Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Sports Central!

So what do you think about Kevin Durant going to the Warriors? I think its pretty neat although I do worry too much talent is going to the top teams and the bottom teams are watered down quite a bit!

The Dallas Mavericks are putting together their only little dynasty by adding Andrew Bogut, Harrison Barnes, and Curry. That's Seth Curry! With Dirk Norwitzki they could move up to challenge.

The Chicago Cubs are slated to join the 1963 Cardinals as only teams in MLB history to start all 4 infielders in All-Star Gamr.

Eric Hosmer will be first Royals' first baseman to start the All-Star Game since John Mayberry in 1973.

The Warriors now have the last three NBA MVP's. Curry has won two of those.

Joey Chestnut ate 70 hot dogs and buns to win the hot dog eating contest and now has the top five performances of all time.

Pay Gasol is going to the Spurs.

Nebraska's best recruits that they have a pretty good chance of getting are five star Darnay Holmes(CB), Foster Sarell (OT), and Joseph Lewis (WR). If we could get two of these its great!!

Bubba Starling is playing in Omaha. So far in AA he has had a pretty bad season batting .185 but his first game in Omaha Sunday he hits a home run and a double. Bubba was a Husker for a moment before signing a baseball contract with the Royals.

Saw this today "Just Burned 2000 calories. That's the last time I leave brownies in the oven while I nap."

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