Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sport Shorts!

NU Women are playing right now in Lincoln. Love watching Nicea Eliely , a freshman out of Colorado Springs.

The men;s team needs Ed Morrow back!!! What a couple of sad losses to Ohio St. and Rutgers. Very discouraging!  NU is better than that but without Ed Morrow it struggles. The depth is not very deep!

I look to the Falcons winning by 10-14 points today over the Packers!  The Packers defense and now its offense is too injured!

Edwin Hadwin has now become the 2nd PGA golfer to shoot a 59 in the past 10 days. Entering the final round of this week's tournament Hadwin was in first place.

Bob Diaco is Nebraska's new defensive coordinator. He will install the 3-4 defense which is similar to the 5-2 defense that Devaney used. It will be very interesting to see how the personnel will be shifted to fit the new positions.

Golden State beat Orlando today 118-98. Stephan Curry had 27 and Kevin Durant had 15. Orlando was led by Elfrid Payton with 23 points.

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