Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sports Shorts!

The Kansas loss was a bracket breaker. More than half of the entries had Kansas winning. The Kansas-Villanova game may have been for the Championship. Kansas had a huge lapse in the first half where they turned the ball over ten times in like twelve times down the court. That was the killer. Villanova is too good to do that.

When Michigan St lost that knocked a lot of people out early. Since then Duke, Oregon, and Xavier have also lost.

I don't see North Carolina or Virginia having any trouble of winning today. Today's games won't be as exciting because Syracuse and Notre Dame have had upsets to get where they are and their time is coming to an end.

Who will win? I have already said I like Villanova. I think they will beat Oklahoma. I will take Virginia to beat North Carolina in a great game. This year's champion will be a surprise in Virginia.

The Nebraska baseball team plays today at Purdue at 11 am. NU has won the first two games and are 15-7 and 2-0 in the conference.

Still liking the NBA a lot. Its like watching college basketball again but the talent level is much much higher.

The Spring Game is in three weeks. I am anxious to see how some of the players do although we know that it doesn't mean a lot of a player has a great spring. (Wilbon,Darlington).

Happy Easter!! THE LORD HAS RISEN!

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