Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Sport Shorts!

Rex Burkhead is a free agent and there will be some teams that want him. He would fit the New England's style of offense. He would fit San Diego's style or maybe New Orleans's style too. It will be interesting to see where he goes.

Last Friday Ryker Fyfe was pressured on 17 of his 40 drop back passes. On those attempts, Fyfe was just 3-for-14 for 32 yards.

Nebraska basketball plays Iowa in Lincoln tomorrow night. Look NU to go 3-0 in the conference with a 78-73 win. Watch Iowa's Peter Jok! just predicted the two deep roster for 2017.

They have starters on offense as:
Tanner Lee QB
Devine Ozigbo RB
Stanley Morgan Jr WR
Demornay Pierson-El WR
J D Spielman WR
Austin Allen TE
Nick Gates LT
Jerald Foster LG
Michael Decker C
Tanner Farmer RG
David Knevel RT

2nd team
Patrick O,Brien QB
Tre Bryant RB
Bryan Reimers WR
Kenyan Williams WR
Jaevon McQuitty or Keyshawn Johnson WR
Tyler Hoppes TE
Matt Farniok
Cole Conrad
John Raridon
Jalin Barnett

On the first team I am surprised with Austin Allen starting. That would be great if he can. What happened to Matt Snyder. I think Tyler Hoppes will get a lot of action.

Picking David Knevel over Cole Conrad was a surprise. I also won't be surprised if John Rarison starts at center. I will take Foster Sarell to start at right tackle if he signs with Nebraska.

If Nebraska can pick up Joseph Lewis the top receiver in the country he will play a lot!

Starting Defense
Freedom Akinmoladun DE
Sedrick King  DE
Mick Stoltenburg DT
Carlos Davis  DT
Chris Weber LB
Marcus Newby LB
Dedrick Young LB
Chris Jones CB
Josh Kalu CB
Kieron Williams S
Aaron Williams S

2nd team
Daishon Neal DE
Ben Stille DE
Khali Davis DT
Peyton Newell DT
Luke Gifford LB
Mohamed Barry LB
Avery Roberts LB
Boaz Joseph CB
Lamar Jackson CB
Antonio Reed S
Avery Anderson S

Alex Davis is pretty good at DE but doesn't make the list. AJ Natter can play some ball too. Tyrin Ferguson may get some LB time but this position is much deeper now. Two years ago Luke Gifford started and now two years later he is second team. He has improved also.

I could see Lamar Jackson starting at CB with Kalu nickel back. DiCaprio Bootle and Marquel Dismuke gives us a lot of depth at CB. Eric Lee has disappeared and we will see if he makes a move this year. Antonio Reed has started now but is listed No. 2 in this list. Avery Roberts, an incoming freshman, may be be our next Nathan Gerry by being a great hitter.

Of course injuries will play a factor in all of this and we seem to have more than our share of injuries.

The defense looks pretty strong for next year, Our offense is untested except for the offensive line mostly and the wide receiver position. They could be better though next year too.

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