Saturday, September 03, 2016

Nebraska prediction!!

Today is the day!  Nebraska football starts again.

Tonight we play Fresno State. It will be a good team to play in the first game.

Our key to how good we play is our offensive and defensive lines. Also will Armstrong limit mistakes or will Ryker Fyfe enter the game today. I think Armstrong will shine but he may make an error or two with turnovers. The offensive line play will be interesting with Sam Hahn taking over at left guard. I am interested in how Knevel plays at right tackle. If he can dominate I think we will be good today.

What about our defensive line? The starting unit should be pretty good and then from there we will see. Sounds like we will see some 3-4 defensive which will go to our strengths. If Nebraska can get four or five sacks today that would be very encouraging. It will be fun to see how some of the younger defensive subs play. Who will step up?

Fresno State will be playing an upbeat tempo on offense and I am anxious to see how our substitute safeties do. Gerry and Antonio Reed will not play today. I am not sure if Reed would have started but he is close.

Special teams will be key. Don't expect the world from our new punter. He is a freshman playing in his first game and he will have some moments I am sure.

I am interested in Tre Bryant and Person-El returning kickoffs and punts.

I think that Fresno State will break some big plays here and there but NU will win! Chason Virgil likes to throw but on this night NU will run and run!

Nebraska 45
Fresno State 21

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