Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sports Shorts!

Nebraska has outscored their opponents in the 4th quarter 50-0 so far this year. Great finishers and that is an indication they are well conditioned. Now we have Oregon this week and we have a good chance to win that one.

Nebraska is 29th in the AP poll. If they keep winning they will get there.

Congrats to Adam Carriker who is now a member of the Nebraska Hall of Fame.

Omaha North and Bellevue West are No. 1 and 2 in Top 10 this week.

Nebraska is a PLUS 7 in turnovers this year.

Did anybody see Coach Cavanaugh and Gates go at it after Gates got a flag thorn on him?

Nebraska is the early favorite for the game this weekend. Should be a great one!!

Nebraska is tied with Ohio State in turnover margin but they are last in net punting.

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