Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sport Shorts!

This Thursday the NFL draft starts in Philadelphia. The starting time is 7 pm on ESPN. Thursday night they will have Round 1. On Friday they will do Rounds 2-3. Saturday they do Rounds 4-7.

Nebraska has had a least two players drafted since 1969. In 1993 they reduced the draft from 20 rounds to seven.

Nebraska had 11 players picked in 1976. The most impressive draft was after National Championship #2 in 1973 when we had three drafted but six were drafted in the first three rounds. Johnny Rodgers went in the first round to San Diego. In 1972 we had three round one draft picks.

In 2013 we only had two players drafted. Last year we had four.

So who will be this year's draftees? Will we get two. Cethan Carter looks like he will make it. Nebraska will probably have to depend on Nate Gerry to be the second one drafted if we again get to two.

Nebraska landed a verbal commitment from Chase Williams who is a four star athlete from California. He will likely play cornerback or wide receiver. This is our fourth commitment from California. Out of our eight commitments five are four stars!!

Nebraska is now No.9 in recruiting for the 2018 class.

When are we going to get Mario Goodrich as a commitment. I think it will come soon!

Nebraska basketball picked up a center in Duby Okeke (okay-kay). He will be a grad transfer. He has a 7'4" wingspan and had the record for Winthrop of 165 blocks. He averaged on 4 points and 4 rebounds a game but he should be a defensive force underneath in the Big 10. Nebraska also got a huge recruit in Thomas Allen. He is a great shooter and will help the team immediately.

I would have to give the MVP award to Russell Westbrook after today's press conference when he emphasized team over himself. Very good!

Nebraska baseball won 9-4 over Minnesota to take the series today. Jake Meyers goes to 6-1 although he needed the bats to win today.

Nebraska had the second biggest spring game attendance at 78,312. First was Ohio St. at 80,134. Alabama had 74,326 and was third.

Russell Westbrook had the first three straight 30-point triple double in NBA history.

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