Saturday, September 17, 2016

Nebraska Prediction

Will Nebraska continue to win the turnover war? They are a plus eight in turnovers and lead the nation in this stat.  If we get three or more turnovers we win the game.

Can Nebraska run on Oregon? I think this is a key to a Nebraska win. They can keep Oregon off the field. If we can run Ozigbo 25 times for 175 yards plus, we win.

How will Tommy Armstrong do today? He is better at the run but can pass on the run too. He is good but no dumb mistakes today. If Armstrong has no interceptions, we win.

Can Cethan Carter become part of the game today? He is very talented. I think if he catches five balls for 80 yards and a TD Nebraska wins.

Can the punt return and punting teams do a much better job today? No blocked punts today and if Pierson-El breaks one punt return for over 40 yards Nebraska wins.

If Nebraska holds Freeman the Oregon running back to 100 yards or less Nebraska wins.

If there is a lot of running it could keep the score down some.

Nebraska 34
Oregon 31

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