Sunday, June 05, 2016

Nebraska baseball done for the year!

Nebraska was beaten by West Carolina on Saturday 4-1. This is the same team Clemson scored 39 runs in two games in this Regional. What happened? Well they had plenty of chances filling the bases the first two innings walking six batters but scored o points. They hit into four double plays which just killed them. Baseball, like all sports is a game of momentum and Nebraska didn't have any.

I wonder if some of the underclassmen who haven't hit well will now reconsider not going pro yet?

I have been a fan of Muhammed Ali since day one. Most love him him today but back in the 60's Ali had the same reputation as Donald Trump. A lot of people hated him and a few less loved him. Over the years his reputation has improved tremendously.

Muhammed Ali was like Trump in the way he used his words to downgrade people. Ali was a master, a leader, and the greatest boxer of all time!!!

I can remember the night he fought Sonny Liston. We found out the results the next day by radio as there wasn't much sports on TV in 1964. The big talk for that fight was that he couldn't have beaten Liston. It had to be rigged.

On the other side of things I remember the Larry Holmes fight in 1980 and Holmes pretty much toyed with Ali as he was getting slower with his punch. I remember Larry Holmes crying after that fight.

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