Saturday, October 01, 2016

Nebraska Prediction

Will Nebraska be ready today or do they feel they have already won the game? I don't think so because last year has to be on their mind. What's the key to NU winning?

In the last tw games NU is giving up 6.2 yards per carry from the opposing team. They have alost 500 yards the past two games. Will this continue today? If it does this could be a close game.

If Nebraska holds Illinois to 150 yards or less rushing, NU wins.

If NU goes for 300 yards rushing we win today.

If NU has no injuries in the offensive line today, NU wins. We are pretty solid with our starters but we are lacking some depth right now. Gerald Foster is out for the year and Tanner Farmer is out for this game. It looks like we may have to burn a redshirt if we have an injury.

If NU has four sacks or more today, NU wins.

Nebraska 37
Illinois 14

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