Sunday, June 26, 2016

What's going on....??

What's going on with Nebraska basketball? Andrew White is requesting a transfer from Nebraska? We were happy a month ago when he decided not to enter the NBA draft. There were some signs that something wasn't right when he said he wanted a college that would help him develop his skills so that he could reach his goal of being in the NBA next year. He didn't act like he thought Miles and the coaching staff could do that for him or at least he didn't give them a vote of confidence.

So now it looks like it could be two years before we get these youngsters build into a team to qualify for the NCAA tournament.

We need some good things to happen in the Nebraska basketball program.

What's going on with Nebraska football? We are getting some of the best players in the nation visiting Nebraska.

At Friday Night Lights they had a 2018 prospect Brandon Radley-Hiles of Calabasas, California. He dominated some of the best wide receiver prospects in the country.  They include Tyjon Lindsay, a WR from Grona, California interested in Nebraska and Joseph Lewis from Los Angeles.

Sam McKewon of the OWH says Lindsay reminds you of Monte Harrison the All-Pro who used to play for the Indianapolis Colts. Lewis is a five star prospect. 

There were many many great players at Nebraska Friday night.  See Sam McKewon 9Omaha World Herald) article regarding this. 

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