Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sport Shorts!

The brackets are getting broke up. Teams like Baylor, USC, Kentucky, Michigan St., West Virginia, and even Stephen F Austin have been beaten. My brackets are well down the list. Oh well, there is still a chance. There is a lot of parity in college basketball right now but the ACC looks pretty good right now.

I really like Lee Barfknecht article on Nebraska's quest to find a big man. Great read. The story is on this blog so make sure you take time to read it.

Jimmie Johnson won the Nascar race in Fantana, California and is off to a great start this year.

Keyshawn Johnson Jr will make his college choice this week. This will be huge as he is a great wide receiver and he has close ties to two other top rated players in his high school.

UCLA basketball coach Steve Alford is giving back his one year extension.

WR Brandon Reilly has been picked up for DUI. His suspension will be announced later, if at all.

OU's Buddy Hield had 29 points in the second half today.

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