Sunday, September 18, 2016

NU Victory!

Nebraska beat their first non-conference team since 2001. What an exciting game to be at. What a crowd and what a game!!!

My prediction was 34-31 and the final was 35-32. I had some keys to what it would take for us to win.

They were as follows:

1. Ozigbo needed to run 25 times for 175 yards. He ran 21 times for 95 yards.
2. Tommy Armstrong Jr would need to have no interceptions. He threw no interceptions.
3. Cethan Carter would need five receptions for 80 yards. He had five receptions for 48 yards.
4. No blocked punts and Pierson-El would need to run one punt back for 40 plus yards. He had a 45 yard punt return.
5. Royce Freeman would need to be held to under 100 yards. He had five attempts for 31 yards as he was injured early in the game.

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