Sunday, August 14, 2016

NU Football Less Than Three Weeks away!

Its been said that the Nebraska football team had a nice crisp practice yesterday. There were highlights on both defense and offense. 

Alonzo Moore caught a nice pass from Tommy Armstrong and faked Chris Jones out and ran for a few yards. Steve Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star) and Mike'L Severe (TBL Omaha) have both said that Jones is the best cornerback that NU has right now. Armstrong also made a nice 27 yards touchdown run around the outside. They say Armstrong is in supreme condition and looks to be NU's best runner.

It's been said that the linebackers have been playing well especially Josh Banderas, Dedrick Young, and Marcus Newby.

It looks right now from many sources that true freshmen Tre Bryant (running Back) and Derrion Grim (Wide receiver) will be playing this year.

Sipple mentioned in his article that the pass rush was  OK which is very encouraging.

The Omaha Storm Chasers have had a tough ending to this season. Their record has dropped to 51-67. The KC Royals are 7.5 games out. They have to get on a hot streak to pull out a playoff bid. Time is running out.

The Cubs are ahead of the Cardinals by 13 games.

Michael Phelps is simply amazing!  What a career!! 23 gold medals!! Phelps was only 15 in his first Olympics in 2000.

Katie Ledecky is the most supreme athlete I have seen in the Olympics. She has shattered some world records when she wins her golds.

Tanner Lee has received two years to play at Nebraska. He can't play this year but watch for him to start next year.

Sean Marrion, who was Riley's QB at Oregon St., was 18/25, 147 yards, and 3 TD's last night vs the Rams.
The Rams came back and beat the Cowboys 28-24.

Joe Frazier's jock strap he wore in the "Fight of the Century" vs. Ali sold for $10,200 last night.

Joseph Lewis, five star wide receiver recruit, was in town to watch practice on an unofficial visit yesterday. He is listed the No. 3 receiver prospect in the country.

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