both ways on whether that should have happened.

Last year we replaced our women's basketball coach and hired Amy Williams. She's a good coach but most times when you change the coach you have a time where you have to rebuild the program. We lost one key player and a couple of great recruits. The team will get better! But it will take some time so have patience.

I would guess that the AD, the fans and most of the players didn't want to go through a rebuilding period. We seen it with the women's team; we've seen it when we have changed coaches in football.

Nebraska does have some pretty good players coming back and will be new players joining the men's basketball.

Let's take a look at the players. Out of high school this bunch was rated really high.

Copeland five star
Watson four star
Morrow four star
Gill four star
Palmer four star
Roby four star
Tshimanga three star
Horne three star
Jacobson three star
Akenton three star
Fuller three star

They will have eight players who were rated in the Rivals 150. Let's hope we don't lose more than one of two of the players who may not play much in the future.

Miles has taken five years to put this together and he should probably coach them. No doubt they will have to do well next year or........

The attendance has been great at NU so that is still a positive also. Hopefully they will be better next year and the fans will continue to support.

It sounds like Tanner Lee and Patrick O'Brien are neck and neck in the quarterback race. Langdorf has said they will grade every practice and whoever grades the best in the spring will start out in the fall as No.1. The No, 1 factors will be accuracy and completion percentage. This is like Tom Osborne used to do it. Tanner Lee is a slightly better passer but O'Brien brings the ability to run as a factor. Should be interesting.

My guess right now is Lee will gain No. 1 due to experience but O'Brien may be No.1 before the season is complete. Just a guess.

Langsdorf said Stanley Morgan has been looking really good at receiver, and added that guys like J.D. Spielman, Keyan Williams, Bryan Reimers, and Gabe Rahn have also stood out this spring.

He also said Tyler Hoppes was the front runner at tight end, but added that Matt Snyder has also done well this spring. Luke McNitt is No. 3 right now.

In high school basketball at the Nebraska boy's state basketball tournament Kearney beat Omaha Central 61-50 and Norfolk beat Creighton Prep 63-59.

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