Saturday, October 22, 2016

Nebraska Prediction!

I am really concerned with the injuries that we have right now. With Westercamp and Cethan carter out, you are talking maybe two of our three biggest threats on offense. Tommy Armstrong Jr is the third. He isn't 100%. With Knevel and possibly Gates out as offensive tackles this will put ore pressure on Armstrong to scramble even more. How many sacks would the opposing teams have if we didn't have a quarterback that can run?? So in the offense line, we only have two original starters left and we are hurting in depth really bad.

What happens if we have another lineman go down or Armstrong twist his ankle to where he can't play?  Not good. Nebraska has to have a game plan that will give us the least chance to get more injuries.

The good news is the defense looks as solid as we have had it in a long time. The defensive line is still giving up too much on the run but considering we lost our four top linemen from last year well they are doing exceptional.

David Blough, their quarterback, killed us last year. Can we contain him this year? We have trouble with that but we should do a much better job this year.We have to contain him to win. Keep him under 75-80 yards rushing.

Purdue has lost their coach. Interim head coach Gerad Parker is in charge today.Will this fire up the players or go the other way. I guess we will find that out.

Last week we were terrible on third down. We were 5-17. That HAS to get better this week.

I thin we can score three or four touchdowns considering no more injuries and we can kick a couple of field goals. So I will go with 31 points for Nebraska. I am going to be optimistic that we can hold them to 14 points.

Nebraska 31
Purdue  14

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